Monday, April 30, 2012

Andrew, Raw and Tea

I've dealt with the biggest complaint I've gotten from the few Spudguns who still read Andrew and the Aluminumsidings.   The webring that was redirecting the blog is now gone. 
I sort of got pissed off when I went to the blog myself and had this tab thingie across the bottom.  I fealing hate those, I always turn them off when I go to other people's sites and see those. 
I have to say, I miss working on Andrew, but I really do not miss having to type out the url for it.  Damn, I have a tendency to pick really long long long titles for things.  Have to remember next time to pick something with less then ten letters.

Watching Raw, and writing up the review for that.  Which is posted on my wrestling blog like all the WWE stuff.
But, damn, I need to comment on the Triple H arm issue.   That was difficult to sit through and I know how horrible broken bones are.  I really hope that the WWE does not replay that footage too often.
What the hell is going on in the wrestling world right now in that regard?  Why are some of the guys feeling the need to injure each other on purpose? 
Speaking as a fan...This has got to be the most disrespectful time in the business.  

It's been 9 weeks since I broke my leg.  Things are coming along nice but slow.

Crafting.   Been playing around with envelopes and tea in the lack of having any dyes or paints.  Trying to get the right colour from these strawberry and peach tea bags, distressing pages for a scrapbooking project. 
It's not going as well as I hoped.  I need to find a way to get some of my art supplies from my apartment. 
Which answers anyone's question about if I'm home yet.   I am not.  I am still stuck on my mother's sofa, still unable to do stairs; still unable to carry anything because I have to use both crutches... still.

I need a new word other then "still". 

I have a very early physio therapy appointment tomorrow morning. Right when the place opens. Which means, the second the wrestling is over tonight, I'm off to bed.

That's me, babbling and this is the view from the sofa tonight.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for the week of April 26th 2012

I used screen capture for this post

This is the beginning of what could be the end of TNA.   And you know, I've said this before about 3 years ago the last time Hogan was in charge. 
Open Fight Night-where anyone can challenge anyone else and they must wrestle, no excuses.   A new idea that was introduced last week as were a few other not so brilliant things... Gut Check- where a unsigned wrestler from almost any other company can have a on air try out for a contract and where all the champions putting up their titles whenever someone calls them out.
In other words, all hell is about to spill out on the floor.

Cut to- Hogan pacing around in front of all the current champs about to drop the bomb on who it is that will be putting their belt up tonight. So this means that... Samoa Joe and Magnus have to defend their tag team belts against... damn that old goat is long winded.

Cut to- Devon vs Bully Ray  for the TV Title. This is the first week that Devon will be defending the title, as this belt will now be defended every week on Impact.  Devon took it to Bully Ray on the ramp after Bully Ray mouthed off for a few minutes. Bully Ray did turn it around early in the match, and managed to get a few near falls early.  But that really didn't last long, nor did the match actually, as Devon used a really hard power bomb to get the win and keep his title.

Cut to- Austin Aries back stage making what sounds like a promise to call out Bully Ray. He mentioned the fact that last week's episode Bully Ray had to cheat by grabbing Aries by the tights... fans were not complaining about the nakedness...

Cut to- Ric Flair backstage yammering about Eric Bishoff being cast out into the nothingness.

Cut to- Kaz and Daniels talking to Kurt Angle in the locker room.

Cut to - JB coming to the ring to announce that ... then cut back and forth with a shot of everyone in the locker room watching... he was calling out Eric Bishoff... hang on, I thought he was fired... the crowd loved it, seems like the wrestlers watching in the locker room loved it too and if that wasn't a honest reaction from the wrestlers then dude I have no idea...
Then Bully Ray came down and ruined the fun by delivering a low blow on JB.  That's not cool
Then Bishoff pinned JB, which will be the official last match I suppose for Bishoff's career...

Cut to- Mr Anderson backstage talking about his thoughts on Bishoff.

Cut to- Mexican America in the ring calling out who the crowd thought was going to be the MotorCityMachine Guns!, but Kurt Angle took their open challenge instead. Nice! And this was over before you could even finish thinking about it, Angle wrapped it up with an Angle slam and the Ankle lock forcing Anarchia to tap out... Anarquia... I still can't remember how to spell his name...

Cut to- a promo for the Gut Check match.  The guy's name is... Alex Silva ... so if I understand this right, the wrestler gets a chance to have an on air try out in front of a live audience and a table of judges.  Damn it Janet! no pressure or anything Eh? So this first Gut Check was Alex Silva vs Robbie E.   Now, I'm not a fan of Robbie E 's gimmick - to be clear I think he's a fabulous wrestler but I really wish he'd loose the gimmick- but Robbie E's got some title wins to back it all up.  In other words, the dude's not a push over.  Al Snow took the mic with Taz for this match as he's one of the lead judges.  This was almost all Robbie E. He got the win in about 5 minutes and to be honest, it's what I expected.

Cut to - Hogan backstage on his twitter or checking emails or some boring nonsense.

Cut to- Dixie talking about what she thinks of Bishoff...

Cut to- Hogan telling about 4 tag teams who will be on the match tonight... but because of Chris Sabin's knee the MMG will not be in the match... damn it Janet! that blows goat

Cut to - KnockOuts...Tessmocker called out Gail Kim.  Tessmocker got the win

Cut to- Kaz and Daniels back stage declaring that they must be the tag team de jour...

Cut to- a promo by RVD, then Roode making his comments about the match with RVD at the ppv in a month.   I hope Robert Roode kicks his ass.

Cut to- the locker room with Al Snow and Alex Silva... and it's still open... Roode came in for a moment and insulted him.

Cut to- the other 3 tag teams... and EY/ODB are out.

Cut to- Garett Bishoff talking about his dad.

Cut to- Bully Ray and Abyss's brother chatting about Abyss... okay really? get over it, we know it's Abyss so move the storyline along already...

Cut to - Tag match this is for the belts.  Samoa Joe/Magnus vs Anderson/Hardy.  crap!  It should have been Kaz and Daniels.   But thank god for Samoa Joe, as he got his rear naked choke on Anderson and made him tap.   Joe and Magnus kept the belts for now.  But as they were leaving the ImpactZone, Daniels and Kaz blindsided Joe and Magnus on the ramp. 

Cut to- Main event, Flair's party for Eric Bishoff... dude a main event should be something other then that.   Then JB, Garett, Aries, and the MMG came to the ring and hand delivered a porta-potty to Eric Bishoff.   Scorch!

Match of the Night
There wasn't one this week.

So it would seem that the MotorCityMachine Guns! are bumped down the list for the tag team belts.   It also seems, by the last few minutes of the show, that there might be a feud about to start with the MMG and Daniels/Kaz... that would play out nicely for a few months.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for the week of April 19 2012

I used screen capture for this post


I'm just doing this as a highlight post because it's so late in the week to be posted on the Spike site.

We opened with Roode coming to the ring with a hair cut.  That's something I never thought I'd see... cool.
The formula now begins... everyone in the locker room who is in the supposed top five listing came out to the ring to say they are the #1 contender - Mr. Anderson, Hardy,  and then you know that they got put in the main event.  Bored now.

Tag match - Crimson/Bully Ray  vs Austin Aries/Matt Morgan.     Bully Ray got the roll up on Aries for the win with a handful of tights and Aries was naked on air. 

Garett came out to the ring with Styles, RVD and Anderson. Then Flair came out to rant. 

Kurt Angle vs A.J. Styles.   Angle got the win with a roll up after a distraction from Kaz and Daniels.

All the champions were called to the ring.  Samoa Joe/Magnus {tag champs} Gail Kim {KnockOut champ}  Devon {Television champ} Austin Aires {X Division champ}  and Robert Roode {TNA champ}.... where were the "KnockOut Tag champs" ?
Hogan then came to the ring and told everyone that once a month there will be an episode where up and coming wrestlers get a shot to earn a contract and anyone who calls someone else out you have to wrestle -including all the champs.      So basically, this is a cheap way to get new blood.   Not too sure this is a good plan it could blow up in their faces in a serious way.  The titles change hands too often sometimes and that lowers the value points of them, this could lower the value points of a title or for that matter the talent. 

 KnockOut match.  Gail Kim/Rayne/Rosita/Serita vs Tara/Tessmocker/Mickie James/Velvet Sky.   Tessmocker got the win for her team. 

Television title - Gunner vs Devon.   Devon got the win and kept the belt.

James Storm came to the ring to talk about the ppv that happened last week.

The main event then became a 3 way with RVD being thrown in the mix.  RVD vs Hardy vs Anderson.    RVD won with a pin on Hardy.   Bored now.

Monday, April 23, 2012

New day April 23

I managed to cut my hair.  
So not news. But, I feel better.  I say you want to change something in your life, start with your hair.

Well, okay so in my case it's going back to my normal look, but after the long stringiness that has been my mop for the last 8 weeks since I broke my leg, this this is... beauty!

Things are not going as my physio therapist would hope.
The phrase "long term issues with movement"  has been breathed more then once. I'm trying not to panic.  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21

Anyone else hating the new Google email?
Hate it.  I've turned if off more then once, gone back to the old email layout more then once.  Now, stuck with the new one. Hate it.

Farscape.  Watching season one. Forgotten how much I loved this show, why it was so fabulous. 
You know how you have movies, shows, music that reminds you of people.  Farscape is a major element for me on that regard.  You've got to love Scorpius.

Was going to do the wrestling review but as of this point, Spike has not posted this week's Impact.

My doctor's appointment this week went okay. Bones are healed, scar is healed for now, but I still need lots of therapy for movement.  Which I'll end up needing again down the line after the second surgery when they remove the wires.

New moon this weekend. Today I think.

Well, that's the view from the sofa right now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two Years down

So it would seem today is the two year mark since I started this blog.
yay blog!

When I started this here bloggy-blog, it was for a few reasons, mostly to move on from the past.  Long story.   I think I did that.
I wanted new vibes and a new outlook on things.  I think I got that. 

For those of you who came across this and are expecting the typical blog anniversary gimmicks like giveaways and contests, you came to the wrong place.  I do not do that sort of stuff.  Not in my nature.

Anyways my Spudguns, life should be about laughter, food, and bad camera work always. - Ardeth Blood...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

TNA PPV highlights

 I used screen capture for this post

This would be the Lethal Lockdown pay-per-view. April 15th 2012 All matches were done in a steel cage.

The opening match was the ten man tag team match between Team Eric Bishoff and Team Garett Bishoff.
Eric's team = Eric Bishoff, Kaz, Daniels, Gunner, Bully Ray,
Garett's team= Austin Aries, A.J. Styles, RVD, Garrett,  Mr. Anderson.
This started off with Garett vs Gunner in the cage first.  They had the first three minutes as a one on one before the rest entered at time points.  There were weapons hanging from the top of the cage as well. 
Bully Ray was the next man to come to the ring. This ended up being a two on one double team for the next few minutes.
Austin Aries was the next man out to the ring. He went wild on Bully Ray before turning his attention to Gunner.
Kaz was the next man out for the Eric team.... with a shaved skull. Dude nice!
A.J. Styles was the next for team Garett. 
Daniels was the next man out.
Mr. Anderson was next for Garett's team. 
Eric was last for his own team
RVD was the last man in the match
Eric Bishoff ended up hiding in the corner behind one of the turnbuckles for a few minutes while RVD cleaned house.  Then the weapons dropped.  This was a first pin or submission match.  Styles got a hockey stick, while Aries got a cookie sheet then the silver guitar.  Aries walked around the ring on the top ropes grabbing everything and tossing to his team mates.
Aries got thrown face first into the cage wall.  Kaz went after Styles in the corner, and the two battled across the top ropes then went across the top of the cage as if it was an Ultimate X match. Styles then landed on Kaz with a hard elbow from the top of the cage.
Garett got the win with a guitar to the back of the head and got the pin.  This means that Eric Bishoff must leave TNA and not use his last name in the wrestling business anymore. 

Second match was Tag Team MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Samoa Joe and Magnus.   Alex Shelley jumped up on the top rope and started to play with the cage then walked across the top rope like it was nothing. He then started the match with Magnus with a collar tie up before being sent flying backwards into the corner. Shelley then tried to take out the legs of Magnus but just couldn't. Magnus missed with a kick and took two elbows from Shelley before going for a cover. He only got a one count. Chris Sabin tagged himself in, and they used a double team on Magnus. Joe tagged in, and went right for the knee of Sabin but Sabin was quicker. Sabin got a side head lock on Joe for a second but ended up just getting slapped by Joe. Sabin delivered a drop kick then tagged in Shelley. Double axehandle from Shelley from the corner.  Magnus tagged in, and ended up getting a series of punches from both men. Sabin back in. They went for their running stepladder move but Shelley ended up with a mouthful of turnbuckle. Magnus tossed Shelley into Sabin then dragged Sabin to his corner. Joe tagged in and stomped on Sabin. Joe went for a cover but Shelley broke it.
Magnus tagged back in, stomping on Sabin in the corner before giving him a slam in the middle of the ring. Joe back in the ring, using Sabin as a punching bag.  Joe delivered a backsplash on Sabin. Magnus back in the ring, went for a cover but Sabin kicked out. Sabin with a jawbreaker but Magnus slammed him down hard into the mat. Joe back in going for another cover but only got a near fall.
Sabin managed to get a few elbows in then DDTed Joe in the corner. Shelley tagged in, Magnus back in, Shelley gave him a sudden stop on the second turnbuckle then kicked Joe in the face, before failing at his Sliced Bread. Everyone in the corner, Sabin powerbombed Joe from the corner. Shelley slammed Magnus skull first into the cage. He went for a cover but Joe broke it up. Double team on Joe sending him into the cage. Double team on Magnus with Shelley going for a cover but only a near fall. Sabin was caught in the rear naked choke. Shelley with a mule kick on Magnus and the Sliced Bread but it was broken by Joe. Magnus slammed Shelley, Joe slammed Sabin, and then Magnus off the top rope with a hard elbow to get the win.
Joe and Magnus managed to keep the belts. Damn it!

Third match was the Television title, Robbie E vs Devon.   Devon slammed Big Rob and got him off the apron before getting kicked by Robbie E.  Robbie E was stomping on Devon, then slammed him into the ropes. Robbie E went for the cover but only got the two count. Devon with a few punches before whipping him into the corner. Robbie E with a clothesline then and elbow off the top rope. He had Devon in the middle of the ring but he fought out. Another cover by Robbie E but only a near fall. Robbie E went for a top rope move but Devon shook the ropes getting the advantage.  Devon then with a hard flying shoulder and neckbreaker. Devon with a spine buster for the win keeping the title.

Fourth match was the KnockOuts title match. Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim.   Sky went for a few quick covers, but each time got only near falls, before getting a kick to the jaw. Gail Kim delivered a hard knee to the spine of Sky. Gail Kim came off the top rope with a drop kick before following up by working on the knee. Sky did manage to deliver a jawbreaker before getting shoved into the corner. She then delivered a powerbomb from the top turnbuckle on Gail Kim but Gail Kim used a roll up to keep the title.

Cut to - Ric Flair coming out for a few moments to talk to the crowd. Then Hogan came out to reply to whatever the rant was that Flair was going on about.

Fifth match was Crimson vs Matt Morgan.  Crimson tried to run out of the cage but Morgan pulled him back in.  Morgan then made a move as if he was going to run but came back in to work on Crimson.  This was answered by a chop to the knee of Morgan. Crimson then tossed Morgan face first into the cage. He then had him down on the mat in a choke. Morgan looked a bit dazed. But he did manage to turn things around, and sandwiched Crimson on the cage wall.  Crimson then tried to climb over the top, and Morgan started to follow him but fell onto the ropes getting caught up. Crimson then dropped down to the floor and continues to be undefeated.

Sixth match was Hardy vs Angle  it seemed like Angle was in control of the match early on. But Hardy used an elbow then a dropkick on the mat before Angle popped him in the eyes. Angle then was stomping on him in the corner. Hardy then with a running clothesline in the far corner. Angle turned it around slamming Hardy into the wall of the cage before choking him. Angle then raked his face across the wall of the cage and we have blood... no pun intended... then tossed him once again across the ring into the cage again. Hardy some how turned things around sending Angle into the cage. It looked like Hardy had the cover but Angle kicked out.  Angle caught Hardy trying to run out of the cage and delivered a hard slam from the top rope.  Then both men took turns trying to climb out of the cage, neither getting too far before Hardy kicked off Angle and splashed him in the middle of the ring. Hardy then put Angle in his own ankle lock and a twist of fate before using his trademark swan-tawn before trying for another cover.  Still only a near fall. Angle then grabbed Hardy by the belt and tossed him into the cage again, before using another Angle Slam but still only got a two count. Hardy then countered with his version of the Angle Slam and went to the top of the cage for a swan tawn for the win.    Dude was trying to prove something or kill himself not sure which. Both maybe.

Seventh match was KnockOut tag team titles.  Rosita and Sarita  vs Eric Young and ODBOkay I find this just strange having a man as part of the KnockOut division.  
ODB kept Eric out of the ring and went straight after both women. Eric Young was climbing around like a kid in a playground while ODB press-slammed Rosita.  EY then tried to count as if he was a ref. Rosita then started to stomp on ODB in the corner. Alot of double teaming on ODB while EY hide in the corner. Then ODB delivered a few forearms and body slams before going for the pin.   EY didn't even get into the match this was a straight up handicap match.

Main Event was James Storm vs Robert Roode 

Storm started it outside of the cage, but Roode turned it around for a second.  But Storm then sent him into the door of the cage before slamming Roode face into the steel stairs.  The beer came into play by Storm.  They still had not at this point gotten into the cage or had the bell.  Storm started to dance on the table then delivered an elbow to Roode's skull before joining the crowd for a second.  Roode then was thrown into the railing.  Both men tried to send the other into the cage wall. Roode was whipped into the rails hitting it hard on his back before getting a few hard rights by Storm.  Storm grabbed a chair but missed then got hit in the back of the skull by Roode.  Roode grabbed the case of beer opening one while Storm bleed on the floor.  They finally got into the ring and rang the bell, but Storm was already a mess as Roode continued to toss him repeatedly into the cage. Storm came back with a series of punches before being taken down by a running elbow.  Roode went for a cover but only got a two count.  Roode then had him in the corner with another series of punches.  Another cover from Roode but still nothing. Roode then raked Storm across the cage again keeping the already cut Storm bleeding.
Roode had Storm in the middle of the ring at one point, in an arm-bar going for a submission, but then both rolled and they ended up in the corner. Both men were bleeding hotly from having been sliced by the cage. Both were standing on the top rope just exchanging punches for a few minutes then Roode started to climb over Storm and made it to the top of the cage but Storm caught him by the hair pulling him back in. Both men then kept driving the other's face into the cage wall repeatedly before Roode fell backwards onto the middle of the ring.  Storm started to climb out but stopped and changed his mind.  Storm then delivered a jawbreaker from the top rope and the ref got knocked out.  A new ref came down and opened the door for Roode, but Roode grabbed a beer and crashed it over the skull of Storm. He then demanded the ref to get into the ring and count. But Storm kicked out. Storm somehow gave a superkick from his knees sending Roode across the ring. One more superkick from Storm accidentally sent Roode out of the door and therefore Roode won keeping the title.

I have to admit, live shows are harder to keep up with, hence it's highlights, not every move like I would normally do when I have something pre-recorded and can rewind.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday afternoon 14th

It's the night before a big pay-per-view.  This would be the part where I would normally say whom I think will win their matches for those matches I know about.
If you've read my blog post from yesterday, you know I already did that. And I'll be ordering this ppv.

But I am, however, going to say the same thing I say every month before a ppv...  For those TNA members that are going to be part of the all cage match ppv tomorrow night, stay safe.

Friday, April 13, 2012

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for the week of April 13 2012

I used screen capture for this post

The show opened up with Eric Bishoff, who got a round of "you suck" from the crowd. And a round of "we don't care".  He was introducing his team for the ppv this weekend.  Then young Bishoff came out to introduce his team.

Cut to- Mr. Anderson vs Gunner.   This was the first of a best of three for the team members. Gunner was given the win after Anderson was DQ.

Cut to- Eric Young getting ready in the locker room for his wedding.  And Abyss's "brother" came in to talk to him.

Cut to- the MotorCityMachine Guns!  see the last paragraph

Cut to -Daniels vs  Austin Aries.   this was the second of the best of three for the Lockdown teams for a man advantage.  The crowd was cheering for Aries throughout and gave the bonus chant of "this is wrestling"   see the match of the night at the bottom of the paragraph

Cut to-Hardy coming down to the ring to talk about his match this weekend against Kurt Angle.

Cut to- James Storm backstage with guests, telling Robert Roode he's gunning for him.

Cut to- EY in the locker room again getting ready for the wedding, with a few of the KnockOuts trying to seduce him.

Cut to- The wedding of EY and yeah er...everyone in the ring got naked. 

Cut to- backstage where Team Bishoff are yelling at each other.

Cut to-  Roode and his back up replying to Storm's earlier comments.

Cut to- Bully Ray vs A.J. Styles. This is the third match in the best of three. Bully Ray got the win with a cheap shot.  This gives Eric Bishoff's team the advantage at the ppv. But Hogan came out to tell them that the odds just went up. It's now going to be 5 men per team.

Cut to- Another promo of Roode vs Storm for the ppv this weekend.

Cut to- KnockOut tag match.Velvet Sky and Mickie James got the win.

Cut to - James Storm came to the ring to talk about the ppv this weekend. Roode then came out to give his point of view as well.  They talked about their times as tag champs, and the tournament last summer.

The Match of the Night:
Daniels vs Austin Aries.

They started this match with a side collar tie up that Aries turned into an arm-bar then smoothly turned it into a side head lock.
Daniels got out of the move by pushing on the back of Aries's knee. While he had him down on the mat, while hanging on tight to a wrist lock. 
Aries used a few quick flips to get out of the move. He then got Daniels into another side headlock.
Daniels managed to get control for a moment pushing Aries off the ropes, but Aries sidestepped him. Aries then managed to get him off kilter with a clap behind the ears.
Daniels pushed Aries into the corner giving him a round of shoulder blocks before bringing him back to the center of the ring with a simple punch.  Aries then with a deep arm drag, but it was countered by Daniels with a head scissors on the mat.  Aries did his trademark handstand to get out of it followed by a short dropkick.
Daniels then went barreling into the corner, only to get an elbow full of turnbuckle, as Aries jumped over the top rope to the apron.  He then slingshot himself back in giving a well placed elbow to the jaw of Daniels. 
Daniels fought back by whipping Aries into the far corner but got another elbow for his trouble. Aries then went outside the ropes for a high risk move but Daniels jiggled the ropes causing Aries to fall onto the turnbuckle. Daniels then used an open handed palm thrust knocking Aries out to the floor for a few seconds.
Getting back into the ring, Aries was on the mat with Daniels stomping on him before sending him shooting into the far corner. Aries was on the mat once again with Daniels over him stomping.
Daniels then used a suplex before trying for a cover but only got a one count.  He then got Aries in a form of shoulder noose -backbreaker combo.
Aries used a series of knees to the side of the skull to get out of the hold. Daniels then shoved Aries out to the floor and went for his sitting moonsault.  He missed.   Aries climbed back into the ring and landed a beauty of a suicide dive straight to the chest of Daniels forcing him back hard into the gates.
Aries then in control, began to run Daniels face first into the turnbuckles before giving him a few elbows to the back of the neck, a shoulder block and a roll over from outside. Aries followed up with a discus elbow. This opened up for Aries to go off the ropes with another flying back-eblow.
Aries went for the cover but Daniels kicked out.
Daniels pushed Aries into the far corner, but Aries managed to get a slideover and a roll up but still only a near fall.  Both men then went for roll ups both using the tights and both getting a warning from the ref.
Daniels then with a hard forearm to the back of the neck of Aries knocking him down for a moment. This was followed by a hard side slam as Daniels was getting ready for his trademark Best Moonsault Ever, only he missed.  Aries had rolled into the corner and managed to get to his feet. He landed a double kick to Daniels knocking him down on the mat.
Austin Aries then with a double missile dropkick, followed by a running drop kick in the corner before using his brainbuster for the win. 

And once again, my "main event"  The MotorCityMachine Guns!...Alex Shelley, after making a few comments about the tag team of Crimson and Matt Morgan; damn I missed that sarcasm, announced that they will be taking on the team of Samoa Joe and Magnus this weekend at the Lockdown ppv. 

  Joe and Magnus then came to the ring to answer the challenge. Magnus made a comment about how Sabin managed to come back from his injury which for some would have been career ending. They were about to get into things with them when Mexican-America came down to the ring. Both members of Mexican-America were made fast work of.

I have to say, I can not wait for the pay-per-view this weekend.
I am not one for cage matches at all, and I've never been shy to express that, but I am very much looking forward to seeing this tag match.

So what do I think will happen at the ppv?
I am going on record saying that Team Garrett Bishoff will get the upper hand,  that Angle will win his match, and that the MMG will win the tag belts.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wed 11th april 2012

Had my second day of physio therapy for my knee.  Brutal!
Finally got my brace.  Yeah, I talked about that elsewhere on the net. 

So, I caught bits and pieces of last night's live WWE Smackdown.   Not sure what to say about that other then what the hell are they thinking with the Daniel Bryan storyline right now?  That's straight up domestic abuse happening with that storyline.  Shame!

Now that I got that out of my system...

Many bloggers are having issues now with their urls.  I am figuring that it has alot to do with the big sweep that Blogger did back at x-mas.  Old blogs that hadn't been used in a decade or so, that were unclaimed were cleaned off the system.  This made domain names available to hundreds. 
And I'm starting to think this is part of the issue as I'm seeing a bunch of bloggers in the help forums with the same issue, their domains that they have paid for suddenly off shooting to other people's blogs.

And here I thought we finally had gotten our blogging issues under control.

And of course, if you're following me while I do my movie challenge, then yes I posted today's movie this morning.  Day 127

That's the view from the sofa right now.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday 7 something AM

Waking up early is one thing. Waking up early to your alarm because you have to be somewhere you don't want to go is another thing.
I start therapy on my knee in about an hour.  I'm still in a ton of pain and it's been six and a half weeks.  I really should not be feeling this much pain at this point.

I just posted the movie for today over on the movie challenge blog  Day 126
And to remind those reading it, I'll be part of a blogathon on Sunday on there. 

And my wrestling Spudguns, I posted the highlights last night for WWE's Raw over on my wrestling blog. 

Okay, that's about it for now.  Coffee then off to therapy

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for the Week of April 6 2012

I used screen capture for this post

Impact.  Wrestling that Matters.
Humm.  You know, this could have been a fabulous show this week.  It had so much promise. 

But then, it started off the way it has in the past, the way all the companies seem to do every so often when they think that they are reinventing themselves and always fall flat.
And yeah, I switched to the "new" logo for this...

Opening scene - The entire locker room standing around the ring, waiting for Hogan who is now the new official on air GM. 
Cut to - Angle and Hardy in a match, where upon of course Hardy won. But it was by the fact Angle took a count out.  But Hogan was waiting backstage for Angle, as he walked right into the set up for Lockdown... Angle vs Hardy in a steel cage.
Cut to- Flair on the phone to Bishoff.
Cut to- Bully Ray checking his phone. He then went to the ring to call out Austin Aries. Aries gave him a what-for; until he got massively powerbombed.  But Aries looked great in the grey.
Cut to- Abyss... er Abyss's brother looking for him in the catering area.
Cut to - A.J. Styles in the back area also looking fabulous in grey, talking about who he thinks will win at Lockdown.  James Storm then came over to him and asked him to be in a match later in the show.
Cut to- An all former women's champ challenge.  Velvet Sky won becoming the new number one contender
Cut to- The locker room with Mr. Anderson talking about his thoughts on Lockdown. In walks Roode and his back up.
Cut to- Footage from the Country Music Awards where James Storm and Hardy were guests.
Cut to - Eric Young's geek fest... er bachelor party. 
Cut to - James Storm vs A.J. Styles.  James Storm won with a superkick from nowhere as Styles was doing a springboard off the top ropes.
Cut to- Backstage with Hogan and Sting
Cut to - Backstage with James Storm's guests. Roode stepped in to make a few comments.
Cut to- MotorCityMachine Guns!  {see the paragraph at the end}
Cut to-Backstage, Flair and Bishoff 
Cut to- Hogan calling out Eric Bishoff
Cut to- A promo of James Storms leading up to Lockdown
Cut to- Anderson vs Roode. Robert Roode got the win with a beer bottle to the back of Anderson's skull. But the decision got reversed giving the win to Anderson.

The Match of the Night
We start the match with a review of the match from a year ago that caused the injury to Chris Sabin's right knee. The crowd was chanting a very deserved 'welcome back' as the match got underway.
It got started with a smack to the face of Alex Shelley who returned the favour before driving Anarchia {been a long while forgive my spelling} then proceeded to lay in a few high knees to the chest of Anarchia. Shelley got him down on the mat in the corner, kicking him a few times before doing something he's known for; spitting and snotting on his opponent. Shelley picked him up by the ears and tagged in his partner Chris Sabin. 
Jumping into the ring, Sabin showed that he's as good as ever as he landed perfectly like a cat giving a double axehandle before working on the arm of Anarchia.
Hernandez tagged in a few seconds later just in time to walk right into a mule kick by Sabin. And during this I must add, the crowd was chanting for Chris Sabin. Sabin then used his quickness to apply a octopus style armbar before sliding down the back of Hernandez. He then landed a few chops across the neck and throat of Hernandez. Sabin then went off the ropes rolling through and ducking from a clothesline before delivering a bulldog in the middle of the ring.  Sabin went for a cover by only got a near fall.
Alex Shelley then tagged in and they used a double team fly-by-night on Hernandez in the far corner before doing their trademark running stepladder. Sabin slid out of the ring to the joy of the crowd while Shelley went for a side Slice Bread but missed. Hernandez then was with a running shoulder block on Shelley sending him flying across the ring hard.
Anarchia tagged in, and sent his own partner across the ring with an Irish Whip square into Shelley in the far corner before jumping at him himself.  Shelley managed to move out of the way, and Anarchia went face first into the top turnbuckle.
Shelley then used a running enzuigiri then to knock down Hernandez in the middle of the ring. Sabin then tagged in, giving full steam to a short arm clothesline on Anarchia before kicking Hernandez off the ring apron. Sabin then used a combo corkscrew elbow on Anarchia in the corner with his trademark hesitation drop kick.
He was then about to lay on his CradleShock, but Hernandez saved his partner and managed to get Sabin into position for a BorderToss.  Shelley who crawled up onto the apron, snagged the legs of Sabin saving him. Shelley pulled down the ropes, just as Hernandez was charging at them, causing Hernandez to fall out of the ring.
Both Guns! went for a Stereo Kick to Anarchia in the corner, just before Sabin did a beauty of a Suicide Dive out into the pit hitting him flush in the chest.  Shelley then off the top ropes for a double team move, allowing for Sabin to get the cover for the win.

If you're new to my stuff, the deal is that the MMG get the "main event"  on my blog.  And I felt this needed to be the match of the night.
I had asked a few questions the other day, {Shall We Do a Happy Dance} And it seems that most of my questions were answered.
For those who don't feel like flipping through my blog and I don't blame you cause there's alot to shuffle through; my questions were Does this mean they will be the number one contenders for the tag team titles against Samoa Joe and Magnus?  Will they take any kind of revenge on Mexican-America? Will they have the same theme music? What will their tees look like, will they be grey? Will Chris Sabin have his trademark long sideburns?  So to answer my questions, Yes, Mr. Sabin did have his trademark long sideburns with a wicked hair cut, yes they did have the same theme music, they did not have t-shirts on when they came to the ring, and yes they got some revenge on Mexican-America and YES, they are going to be going for that #1 contender's spot against Samoa Joe and Magnus. 
And, even though they had new pants, they had red in them... I'm all smiles there.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

After the doctors but before the wrestling

Dear Spudguns:

Just got back from my doctor's appointment.  All is looking well, the knee is healing.  Doctor was pissed off, not sure if he was having a bad day or if it was just me.  He made a comment and I made a comment.  
Will be starting my physio therapy next week sometime.  Still waiting around to get the range of motion brace.  I have not been approved for it yet by the insurance, and that might have been what pissed the doctor off.  He had expected me to have had the damned thing two weeks ago after my last appointment.
He commented on the fact that my surgery was not an easy one, and that anytime he's got to put the type of wires in that he did with me, it's never a happy.

It's long weekend.  Easter. 

If you haven't yet caught up with my writings/blogging; then let me point out that I have started to do wrestling reviews again.   The first one I posted in months was short, but it has been a long while since I've done them.

And received my new Fright-Rags shirt today.  I ordered another limited addition t-shirt last month.  The Nightmare on Elm Street Dream Master.  Beauty.

Here's hoping that tonight's TNA Impact gets posted early tomorrow.  I'm very much looking forward to the return of Chris Sabin.

Love Ardeth Blood

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mid Week

Mercury goes direct today after the last few months of being in a retrograde motion.
And we have a Full Moon on the weekend.

I'm hoping with Mercury going forward for the next while, that some of the major internet issues will fix themselves.

I go in tomorrow to the doctor's again.  Yay, more x-rays.   I swear after 38 years I nearly glow in the dark. Hell, I'm pale enough to.

And it's the long weekend.  Is Air Canada still on strike or did they settle things?  Haven't heard anything in the last few days about it on the news so...

If you're following my movie challenge today's is up. Day 120

That's the view from the sofa this morning.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shall we do a happy dance?

Or you know in my case clap and giggle in a mad hatter sort of way.  

PPPSSSTTTT  just between you and me, why are we happy?

Well Spudgun, I just managed to catch up with the last two weeks of TNA Impact episodes {March 22nd and March 29th 2012} and first of all, on the March 22nd episode, there was a b/w promo for the MMG, which oddly only seemed to have Alex Shelley in it.
And secondly, the March 29th episode had a message crawl for the return of the MotorCityMachine Guns!  Damn, I really miss typing that.   After what seems like forever Chris Sabin is scheduled to return to the show.

Yeah, okay so I'm beyond geeking out. It's okay, it's expected of me. No, I don't want to get a new gimmick; sort of been too long to recreate my fandom now...

But anyways, I almost missed the news on this.  If it hadn't of run during the Austin Aries match I would have, cause you know I fast forward through anything that's not of interest to me.  Austin Aries is of interest to me.

So of course my Spudguns!, this brings up a ton of questions.  Does this mean they will be the number one contenders for the tag team titles against Samoa Joe and Magnus?  Will they take any kind of revenge on Mexican-America? Will they have the same theme music? What will their tees look like, will they be grey? Will Chris Sabin have his trademark long sideburns?  
Yes, these are the questions that we're all thinking about but only I, Ardeth Blood, have the stupidity to ask.

I can not wait for the return.  This might be a reason to dust off my reviewing skills... stay tuned

Now back to the sofa for coffee.