Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dating Disasters

I've said before that I am on a bunch of online dating sites. Think I've tried them all.
Always a free member, as I just don't have the desire or money to pay for the sites. Which means, unless the guy is paying for his account, no real communication available.
Well, unless you count this weekend. Seems they're all open free for Mother's Day. I find this funny actually.
So, I actually got to read some of the messages that have been sitting in my one dating site email, that have been piling up for the last 4 months. Oh my god! What can I say other then icky.
I have been hit on by 19 year old boys looking to try a "cougar" I have been hit on by 50 year old married men wanting a "private encounter" I have been hit on by 90 year old men who want someone to role play.

Dude! that's just wrong.

I like my men in general like I like my tag teams young and from Detroit. But in their late twenties.