Monday, May 31, 2010


This feels like major homework.

I've been reading Julie Powell's second book off and on since March. I devoured the first one in under a week, and was excited about this one.

But, it's just so ... heavy. I had put it down to begin with because of a few books I did for review, and didn't get back to it till now.

I wanted to finish it if I could before the next round of books for book club, and the ones I've got lined up for review this summer. But, honestly, it's like mud. It's an exhausting book.

I know not every one can follow up their best seller with another one, and I'm sure the idea was good when she started, going with her strength which was talking about her life and her passion for food. But, I'm thinking she should have waited for this one to be done and had a fictional book in between.

What is it with me and sequels right now? I just keep getting disappointed with the second installment of things.

No, I 'm still not finished reading it yet, I'm on something like chapter 9.