Sunday, February 24, 2013


I finished reading American Psycho and am getting ready for today's book club. All I can say is don't eat when reading this book.
I posted my thoughts on this actually on the movie blog last night
I honestly don't know if I could sit through that book again or not?  I liked it, but it's extreme.  Thinking about it this morning, going over things I want to discuss in book club later, I keep coming back to the fact that if I had read this when I was in high school  or college, it would have taken a different tone for me.  I think I would have been able to stomach more of the extreme elements easier.  I've admitted this before not too long ago, I've lost my taste for horror in the the last few years.
I still love a good Nightmare on Elm Street movie or a good Hellraiser film, but I really don't much care for  the type of stuff that's come out in the last few years.  And this book is intense.
I do realize this book is twenty years old, and for some people it's just toast. 

Anyways, coffee then off to book club.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wed Feb 13th

So I just caught up with the last few weeks of TNA Impact, and if you've been following me for any amount of time, my Spudguns!, you know I've been unhappy with how my team has turned in the last while.

I was happy to see Austin Aries and Robert Roode win the tag belts.  That I frealing loved!  Now, normally I like all four of the wrestlers that were part of that match (last week's episode of Feb 7th 2013)  and you all know by now  Mr. Aries is really the only thing still keeping me faithful to TNA on any account;  but that match dragged for me.  Don't know what to say about it.  I know everyone has a bad night, and maybe the two teams just weren't feeling it, or maybe it was the arena or whatever, could have been the way it translated to tv.  All I know is that while watching it, there was no energy for me.  At lest not until the last minute and a half of the match when Roode left and returned then the energy shifted and the match started to feel like a match. 

The X-Division match.  I never thought I'd ever find myself cheering for Zema Ion, but I really wanted to see him get that X-belt.  Ion has become the one I'm putting my money into, to get the X-Division back on track.  So Mr. Ion, pay attention and figure out how to do so. Damn it!

And this new guy, Rockstar Spud.   Hum... he's British and under 6-foot.  I like him already. If he helps to save my X-Division then he'll have my vote. 

love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Year of the Snake

Today marks the Chinese New Year, and we'll be in the year of the Water Snake for 2013.
I'm really not too sure what that entails.  For all the books and research I've come across, I'm not finding much detail on this.  Just the same few lines being repeated over and over again.  What I keep coming across is this is a year of insight and motivation, and getting your desires.

I'm guessing it's going to be a pretty damn good year for many people.

With that said,  Happy New Year

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blood is the life

Hehehehehe....  yeah feeling a bit on the weird side.  Then again, when am I not?

It's the middle of the week, and I just spent the last two hours watching the wrong movie.  I feel stupid.  I had what I thought was a vampire movie and was going to cover it for the vampire challenge, but it ended up being about a crazy dude who kills his wife.
Now, I need to dig through my box of movies and find something else.

Valentines is next week.  A time of year that I always try to avoid.  I just don't understand why the general population continues to celebrate a day devoted to being mushy, then slack off the rest of the time?
If you love someone you shouldn't have to have an excuse to show it.

And that would be my rant for the hour.   I'm off to make a coffee and find today's daily vampire.

Friday, February 1, 2013

oh my it's February

Two weeks.  Two full weeks since I blogged on here.  That's a first for me.
I'm shocked at myself. 

So moving on, I've been busy over on the vampire blog, doing the year long self induced vampire challenge,  and writing up the weekly updates on the movie blog for those of you Spudguns who have been following the movie blog for the last year. 
Book club, is reading American Psycho right now. 

And the last few days, I've been working on an element of the vampire challenge.  All I'm going to say for now on that, cause every time I get excited about something and blog about it, it falls to pieces on me. 

The first few weeks of the new year flew by.  It feels like I blinked and I missed it.

Okay, with that said, coffee now.