Saturday, December 31, 2011

920 Happy New Year

As we head into 2012 my dear Spudguns,  I have this thought for you...

If the classic recipe for mayonnaise is made from eggs,  and if the classic recipe for both egg salad and deviled eggs has mayonnaise in it; then we are just putting eggs ontop of eggs. 

Happy New Year,  see you on the B-side.

Yes I know, I really need to update my photos and my clip's on the TO DO LIST for 2012

Friday, December 30, 2011


Ah the good old days when dance offs were still innocent.

I just finished watching and posting today's movie on the movie a day blog  ...  Psycho Beach Party
It's been years since I watched this one.   I'd forgotten just how funny it was... and how much sex and violence was in it.  Damn, sex good violence not so much.

And if you're not reading that blog, then you're missing out on the lessons I have been learning from each movie.   Which is one of the points to the experiment.  Some are uber serious and others are as silly as string. 

This movie made me long for the original Gidget film.   *sigh* Oh Moondoggie.... 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


One of the good things about the movie a day challenge is that it's forcing me to dig through my library and dust off some of my impulse buys.  Like today.  I watched a DVD that I think I saw half of once before. It was a case of "I bought this why? Oh right clearance for $2"
The pick of the day started off really good but about 45minutes into it I found myself pausing every few minutes to make coffee, check emails, make lunch.  It took me almost 3 hours to watch a 85minute film.
At the end of the year, I might see myself rethinking the sentimental value of some of my collection... maybe.

The weather here today can't seem to make up it's mind.  It's snowing -flurries- with a -12c. 

As I just posted on my year long project... I was reading some astrology newsletters I get and the planet Jupiter has just turned direct after months of being in a retro motion.   This is suppose to open up blockages that has been holding back projects since Aug. 

Well, that's the news from my sofa this afternoon.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Ever listen to something from your childhood and wonder about the lyrics?
I grew up with the movies Grease and Grease 2.  The soundtrack for the first movie was always in someone's collection in one form or another.
I was just listening to the song "Greased Lightening"  and was thinking how growing up that scene and that song were just the coolest part of the movie.  
 Now,  I find the lyrics almost embarrassing to sing.   And when I sit down and think about the soundtrack and the movie all these decades later, I understand why so many of the kids I went to school with had copies of it hidden in lockers at school.  Understand why it only came on late night after 9pm on tv -even with a tv edit-  things that sometimes just go over your head when your a kid. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

916 Boxing Day

I used screen capture for this post

I think I hit a bit of a wall with my movie a day challenge.   I still have to pick a movie for tonight and it's already after supper time.

All I want to do today is watch an old X Division match between Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin from a few years back on one of the Genesis ppv - conveniently located on the Best of the MMG/BMI set-  and I don't think I can get away calling that match a movie, even though there is high drama massive action and ... sorry am I drooling on the keyboard again?   Been awhile since I did the silly posts and praised the MotorCityMachine Guns!  
I realized I hadn't talked about them on here since June.  That's like... hang on have to do the math... 6 and a half months.  Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!   What's going on here????

P.S. I have to remember not be be trying to watch the dvd when I'm cooking,  I get so damned distracted.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

915 Saturday 24th

I am exactly three weeks into my movie a day challenge. And I'm feeling it.  Have I bitten off more then I can chew here?
Damn, I hope not.  I still do not have a header banner for it either to say the lest. 

New Moon tonight.   The moon-moon,  not a movie title.  And we're in the zodiac of Capricorn too for anyone keeping score with the astrology. 

I've got about 6 books on the go with no ability to keep up with any of them right now. 

Hope everyone of my Spudguns are having a safe weekend.

Friday, December 23, 2011

914 Friday the 23rd

Since when did Blogger change the way the profiles are laid out?   I was reading a few other blogs, and when I hit their profiles it was just... blah.  don't care for the new lay out at all.  Just a large page with no character to them.   I thought at first it was just the computer acting up, but I checked my own and same icky thing. 

Anyone else having one of those all I want to do is sleep days?   Having one of those today full force, can't seem to stop yawning today. 

Snowing here. 
For anyone following my movie a day blog,  today is day 21 on there. 
God, I really hate the holidays.  

Thursday, December 22, 2011

913 oh bite me!

Thursday already.  Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!
I swear I thought I had posted on Tuesday... didn't I?  I think I'm quickly loosing my marbles.

I some how managed to watch 8 hours of Bold and Beautiful,  2 hours of Recipes to Riches,  6 hours of Iron Chef America, 2 hours of Once Upon A Time, 4 hours of Grimm, 14 hours of WWE {Raw and Smackdown} that my mother had taped for me on the VTR {I still want to call it VCR and VHS damn I'm old} That's 36 hours of tv since yesterday morning.  

Holy Dren man!!
That's 3 weeks of television.  Wow. 

So, yeah, I ended up going to mother's yesterday morning.  Just got back.  Damn I watch a lot of tv.  Goes bit faster when you can fast forward through commercials.

As I was hobbling up the stairs with my still sore foot and my cane clanking with each step, the new neighbours cracked open their door and spied on me.  Well, that's just going to make me not like you and want to stab you with the ice pick thingie on my cane.

So of course my response was to come in my apartment and crank up CC4 by Twiztid.

Monday, December 19, 2011

912 on a Monday

I'm up!  I'm up!
I can't believe I slept this late holy hell.

I just posted the movie a day post for the movie a day blog.  I watched a copy of Scream Blacula Scream    Okay, so I've seen the original Blacula  few years ago and thought it blew goat backwards, but everyone and their dog's grandmother was telling me that the sequel was so much better then the first one.  Then last night I was searching actually for some old Hammer Horror stuff when I came across Scream Blacula Scream  online.

Dude!  That's like more then a sign that's a slap to the face.  I couldn't pass up it up. 

I'm not a big fan of that whole Xploitation style of movies, I have a difficult time sitting through movies from that era, but this one  wasn't as bad as some I've seen in the past.  It actually had a plot that made sense and the pace was good.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Post 911 Tees

Finally!  My Fright Rags tees came in!!!   Dude, I have to remember for next time that it takes about a month after they ship them for stuff to get to Canada.

As you can see, I got a few vampire related designs... there's a shocker for ya!

The most important of which is the limited edition  "We Belong Alive"  shirt that was helping to fight breast cancer.  And in fact, the whole reason I ordered the shirts.  Okay not a vampire but a Bride of Frankenstein... close enough.

I have to add, that the "Dr. Acula"  is a bit on the uber large side, as it was a clearance shirt - scored for $10- and the only sizes they had left at that time were 2xlarge.   So it comes to my knees and looks like a mini dress.  I have a feeling it might be paired with knee boots and a trenchcoat come spring.

Third design is the Fright Night "Welcome to Fright Night For Real"  shirt.   -and no, I still have not found my original Fright Night shirt {You're so Cool Brewster!}  that I had in 2007 ... I still think an ex boyfriend stole it...

 And speaking of Fright Night... my copy of the remake was sent over via Uncle who picked up my tees after standing in line at the post office for me for a half hour.   I find it also ironic that my Uncle is the one who got me hooked on vampire movies to begin with when I was still in diapers.  {he put me in my playpen when babysitting in front of the tv while the old black and white Bela Lugosi version of Dracula was on, I screamed when it ended  and I've been obsessed ever since}

And you're thinking, how can anyone be this excited over a few shirts and a DVD... cause dude! hello vampires!!!  And I'm like totally living up my dorkdom.

Friday, December 16, 2011

910 Boot is the hoot

Well, I got a boot on.  Yay!
Couldn't get it on with a sock though, and it's -17c here today.   So here's me, hobbling down the stairs with my cane and every step my foot was doing this weird snap crackle pop thing.  But, I got to check the mail.  Nice.  Took me 15minutes to get the thirty feet but... Now, have to find a way to get to the post office to pick up my delivery tomorrow as they only hold things for a few days. 

And that's my cane hanging on the door behind it. In the time it took me to do that, my foot swelled up to the point I wasn't sure I'd get the damned thing back off.
I've said it before and I will say it again,  I have no idea how wrestlers and other athletes manage to work with injuries.  My hats off to you...

And now, that I am semi-healed... well healing still, as the bruises are still a vomity colour... my mother asked me if I care to come back to her place until I am better.   I really don't think I can handle sharing a place again with my mother ... unless it's another emergency, and right now... healing = not emergency.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

909 15/12/2011

It's a beautiful grey overcast morning with a wet-snowy sky.  Lovely.  Normally I would say that this is a perfect day to watch a vampire movie; but I'm little disappointed on the fact I haven't gotten my copy of Fright Night yet.   


I was just going to give a call to HMV here in town and have one put on hold and try to talk my uncle into picking it up for me... still broken and unable to get a shoe on... but to my surprise I see that the local HMV is sold out!   
Sold Out in under 24 hours of DVD   what?  WHAT?  Plenty of Blue-rays but I do not have a blue-ray machine so poor pitiful me.
Sorry about my damn luck Eh?    Or so I thought.  My mother knew I was talking about this DVD and when she was out yesterday picked me up one.   It's just sitting at her place until I can find a way to get to it. 
Nice and ironic.

And I'm still waiting for the horror tees I ordered back in early October. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

908 Tuesday

Still early in the week, middle of the afternoon.

Still waiting for the delivery I ordered two months ago, got all hyper when the doorbell went this morning.  It was just a Jehovah's Witness.  Damn it!  Seriously, had I known I would not have hit the door opener.  I would have just hid.

We're sitting at -4c here today.  That's nearly tee shirt and shorts weather around this area. Nearly but not really.  If you've ever been around Thunder Bay in winter you know what I mean.

Foot still not healed, bruises have gone to a nice yellowy-green colour much like a snotty puke colour.  Still can not get a shoe on. Have now been stuck inside apartment for two weeks.  Two weeks before that at my mom's.  So yeah, a whole month and the foot is still not healed.  My situation sucks really.

Fright Night was released on DVD today and I'm missing it damn it!   That sucks- no pun intended- I was really looking forward to getting myself a copy today and seeing the film in proper 2D.  vampires vampires vampires but now I have to wait till god knows when, when I can get a shoe on and get out of the damned apartment.  Going bit crazy here.  

Monday, December 12, 2011


This is blog post 907 for this bloggy blog.

Dinner is once again ramen noodles.

Spent the afternoon on that new internet bulletin board thingie  Pintrest.  After reading about it a few times from other people's blogs, I got myself an invite and checked it out.   Spent my time wandering through other people's food and book choices.  Hoping this will break through my writer's block some.

Tomorrow Mercury goes direct after being retrograde for the last month.  Communications and electronics should straighten out for awhile.   I think we're safe then until late March early April before the next Mercury retrograde.  Remember, there is usually 3 of them in a 12 month period.

So my movie challenge is chugging along.   Still do not have a header banner thing for it yet, but it's only been a week.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

ooppps Eh?

Don't you find it a bit more then frustrating when you check your emails and find that you've got spam from your own email address?
I've had this happen more then once with an old account and it's just annoying.  Changed passwords more then once on it, complained to the email host, and still... it will stop for like a week then it will start up again.
I found out it's because I had joined a group on yahoo years ago.  The group doesn't exist anymore, but damn, it's still happening.   Sometimes the internet sucks goat balls hard.

And I sort of forgot that there is a ppv tonight.   HOLY ANNE RICE NOVELS BATMAN!
My brain has been everywhere but on wrestling which is where it normally lives.  

TO MY SPUDGUNS WORKING THE  TNA PPV TONIGHT, STAY SAFE ... and Eric Young, win back the belt.

That's the view from my sofa this supper time blogging hour.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Uranus Eclipse 10/12/2011

The planet Uranus has been doing the retrograde thing since last July.  Today it turns direct again just in time for a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.
This means changes usually for the better. 

If you're following the movie a day blog  then today's is up.

If you're not the type to be up early enough to watch the sunrise,  or if you are up but just never really bothered to pay attention, I suggest tomorrow doing so.   I've mentioned many times that I suffer from insomnia and find myself more often then I care to admit awake when the sun comes up.  For about five minutes every morning there is nothing more beautiful then seeing the corals and creams and melons of the sun as it lights up the grey cityscape around here.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mercury my pain

Spudguns!  You know by now from the many post over the while I've done that when the planet Mercury is in retrograde, communication and electronics are screwed up yes... well today was one of those hell days.

Raise your hand if your internet frealed on you... one, five, seven, two hundred... yes my internet crapped out royally.  Had me on hold with the internet tech for 45 minutes.  Thank god after 6pm my phone minutes are free. 
Ends up it had to do with the fact new people moved in downstairs in the building and the phone/internet people were here today installing their crap. 

So that's Mercury for you. 
And that's how I am feeling right now.   Yes, I know it's a photo from few months ago, but I don't have any new ones and I look like crap tonight so I'm not taking any new photos...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

wed dec 7 2011 BOO

click click click  

It's one of those rare nights when everyone else in the building is out and it's so quiet all I can hear are the noises my computer keys are making.    That is heavenly

So my buddy Gerry in Toronto who was up visiting few weeks ago, managed to find a way to get my photos off my cell phone.  So now I have access to the photos I took back in Sept when I went to Sault Ste Marie  Ontario.

Only they are too blurry for any real use.   Blah my camera skills suck as bad as my chopping skills lately.  Here I was thinking I'd get to do with the photos what I had originally planned which was using them on my cooking blog sort of like real food bloggers do.

I'll have to remember to take my proper camera with me next time I go anywhere if I do not have a new cell phone by that time.  And given how long it took me the first time to save up for that few days...

And before I can do anything like that I need to track down a copy of Quilting for Dummies as I realized my sewing skills are even grainier then even I thought they were.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Um 12/6/2011

Tuesday night
Foot swollen
Just finished reading  I don't Know How She Does it?  Am not allowed to say what I really think of the book because that would be too much for some Spudguns
Trying to figure out what to do for a header on the new movie blog
Trying to locate an old VHS copy of a few movies without dropping anything on broken foot.
Must remember to clean out the top shelf of closet when foot is better

That's the way I am seeing things tonight from my sofa

Monday, December 5, 2011


This marks 901 posts on this blog.
Is that alot?  Might be, might not be.  Maybe it is given this blog has not even been running for two years yet.

Spudguns, it's winter.  I know, here I thought we were going to have an easy light semi-snowless time this year, but sadly it's here to stay.   And when I say stay, I mean we won't see the bare street again till late April. 

It's -15c here this morning. And I'm still trapped in the apartment.  Have graduated down from the crutches to a cane though, so bonus I suppose.  Still unable to get a shoe on and not even going to try stairs again until I can.

My circumstances suck at the moment.   AND  still waiting around for the delivery of horror tees that I ordered back in the beginning of October.  

Well, that's the news today from my living room.

P.S.  if you're following the movie a day blog... I just finished today's movie post.  

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday afternoon Dec 3rd

I was once told the only thing I am good at is watching movies.  The former friend who said that to me meant it as a way to break me down and make me feel like a bucket of dren.

When I first started online, I thought about that comment when I was trying to figure out what kind of stuff to talk about in the very early days of blogging.
I ended up doing a bunch of reviews on sites like Yahoo and Rotten Tomatoes.  This lead to me starting my first vampire review blog  Alucard's Rose.

I was watching Julie/Julia   this afternoon for the billionth time, when I thought about the whole thing.  Making a commitment to something for a year straight and blogging about it.   It seems to be a cult crazy since Julie Powell first did it back in 2002.
Hell, I've tried myself on my year long project blog - the challenge on that was a single blog without any drama- that meant no rants, no bitching, no whining etc.
Hence why I still use this one all the time.   I'm a bitcher.   My temper is my oyster so to speak.

With all that said, I started to think about turning this into a straight up movie review blog for the see-able future.   Only that won't work either cause I really do need a place to rant and comment, specially when the Spike site posts the Impact episodes like they have been as of late.  Someone has to nag and scream at the editors, might as well be me.

Movies are something everyone loves to a degree, some more then others.  With my health issues, I don't have many hobbies simply because I can't do outdoorsy stuff.  Movies and books are the main thing, and of course food.

This my Spudguns will make sense in a moment. 

So to wrap up,
  1. My year long blog project is going to go way way over by maybe a second year
  2. I love movies
  3. I need a semi-new hobby
  4. I've started a new challenge today that will run for 366 days where I watch a movie a day and blog about it.  {2012 is a leap year}
  5. Book club wasn't working as I hoped so I created a movie group through the Cineplex Scenetourage site.
Did you get all that?

I'm challenging myself to watch one movie a day for the next year and blog about it.  I decided to combine my love of films with my love of blogging and hope to maybe meet a few new folks along the way via the Cineplex group.

All this will be going down on my latest blog  Coffee and Casseroles
And you are thinking why did I call it that and not something movie related?   Because the blog was meant for something else when I started it and it didn't pan out but I loved the name and it was there so why not Eh?

A year ago this challenge would have been ten times easier, but since we no longer have a movie rental place around here, I will have to resort to what I have in my collection, what is limited on the Shaw on Demand-which limits when I can rent a demand film cause that is at mother's place- and gives me one film a month at the cinema.

I see myself buying some new stuff around spring.  Even though I should be golden for the first two months with just the stuff in my collection. The first month and a half of this should be cake walking right?

Okay let's do this Top Chef style... and your time starts NOW...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Night of the living blogmare

Oh my god!

So Blogger was down for 12 hours as far as posting was concerned.   Hundreds of us could not edit or post anything.  It was scary.  Apocalypse  scary.

Things seem to be straightening out now though.   Dude, I was panicked the last few hours with a capital PANICKED

My life is by blog.  I have no idea what I would do if I lost all my blog access?  Besides panic like a freak.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's your afternoon look like?

Typical me thing to say... "what's your tomorrow look like?"   or "what's your Thursday looking like?"

Today, mine looked like this ... hobble to the kitchen to make coffee, discover kettle needs a clean, hobble around place trying to remember where the vinegar got stored, hobble around while the kettle is boiling with 3 rounds of water to get rid of the vinegar, hobble around looking for where uncle stashed the coffee when he dropped off the groceries yesterday, hobble around looking for clean mugs to discover there were none, hobble around for dish soap that uncle stashed yesterday when he dropped off the groceries, realize that even with one crutch I am still having issues with carrying things therefore have to do three times the work then normal.
And that was just for one cup of coffee.

Then I decided to watch a dvd.  More hobbling.  Neighbour downstairs is wondering what the hell all the banging noise is I'm sure. 
I think crutches will be the accessory for the season don't you?  Righty-ho Righty-ho.

I now have to complain about Impact, as I finally got to catch up on the last few weeks of shows.  DUDE!!???  What the hell is the matter with your editors?  Oh my godsmacked stoners!  Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!  The episode for last week -November 24th 2011-  was a royal hot mess.  Half the episode wasn't even there it was half of the week's before episode.  What's going on?  Did you guys loose the taped footage or something?  TNA  seriously fix it!  And I mean fire the dude who edited the online episode.  Was it like that when it aired on television or just the Spike site?  Come on!

Okay, ranted, and now going to read a book or something.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

There's no place like home

Yay! finally I'm home.  So nice to be back to my own computer.  I could kiss it.

So that is my one crutch in the background, I tried to take a webcam shot of my foot but I couldn't angle the computer right without dropping it. So no foot shot. But then again no one wants to see my broken ugly foot anyway.

So there should be some sort of regular scheduled blogging after tonight.  Hell, it's about all I can do since I'll be stuck here in this apartment for the next few weeks.
It took too much to get me up the stairs there is no way in hell I am going to try to go down them again with crutches.  I will wait till I am fully walking before I attempt it.

So life is what it is, and I never thought in a million years I would be glad to be back in this hellhole apartment but damn it Janet, there is no place like home even if it is this place.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are you what you watch?

After a conversation I had the other night, I started to think about how we relate to our favourite movies. I was talking to one of the ladies in my mother's building who loves old black and white films from the 20's/30's.
The way she acts always makes me think of the Wizard of Oz.

My favourite movie has changed many times over the years, from Lost Boys to Dracula to Practical Magic to Julie and Julia to... well I don't really have one at the moment but you get the idea.

The films I tend to love have affected my clothes, music, books and the way I talk to say the lest.
It makes me wonder how much one single film can shape the way we present ourselves to others?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

middle of the night take two

Wide awake.  Feel like crap.
There were some weird glitches with the cooking blog earlier and just oddness all over the place.   Could be because Mercury is retro for the final time this year.   So expect all sorts of bad for the next few weeks.

Not much going on other then I'm still on crutches, still not home.  I hate being broken, not good at all with pain.  And of course the whole computer sharing thing really blows.

Currently reading  "Joke's Over"  by Ralph Steadman.  It's a semi-biography about Hunter S. Thompson.

The last few weeks have been totally surreal. Makes me hunger for some sort of dreamstate revolution or some nonsense. But in the meantime... do we need a meantime? Isn't everything a meantime between other points in our lives? 
Okay my Spudguns, that's how I see it from this angle.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

23rd Nov 2011

As the frustration sets in, I sit here now, wondering why my life sucks.   Oh right, broken foot.  Totally sucks, and it's still an odd shade of greeny-black.   I'm guessing this is what squid ink must look like when you clean them?

Have you ever traveled by backpack with only one or two items of clothes?  That's what I am sitting at right now, the clothes that I wore on the day I broke my foot and the pajamas I had enough brains in my pain to grab before heading to the safety of mother's.  
Yes, there is a lesson in here somewhere... maybe to always have extra stuff at your parents place just in case... yes think so.

Well, only have a moment, but wanted to just check into the blog because I didn't realize how much I miss this form of communication until I had to share ... scratch that fight for computer time.   Have I mentioned this week how much I hate facebook?   Specially that damned farmville where mom spends all her time.  

Okay, hope to be back home by the end of the weekend. 
And if I don't get to blog again before Monday,  to the American's who celebrate your Thanksgiving this month,  hope it's a safe one.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What day is it ?

Well, I know it's a Saturday and I think it's the day after the 4th Twilight was released so that must make it the 19th?
And I know it's the day after the 4th Twilight movie because the commerical has been on every channel all the time.  

Hey guess what... it snowed here.  Crap!  Here's me on crutches at mother's and thinking that I can go home in a few days when I get down to only one crutch and it's snow covered outside.   Well, that's going to suck if it doesn't melt in the next couple of days.

And yes I realize that I had a spelling typo on the last post, and frankly my dears, I don't give a damn it can stay there.
I hate having to share a computer. I never realized how much I take having my own computer for granted.   And a dictionary for that matter.  

So as you can tell, this post is a ramble of just checking in on the blog, let my Spudguns know that just I'm broken - which seems to be my natural state- I'm still ...kicking - metaphorically that is. 
With that said,  I'll be back in a few days.  Hopefully on my own typing machine.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Well this is a pattern

I'm just not too sure why or what.

It seems to me, every single time my life starts to change I end up broken.  Every single time.  I've started to understand finally, that a broken body part is the universe telling me to stop and listen and be patient. Just don't know what for yet?
I'm sure the A-HA! Moment will arrive soon.  

Meanwhile, catching up with my reading.  I had started to read "Life on the Line"  a bio about Chef Achatz few months ago and left it here at mom's.  I'm nearly finished reading it.  Then I don't know what I'll do cause the only other book I have here is Joy of Cooking.

Also, rented a movie on demand yesterday.  "The Trip"  which was about Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon  going on a week's tour of restaurants in Britian.   Honestly, not sure if it was originally meant to be a comdey or if it just ended up that way?  Let me rephrase that, it tried to end up that way.  There were moments in the movie when it came across almost like a serious documentary on the food, and other times like it was a stage play. 
I wasn't impressed too much by it.

I do not know how wrestlers and other athletes do it?  How do you work injured?  Dude, I can not even get a shoe on right now or manage to figure out how to carry a glass of water while using my crutches and I've lifed my life with broken parts because of the O.I.    How do you guys finish matches/games with broken fingers/toes/shoulders/ or torn parts? 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sorry about my own damn luck

Dear Spudguns:

I Broke my foot. 
My bad knee jammed up and when I went to try to fix it, I moved the wrong way and my foot met the bathroom wall, hard.
So it's been a hell of a day most of which was spent in the emergency in tears.  Now, I have a new set of crutches, stainless steel.   Which you know, nice upgrade from the old wooden ones I had last time I broke my leg.
And to top off the night,  my sister and I got into a fight.  Yes, another one.  Since I can't walk proper let alone get up the stairs, I'm staying at mother's for a few nights.  Hence the uber lateness of the blog post, had to wait for mother to finally get off the computer.  Damn facebook.
Should have seen me this morning when all this happened,  couldn't get a shoe on, had to duct tape my foot because I didn't have any medical tape and what a lovely shade of purple my foot had become, and here's the real dren kicker of the day... had to call a cab to bring me to mom's.  Yeah, to go a full two blocks.   Why you ask,  well Spuddy, I can't get up and down the stairs right now.  Getting me down the stairs ths morning was a party and a half.  Just ended up scootching down on my butt.
So yeah, I paid $6 in cab fare to get a three minute drive.  Lucky me.
So broken foot, total humiliation, sibling hating me again; how could this get any worse... I bumped into my ex the Trainwreck while I was in the emergency. 
Just when I thought everything in my life was starting to fix and make some sense I have a day like today.

Love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, November 13, 2011

13/11/2011 Grey stuff

Dear Spudguns:

It's been lovely grey overcast here last few days.  I love it when the weather is like this because all my sinus issues and my aches and pains are like zero.

This past week's TNA episode {Nov 10th 2011}  what can I say other then it's good to see the title on a Canadian.  Not sure how stable that storyline is going to be, specially if the rematch goes down on the ppv tonight?  I fast forwarded everything else but the Eric Young stuff.  I keep waiting for him to have maple leaves or a moose or something on his underwear when he strips.

We just got a David's Tea here in town.  Nice.  It's been one of the "food"  newsletters I've been getting by email for the last couple of years and it's just nice to finally be able to see the actual mixes up close. I'm digging on the Santa's Secret  mix.

Started to work on the Bride of Frankenstein dress, only to have the sleeves keep falling apart when I pin them.  Seems the lace I picked out is too delicate.  Will have to rethink the design.
But, I did manage to get some great red and black Hallowe'en prints for the quilt. 

And to all working the ppv tonight,  stay safe. 

Love Ardeth Blood

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Must learn

Not to answer the door in the morning.
Mom's babysitting this morning, so I decided to spend an extra hour at home and dye my hair.  Yes, I refuse to give up the idea of being a blonde even though it has not worked in over 4 years.   Anyways, the doorbell goes and I innocently go and answer it. 

Picture it, your heroine and heroin, with one hand in the plastic glove which is smeared in the dye solution, hair slicked back with this foamy-solution which is so strong it's bringing tears to my eyes, in my flannel pajama bottoms and a orange cammy which is now splattered in the hair dye.

We are sitting at -2c here this morning, and here's me, hanging out the front door of the building in this state only to find that it's two little old ladies peddling god.

My only saving grace this morning was the fact that I was in the middle of dying my hair and they themselves said they know they hate to be answering doors and phones and stuff when they do their hair.


P.S.  the dye-solution has,it seems dripped down the front of the cammy and onto my boobs.  Yay me.  I just can not seem to win with the damned hair colour, it's like there is a judgement handed down on me to be a redhead against my wishes.  Is there a reason for this?   Does the man of my dreams- the future of my desire only like redheads?   I'm starting to wonder.
Starting to think that the Goddesses/Gods of love are up there handing down punishments, not only am I being sentenced to total singletonness, but I've been given a sentence of 30+ years to life as a mousy redhead.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrusday Nov 10

Dear Spudguns:

Was awake half the night over thinking things again. Only way to describe it.  Started the design for the Bride of Frankenstein dress yesterday.  So I know how the sleeves are going to look.  The skirt I was having issues with.
But after watching a scene in Sex and the City 2,   I think I know how I want the tail of the skirt to look.  The question is can I achieve that look?  Only time will tell.

Also, was going through the large bin of material, and think I might have enough for a second sewing project.

So I got to finally see last week's TNA Impact, and all I can say is it sucked.  Dude, it was a disappointment.  

Now, I am having issues with the damned blog editing thing.  The schedule option keeps over riding my settings.   Blogger/Google we have issues here.

Okay, I'm off to watch Top Chef and get ready for my day.

Love Ardeth Blood

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11/8/2011 Evening

Okay, first off,  there seems to be massive glitches on the Spike site.   The episode for last week is listed as being up, but when I hit the link, ERROR ERROR THE PAGE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR NOT FOUND
Beauty, love when that happens don't you.

Moving on... I need to find a new hobby besides cooking.  Which of course equals eating.    Maybe finally making that Bride of Frankenstein dress is in order... which of course equals learning to sew properly.  Might be a tad cheaper in the long run too? 

I used to scrapbook.   I don't anymore cause I have nothing to put into a scrapbook.  Used to take photos of my crazy subcultureish feinds... when I still had them. Don't have any feinds... or friends either crazy or otherwise.
I had to separate myself from the ones who were too crazy, the rest all got married and moved the hell out of this hellhole.
See, this is why my life has gotten boring in the last few years.  No spark, no passion, no fun.   No hot sexy guy who likes to paint and draw and take photos and run around my apartment naked acting like the lead character in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.   deep sigh.    And might I say, that drinking alone is no fun either.  Drinking alone is well, just drinking alone.

Speaking of food... was watching Food Network Canada   yet again today; just taking full advantage of the free preview,  watching Chopped, Glutton for Punishment, Iron Chef America, Restaurant MakeOver, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives... and mother out of nowhere goes "so you're not going to watch wrestling then?"

 Dude!  I totally forgot about WWE Raw.   I never do that, but what can I say, Guy Fieri  trumps Alberto Del Rio.  Mom was little disappointed that she missed most of Cena's match.  I think I've mentioned before one or twice about mom's crush on Cena.  Very disturbing I must say.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday morning 11/6/2011

Anyone else get frealed up by the time change last night?  Raise your hand if you forgot to change your clocks.

Lucky for me, my cell phone and computer are automatic when I turn them on first thing this morning. Yay. 
So my body and zombied brain are acting like it's 10:45am  BUT it's only 9:45am.  Doesn't change the fact I want something stronger then coffee.  Too early?  Fine, okay I'll behave.

Watching another round of Worst Cooks in America,  and they have to deal with their food fears.  I honestly am not sure I could do that.   My food fears have changed over the last decade. 
There was a time when I would have said escargot;  now since I've been a vegetarian for the last decade, my food fears have expanded.   Specially since I've been watching all these cooking challenge shows.  My food fears... where would I start?
Have to say,  as odd as this would sound but I have said it before, if I ever do go back to eating meat I want to try foie gras.   I know, horrible person to say I want the liver of a duck or goose.  What can I say, I'm evil.

See, me looking all wicked witch of the west.   MAKE-UP!  maybe a little bit of ... something to give me that just rolled out of the swamp look. Have to keep up with the troll that lives under the bridge.  Give Rumpelstiltskin a run for his money.  I think I could take him in submissions match. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

You know me and my cooking shows

I think by now, anyone who reads anything I have blogged about, knows I love my cooking shows as much as I love my tag team. 
So, I'm taking full advantage of the free preview for Food Network Canada, and basically watching everything. 

Right, so then let's talk about   Worst Cooks in America for a moment shall we...  Oh my god!  Holy Anne Rice novels Batman!!  You have to ask yourself sometimes, what are they thinking?

How horrible must you be to not have even one dish that you can make well?  

Eat St.  I've seen a few episodes of this online before and think its a really interesting idea.  Mother however was just in awe of it.  Couldn't get past the idea that there could be so many food trucks out there that are so different.    I've said this before, I have yet to see any food trucks in our city at all.

With all that said, heading over to mother's shortly and will see what the dvr taped me over night.  I just set the thing for random times. 
I had gone out and bought a new chef's knife last week too to keep at mother's.  All her knives were flimsy.  Have you ever tried to break into an unwaxed turnip {rutabaga} with a floppy knife?  Not fun.  Best investment I have ever made.  Ever. 

On a sidenote that has nothing to do with food... reading  The Joke's Over  by Ralph Steadman. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Free Preview FNC

I'm sitting there yesterday, at mom's where else, flipping channels, when I see the Food Network Canada.  
Mom only has basic cable, this is not part of her basic cable channels.  So here's me sitting just waiting for the channel to go black thinking it's a glitch but then commercial says Free Fall Preview. 

You know I spent close to four hours yesterday just watching the Food Network.  Had no idea I was as addicted to this channel as I am.  Of course I set the dvr for the rest of the night.  Mom so not happy with me on that.

Okay, so watching  Chef at Home  right, okay and the title of the episode said beef stew.  Everything was going as normal,  beef-onion-oil-spices    then he added beans.  
Beans?   Chilli has beans,  stew has root vegetables  does it not?  

Yes, I know they are both technically "stews" but when you see beans you don't think stew you think something else.

It all comes down to perceptions.   We are trained to hear something and think a certain way.  I hear beef stew, I right off think of potatoes not beans.  I think foggy cold grey afternoons tucked up in a large cable-knitted sweater and hot chocolate.   Not shorts and beer under a desert sun.

Think about it, what does stew mean to you?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

They shoot vampire fans don't they?

I did something, something I swore I'd never in a million years do... I bought the three Twilight movies.  I know, I've been one of the most harshest critics on the whole dren... er thing.  

So then you are thinking why am I confessing to this?

I wanted a new vampire movie.  Plan and simple.   I was out last night in the rain thinking "this is perfect weather for a vampire movie"   but I was a bit early for the new Fright Night ... it doesn't come out till next month on dvd... and there on the shelf were all three films on clearance so... I forgive myself for being a bit of a hypocrite because they were on clearance.

But it was a perfect day yesterday for a vampire movie.  The rain, the damp, the fog... good times.
And that one I rented yesterday -Dylan Dog Dead of Night- was more a zombie movie then a vampire one and I was left still ... craving vamps. 

Somewhere on this planet, Mr. Shelley is laughing as he collects on a bet with Mr. Sabin on how long before I fell prey to the saga. It's vampires, Sir I have an addiction.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kurt Angle...Werewolf?

So here's me flipping through the new releases on the Shaw Video On Demand  this afternoon at mother's and I spot this new horror film called  Dylan Dog Dead of Night.   The artwork looked a bit on the indie horror side and reminded me of a movie I'd seen few years back called Demon Hunter so I thought I'd check out the list of who's in it.

"Oh my god! Kurt Angle??? Seriously???"

I had to rent it.  So I'm watching this thinking, "Kurt Angle in a vampire movie?"  Mother was even watching this one as much as she would ever watch a vampire movie because it was more of a cop show.
Whole time I'm thinking this feels much like one of those classic Columbo  or Night Stalker  made for tv movies from thirty years ago.  And there was TNA's Kurt Angle, as the character Wolfgang, the main for the werewolf side of things.  Dude!  
I had no idea until the end of the credits that this is based on a comic.  But it was indeed funny, both mother and I were laughing through it.

Nov 1st

I can not breathe, my sinuses are bothering me; why am I awake?  Anything before 7:30 is too early. So why am I here?

The building is so nice and quiet now. I dare say I am the only one here now since the Landlord's daughter and her kid moved out on the weekend.  I haven't seen the Landlord's truck either last few days, starting to think he moved with her.  Strange maybe?

My holiday mildly sucked.  But only mildly.   I decided to make stir frys for supper.  Been having this urber craving for Chinese food but since all the takeaway places use meat and broth etc; I can not order from them.   So, off to the grocery I went after mother's doctor's appointment yesterday to pick up the ingredients.

Good god man!  Have you ever bothered to read the back of the packages for those instant mixes?  I did yesterday. And they are all nearly all of them made with chicken fat, beef broth and oyster sauce.   Icky. Not vegan friendly. 

This is why I had to set out and make two pots of supper, one for mom with her icky mix and one for myself without it.   And of course, a box of fortune cookies. 

November. I guess this means it's officially winter here in Thunder Bay.  Yay us. I'm sort of babbling right now.  Too early to be alive.  I had half an idea what I wanted to say about a half hour ago, but now it all seems disinteresting {computer telling me that's not a real word}

Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31st

Picture it, your heroine at age 18, long red curly hair in her face much like all the lead singers of all the death metal-heavy metal bands,  her left arm from wrist to elbow encased in bracelets of all kinds - some black rubber, some thin silver hoops, some charm - but no matter, her nails painted black with actual paint because nail polish in black was only available in October, and clothes in all shades of black.  Mostly tees for bands like Sepultura, Pantera and Motorhead. Skirts were pencil skirts worn to the knees with flats or - god hold the phone- sneakers.  Always with a leather jacket, sometimes one with velvet fringes. 

Your heroine cringes as she writes about her own fashion misery all these years later. But she was a product and victim of her musical tastes.

So dressed like she should have been an extra in a bad horror movie, she lived her life on the daily like that.   Hallowe'en being the ultimate revenge so to speak.   Only we didn't see it that way.  For us, myself and my scattering of friends back then, we treated Hallowe'en with the respect it deserved; and gave each other gifts and flowers.  Yes, even the men did. 

Slightly improved fashion,  your heroine turned a common Rocky Horror Picture Show party with her sister and friends into the first of many years to come dinners.   Midnight drinks and dinners.  We treated it like a mix of Thanksgiving and New Years combine.  Which by the by it should be. Check your Pagan handbook on that one.

As the years progressed and people started to get married, the dinners became less involved and the drinks singles.  Disappointment more then crept in, it ran rampant through the house for years. Finally, your heroine just gave up on the tradition.

It's once again Hallowe'en morning and I find myself battering the usual mundane stuff that happens at the end of every month - bills, cleaning, mother's doctor appointment etc-  instead of getting ready for the holiday. 
I also find myself very much missing the whole thing.  Missing the vibes of a proper holiday with the spooky movie while we cook supper, the wine, the getting dressed for dinner in proper dresses and such.  Miss the family of it. 

The emptiness of the holiday echoes.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

How was the movie?

Raise your hand if you saw The Rum Diary this week?

And what did you think of it?  I was the only one it would seem, in the screening room yesterday who knew anything about it.  I talked to about 10 of the other people who went to the early show while we waited and everyone just knew it was the latest Johnny Depp.
Disappointing that no one else seemed to be there for the Hunter S. Thompson factor.

This was a fabulous movie.  I do have the book, had it for a few years.  But it's been in my To Read piles for the last few years.  And it will most likely sit there for another month or so because I think I want to read one of the three biographies I have on Thompson first.  Which have also been sitting in my To Read piles for the last few years.

This is going to be one of those movies that becomes a cult classic party movie.   I can see it now, drunk college students sitting around watching this movie and taking a drink everytime someone on the screen just says the word rum.   My god man, you could literally get drunk in the first ten minutes by doing that. 
Rum is for sure the lead character in it. 

Today, today was book club.  Not that anyone bothered to show up.  I know I keep threatening to not have any more to just give up and after today that's it.  Giving up.  This is me right now giving up on book club. 

It's the night before Hallowe'en, and it just doesn't feel like it. I've done nothing in the vein of the holiday for this blog as I had planned.   To be honest,  I just haven't felt it this year.  Maybe I'm getting old and jaded? 

I am vibing on two new shows that started this week.   Grimm and Once Upon A Time.   both very much shows I think are needed right now.   Bring the fantasy and fiction back to television.  Bring the escape back to watching tv for an hour.

And now I must ask... why Spuddy is all the rum gone?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Movement or something

I thought my front door was about to be broken in.  Heard all this banging and the door to my apartment sort of buckled.   Opened it to see three dirty looking teenagers carrying a sofa down the stairs from the Landlord's daughter.  
She spotted me and said she'd bought a house and was moving. 

Few things going through my mind.  One being, what does this mean for those of us who rent here?  Another thing was, finally that monster child of hers will be gone and this place might become quiet with less negative energy.  And lastly,  everyone moves out of here for a house... but me.

I'm guessing that the Landlord himself will still be living in the basement and not moving in with his daughter and grandson. 

But this all comes back to the whole idea that the planets are shifting and allowing for major transitions that are affecting everyone on many levels.
New environments, new jobs, etc.  This will be a month where everyone will see some sort of result of newness, whether its something you've been steadily working towards or something that hits you out of the blue.

And now I am off to see The Rum Diary.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday 10/27 2011

Dear Spudguns:

So today mom had a visit from the minister from her church.  I actually don't mind the minister as she always has some interesting stories.
What I don't like is that every so often she slips in a small attempt at trying to get me to go to the church.   She keeps pointing out that there are "no young people coming, no new families, no one is bringing their kids."
I usually change the topic when she starts in on that. 

Speaking of feeling heavy; I made the mistake of weighing myself today.  Not pretty, that poor scale must have had a heart attack when it spotted me.  I know I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw the read out. 
Which, of course became one of the topics of conversation this afternoon with the minister when the cake was served.  I wouldn't let myself have any.    I know, settle down, me pass up cake unheard of.  But yes.  {stop snickering Spuddy you'll choke on your tea}  I've gained way too much in the last year.  Way too much.  I can admit it.

On a sillier note, I hunted online last night and found a youtube for the movie  Where the Buffalo Roam 

which is one of the first movies that is about Hunter S. Thompson and his writing.  It had been a few years since I last had seen it.   Forgotten how good of a job Bill Murray had done as Thompson.
Yes, very much looking forward to the movie this weekend of The Rum Diary.  Have to still locate where my copy of the book is and see about reading it after the weekend, as I need to finish reading Sense and Sensibility for book club on Sunday.  
And what did I learn from watching Where the Buffalo Roam?   I realized that I stopped writing for me about two years ago.  I started to really censor myself.   I need to get back to writing for me.

On that note, I'll catch you on the flipside
Love Ardeth Blood

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Well that's not you

"Well that's not you"   and  "You were never like that before"
seems to be what I am hearing from my family lately.    Freal them.

Hallowe'en is normally the time of year for me.  Between being Pagan, and just loving the holiday in general, I usually start making a fuss about it back in July.
But this year, I'm not feeling it. 

I'm more excited about the movie The Rum Diary coming out this weekend then I am anything else.

Anyone who does know me, knows I've always been interested in the works of both Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Depp.

You also know that I believe greatly in signs and omens.  The Rum Diary comes at me when I'm sort of on the edge of what I should be doing next as far as my writing goes.  It's also about how Hunter S. Thompson became Hunter S. Thompson.

Taking that as a sign.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for 10/20/2011

I used screen capture for this post

Well it's about damned time!

James Storm won the title belt. 

I have my personal theories on why the whole Roode got Screwed storyline happened, and part of me wants to say it's got more to do with there not having been a screwjob in the company the way the other company did years ago.  Part of me wants to say that Angle couldn't risk being seen loosing to a Canadian this close to his return to the Olympics.  But that's the way my brain works and who knows what the real reasons are, they could be more health related or something.

The beard, the beard, the beard.  Please, please Eric Young, shave it off!  I am surprised that whomever it is you go home to at night hasn't taken a pair of shears and lopped the beard off in your sleep.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ever wonder why?

I swear my mother does things just to piss me off.  Just to be negative and try to rain on my day.

Supper.  I had sliced up some potatoes, onion, chopped garlic, ground up some rosemary.  Cooked it up in olive oil with salt and pepper.    Still, she said it was flat, while by the by she was shoving a large plate of it into her mouth.

If my food is flat then why was she eating it?  Seriously, the kitchen smelled like rosemary from the amount I put in it.

Yesterday, same thing.   Baked beans for supper, followed my grandmother's recipe to the letter and still mother screwed up her nose.   But this has been going on for years. 

My mother is the only person I've cooked for who's totally hated my cooking.  And it's not because my cooking abilities are mediocre; it's because I'm good at it.  

Yes, I'm ranting straight up hell on wheels ranting right now!  I'm just frealing sick and tired of my mother screwing up her nose at everything I do from my cooking to my writing to the way I fold laundry.  Seriously, I would just like to know why she keeps undermining everything I do?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Asking wrestlers stupid questions volume 8

To the vegetarians and vegans in the wrestling companies.  How do you handle the crazy schedules and your food choices?
Not talking about catering for those who get it cause I'm guessing they would account for that; asking about when your on the road. 

I know as a vegetarian it's nearly impossible to go out to restaurants as it never seems to be any vegetarian options on menus.

So what do you do?  Do you take your chances with restaurants when you're touring?  Call ahead to places and make requests?  Or make sure your hotels have mini kitchens and bring your own groceries?
And what about when the rest of the guys go to burger places, do you go with them and hope the fries were not done in the same oil as the chicken?

Friday, October 21, 2011


This is your morning wake up call.   er um ... bloggy-blog daily whathaveyous.

So I've been reading my favourite forms of daily information... horoscope newsletter thingies.   Planets are once again in retrograde, others are bumping up next to each other etc etc etc.  All this means is that major changes are happening right now. 
These transitional moments might be a bit more subtle for some then others, but will be noticed by pretty much everyone by the end of next month.   Jupiter and Neptune seem to be the big players at the moment.

My scopes keep telling me to speak from the heart right now. 
I'm not sure that I can at the moment, not too sure I'm ready to go down that path right this moment. 

So instead, I think I will blabber about the most recent episode of Top Chef Just Desserts.   The near end of season 2 had the chefs needing to make a dessert that looked like a main course.  An illusion of sorts.
I was glued to the computer as I watched one of the chefs turn cream cheese into pork. The whole time thinking about scenes in movies like Catwoman where the large plate of seafood was actually watermelon.  Food props would be one of the coolest but hardest jobs on the planet to have.

And you might be wondering what that has to do with my headline today... it's still a transition.  Moving us out of how we have been thinking and seeing and feeling and what we thought was real into a new version of that idea.  Transitioning us into the next phase of what could be.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You know...

Odd how life works isn't it?

Right, got an interesting email/comment and you know I indeed have to share it sort of.   The dude who sold me the iPod it seems is a reader... yes hold the phone Michel Cole, it seems he's a Spudgun! Or at lest was until my rant.  Such is life such is rock n roll.  Sometimes, life really is better then fiction. 

Anyways, I see that the Spike site has posted last week's episode, and intern dudes over there; what's going on with the episode numbers?  You jump from like #652 to #701. Do you have your refs counting or something?

Yes much better mood today thank you.  Watched the Pirates of the blah blah 4 last night.  So not worth the fact I had to buy a blu-ray-dvd double pack.  Would have been nice to find a single dvd but sadly not the case it would seem.

While I'm on the topic of wrestling, what the hoovers is up with the crap over on WWE?  Seriously? Who's writing that dren?   Here's a thought, since All My Children went off the air last month, there is a bunch of fabulous writers who need work.  Hired one or two of them.  Totally would fix the crappy storyline that you've got crawling along right now with that Laranitis or whatever his name is. He should not be on a mic at all no one can understand him.

Better yet, maybe my beloved X-Division should hire a few writers from All My Children.  They really need the sorting out. 

Well that's my thoughts tonight on making friends/fans and an impact.

4:13am 10/19

Second try at this.

Bad enough I have another night of insomnia, but then I had blogger issues too the last half hour.

Was trying to post a half hour ago about the emails I've been getting.   It's the best part I think of blogging, getting the very rare emails.
My cooking blog seems to be the hot spot for that, people send me cooking questions all the time.  My recipe for potato salad with beets seems to be the top recipe people like. That's a good thing.

Anyone remember me saying at the beginning of the month about the new dvd of Elvira's Haunted Hills... anyway, you might remember that I ended up having to put it on special order.  It came in finally.  Yay, love that.

Still waiting to see last week's TNA Impact, as the Spike site has yet to post it.  Which sucks, cause I was wanting to see the episode before getting the ppv.   No I did not see the ppv this month.  Wont' get a chance now as the replay in my area has aired already.

Now, back to trying to sleep

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tech talk

There have been times when I've come out of a store with something wondering how I ended up being talked into buying it, usually clothing.
Pushy sales people are a given around this city.   But today, I was faced with a snarky asshole sales person.

Started innocently enough, I was pricing iPods because I need to upgrade mine as it was 2007 when I bought my last one and it barely holds just 3 hours of music.

The second I said I had iTunes the salesman rolled his eyes at me, crossed his arms and took the stance like he was about to RKO me.  Then started in how Apple and iTunes and the iPod are crap and that it must be nice to be able to buy into that company and yadda yadda yadda. 
I just let that slide and asked him to get me an iPod shuffle out of the case as it was in my price range.  He rang me up and made another comment about MACs and said "now you can go write your novel while you sip your $9 Starbucks like all the others who Steve Jobs is controlling from the grave."

Wow.  Talk about snarky.
I told him he was right about my novel but not the coffee and he's reply was "oh someone in this city that can read"

Why didn't I just leave the store -it was the Source at Intercity mall- without buying the iPod you're wondering?  Yeah, I'm starting to wonder why myself too.  I guess my pride got in the way and I was just damned if I didn't stick it out and prove that this shithead wasn't going to rattle me down.

Now, I'm stuck with a hot pink iPod because that was the only colour they had.  Brilliant move Eh?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Item Oct 17th

Dear Spudguns:

The movie that was scheduled for this morning was to be  Curse of the Wolf    but I must tell you, I couldn't sit through it. 
Seriously, it was the next one in the multipack of cult favourites in the horror pack I got the other week, but less then ten minutes into it I had to turn it off.  Not even the fact the Blue Meanie stars in it could keep it in the dvd player.
It was just so bad. Cheesy even. 

But on the topic of horror films,  I got to see Scream 4  few days ago. And I have to wonder why?  No, I'm seriously wondering what came over me to rent this film given I hated the other Scream films.  It was one of those bored afternoons and it was new I think. 
Scream 4... well, it only half way sucked.  It actually held up slightly better then the others in the series. 

Plot: it's ten years later and Sydney has returned home for a book signing on the anniversary of the killings.  Someone has decided they need to recreate the killings only better. Soon, Sydney finds herself up to her nose in guts and cult cuts as there is a film fest of the "Stab" films based on her life. The body count rises and the last three survivors of the original event are faced with their own remake.

This is a Wes Craven film, it should have been a home run but sadly wasn't.

If they had just skipped #2 and #3 going straight from the first Scream to this one, that would have been killer.

Love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Death by location

Seriously, I think my city is killing me creatively.  

I hadn't written anything in a year other then the few paragraphs on my blogs.  That was until I ranaway two weeks ago. Then I wrote non-stop, filling up a half a coiled notebook.
Then I get back and  the writing dried up again.  Nothing, not a word since.

How wrong is that?

I don't even want to read anymore.

I can't afford to runaway again anytime soon. 

I feel more and more disconnected from whom I used to be all the time.  I had someone tell me while back that I should just stop writing and go back to one of my other hobbies which is painting.  I had someone else on top of that tell me I should get back to the fashion side of things.

I think this is what is called a crossroads.   Crossroads.  Funny that, I no longer think of a fork in the road or a choice in life/mid-life crisis when I hear the term. I think right off of wrestler Cody Rhodes' finishing move the Kross-Rhodes.   yeah There in lays the problem. I think I need to runaway from wrestling.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Oct 14th 2011

Dear Spudguns:

Morning all.
Mom's got another doctor's appointment this morning.  Dude, seriously, seems I'm at the doctors all the time between myself and mom. The nurses know us on sight, don't even have to sign in anymore even let us break the rule of no bringing drinks into the waiting room.

Pouring rain here since last night. Yay.  Well yes actually my Spudguns, I am being serious.  When it rains for some crazy reason I am pain free.  Yesterday was another story altogether though.  Yesterday I had a massive sinus headache and could barely straighten up from pain.
I know, I'm not normal; most people are fine before the weather and bad during.  Seems the Fates have made me wrong or something. Oh well such is life such is rock n roll.

Speaking of music... I rarely buy cds anymore, rarely download music anymore.  But this seems to be a good year for me for the stuff.  The latest Alice Cooper, latest Twiztid, latest SixxA.M. and now I will be getting the latest Adam Cohen.  I ordered it, have to go pick it up.
Might be another four years before I get this much music again.  So weird.  Music used to be the ultimate top thing I spent my money on. Used to buy cassettes and cds and records and all the good old ways to get it every week.

Still little on the pouty side that I do not get to meet Chef Micheal Smith. But again, such is life such is rock n roll.

And for those who have been hitting up my vampire blog, don't worry, I still have about 9 movies to add to it.  Just the week has sort of gotten away from me a bit with us having had Canadian Thanksgiving earlier in the week.
And yes I am still trying to figure out at lest two Hallowe'en styled posts for this bloggy-blog.  Since I don't have my full days to myself at the moment, things will get posted in bits and fits.

Love Ardeth Blood

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Venkman 101

Every family has their traditions on the holidays.   Watching Ghostbusters is one of ours.

Picture it, me your heroine and heroin; sitting semi bored semi getting along with everyone when Uncle Porkchop {the chef} walks in.  He does this little hand gesture like he's wanting you to poof away, just sort of openhanded claw movement in your face and then out of nowhere asks me why I never did that for real.

Uncle Porkchop-: "Venkman. Right that was what's his handle Bill Murray in Ghostbusters? You should have become a real life ghostbuster with all your voodoo and vampires.  People really do this sort of stuff I saw it in a documentary once."  

Me-: "Fabulous idea. You have the $50,000 a year for me to go to university for four years to study paranormal psychology then another $50,000 a year for another four years to study religion and languages?"

Uncle Porkchop- :"Be a ghostbuster.  Run around all day getting slimmed by invisible demons. DEMONS!"  {he did the hand poofing thing again}  "I saw it on a documentary. You'd fit right in. With your tarots and all that stuff you have laying around your place.  Be a real life Venkman like Bill Murray. Professor Venkman. You never make it as a professor you need to be smart to be a professor."

Me -: "And you'd be the first thing I'd vanquish."

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, another year has come and gone and we find ourselves sitting firmly at Thanksgiving weekend. (Canadian)

I am thankful for the ability to communicate, to share what I have learned, and to know I still have tons more to learn from everyone around me.

Friday, October 7, 2011

When bad films happen to good ideas

You slap a high number on the film and make sure every name in the credits are tiny.

If you have been hanging out on here at all last few days, you know that I got my hands on a stack of cheap cultish-indie films.
One of which was what I just finished suffering through   Witchcraft 13 Blood of the Chosen. 

I'm one of the first people to support low-budget/no-budget films, as that's the type of film mine will be if it ever makes it to film.
But there comes a point in every movie makers life when they have to ask themselves "do I really want to do this one?"    The answer for the production crew of the witchcraft series should have been "no"  but it wasn't.

I already did a short rant/review of it over on my vampire blog so enough right now on it.

I just wonder sometimes why certain films get green lighted?   And I'm not talking about just indie stuff. I'm talking about major blockbuster motion pictures as well.

I know our city alone gets 9 films per week at our cinema. And it's really rare for any of those films to stick around past the week.
That's not counting straight to dvd stuff either. 

Okay, so I just saw a really bad movie that taken the wrong way could sour anyone on indie films before coffee.  But I have to wonder if we are over doing it with the amount of films we as a society put out every year?  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Don't you

hate it when the little things nic-pick at you?  I know I do.

Okay, so if you read my year long project blog -which is so going to go over the year - this morning then you know that my camera is not compatible with the memory card thingie I have for my cell phone.  In other words, I got screwed at the store when I bought the memory card.

If the sales person knew or not I don't know, so I suppose I can't say I got screwed but ... I can not get my photos off my cell phone and onto anything which means all the blog posts I had planned now are pointless.  
The blogging gods are laughing at me somewhere. Or at lest Mercury is cause he's the god of communications {cell phones and computers would be his domain}

Still trying to figure out what to do for a few Hallowe'en styled blog posts.  I'll come up with something before the end of the month.  Have to do at lest two.

Okay my TNA Spudguns, those of you traveling this weekend for work; take it safe.

Morning again 10/6

Dear Spudguns:

I learned yesterday that Chef Micheal Smith is coming to town next week for a charity event.
I wish I had found out sooner would have loved to been able to go.  Not that I would have been able to eat anything given I'm a vegetarian.

So has anyone checked out the new show The Chew?
Hate it!  I thought I would become a fan because I thought Carla Hall was just so cool on Top Chef,  but so far, I was not able to sit through a full show of The Chew at all.  Do not like it at all.

And the Talk has dug it's own grave.  They should have kept Leah and Sharon and tossed the others, that would have been a good pairing.  The ones they have hosting now totally killed it.

Well that's my thoughts and feelings this morning. Now off to find a coffee.  Totally sucks that we lost our Tim Hortons here in the neighbourhood.

Love Ardeth Blood

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Damned in the morning 10/5

Dear Spudguns:

One thing is always for certain, that Alice Cooper will put out an excellent cd.
I have been listening to  Welcome 2 My Nightmare  continuously since last night, and I think I found the cd of the year.
My favourite song off the cd I believe is  Disco Bloodbath  it has a very ... Psychopathic Records feel to it.  Now, I know Alice Cooper has worked in the past with the members of Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid, so I know that my drawing conclusions on the song is not a real shocker.

Now, I'm going to point you in the direction of my "new" vampire blog, because I got my claws on a few oldish-cultish classic dvds yesterday when I was out, and will be doing a bunch of posts over on the vampire blog in the next few days.

This is what happens when a major store has a clearance sale this close to Hallowe'en, I go binky.  It's like the vampire movie gods were not just smiling down on me yesterday but blessing me with vampire movie feasts.  Seriously, I found like 4 dvd multipacks yesterday. 
My first short post last night was on such classic cult vampire goodies as  Fist of the Vampire  and my vampire pleasure was given a bonus boost because The Blue Meanie stars in it.  Nice.

Love Ardeth Blood

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'd like to get this out of my head

You know when you get a song stuck in your brain and no matter what you do you can't seem to get rid of it.  Yeah it's one of those days.
Normally, when that happens I try to find the song and either listen to it or hunt down the lyrics to see why I might have it stuck in the muck of my zombie eaten brain.  But this time around, no such luck because it's not a "song-song"  stuck in my head. It's a theme song stuck in my head.

I have that damned Zack Ryder theme song stuck in my frealing brain!!! Damn you Ryder and all your little wrestling buddies.

I did pick up the latest Alice Cooper cd today so maybe that will flush the theme song where it belongs. And no I did not get the Elvira dvd, the store didn't have any so I have to wait.

XOXO Love Peace and Geese  {yeah I'm old deal with it}

Damned in the morning

Dear Spudguns:

You know what day it is today??????  Besides the fact it is the 4th of October 2011 and a Tuesday;  it is the release day for the 10th anniversary of the movie Elvira's Haunted Hills.  

Have yet to have any caffeine and feeling a little bit on the zombified side.   Was just hanging around Fright   and thinking it might be time to update my wardrobe. 
I know, so not a grown up and might never be.   Dude, I still have dreams of having a place big enough to turn one room into a "vampire hotel"  aka the collections room aka my den of slack. 
Yes, my vampire collection alone needs it's own room, or at lest it needs a part of a room. At the moment, it's partially packed away in many many many boxes and flung carelessly around the over crowded apartment I live in. 
Good god man, the Anne Rice books alone take up 3 large storage bins.

No, I still have not figured out how to get my photos off my cell phone and onto my computer.  Which I have to soon, because I took a bunch with the idea in mind of updating the cooking blog with one of those restaurant tours you see on every other foodie blog out there.  My poor cooking blog has been so untouched these last few months, it needs some blogging.

Right, okay so it is time for me to grab a shower as I am running late this morning.

P.S.  Spuddy, what happened on the ladder match from this past week? {Sept 29th 2011 episode of Impact} Are you not wanting another chance at the X belt?

Love Ardeth Blood

Monday, October 3, 2011

Lights out in the Library part 8

Part 7 can be found here  of my paranormal story

"Why do you have frogs legs around your neck?" Lyell asked his brother.

"I read hat they are a good way to protect against demons." Galvin replied.

"Demons? Dude you've got food tied around your neck. The only thing that's good for is a BBQ. Where's the horseradish?"  Lyell said pointing to his younger brother as he crossed the living room, dropping the new toque he'd been wearing onto the sofa.

"Well, do you have a better idea genius?  I have a witch after me." he pointed to the apartment door as if that was all the explanation that was needed. "Succubus actually"  he corrected himself scratching at his right ear.

Lyell raised an eyebrow at his younger brother as he stood in the middle of the room, his arms crossed over his chest. "Splitting hairs here. Besides, she seemed to be just as freaked out as you were in that storage room."  He continued on to the bathroom, closing the door. "Besides ..." he screamed through the door at his younger brother "'s rabbits foot for stuff like that, not frogs."

Galvin made a hmm sound screwing up his face scratching his right shoulder.


Hermina sat in the center of a candle lit table, a small coin hovering at her chest flipping over in midair.

"What are you doing doll?" Riggs asked as he entered the room, a bag of takeaway in hand.

Opening her eyes, the coin fell to the floor with a clank.
"Nothing now. Whats in the bag?" she got up stretching as her husband smiled brightly at her.

"I went to that deli you liked and got us a few sandwiches." he shrugged as he opened the bag laying out the meal on the kitchen counter.

Part 9 soon

Time Out

I know I said yesterday that I would be back with photos from my holiday and the next piece to my short story, which I will, later when I figure out how to get the photos off the cell phone.

I was listening to my mother talking to one of the other family members yesterday about a situation.  I have a younger cousin who is an addict.  And it's gotten too far gone, her liver is useless.

There was a point in our lives when she was my best friend.  The closest person to me. Until she stole my boyfriend and well, I haven't spoken to her in years.  {what's that line from Queen of the Damned - "we don't settle old grudges we're vampires we harbour them"}
At the time, everyone was telling me that she did me a favour, that I would look back on it and see that.

It's taken a decade to realize that, but her stabbing me in the back ended up being the best thing for me. Had she not, I would have stayed in an abusive relationship, would have stayed hanging out at the bar every single night, and would have been right there dying with her. 
But, because of the lies she told, I removed myself from that life.  Moved on with mine.

I know I use this blog to bitch about the shitty life I have, but at lest I have a life.  Why is it we only seem to learn a lesson when something horrible happens?  Why is it we never learn something when something good comes into our lives?

I know, I just got really serious on you here, and serious is not what people come to my blog for.  You come for silliness and weirdness. 
And I am extremely grateful to be breathing and able to share my silliness and weirdness. 
Whenever I hear people say they "hate their life"   I tell them to reword that.  Be careful what you say as the universe might take it as fact, never say "you hate your life"  for you might not have one tomorrow.  You hate your circumstances, which can always be changed.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back to October

Well, that was a nice week off. 
And I know I said I would be back on Friday, but my bus back into town had a few snags. So, Yes I am more then a bit late.

Anyways, just need to figure out how to transfer my photos from my cell phone to my computer and I can show you the few things I did get photos of when I was in Sault Ste Marie. 

I know, I really didn't go that far away, just a few cities over but it was something that I needed.
I have a week's worth of emails to check, and all the other basics of my normal self to get back to.  Seriously, if I had taken my computer, I might not have even come back.  But I left this thing here because I wanted a few days with zero distractions so that I could get some writing done, and I did. 

I managed to get another little bit written for the short on here "Lights out in the Library"  and got a nice chunk of handwritten pages for a new story.  Another paranormal story but still, it was a really good chance for me to just write. 

And eat as it turned out. 
I could not get over the size of the plates all the restaurants used in SSM.   Oh my god, I don't even want to see a scale for another week I am sure.

Okay, so I am off to grab a shower, and get back to the massively mundaneness of my life and will be back later to write up and post about the trip and the next piece to my ghost story "Lights out in the Library"