Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday catch up

I used screen capture for this post


I just watched the last three weeks of TNA Impact episodes.  And blogged about it over on my very underused wrestling blog, so you can catch my rants and thoughts over here

What I will say on here that I also said over on that blog post is, that I hope Chris Sabin has a speedy and easy recovery. 
Dude, I know it totally sucks!
I know, the world runs on instant replay and I still don't hear about stuff for weeks sometimes months later.

-love Ardeth Blood

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wed June 27th 2012

It's one of those days where I have been staring at the cursor as it flashes at me, mocking me.  I don't know how other writers can force themselves to sit and write something every single day?
I go in bits and fits.  Hell, I don't even blog every day any more, and there was a time I would blog every day, sometimes five or six posts a day.

I think I've officially run out of ideas.  Run out of things to say.  

I've been struggling with the whole writing thing for the last... two years to be honest.  I don't get it.  How can you love something your whole life, then just... poof gone?  

I was hoping that one of the things the movie challenge would do was re-inspire my writing, but it hasn't.  My cousin thinks I just need a new muse.  Like it's so easy to just pick a guy and make him the center of things.  Right 
The silliness is gone, the colours have all faded to grey and I'm feeling like... blah.

Well, okay lets see if my cousin is right... if you want to be the new center of my creativity, just let me know. We'll go from there.  Wrestlers warmly welcome.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My spidey sense is tingling

Saturday night.
My movie de jour was Spider-Man.  You'll need to go read that blog to see what I had to say about that film.
And if you're following the blog for the movie challenge, then you will see a comic/action hero theme happening for the next few posts. Starting with yesterday's actually.

I have a theory, that it's bunnies!  or you know, that whomever over at the Spike site are purposely not posting the episodes of TNA Impact until way way late just so that I can not do proper reviews.
Maybe they're doing that late posting in a bunny suit?   Dude, seriously.
Okay, maybe not in a bunny suit... but then again it is wrestling we're talking about.

The bunny reference is from Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the episode "Once More With Feeling"
and no, I still haven't caught up with the last few weeks of Impact.  But I will, soon.

Little bummed out that I missed my big vampire movie this weekend.  Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter   came out last night.  Totally crazed that I am going to have to wait another three or four months before it's released on DVD.  But given the fact I still am having issues walking, and getting in and out of cars... well there was just no point in torturing myself over the idea of even trying to get to the cinema to see it.
Don't even want to think about the failure that is book club in regards to the book.  I've already had my pity party over that mess.

To quote the Lost Boys... "vampires my friend, vampires"

That's the view from my sofa tonight.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random Thrusday night

Referrer spam.   Dude, I hate it.
I was just checking my movie challenge blog, as I had a ton of new hits in the last few hours to it, and was wondering what movie or movie star people were interested in that I've talked about.   Ends up, all the hits were from the same tiny link.   Bastards.

So, for anyone who's been wondering where my TNA reviews have gone, I haven't done them because I haven't seen the last few weeks of episodes.    I know, odd right?  I haven't missed an episode since it started on Spike in 2005.  That is until the last two weeks... hold up, tonight makes three weeks.

Speaking of weeks,  tomorrow marks the 17 week mark since I shattered my kneecap. 

Tomorrow is also the cinema release of the vampire film, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.   Dude, I was so looking forward to this movie, was planning back few months ago; before my knee, to incorporated it with book club.   Well, that's all been for not.   Totally had to cancel all that.  Cancelled book club completely back when I messed up my leg. 

And I'm still on crutches!   Well, one crutch and working my way down to a cane. But it's such a slow go.  Half the time my physio therapist just shakes his head at me and mumbles about how he doesn't know what else to do with me.

Well, that's the view from the sofa tonight.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday some point

Weirdness man.  Bad vibes, harsh reality.

I was just checking out some of the stats here on this thing, and seems I have a hit from Britian that somehow messed up my hits tracker.  Dude, not cool.

Moving on, um, I goofed up last week.  I posted that on the night I hit 1000 posts on this blog, that it was the same night wwe raw hit the 1000th episode... not so much.  It's like a week or two away for the show.  Oh well, such is life such is rock n roll.

I still think 3 hours of any show is an hour and a half too long.

Well, that's the view from the sofa tonight.

-love Ardeth Blood.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

lab bats

This isn't a city that has a high bat population.  I think I've seen all of 4 bats outside of the zoo in all my 38 years.
There was a bat outside the window this morning.   Scared the seagulls.  I'm guessing it either escaped the zoo or the university labs.  Wasn't there for more then a minute, then it crawled up a few branches on the tree and took off.

I thought it was cool.

And now, off to physio therapy so my therapist can try to rip my leg off.
Catch you on the flip side.

Monday, June 11, 2012

1000 posts

Monday, June 11 2012

This is post 1000.  I seem to have timed it well, as the wrestling WWE Raw is having 1000 episodes tonight.  Interesting.
Seriously, I didn't do it on purpose, but with that said, isn't it weird?

Speaking of ... the show was a 3 hours episode tonight, and the one sucky thing about it is that The Score here in Canada was over an hour late with it.  So, it's not live for us.  There was another game on before it.

We hit +32degrees c here today.  Just brutal with the heat.

3 hours.  Do we really need 3 hours of wrestling?  No, not really.  If I've been reading things right online, the WWE is suppose to be going to a 3 hour format in the next few weeks.  Why?  It's already like a half hour too long with the 2 hour format.  90% of the show is crap with only about a half hour of straight up matches. 

So that's really all I have to say tonight.  Really fabulous for the 1000th post Eh?   Well, anyways, that's the view from the sofa tonight.

love Ardeth Blood

Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9th 2012

Blog post 999
And it's the night before a ppv.

I have no idea who is listed as being part of tomorrow nights big TNA 10th Slammiversary ppv, because the show has not been posted on the Spike site yet.  That sort of sucks, because I'd like to have seen the show to know who was working it to know if I wanted to order it. 

In any case,  to everyone who is going to be part of the ppv tomorrow night, stay safe. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Damn hackers

I went to log into my email and i got a message saying that someone had accessed my account from Egypt and India.
Frealers!  So goddmaned pissed off!!!!

If anyone got something from me that looked off I'm so sorry.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Well, Sabin looked good

I used screen capture for this post

This is not a review, not even close.  This is flat out a post about the return of Chris Sabin on the May 31st 2012 episode of TNA Impact; after having been out for a year with a knee injury.

Okay, so officially, he returned over a month ago. And like so many of you, I was very hyper to see him back on the screen.
But that sort of got pushed in the wrong direction.  
Then, suddenly poof he's a single competitor again.  I'm trying not to think about it.

And the announce team started to push Mr. Sabin in the X-Division again, reminding everyone that he was a 4 time X-Division champ before his tag team runs.
The fact they put him in the running for the X-title again is a solid move on the part of everyone.  These two men, Austin Aries and Chris Sabin, are guarantied to give a fabulous and brilliant show every single time.
I personally could watch Chris Sabin vs Austin Aries for hours. But that's just me.

Not only did Mr. Sabin look great in the ring - you would never know he had any sort of surgery- he looked  good.
The haircut was fabulous, (oh you know I had to mention the hair cause that's what started it all) and the shorts... of course I noticed just wish they were red.
And he made his way to the ring to the old MMG theme song.
I have to wonder how long before he feels the need to get a new one? (he did switch out his knee shorts for the uber-shorts from before MMG)

Did we, my fabulous Spudguns, see the reinvention of Mr. Sabin?  Or just a man with a bit more confidence?

I kept thinking with each move, that not only did his knee look like it was beyond perfect; that he surpassed some of his old moves.  At one point in the match, he did a leap frog that seemed to have more spring in it then I've ever seen him have in the past before his knee injury, as well as it seems he's gotten quicker.  And Chris Sabin has always seemed to me to be one of the faster men in the company.

I've been a fan of Mr. Sabin's since 2005, and he has been in quite a few of my favourites matches, and if that title match on this past week's episode is any indication of the direction he's headed then I can say he'll be in many many more of my favourite matches.
Heel or Face he's hotter then hell in a bathtub.

love Ardeth Blood

Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 2 2012

By now my Spudguns, you've all heard me talking about my movie challenge.
1 year with 1 movie a day.   Which you can follow here 

Hold your crickets, I'm getting to the damned point.

So I'm keeping track of all the movies I've been watching, and today marks Day 177.   And I am sitting here this morning and it's not even 9:30 am yet, with a half bag of popcorn.

I stopped and looked at the damned thing. Microwave bag, greasy and spilling out on my mother's sofa. I am starting to wonder how much of this stuff I've consumed since starting the movie challenge?

I haven't been keeping track. But I can tell you this, since breaking my leg and being here at my mother's while I heal, I've had at lest 1 bag of popcorn a day.
It's been 14 weeks since I broke my kneecap. So minus the week I was in hospital, I've been stuck on my mother's sofa for 13 weeks.
13 x  7 = 91

So I know I've had at lest 91 bags of popcorn.   That's not even counting the first three months of the movie challenge.  When this year is over I have a feeling I'm not going to want to see a piece of popcorn again for a long time.

And speaking of my knee... I'm on a wait list.  This means that literally any time in the next month I'll get a call one night telling me to come in the next day for the second surgery. 
I know I posted about this on the other blog and I think on here few days ago, but I'm lazy and don't want to check so here goes again... I've been given the okay by the doctor to have the wires removed from my knee in the next few weeks.  Not date set yet as I have to wait for the surgeon to have some space, but it will be in a few weeks.  Suppose to be like a day surgery.
So I'm that much closer to getting home.