Monday, May 31, 2010

Smackdown Highlights for May 28th 2010

I am doing a marked down version today of the show for simple fact that I am short on time this week.

We open with a promo saying the Undertaker is returning to Smackdown... I was unaware he had even left.

Drew McIntyre came out with yet another note from Mr. MacMann. Dude, that story line is getting old come up with something new already. He was in a tag match with Swagger against Kofi Kingston and Big Show. This was a return match from the ppv last week. Kofi and Swagger are both champs at this time. Big Show got the win over McIntyre.

CM Punk who had lost his icky hair at the ppv came out for a match in a mask. BOO He still had the icky beard thought, I thought that was part of the hair match too... he went against Kane in a qualifying match for the next ppv. Punk got the win and now goes to the Fatal Fourway .

Christian/Hornswaggle vs Dolph Ziggler/Chavo. Christian got the win over Chavo with his killswitch. Ziggler then slapped on his sleeper on Christian after the match.

Luke Gallows vs MVP. Gallows got the win with a cheat.

Rey Mysterio vs Undertaker. Undertaker won with his tombstone and goes on to the Fatal Fourway.