Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dec 26th

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Boxing Day. 
Don't spend too much. Or eat too much leftovers.

-Love Ardeth Blood

Friday, December 21, 2012

My favourite TNA moments of 2012

I'm sitting here, having read a few movie blogs talking about their favourite movie moments of 2012, and thinking.  Well, I already gave my movie lists the other day over on my movie blog
and I haven't talked as much this year about TNA like I normally you see where this is going.

This was Austin Aries's year. Without a doubt, he made the biggest impact in TNA. Going from the X-Division to the TNA title was no easy feet. But he made it seem well, seamless. His story was strong at lest for the first half of things, but he always made it seem like he controlled the script. (trust me when you think about that sentence it will make sense)

One of those highlights, was his match at Against All Odds for that X-title against Alex Shelley. I did hate the fact Mr. Shelley lost to Mr. Aries, but that match was killer. One of my all time favourite matches.
Another highlight would be his match against Robert Roode at Destination X  when he won the TNA title.

Another highlight for me, was the return of Chris Sabin.  Even though it was short lived. (How is the knee?) I believe the direction of TNA would have been a different one if Mr. Sabin hadn't been injured the second time. 

The only other highlight was Joey Ryan.  I think he had the best story, the best campaign all around. He made use of snips of time, made excellent use of his indie background and found a way to get heard over, many of the  overexposed guys.  Let's face it, he helped to bring interest back to some of us fans who were fed up with the same dren. The dude has a way with a camera.

I have to admit, this year for me on a personal level was just not good, and I found little that I connected with in general this past year. Wrestling being one of those things.  I saw less ppvs then I had hoped, and with the fact that my only way to see TNA is online, things didn't gel for me much.

Here's to a cool and fabulous 2013.

love Ardeth Blood

Monday, December 17, 2012

After WWE's TLC

Okay, so over on my wrestling blog, I gave my thoughts on what I was hoping would happen at the ppv tonight.
Here is what I thought about the actual ppv, and what I would have changed.

#1- Tag Team match between Rhode Scholars vs SinCara/Mysterio
#2- Cesaro vs R-Truth for the United States Championship
#3- Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship
#4- 6 man Tag Team of Shield vs Ryback/Hell No
#5- Divas match
#6- Sheamus vs Big Show for World Heavyweight Championship
#7- Miz/Del Rio/Brawler vs 3mB
#8- Cena vs Ziggler in Money in Bank match

For starters, I would have arranged it in a different order.  Since they had the Diva's match for number one contender during the pre-show, I would have then either had the actual championship match during it as well, or else opened with it.  (get it... for starters... it's late I'm cranky my humour might not be up to par)

Second... Would have not bothered to have the 3mB segment.  I get that they needed to fill time, but it was badly thought out. They should have just said it was an "impromptu match" or had the 3mB attack everyone in back "before the show" to set up the story for it.  It just felt like it was filler.  Filler should never feel like filler.

Next... This is where I would have put the tag team match for the number one contenders between Rhode Scholars and Mysterio/SinCara.  Not opened with it.   I actually like Rhodes and Sandow as a tag team, it works. I can see these two holding the titles for a year or more once they get them.

Then... I would have gone with the Cesaro vs Truth match.  This one was length wise okay, it was all Cesaro. And I'm glad, as he was my pick for this. But, my comment on R-Truth is that I don't think he's really brought anything new to his matches in almost two years.  It seems to be the same three moves all the time.  Update man, update.

From there... Wade Barrett. Wade Barrett. Wade Barrett.

Next I would have... Stuck the Money in the Bank here. Right here. Would have not bothered with any of the junk recaps of the "affair" and just jumped into the match.

Following that... I would have scheduled the Big Show vs Sheamus match.

Leading into .... I would have put CM Punk's segment here. Which would have smoothly gone into the Shield vs Ryback/Hell No.  Which in my mind should have been the main event. 

The whole flow of TLC felt wrong.  There wasn't a real buzz like I've seen on other pay-per-views. Maybe it's just me, but TLC has always been one of the throw away ppvs.  Let's get back to basics, loose TLC, loose Elimination Chamber, loose Extreme Rules, loose Over the Limit, loose Night of Champions. 
Pair the ppvs down, and give stronger storylines in the remaining pay-per-views.

-love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday morning 16th

I have been seeing around the internet, videos and blog posts about the "Wreck this Journal" book.
It's suppose to be a creative way to let off some steam and find you're inner artist.
I had made up my mind about two months ago, that I wanted one.  Only they were sold out constantly.

Well, guess I was meant to have one of these, because I was given one yesterday as an early x-mas gift from my mom.

Now I can be my destructive self with purpose.  Honestly, I'm hoping it helps to break me out of this writer's block that I seem to have been in for... way way too long.

And after flipping through it, and trying some of the less messy pages, I understand why people are documenting their journey through the journal on videos.  Some of the things are so crazy, no one would believe you actually did them unless they saw it for themselves.

If you haven't seen this journal, youtube it. Search your Bing or Google or what have you, and you'll see what I mean.  

That's the view from the sofa this morning.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday the 14th 2012

It's early.   The fire alarm went off.  It was some drunk dude who pulled it. But, now I'm awake.

Don't you hate when something like that happens and you're woken hours before you intended? But that's life right?

I was sitting here bored now, and my mind started to wander.  Started thinking about language and how we use certain things, and how just by the tone of our voice we can make it mean something sometimes other then what it normally would.
Like the actor who plays Victor Newman on the soap opera Young and the Restless.  He has this way of saying the word "right"  which everyone knows is more of an order or command by him, but says it in a way that is so delicate you would think he was ordering a pizza.

Things you think about at 7:30am

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Saturday before a TNA

Tomorrow is another of the monthly TNA ppvs.
I don't think I'm going to be able to see it, but none the less, let me just say, as always, to everyone who is working on that ppv, be you crew or talent...


I know to some I am like a broken record.  To a few others, I know I am part of the pre-show ritual. That sounded so wrong, but you all know what I mean.


love always Ardeth Blood

Tattoo or not to Tattoo?

I got my first tattoo at age 27. And was 34 before I got the second one.  Both of which take up the length of my left arm from my shoulder to elbow. 
I would have the remainder of the shoulder and upper back done if I had the cash.  But sadly, I'm beyond poor.
I've seen some really great tattoos over the years.  And living in the city I live in,  seen a lot of really bad ones that people have done as home made ones that they regret.

Tattoos are a beautiful way to express something within you, and to honour someone you love.

Yeah, that's not the purpose behind mine.  But, I was thinking about all this today, after seeing a few people commenting on a fan site about stars who get them done then remove them.

Here's the thing, people change.  You're tastes change, your situations change.  Some tattoos are well thought out and really do stand the test of time.  Others are not so well thought out and become painful memories that you can't run away from.  Unless you are willing to stand the pain of removal, which is also extremely costly. Or, as most, have another tattoo done over it, altering it.

That's the other reason I have not gotten more ink done myself yet.  The idea of choosing something that I can live with.  Really live with for the rest of my life.

That's the view from my sofa today

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let's babble

Dealing with yet more internet issues.  This time, because of an upgrade that seems to have wiped out stuff.

On a lighter note, today is Day 340 on the movie challenge blog.  Only 25 days to go for this first year of one different movie a day for the year challenge.    Does that seem like a mouthful to anyone else?

So, there is a movie post, so to speak, and a quote of the day post. 

Here's hoping that we the internet viewers, actually get tonight's TNA Impact before Sunday, given there is a ppv this weekend.  I'm getting tired of seeing the pre-ppv episode three days after the ppv.  Cause when that happens,  I end up not getting the ppvs.

And I like Austin Aries. He's groovy.   Say it with me now in our best Evil Dead Ash voice..... grroooovvvyyy!

Okay shinny.   I realized something the other day, I've lost my sci-fi language.  Not on purpose. It just sort of fell by the way side in the last year or so, since I've been ... shall we say dealing with the whole knee injury and it's fall out.
There are other reasons I'm sure, but I don't feel like examining my emotional self right now.

What was I saying.... right Mr. Aries.  Love that guy, and the shorts.  What you really expect me to totally behave myself?  Really? Really? Really?....Really?  Not going to happen my lovely Spudguns. 

Alright, as this blog post is getting long for no real reason, I will say it's time for a coffee.

kiss kiss noise

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Return, Again, of the Book Dork is In

On my reading pile right now, is  Straight up and DirtyAmerican Psycho, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (yeah I never finished it) Don Quixote (that could take a few years)  The Jokes Over.    And those are just the ones sitting beside me on the floor.  I've got another stack in the other room which I'm too lazy to check.
These are also ones I started to read over the course of the year and for whatever reason, never finished.  Most likely because I got one of the other ones and started it.

The last few years I've been taking part of the reading challenge on Good Reads. You set a goal on the first of the year and keep track on their site what books and when you finish them.  I have a feeling this year will be an incomplete.  I'm exactly 5 books short of my goal.  See the irony here.

I'd say leave a comment and tell me what your reading, but the comments on this thing are still frealed up.  It's been a few months and for whatever reason the top post on here has all the links to the comment boxes for the page of posts. 

But, if you want to talk books, you can comment over on my book club blog.   Cause it's a poor starved blog.