Thursday, November 12, 2015

Directions, thoughts and season two of Supernatural

October season was hectic. I threw myself into projects, some that worked, some that failed and some that just never got finished.
The year is winding down, which is being felt the most in the form of the cooking group I'm part of. (I'll come back at the end of next month with the actual list of blog post links for the year's recap of food posts I did for the group over on my movie blog.  As we have one more next month)
I bought a tree. A short, half foot high plastic wired thing at the dollar store, with the intentions of decorating it for Hallowe'en.  Yes, you read that right, not an x-mas tree. Well, it is an x-mas tree in theory because that's the only time they sell them. But it's going to be done in pure Addams Family fashion, and become my Hallowe'en tree. This will actually make it my second one. I had one that got thrown out during my move.

Rebuilding a life when you're at the crossroads of things...movies make it seem so easy. Dude, it's not. From little things like the holiday tree, to having to buy a few new coffee mugs because the old ones got chipped and broken, to just figuring out your place in the grande scheme of it all. Not easy.
I look around and see so many who have either gathered their dreams and made them physical, or who are just drifting through but yet still seem to have roots. You know what I mean?

And you're wondering at this point, what does the tv show Supernatural have to do with it all?  Well, besides the fact that I just got my hands on seasons one and two,  it is like the perfect metaphor for this, well life.  You've got these two guys who have just had their lives turned upside down, learning they are not as different from some people as they always thought, but yet not fitting in anywhere. Always finding the need to hide the core of their purpose, just...yeah this sounds like a stretch even for me with my gift for yammering.  Okay, so try again...two dudes one car all those crossroads.

Did I mention one of my projects is a vampire hunter's kit?  Dude, I'm working on a vampire hunter's kit, meant to be a center piece for my vampire collection. So doesn't fit on the table I bought it for. Too large. But, that's another post for another time.