Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meanwhile, in a messy room across town

I used to have this random series of posts on the old blog.  Just little tidbits of busy nothings.  After 3 years, you loose track of what number your on.  So this is number One for this blog but something like number 50 in total.

The novel.  The novel.  The novel.  Oh my god. what can I say.  I haven't written a sentence in almost a month.  Bad bad bad.  I know I know.
I have an Aug deadline for this 3rd draft.  Catherine Mckenzie, who I mentioned on the Ramen Noodle blog here  is doing an internet/group effort.  She's taking one author every few months and trying to help promote them the old fashioned way.  By word of mouth.  This is brilliant.
Please check her out on Goodreads and Facebook.

Anyway, I'm looking for a new editor as my last one was nice but missed so much.  I had given my friend's mother (former English teacher) a copy of my unedited second draft, the same draft I gave my editor, and she pointed out oh so many mistakes.  As in plot holes.  Great big snarly things that I had written and didn't make sense with other things I had written only a chapter before.   Catherine said she'd pass on a few names of editors once my 3rd draft is done.  She is one of the coolest people around.  And damn talented too.  For anyone I have not passed my link on to; I did a review of her book few months ago and an interview.  Brilliant writer.  I am foaming at the mouth for her next book.