Monday, May 17, 2010

Smackdown -May 14th 2010 Highlights

We open with the Intercontinental Championship finals.
Kofi Kingston vs Christian. Kofi started with a kick which landed nicely. His second one was caught by Christian, who then went with a go behind bring Kofi down to the mat. Kofi countered, getting an armbar then a side headlock on him. Christian got out of the hold, used a leap frog and a shoulder block getting Kofi back down to the mat. Christian went back to working on the arm of Kofi, who rolled out of the move then swept the legs out from under Christian. Kofi locked on another side headlock. Christian battled out tossing Kofi off the ropes then used a back elbow. Kofi then was in the corner, Christian using a monkey flip on him to send him across the ring but Kofi landed on his feet. Christian then went outside the ring, Kofi going for a cross body dive but missed. Christian followed through with a flying side elbow and both men are down outside of the ring. Back in the ring, and Christian had Kofi in a submission move, focusing on the neck. Kofi battled out only to end up getting a flap jack from Christian. It was only a two count. Christian went back to working on the neck with a chin lock. Kofi got out of the hold with a series of forearms before being sent backwards into the corner. Christian charged at him, but missed as Kofi used the second rope for a swing kicking Christian. Kofi off the top rope with a cross body but only got a two count. Kofi then went for a drop kick, before both men took a turn charging at the other in the corner. Kofi was getting things set up for his boom drop but was stopped mid move as Christian grabbed his legs for a cover, only getting a two count. Kofi then with a leap frog over Christian but was countered when Christian got him on his shoulders for a hard slam. Only got a near fall. Both men back to their feet and Kofi delivered a forearm sending Christian into the corner, where upon he got a double kick for his trouble. Both went off the top rope in turn with a cross body, both only got a near fall. Kofi finally landed his boom drop, but it only stunned Christian. Christian slapped on a neckbreaker but still only got a near fall. Christian then standing on the back of Kofi while he was on the second rope, delivered his trademark slap from outside the ring, then went for his killswitch. That was blocked as Kofi used his swinging roll up for a two count. Christian in the corner now, Kofi with a series of punches but Christian tossed him off using the second rope for a slide and kick. Flying elbow from Christian following it with a mule kick and a sunset flip. Kofi countered with his trouble in paradise for the win.
Kofi Kingston was the champ for about two minutes before Drew McIntyre came to the ring with a "note " saying he was still the champ.

Shad Gaspard vs Jesse Guyver . Shad tossed Guyver into the corner then started to stomp on him, before Guyver fought back with a few forearms. That was cut short with a large boot to the face from Shad. This was all Shad with a side head lock slam. He had him on the ropes for a beat down, before being slammed again on the mat. Guyver tried a sunset flip but was stopped with a choke from Shad, who then used an STO for the win.

JTG/MVP vs The Dude Busters. Barratta and JTG started it with a collar tie up, JTG ending up in the corner. Barratta then with a forearm before being tossed across the ring. JTG used an over head toss before a leap frog styled move. MVP came in as Croft ran in, keeping him out of the way. Both Dude Busters were sent flying out of the ring. Barratta back into the ring, right into the fist of JTG. Barratta then with a knee to JTG, going for a cover but only a two count. Croft tagged in with a kick to JTG, following it up with a rear chin lock. JTG was caught in their corner with a series of punches from both members of the Busters before Barratta tagged back in. He continued to stomp on JTG for a moment, getting a near fall. few quick tags between the Busters, before they used a double team move on JTG. Croft went for another rear chin lock but JTG fought out getting to his feet. JTG used a short clothesline as both men then made tags. MVP and Barratta both now in the ring, MVP using a over head toss and a series of clotheslines before a hard knee to the face of Barratta. MVP with his Ballin, and play of the day for the win.

Divas Match .... Rosa Mendes vs Beth Phoenix.... right why? Starting to think we have a women's division just to see the latest fashion on Vickie. Vickie deleted Mendes and made it a rematch for McCool.... yeah really don't care.

Kane vs Chavo. Kane went for a choke slam right off but Chavo slithered out of it. Chavo then went for a series of punches and kicks, to only get tossed out of the ring. Chavo from outside the ring used a hangman off the top rope on Kane, then was climbing the ropes but got a chop from Kane. Chavo used a drop kick on Kane but it caused little damage. Kane answered with a chop of his own. Chavo off the top rope right into a choke slam. Kane won with little effort. Chavo is a better wrestler then this, I really don't understand why he's being used only as a jobber.

Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk. Punk charged at Rey but missed. He then used a spinning mule kick on Rey getting a slight advantage. Rey off the ropes with a series of kicks to Punk. Rey under the legs of Punk as he bounced off the ropes. Punk then with a kick to the side of the skull of Rey which had Rey back up into the corner. Punk started to work on the back of the neck of Rey with a series of elbows. Rey caught Punk with a head scissors tossing him outside of the ring. He then followed with a high risk move off the apron but landed badly. Punk then shoved him into the rails. Back in the ring and Punk had Rey in a submission move continuing to work on the shoulders and neck. Rey kicked his way out of the move, following it with a few shoulder blocks in the corner. Rey then used a drop toe hold in the far corner sending Punk face first into the second turnbuckle. Rey was caught in the tree of woe, Punk using a basement drop kick going for a cover but only a two count. Punk slapped on an abdominal stretch adding pressure with a few elbows to the side. Rey managed to get out of it, and used another drop toe hold forcing Punk onto the second rope in set up for his 619 but it was countered as Punk slipped out of the way. Punk then tossed Rey out of the ring. Punk now outside the ring began a beating on Rey then tossed him back into the ring following with a top rope springboard. Only got him a two count. Punk went back to another submission move on Rey. Once again, Rey battled out with kicks then followed with his flying bulldog. Rey off the top rope with his trademark springboard but Punk was able to counter with a kick knocking Rey down. It only got him a near fall. Rey had Punk set up for the 619 again, but Luke Gallows came to the ring to distract Rey giving Punk the chance to do a roll up on him. Still only got a two count. Once more with the 619 and a springboard for the cover, but another distraction with Serrina coming into the ring and then a fourth member of Punk's crew hitting Rey from behind. Match was tossed for a DQ.