Thursday, May 27, 2010

My day so far

My book is in.   I talked before about how I am part of a group that Catherine Mckenzie is doing to help promote books and authors that are not getting the push by their publishers.
The first round was a choice of two books by one author.  I am part of the group reading  Jessica.Z  by the author Shawn Klomparens. 
Well, my special order of that book arrived today so I went to the store to get it.  

While I was at the mall, I got a hair cut.  So now I look like a hedgehog.  All the dye was chopped out and it's like I have a brillo brush on my skull.   I must get a new bleach before the weekend is out. 

I also hung out with my sister and mom.  Not on purpose.  I got to the mall and there they were right in the first store when you enter the building.  How... yeah.  

And supper.... cream cheese and corn chips cause it's 30 c  here with a humidex of 38 c.   There is no way in hell I'm cooking anything.