Wednesday, November 30, 2011

There's no place like home

Yay! finally I'm home.  So nice to be back to my own computer.  I could kiss it.

So that is my one crutch in the background, I tried to take a webcam shot of my foot but I couldn't angle the computer right without dropping it. So no foot shot. But then again no one wants to see my broken ugly foot anyway.

So there should be some sort of regular scheduled blogging after tonight.  Hell, it's about all I can do since I'll be stuck here in this apartment for the next few weeks.
It took too much to get me up the stairs there is no way in hell I am going to try to go down them again with crutches.  I will wait till I am fully walking before I attempt it.

So life is what it is, and I never thought in a million years I would be glad to be back in this hellhole apartment but damn it Janet, there is no place like home even if it is this place.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are you what you watch?

After a conversation I had the other night, I started to think about how we relate to our favourite movies. I was talking to one of the ladies in my mother's building who loves old black and white films from the 20's/30's.
The way she acts always makes me think of the Wizard of Oz.

My favourite movie has changed many times over the years, from Lost Boys to Dracula to Practical Magic to Julie and Julia to... well I don't really have one at the moment but you get the idea.

The films I tend to love have affected my clothes, music, books and the way I talk to say the lest.
It makes me wonder how much one single film can shape the way we present ourselves to others?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

middle of the night take two

Wide awake.  Feel like crap.
There were some weird glitches with the cooking blog earlier and just oddness all over the place.   Could be because Mercury is retro for the final time this year.   So expect all sorts of bad for the next few weeks.

Not much going on other then I'm still on crutches, still not home.  I hate being broken, not good at all with pain.  And of course the whole computer sharing thing really blows.

Currently reading  "Joke's Over"  by Ralph Steadman.  It's a semi-biography about Hunter S. Thompson.

The last few weeks have been totally surreal. Makes me hunger for some sort of dreamstate revolution or some nonsense. But in the meantime... do we need a meantime? Isn't everything a meantime between other points in our lives? 
Okay my Spudguns, that's how I see it from this angle.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

23rd Nov 2011

As the frustration sets in, I sit here now, wondering why my life sucks.   Oh right, broken foot.  Totally sucks, and it's still an odd shade of greeny-black.   I'm guessing this is what squid ink must look like when you clean them?

Have you ever traveled by backpack with only one or two items of clothes?  That's what I am sitting at right now, the clothes that I wore on the day I broke my foot and the pajamas I had enough brains in my pain to grab before heading to the safety of mother's.  
Yes, there is a lesson in here somewhere... maybe to always have extra stuff at your parents place just in case... yes think so.

Well, only have a moment, but wanted to just check into the blog because I didn't realize how much I miss this form of communication until I had to share ... scratch that fight for computer time.   Have I mentioned this week how much I hate facebook?   Specially that damned farmville where mom spends all her time.  

Okay, hope to be back home by the end of the weekend. 
And if I don't get to blog again before Monday,  to the American's who celebrate your Thanksgiving this month,  hope it's a safe one.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What day is it ?

Well, I know it's a Saturday and I think it's the day after the 4th Twilight was released so that must make it the 19th?
And I know it's the day after the 4th Twilight movie because the commerical has been on every channel all the time.  

Hey guess what... it snowed here.  Crap!  Here's me on crutches at mother's and thinking that I can go home in a few days when I get down to only one crutch and it's snow covered outside.   Well, that's going to suck if it doesn't melt in the next couple of days.

And yes I realize that I had a spelling typo on the last post, and frankly my dears, I don't give a damn it can stay there.
I hate having to share a computer. I never realized how much I take having my own computer for granted.   And a dictionary for that matter.  

So as you can tell, this post is a ramble of just checking in on the blog, let my Spudguns know that just I'm broken - which seems to be my natural state- I'm still ...kicking - metaphorically that is. 
With that said,  I'll be back in a few days.  Hopefully on my own typing machine.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Well this is a pattern

I'm just not too sure why or what.

It seems to me, every single time my life starts to change I end up broken.  Every single time.  I've started to understand finally, that a broken body part is the universe telling me to stop and listen and be patient. Just don't know what for yet?
I'm sure the A-HA! Moment will arrive soon.  

Meanwhile, catching up with my reading.  I had started to read "Life on the Line"  a bio about Chef Achatz few months ago and left it here at mom's.  I'm nearly finished reading it.  Then I don't know what I'll do cause the only other book I have here is Joy of Cooking.

Also, rented a movie on demand yesterday.  "The Trip"  which was about Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon  going on a week's tour of restaurants in Britian.   Honestly, not sure if it was originally meant to be a comdey or if it just ended up that way?  Let me rephrase that, it tried to end up that way.  There were moments in the movie when it came across almost like a serious documentary on the food, and other times like it was a stage play. 
I wasn't impressed too much by it.

I do not know how wrestlers and other athletes do it?  How do you work injured?  Dude, I can not even get a shoe on right now or manage to figure out how to carry a glass of water while using my crutches and I've lifed my life with broken parts because of the O.I.    How do you guys finish matches/games with broken fingers/toes/shoulders/ or torn parts? 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sorry about my own damn luck

Dear Spudguns:

I Broke my foot. 
My bad knee jammed up and when I went to try to fix it, I moved the wrong way and my foot met the bathroom wall, hard.
So it's been a hell of a day most of which was spent in the emergency in tears.  Now, I have a new set of crutches, stainless steel.   Which you know, nice upgrade from the old wooden ones I had last time I broke my leg.
And to top off the night,  my sister and I got into a fight.  Yes, another one.  Since I can't walk proper let alone get up the stairs, I'm staying at mother's for a few nights.  Hence the uber lateness of the blog post, had to wait for mother to finally get off the computer.  Damn facebook.
Should have seen me this morning when all this happened,  couldn't get a shoe on, had to duct tape my foot because I didn't have any medical tape and what a lovely shade of purple my foot had become, and here's the real dren kicker of the day... had to call a cab to bring me to mom's.  Yeah, to go a full two blocks.   Why you ask,  well Spuddy, I can't get up and down the stairs right now.  Getting me down the stairs ths morning was a party and a half.  Just ended up scootching down on my butt.
So yeah, I paid $6 in cab fare to get a three minute drive.  Lucky me.
So broken foot, total humiliation, sibling hating me again; how could this get any worse... I bumped into my ex the Trainwreck while I was in the emergency. 
Just when I thought everything in my life was starting to fix and make some sense I have a day like today.

Love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, November 13, 2011

13/11/2011 Grey stuff

Dear Spudguns:

It's been lovely grey overcast here last few days.  I love it when the weather is like this because all my sinus issues and my aches and pains are like zero.

This past week's TNA episode {Nov 10th 2011}  what can I say other then it's good to see the title on a Canadian.  Not sure how stable that storyline is going to be, specially if the rematch goes down on the ppv tonight?  I fast forwarded everything else but the Eric Young stuff.  I keep waiting for him to have maple leaves or a moose or something on his underwear when he strips.

We just got a David's Tea here in town.  Nice.  It's been one of the "food"  newsletters I've been getting by email for the last couple of years and it's just nice to finally be able to see the actual mixes up close. I'm digging on the Santa's Secret  mix.

Started to work on the Bride of Frankenstein dress, only to have the sleeves keep falling apart when I pin them.  Seems the lace I picked out is too delicate.  Will have to rethink the design.
But, I did manage to get some great red and black Hallowe'en prints for the quilt. 

And to all working the ppv tonight,  stay safe. 

Love Ardeth Blood

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Must learn

Not to answer the door in the morning.
Mom's babysitting this morning, so I decided to spend an extra hour at home and dye my hair.  Yes, I refuse to give up the idea of being a blonde even though it has not worked in over 4 years.   Anyways, the doorbell goes and I innocently go and answer it. 

Picture it, your heroine and heroin, with one hand in the plastic glove which is smeared in the dye solution, hair slicked back with this foamy-solution which is so strong it's bringing tears to my eyes, in my flannel pajama bottoms and a orange cammy which is now splattered in the hair dye.

We are sitting at -2c here this morning, and here's me, hanging out the front door of the building in this state only to find that it's two little old ladies peddling god.

My only saving grace this morning was the fact that I was in the middle of dying my hair and they themselves said they know they hate to be answering doors and phones and stuff when they do their hair.


P.S.  the dye-solution has,it seems dripped down the front of the cammy and onto my boobs.  Yay me.  I just can not seem to win with the damned hair colour, it's like there is a judgement handed down on me to be a redhead against my wishes.  Is there a reason for this?   Does the man of my dreams- the future of my desire only like redheads?   I'm starting to wonder.
Starting to think that the Goddesses/Gods of love are up there handing down punishments, not only am I being sentenced to total singletonness, but I've been given a sentence of 30+ years to life as a mousy redhead.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrusday Nov 10

Dear Spudguns:

Was awake half the night over thinking things again. Only way to describe it.  Started the design for the Bride of Frankenstein dress yesterday.  So I know how the sleeves are going to look.  The skirt I was having issues with.
But after watching a scene in Sex and the City 2,   I think I know how I want the tail of the skirt to look.  The question is can I achieve that look?  Only time will tell.

Also, was going through the large bin of material, and think I might have enough for a second sewing project.

So I got to finally see last week's TNA Impact, and all I can say is it sucked.  Dude, it was a disappointment.  

Now, I am having issues with the damned blog editing thing.  The schedule option keeps over riding my settings.   Blogger/Google we have issues here.

Okay, I'm off to watch Top Chef and get ready for my day.

Love Ardeth Blood

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11/8/2011 Evening

Okay, first off,  there seems to be massive glitches on the Spike site.   The episode for last week is listed as being up, but when I hit the link, ERROR ERROR THE PAGE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR NOT FOUND
Beauty, love when that happens don't you.

Moving on... I need to find a new hobby besides cooking.  Which of course equals eating.    Maybe finally making that Bride of Frankenstein dress is in order... which of course equals learning to sew properly.  Might be a tad cheaper in the long run too? 

I used to scrapbook.   I don't anymore cause I have nothing to put into a scrapbook.  Used to take photos of my crazy subcultureish feinds... when I still had them. Don't have any feinds... or friends either crazy or otherwise.
I had to separate myself from the ones who were too crazy, the rest all got married and moved the hell out of this hellhole.
See, this is why my life has gotten boring in the last few years.  No spark, no passion, no fun.   No hot sexy guy who likes to paint and draw and take photos and run around my apartment naked acting like the lead character in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.   deep sigh.    And might I say, that drinking alone is no fun either.  Drinking alone is well, just drinking alone.

Speaking of food... was watching Food Network Canada   yet again today; just taking full advantage of the free preview,  watching Chopped, Glutton for Punishment, Iron Chef America, Restaurant MakeOver, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives... and mother out of nowhere goes "so you're not going to watch wrestling then?"

 Dude!  I totally forgot about WWE Raw.   I never do that, but what can I say, Guy Fieri  trumps Alberto Del Rio.  Mom was little disappointed that she missed most of Cena's match.  I think I've mentioned before one or twice about mom's crush on Cena.  Very disturbing I must say.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday morning 11/6/2011

Anyone else get frealed up by the time change last night?  Raise your hand if you forgot to change your clocks.

Lucky for me, my cell phone and computer are automatic when I turn them on first thing this morning. Yay. 
So my body and zombied brain are acting like it's 10:45am  BUT it's only 9:45am.  Doesn't change the fact I want something stronger then coffee.  Too early?  Fine, okay I'll behave.

Watching another round of Worst Cooks in America,  and they have to deal with their food fears.  I honestly am not sure I could do that.   My food fears have changed over the last decade. 
There was a time when I would have said escargot;  now since I've been a vegetarian for the last decade, my food fears have expanded.   Specially since I've been watching all these cooking challenge shows.  My food fears... where would I start?
Have to say,  as odd as this would sound but I have said it before, if I ever do go back to eating meat I want to try foie gras.   I know, horrible person to say I want the liver of a duck or goose.  What can I say, I'm evil.

See, me looking all wicked witch of the west.   MAKE-UP!  maybe a little bit of ... something to give me that just rolled out of the swamp look. Have to keep up with the troll that lives under the bridge.  Give Rumpelstiltskin a run for his money.  I think I could take him in submissions match. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

You know me and my cooking shows

I think by now, anyone who reads anything I have blogged about, knows I love my cooking shows as much as I love my tag team. 
So, I'm taking full advantage of the free preview for Food Network Canada, and basically watching everything. 

Right, so then let's talk about   Worst Cooks in America for a moment shall we...  Oh my god!  Holy Anne Rice novels Batman!!  You have to ask yourself sometimes, what are they thinking?

How horrible must you be to not have even one dish that you can make well?  

Eat St.  I've seen a few episodes of this online before and think its a really interesting idea.  Mother however was just in awe of it.  Couldn't get past the idea that there could be so many food trucks out there that are so different.    I've said this before, I have yet to see any food trucks in our city at all.

With all that said, heading over to mother's shortly and will see what the dvr taped me over night.  I just set the thing for random times. 
I had gone out and bought a new chef's knife last week too to keep at mother's.  All her knives were flimsy.  Have you ever tried to break into an unwaxed turnip {rutabaga} with a floppy knife?  Not fun.  Best investment I have ever made.  Ever. 

On a sidenote that has nothing to do with food... reading  The Joke's Over  by Ralph Steadman. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Free Preview FNC

I'm sitting there yesterday, at mom's where else, flipping channels, when I see the Food Network Canada.  
Mom only has basic cable, this is not part of her basic cable channels.  So here's me sitting just waiting for the channel to go black thinking it's a glitch but then commercial says Free Fall Preview. 

You know I spent close to four hours yesterday just watching the Food Network.  Had no idea I was as addicted to this channel as I am.  Of course I set the dvr for the rest of the night.  Mom so not happy with me on that.

Okay, so watching  Chef at Home  right, okay and the title of the episode said beef stew.  Everything was going as normal,  beef-onion-oil-spices    then he added beans.  
Beans?   Chilli has beans,  stew has root vegetables  does it not?  

Yes, I know they are both technically "stews" but when you see beans you don't think stew you think something else.

It all comes down to perceptions.   We are trained to hear something and think a certain way.  I hear beef stew, I right off think of potatoes not beans.  I think foggy cold grey afternoons tucked up in a large cable-knitted sweater and hot chocolate.   Not shorts and beer under a desert sun.

Think about it, what does stew mean to you?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

They shoot vampire fans don't they?

I did something, something I swore I'd never in a million years do... I bought the three Twilight movies.  I know, I've been one of the most harshest critics on the whole dren... er thing.  

So then you are thinking why am I confessing to this?

I wanted a new vampire movie.  Plan and simple.   I was out last night in the rain thinking "this is perfect weather for a vampire movie"   but I was a bit early for the new Fright Night ... it doesn't come out till next month on dvd... and there on the shelf were all three films on clearance so... I forgive myself for being a bit of a hypocrite because they were on clearance.

But it was a perfect day yesterday for a vampire movie.  The rain, the damp, the fog... good times.
And that one I rented yesterday -Dylan Dog Dead of Night- was more a zombie movie then a vampire one and I was left still ... craving vamps. 

Somewhere on this planet, Mr. Shelley is laughing as he collects on a bet with Mr. Sabin on how long before I fell prey to the saga. It's vampires, Sir I have an addiction.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kurt Angle...Werewolf?

So here's me flipping through the new releases on the Shaw Video On Demand  this afternoon at mother's and I spot this new horror film called  Dylan Dog Dead of Night.   The artwork looked a bit on the indie horror side and reminded me of a movie I'd seen few years back called Demon Hunter so I thought I'd check out the list of who's in it.

"Oh my god! Kurt Angle??? Seriously???"

I had to rent it.  So I'm watching this thinking, "Kurt Angle in a vampire movie?"  Mother was even watching this one as much as she would ever watch a vampire movie because it was more of a cop show.
Whole time I'm thinking this feels much like one of those classic Columbo  or Night Stalker  made for tv movies from thirty years ago.  And there was TNA's Kurt Angle, as the character Wolfgang, the main for the werewolf side of things.  Dude!  
I had no idea until the end of the credits that this is based on a comic.  But it was indeed funny, both mother and I were laughing through it.

Nov 1st

I can not breathe, my sinuses are bothering me; why am I awake?  Anything before 7:30 is too early. So why am I here?

The building is so nice and quiet now. I dare say I am the only one here now since the Landlord's daughter and her kid moved out on the weekend.  I haven't seen the Landlord's truck either last few days, starting to think he moved with her.  Strange maybe?

My holiday mildly sucked.  But only mildly.   I decided to make stir frys for supper.  Been having this urber craving for Chinese food but since all the takeaway places use meat and broth etc; I can not order from them.   So, off to the grocery I went after mother's doctor's appointment yesterday to pick up the ingredients.

Good god man!  Have you ever bothered to read the back of the packages for those instant mixes?  I did yesterday. And they are all nearly all of them made with chicken fat, beef broth and oyster sauce.   Icky. Not vegan friendly. 

This is why I had to set out and make two pots of supper, one for mom with her icky mix and one for myself without it.   And of course, a box of fortune cookies. 

November. I guess this means it's officially winter here in Thunder Bay.  Yay us. I'm sort of babbling right now.  Too early to be alive.  I had half an idea what I wanted to say about a half hour ago, but now it all seems disinteresting {computer telling me that's not a real word}