Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday 29th 2013 March

It's been one of those days, where nothing has gone well.  You know the days, when odd smells overtake the place no matter what you clean, and strange emails that are listed from your account show up, even though you know none are from you... one of those.

Yeah, I hate when I log into my emails and find spam listing from myself.  Upsets me, and creeps me out.  The few people who do still talk to me via email must be pissed as much as I am.

And the smell.  For the last few weeks, every time the heater kicks in there is this horrible fried chicken smell. And it takes hours for it to go away, even after the heater is turned back off.  It's like it's coming from the vents and pipes.  I really don't even want to know what is truly causing it. 

So, it's a holiday weekend here.  Which means everything is closed until Tuesday.  Long weekend.

Okay, I'm going to get a coffee while I try to find a strong enough perfume or incense to cover up this smell.  And if that doesn't work, I might have to find some holy water to spray the wall and heater.

till later

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday 4something PM

Lovely, spent the afternoon between playing a vampire video game that was turned into a movie, and watching a vampire movie about a video game.

Did you get that?

I'm not a big gamer at all, I have like 4 games all on PS2. Yeah, they're old. I got my machine on clearance like the last few months before they sort of became extinct.
I'm a binge player.  I can go six or seven months sometimes without turning on the machine, then play for like a week straight.  Clears my head.

So it put me in the mood for the movie Stay Alive  which is what today's vampire of the day was on my vampire blog.  Day 50. 
Yeah, I'm going to be well into 2014 with the vampire project already.  I don't even want to do the math on how long over the deadline, but such is life such is rock n roll.

P.S.  the video game I'm playing is BloodRayne 2.   Love the game, hated the movies.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It's been snowing off and on here for the last few days.  It's spring in two days, and there is wild whips of snow/freezing rain in our area.  Totally sucks. Been dealing with some horrible sinus headaches and migraines because of the weather.

Little upset I never made it out to see Dead Man Down,  at the cinema.  Three different times I had made plans to go, but things got in the way. Two of those days were bad icy weather.

Some of you my dear Spudguns, had been following my progress last year on my movie blog when I challenged myself to watch one different movie a day for the year. You know I had fun on it, and decided to do a second year, this time an all vampire year. Which I've been doing on my vampire blog.   This year has not gone as smooth as I had hoped.  I think I might have mentioned that already this year.  I've lost track of the original goal more than once.
The plan was to do this second year all vamp, then get back to a different movie a day for next year. 

Cause, yeah this is what happens when your health keeps you indoors a lot, you watch movies.

till later

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekend of a ppv

I know I came in midweek and gave my ppv note, but for anyone who might have missed it because they weren't looking earlier this week...

If you're part of this weekend's TNA ppv, STAY SAFE!

Specially since it's a cage match style.  If you are one of the wrestlers, or crew who has to be building the set, or lighting or what have you, stay safe.

love Ardeth Blood

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday March 5th

I just spent the last few hours trying to catch up with the last few weeks of TNA.   Everything is a bit hazy after seeing Austin Aries in the disco shorts.  Always a good thing.

The X-Division is still lacking as far as I am concerned.

Last week's book club, once again a disappointment.  And I'm still having a few bad dreams since reading that book. 

Really, there isn't a lot to talk about tonight, just thought I would send a quick note since it's been over a week.

I know that there is a TNA ppv this coming weekend.  The year's big cage match ppv.  And my lovely Spudguns, you might also remember that I really don't like those types of matches or ppvs.  They unnerve me.  
But, with that said, and with the fact that usually the episode for the week leading up to the ppv is posted after the ppv, and I don't get to find out who is scheduled, therefore one of the two reasons that keeps me from ordering the ppv (the other is I'm poor)  ... I will give a midweek ... prayer might not be the right word.  Love note maybe a better term.

To everyone who is going to be part of the TNA ppv this weekend, STAY SAFE!!!  Be you crew or talent, please stay safe specially since it is a cage themed pay-per-view.  

Love Ardeth Blood