Friday, May 21, 2010

So I should flaunt my Jokers?

Was just talking to my buddy Patrick about movies and stuff.  
This of course after my post few hours ago about how immature I am.   Our conversations tend to jump from one topic to the other.   This however, came back to clothes.   Tee shirts to be exact.   Tee shirts with logos. 

You all saw a photo of my spiffy new MotorCityMachine Guns!   shirt, and if not here it is.   Shut up I look totally hot in it. You wish you could pull off a look so dark and gloomy like that without coming across as a wannabe.  But you can't cause you're not me.  And I am the Queen of Your Evil Dreams!

I have this slight addiction for tee shirts from movies and stuff.  ( ICP shirts of which I have 3 somewhere in this mess of an apartment, Vampiro shirt, Batman shirts of which I have 5, vampire movie shirts of which I have 4, old band shirts from heavy metal groups long since broken up, Mr. Kennedy shirt you get the idea) 

I think I have mentioned before my thing for Batman.  My friend Butterfly bought me a Harley Quinn barbie the other year.  Yes you read right, a Harley Quinn barbie at my age.  Haven't even opened the box she's a collector's item.

Somehow we got around to the best way to apologize to a guy after you have hurt his feelings.  Once again the idea of me showing my boobs was introduced.  This time in a slinky little nothing outfit.  One covered in .... Batman! 

You think I'm playing, but I'm not.   I thought about this for a moment.   And you know what,  it actually makes sense in a twisted way.  

Sex and comics.    What man wouldn't want that?   Even on me, how could it go wrong?
Everyone would be a winner (everyone being me and the guy and my buddy would be the hero for suggesting it) 

So I think a trip to the lingerie store is in order... or at lest the comic book store for a new Batman shirt.