Saturday, May 1, 2010

What is it with you and those Motorcity Boys?

Comic by me  copyright 'hcvp'09

 For those of you that follow my old blog, you know I have been running a gimmick for over a year now, where I have been going on about Chris Sabin's hair, and how I would love to cut it.

I've also been going on about Alex Shelley, and how perfect I think he is... minus the fact I think he's a little on the skinny side.

I swore I would stop with my silliness because, well I'm old.  Almost a full decade older then they are and I'm getting the evil eye from my very strict-married-with-children-friends who feel I am acting too much like a 12 year old at a Backstreet Boy concert.  
Well, yeah and what's your point?  I have never denied that I am acting like a 12 year old at a Backstreet Boy concert.  That's what the whole point of the gimmicks are for. To express my dorkdom over my two favourite celebrities. 
I have tried to stop on more then one occasion, but you know what, I don't want to!  I just don't want to stop being a frealing nutball over them.  I like them.  I adore them. I want to see what Chris Sabin would look like with a haircut similar to Alex Shelley.

But hey, I'm a Twiztid/ICP fan, what do you expect from me... seriousness?  But this is serious, this is musical chairs and limbo.