Monday, May 24, 2010

What Would Carrie Do...part 9

We're down to only 3 days till the new movie SATC 2, and I'm not sure which episodes to do for the countdown.

I know this much, I'll be running through all the episodes over time whenever something in my life calls me to an episode. 
I think it's just because of everything going on right now, I'm not connecting the last few days really with any of the shows.

Unless of course it's the episode when Carrie is struggling to find something to talk about and starts comparing men to socks.  Unoriginal Sin  episode 68 season 5.  

Yes, I might have just pulled a rabbit out of my martini glass on that one.  That's the episode where Carrie and Charlotte go to the self help seminar, Miranda and Steve have Brady christened and Samantha gets back briefly with Richard.  It's also where Carrie gets her book deal.

 Her question of the week for this episode is  "Is hope a drug we need to go off of, or is it keeping us alive?"

It's keeping me standing up right I'll tell you that much.  But, as I am having a difficult time tonight focusing on much of anything, this is an episode I'll have to dive into at a later date.