Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm sorry did I embarrass you?

I used a screen capture for this post

You know what it will happen! Damn it!   I might be 36 years old and therefore middle aged but seriously, I'm a total screwball.   I like to laugh.   Laughter is the best thing on the planet.   I also collect things that you would normally expect to see in a teenaged boy's room.

Like my Nightmare on Elm Street stuff, and my statues (they are not dolls they are statues!) 

 I will dance in public for no reason other then I am in a good mood and my back is not bothering me that day.   I will sing in public because damn it why not?   SSSSSSHHHH  no one needs to know I can't carry a tune if it was in a briefcase 
Disney movies make me cry.
I'm a massive fan of Twiztid and not afraid to do my eye make-up like theirs.   And yes I am the dork who has Sesame Street curtains in my kitchen.  STOP TELLING ME I NEED TO GROW UP, I ALREADY KNOW THIS AND JUST DON'T WANT TO!!

So Miss Blood, what brought this rant on?

Well Spudgun, it was my family.  I was trying to have a conversation with my mother which was a bad idea, and she just would not listen.  As in literally was not paying attention to anything I was saying.  She asks me about my life, then continues on about my sister.   And when I finally got her to shut up long enough for me to actually answer her original question she said and I quote  "No one cares.  Stop being so silly.  No one but you is into that garbage"  

No one but me... it made me upset. 
I am just tired of being looked at like I have scales or something.  No, I'm not married and at this rate I might not be.   No I don't have kids,  I don't need any.   And yes a new vampire movie being released is like a whole day's event for me.  Even better when it's overcast and raining. 
And you already know my addiction to Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin... that goes without saying.
See, I really am Domestic and Damned.