Sunday, May 16, 2010

What happens when you're bad in bed?

Everyone wants to believe they are a rock star in bed.  Rock stars even want to believe they are bigger rock stars in bed.
Many times, it's just mediocre. 

What happens when you're not living up to your own hype? 
I read an article in a magazine while back while in a doctor's office waiting so I can't even tell you which magazine or when it was printed.  About the top list of lovers that will leave you flat.  The very top of that list was your favourite celebrity. 
The reason,  no matter how good they are, they just won't be able to live up to your expectations. 

Now, you know that got me thinking. 

Actually it put a pulse quickening heart gripping fear into me as I thought about it.  Could it be right? You know that I have been blogging off and on over the last year about the topic of celebrities being on the same level in the end as a nobody, when it comes to love. 
But what about sex? 

It's true that you can't help who you fall in love with, no matter what your status is in life.  But what happens when you get to the sex part?  If you like someone that makes the stakes higher. But if you like someone who you've fantasized about for a long while, that makes the stakes almost impossible.

Follow me.

I had an ex who, I was fabulous with on every level. We seemed to be perfect for each other.  All but the sex.  He was one of the worst lovers I have ever had.  Just ridiculously bad.   Sex is  one of the two basic ways to communicate.  Which is why I never fake it. 
I stupidly believed that just because I adored him that it would be the best sex ever.  I'm laughing like a lunatic right now. 
So how would that much hero worship translate with you're biggest fantasy?  Would they be able to do anything other then disappoint you, or would you need to find alot of flaws in them to rip them down to human size before you could imagine yourself with them?