Sunday, May 23, 2010

Like bad cigars

Draft 3 of my novel is killing me!

I'm stuck. Totally beating my skull on the wall leaving little tracks of teeth and tissue in my wake.
Even starting to doubt my title. 
I create a playlist with every story I work on.  This time I decided to add themes for the two main characters.   Themes I created myself on my Mac.   One turned out really great, very proud of it.  The other, I can't listen to it, it's so bad. 

As the story is changing with each draft, so is the playlist.  Right now, I'm stuck and nothing I have in my music collection is helping.  Nothing at all. 
Simply put, I need new music.  

Nothing I've seen on iTunes Canada is grabbing me either. Otherwise, I would just download some new stuff.

The three main characters have a different style of music for each.
Jazz,  Punk  and 1950's
And it mirrors the way they view the world.  I can't get more into the plot then that.   But I can say right now the cd that I have been listening to the most  is  Matt Dusk's  Back in Town