Thursday, August 30, 2012

I bandaged my phone

It's been a hell of a frealing day.  I use my cell phone for an alarm, like millions do. 
When I went to turn the alarm off this morning, I dropped my cell phone and the back came off.  It is suppose to just slide back on, but it's not.  It's just backless now, maybe it's making a fashion statement, I dont' know.
So after wrestling with my cell phone for like two hours, I finally gave up and smacked some medical tape on it to hold it together.   I suppose it's time for a new phone, only I'm stubborn and like the flip style which are getting harder and harder to get.

moving on, physio therapy... went well. Was expecting to be yelled at for refusing to do anything, but all went spiffy.

The doctor's appointment... was waiting two extra hours but it went well too.  Considering the surgeon has like 80 patients per fracture clinic day, plus emergency walk ins, waiting two extra hours is nothing. 
He was very pleased with the fact my scar was clean, no goo, no extra blood, nothing out of place.  So the millions of bandages that wrapped me like a mummy is gone, and I just have a small bandage now just covering the scar. 
Next week, another appointment, and that's when the staples and stitches will be removed.
and am allowed to get back to physio therapy Tuesday, after the long weekend. 

Okay, my Spudguns... one rant ... I frealing hate the new buttons on the top of the Blogger blogs now.  The whole share buttons piss me off.

Have yet to catch up with last week's TNA Impact... might do that tomorrow. 

That's the view from the sofa for now....

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well, it's the 29th

Which really means nothing to me, other then I haven't been in on this bloggy-blog in a week.
I have my next doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Now, if I could just keep the bandages from slipping right off till then, all should be fine.

The swelling has gone down so much that yesterday I took a few steps and the bandages around my knee slipped down to my ankle.  I'm sure it was the funniest thing for anyone who might have been watching, but to me all I could think was that I was just a greeny-yellow colour all the way down my leg because of the bruise.  That and the fact there was still the marking on my leg that the surgeon had put there so that they knew what leg to operate on.

Odd, that thought.  That they would have to put a few blue ink marks on the proper leg even though it's beyond obvious which one needed the surgery given it's already got a massive scar right down it.  But you do hear about horror stories in the news from doctors who operated on the wrong body part.  It's rare, but you do hear about them.

Anyways, so that's about all that is on my mind today.  Back with an update tomorrow after the appointment.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

new shoes

Well, no, but I was thinking about Twin Peaks when I was coming in to blog, and the quote from there just made me laugh.

Speaking of feet, I had my knee surgery yesterday.  Which I blogged about on my year long blog this morning.  but if you don't follow that- which has sort of become my health spot-  things went fine.
I was waiting for a few hours longer then expected because the surgeon had a back up of surgeries yesterday morning.

The wires are finally out, and the pain is more then expected but it's only been a day so I suppose I'm on track.
Still on a cane, still at mother's.  Go back in next week to see the doctor for him to change my bandages.

Sidenote,  I've been adding do-dads to my all vampire blog, trying to make it pretty because I'm planning on spending a lot of time on it soon.

That's enough rambling for now... and Tyson Kidd just fell off the top rope on NXT.   maybe he needs new shoes...

that's the view from the sofa tonight

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tue Aug 21 2012

Had an appointment this morning for tomorrow's surgery.
As I stated on my year long project blog,  I am getting the wires out tomorrow.  Finally yes, it's been a hell of the last 6 months.
Just catching up with last night's WWE Raw.

That pretty much took up my whole day today, sitting around the hospital having tests done.  Oddly, no x-rays.  The one thing you would figure you would get before knee surgery and they didn't.
They hooked up heart monitors, took blood, asked a million questions about my past injuries,  but no x-rays. Odd.

For anyone following the movie challenge, I did manage to get a movie in this morning before I went to my appointment. Day 247


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Aug 19th 2012

Sunday night, reading up on the results for the WWE pay-per-view on the net, because I did not order the SummerSlam cause I'm broke.
I'm not liking what I am reading on there.  But anyways....

My 1 movie a day for the year challenge is coming alone nicely.  I don't want it to end.  Odd to say given I still have 3 months on the challenge to complete.  But I've already started a list of movies I'd like to get to for a second year.
Projects connected to movies that I'd like to get a chance to work on. 

After next week when I get home again... for good this time.

I was thinking about that this morning, the fact that I've been stuck on my mother's sofa with a broken leg for most of the year.  I spent most of November of 2011 and part of December 2011 with my broken foot, unable to get up the stairs at my own place.  And now the shattered knee since the end of February. 
Dude, there is going to be a major imprint of my shape left on the sofa here when I do finally get home.

This has by certain been one of the hardest curve balls that life has thrown at me.

And that would be the view from the sofa tonight

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Corn and Crows

I'm on a bit of a Stephen King kick this week, watching a few of his movies.  And I have one question that has been bothering me for years.

What is it with Stephen King putting both crows and corn in nearly all his stories?

I can't say nearly all, because even I haven't read all his books or seen all his movies, but I've read a fair amount and seen a good number, and everyone of his stories I've come in contact with has a bunch of crows and a corn field or two. 

Is there a hidden message in the corn we're not picking up on?

There is his Children of the Corn stories,   a corn field in his The Stand,  in The Secret Window the end has a few scenes of corn eating and a small corn row... and that's just what I can remember off hand without having to look anything up.

I get the crows. Crows represent death, spirits, occult, knowledge etc.   Okay, they make sense.  But the corn?

That's the view from my sofa this morning.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You are not a cartoon

My six year old cousin is here right now, watching Cat in the Hat cartoon.
She got it in her head that she can fly.  I told her to stop it she's going to kill herself, she's not a cartoon character.
The kid cackled like a wicked witch for a few minutes thinking it was the funniest thing she's ever heard.
Then bam.  She fell. 
My reply " you're not superman, you are not Rey Mysterio."  
this was even funnier then what I said before that.  Freal, I hate kids. really really hate kids.

Now that I've ranted... I go tomorrow to the doctor's for my pre-surgery check up.  Yay me.   

Today is Day 240 on the movie challenge blog. 

And I'm going to end this post here, because I can't hear myself typing over the sound of Rolie Polie Olie.

that is the view from the sofa tonight

Sunday, August 12, 2012

After midnight on a ppv weekend

In my rush on the last post, I forgot a major thing.

I forgot to tell everyone of my lovely Spudguns who are part of the TNA ppv this weekend... well tonight now that it's after midnight and officially a ppv Sunday...  I forgot to tell everyone who is working the ppv to Stay Safe!

It doesn't look as if I'll be able to get the ppv tonight, so I won't be able to do a review or anything.  But that doesn't matter.

What matters is that it's a hard core ppv.   Triple the danger.   All the more reason for me to tell everyone who is going to be part of it to Stay Safe!  

And I mean this for everyone, the wrestlers, the staff who put together the cages, who hang the weapons and items for "on the pole" and "on the hook" matches, the staff who install the Ultimate X... Stay Safe!

And Mr. Aries... keep the belt!

-love Ardeth Blood

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for...

The week of Aug 9th 2012.  

Yeah, I've never really considered before just how long that title really is.  Anyways... I had to track it down online again.   Dude, that really sucks and my conspiracy theory that Spike isn't posting it on their site for a full week so that I can't do my reviews in a timely way ... and now cut to...

Cut to- Bully Ray and James Storm in the ring talking about how each is going to beat the other in the Bound for Glory Series.  This gets interrupted by a message from the Aces and Eights.   It's not clear if it was a taped message or a live one. But, I was distracted by the patch of skin at the neck of the one talking.  No tattoos.  Which means, heading back to one of my theories few weeks back, it could be Rhino. 

Cut to- a match with Magnus and RVD.  RVD got the win.

Cut to-  backstage with Roode saying how he's not going to sign the contract for this week's ppv as is.

Cut to- tag match between Daniels/Kaz vs Garrett/Devon.  Kaz got the win with a cheat, but they keep the belts.

Cut to- Sting in the back calling out the Aces and Eights

Cut to - a promo for the Bound for Glory series

Cut to -a promo by Robbie E talking about how he's got 5 points which puts him on the scoreboard. Then Hardy came down and gave him and Big Rob a 5minute beat down.

Cut to- A.J. Styles in the back talking about how he can't remember the whole Clair issue... um humm didn't Amber do that to Liam on Bold and the Beautiful not too long ago, and Phylis to Danny on Young and the Restless and Daisy to... oldest trick in the soap box man. Which has me wondering, why didn't they at lest pick an actress with some flesh on her, she doesn't even look pregnant through the face or arms. I have no idea why they decided to even have this storyline, the fans don't seem to like it at all, did you take my advice and actually hire soap writers for the creative team cause if you did, you picked bad ones.

Cut to-  Samoa Joe coming to the announce booth to have his promo about the Bound For Glory series. which was right at the beginning of a match between A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle. Angle ended up getting the win after many near falls for both.

Cut to- Another message from the Aces and Eights, then to a backstage scene with Anderson and Storm.

Cut to- Austin Aries talking about the contract signing for the ppv this weekend. 

Cut to- knockouts match with Gail Kim vs Tessmocker.  Tessmocker was holding the belt at the end so I suppose she won, I wasn't paying attention

Cut to- Parks backstage talking about the contract signing between Roode and Aries and then got off topic.  Then it cut to a split screen of both Roode and Aries coming to the ring.

Cut to - a promo by Kenny King

Cut to - Sting came out to the ring. He called out the Aces and Eights, and then went right on to the contract signing where upon, Roode and Aries came to the ring.  They ended up not "signing" the contract, but entered into an oral... er verbal agreement that stated whoever looses will NOT get a rematch.  Yeah, I got the choice of using the word verbal over oral too... man we're all needing our dirty minds put into the wash.

Cut to- a split screen of Storm and Bully Ray coming to the ring for their main event match.

Cut to- promos by both Chavo and Kash.  This might turn into a decent feud if it's given enough time.

Cut to- The main event.  This is a Bound for Glory match.   Bully Ray got the win with a straight up pin.  Then there was another message from the Aces and Eights saying they are targeting Bully Ray next.  

So as far as the Aces and Eights go... it's Roode.  I am slapping down my Toonies (a Canadian $2 coin) and saying that he's the mastermind behind the mask.  Just makes sense, if you're going to concoct something like that, you take a few hits yourself to deflect attention.
Or, you know back to my original theory that it's former hard core wrestlers like Dreamer, Richards, Rhino etc who's been fired.  Just because it's all in time for the Hard Core Justice ppv tomorrow.

Where I think they went wrong with this, was they did it all on camera.  Some of the "attacks"  should have been house shows and not just on tv {and if they have done some that way then disregard my last comment} In fact, were I in the creative, I would have spent a few weeks having the story progress from a house show string of incidents before allowing it to happen on air.  But, I'm just a fan so... Till next time

-love Ardeth Blood

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Aug 10th 2012

Ever create something for yourself, and end up at the mercy of it?

No, I'm not talking about a black hole that has ripped open a doorway in the fabric of time in order for the Cthulhu to step forth and eat all who refuse to bow down.

I'm talking more like a project, or a sweater, or a character in a play or something more normal.  Though I think that the Cthulhu part would be cool. I'd vote for it.

Anyways, it's a Friday, around supper time, and I'm working on the planning stages of a project.  Only I think I might have gotten in over my head.  Not enough, my Spudguns, to jump into a vat of hot oil to make myself more crunchy for the Cthulhu... oh just go with it, I'm in H.P. Lovecraft mode...
I feel like being... silly.   And before you say something like "if you're over your head then just back off"  well, can't cause I'm committed to the project now.  I get these bright ideas and sometimes act on them without thinking them through.
Or in this case, I think I thought it out too much and sort of killed the thrill of it for me already.

Well, I suppose if I look on the bright side... maybe someone will open a floodgate in the next few months sacrificing themselves to the Cthulhu and the Dagon and wiping out all mankind.

Dude, are we at the mouth of madness yet?

that's the view from my sofa right now... till later

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aug 7th 1:32am

The book dork is in... sort of.

So my knee is coming along nicely.  One of these days I'll try to get a photo of my scar to post on here.  And since I'm one surgery away from ... well getting slightly better, I decided once again to try the book club.
Are you shocked?  Are you mad?  no but I might be.  Cause, you know, it worked oh so well before... drip drip drip don't you love the sound of sarcasm in the morning?   Yeah, well I've gotten my hands on a nice stack of books since I've been stuck on the sofa and I'd like to talk about some of them with people. Real people, face to face, no offense to my Spudguns!  but... I am starting to feel like a psy-vamp in a room full of zombies, nothing to feed off of.

I added American Psycho to my list of books I want to read in book club.   Mostly, because I bought a copy awhile ago.  It's sitting on my coffee table in my hovel.  Which is not here at mother's.

Good incentive to get back in the next few days and try again living at home, alone.

I don't know. I sort of think that doing a mini theme, like books to film, for book club might be a novel idea... yeah bad punning I know, but it's like almost 2am. Brain... no ... work right now. 
Sort of having one of those insomnia bouts again.  I haven't had one of those in months.  I think it's because I do not have any painkillers right now.  Dude, those things knocked me on my arse for hours.

Okay, so if you might be interested in reading books with me, in person or online  drop me a comment ... if my comments are actually working that is.  The commenting function seems to have a mind all it's own.
The comments on the book club blog do work .... here is the link for the latest post there

And a side note... Mercury goes direct this week. So much of the communication issues, computer issues, travel issues that have plagued people for the last month should be straightened out in a day or so.  Then, I do believe we're good until March or April of next year before there's another Mercury retrograde.  Remember, there are usually 3 per year.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The world is a subway...?

I was hunting down old rock videos on youtube, cause I've got too much damned time on my hands. and I came across the Our Lady Peace video for Superman's Dead... the american version.

The version I always saw on MuchMusic was with the lead singer of the group Serial Joe but what I came across online, was the version with a bunch of clowns. 
I seem to remember that there was about 15 years ago, a big scuffle with the music channels on the whole topic of if they should always play just the Canadian versions or if they should mix it up and play American versions sometimes as well?

I never understood why there needed to be different versions anyway?

Our Lady Peace,  50-40, I Mother Earth, Headstones, Tragically Hip, The Tea Party,  Age of Electric, Moist,

Some of the best to come out of Canada in the last 25 years.   I'm aging myself again I know, but damn it janet... it's just one of those days.

Hope you're all having a great long weekend here in Canada. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Aug 3rd

Surgery finally scheduled.  About bloody time.  So I go in on the 22nd to have the wires removed.

A few random thoughts on last night's TNA Impact (Aug 2nd 2012 episode) {had to hunt online for it}
- Zema Ion, does this dude measure before he does a risky move like a suicide dive?  It looks like he just goes, and doesn't take that few seconds to sort of make sure that everyone is in the right spot before he flies.  Just saying, the last few times I've seen him do a risky risky he looks to be a few inches off the mark.

- The use of Chavo.  It's been two or three weeks and I don't know if they handled his debut right.  There has been a ton of fan fair but it seems like he's getting held back.  To me, I think they should have either not announced his coming over and had it be a massive surprise just showing up for the match and gone for that shock factor,  or they should have given him either the opening match.  I get that they are trying to build a feud for him and with it, help restructure the tag team and X-Division, which is the best idea right now.  But with that said, his big debut match seemed like it was not thought out at all.

- Robbie E vs Bully Ray.  Could creative make up their minds if they are going to use Robbie E to help build one of the divisions or if he's just going to be fodder for a while?   It's like, they have this talent who is being pushed sort of but not really and then they change their mind.  Pick a side and stick with it for a few months.  Let him win something important, like the X-Division belt or the tag team belts with Big Robbie. 

Okay that's enough of that for now...

And something to chew on... what is the connection between the movie Ninth Gate and the book Don Quixote?  

Just some random thoughts from the sofa today.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

4 hours later

4 hours.  4 hours it's taken to figure out how to connect my *new* PC to my wireless internet at my apartment.

I got home, under much stress and many bags of stuff and very few groceries, nearly got stuck unable to get up from my bed.  Which means, I'm sleeping on the sofa in my living room for the rest of time. Nearly got stuck trying to get around in my uber tiny bathroom.  I never realized how short my toilet really is.  Dude, until you have a leg injury and are unable to bend your legs proper, to sit or stand, you don't think about toilet height.  It's just not something you would consider.
Finally, unpacked the laptop - the in the mean time until I can afford a MAC again laptop- and went to log online.  Only it wouldn't work. 
Called the phone company to see if my internet was out,  and this is where the 4 hours comes in.   I was on hold for over an hour.  Then the tech switched me over to someone else. That was another fifteen minutes being on hold.  They said everything was fine on their end my internet should be working no issue. They switched me over to someone else.   Being on hold again for another ten minutes.  This tech told me to hit a combo of buttons at the same time.  Nothing.  Hit them again.  Nothing.  then she told me to call a computer tech because it had nothing to do with the internet on their end.
Fine, so I did.  I left a message for my brother in law who happens to be a computer tech and teacher. 
He got back to me when he got off work, and told me to hit a different combo of keys and wait two minutes then reboot.  It worked. 
Damn, he knew what was wrong in under 45 seconds.

I just hope, that in all that being on hold crap, I did not miss the phone call from the surgeon's office about the second surgery.   Which I'm still waiting to have done.

And we hit a heat wave here today too.  +34c with a +41c humidex.   What a day to pick to come home to my hovel. 

moral of the story,  always make sure your furniture is at lest thigh high