Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Lovers- Tarot

I was going to start at first with the Tower (Number 16)   then thought I would start with the Magi (Number 1)   But, the Lovers card fell out of the deck when I picked it up so we're starting with it -Number 6.

On my other blogs, I have over the years talked about the tarot when I have been having one card pop up in readings over and over again.

The Lovers card represents = love, union, soulmates, romance, marriage, beauty, passion, youth, trust, choices,  love for more then one person, intuition, options,  jealousy, temptation, betrayal, duality, a difficult choice, internal conflicts, and unmet desires.

Depending of course on if it's proper or reversed and what other cards surround it. 

It is the sixth card in the Major Arcana (or Trumps) these are connected to the universe or our higher purpose.  Every deck will have a different picture of the meaning, but almost always in there somewhere is a couple, as the focus of the card is togetherness.  (my study of  numerology is not that strong so I can't really go into the meaning of it being the 6th card)

Even though this card is mostly connected to love/sex matters, when it comes up in a reading always remember that you might be; being warned that a choice will need to be made in your life. And not always a romantic one either.  If you are at a crossroads in your life, the Lovers card is the card connected to that as well.  It's asking you to consider all your options before dealing with something.