Saturday, May 22, 2010

no title yet

As I was putting that place holder, it actually seems like the perfect title for what I am wanting to say.
So, I'm reading Jane Slayre for book club, and for anyone who might have read the original classic Jane Eyre or even seen the movie version of it, you know it has to do with falling in love outside of your class.

Given some of my recent post topics, I think it's very fitting.  I could almost make this another asking men stupid questions post,  as I would love to know what men think puts someone out of their league?

For a woman, we consider two things  1) the man's accomplishments and  2) his looks.

It doesn't really matter a man's age, or personality but it does matter how much he's managed to accomplish in his life time (has he traveled much, does his co-workers/friends think highly of him, how intelligent is he, how talented is he, his finances)  and how sexy he is.

Here's what I am hearing from my male friends,  that a woman can be well respected, well connected, earn more then a man, but if she is ugly  she's on the same status level as any man. Yet, if she's beautiful no matter how broke she is she's out of his league.

Um what?   Really???

So what you're telling me is, that if I were to have my novels/poetry picked up by a publisher suddenly and was making the kind of money to put me on the same level as Stephen King,  because I'm less then plain I would still would be beneath you?

The answer I got from my straight male friends was  yes 

I would really love for some guys to answer this.  So for any men who are reading this,  what is it that makes someone out of your league?