Monday, May 24, 2010

I burnt the tea buns

I can make this recipe with my eyes closed.
So, why is it I burnt them today?    Cause I've been distracted last few days. 

I said this before on my other blogs,  your emotions effect your cooking and food in turn effects your emotions.

If you are angry, you will most likely choose food that are spicy or bitter.  If you are happy, you will most likely choose food that is sugary.  Sad, something that is considered in your mind comfort food.
I was thinking about how everything (my novel, the book club, what I'm going to wear this weekend to Sex and the City 2,  the fact once again TNA Impact is late on iTunes Canada and I haven't gotten my review done therefore loosing my wrestling readers on the wrestling blog)   and left the buns in the oven for five minutes too long. 
Which, would have been the perfect amount of time if I had been baking a cake, but too long for buns.  See, distraction at it's finest.