Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do you ever miss just being kissed?

I posted this originally in Jan 2010 on my old blog
but never got any kind of reply, which most likely had more to do with the fact my regular readers on that blog are wrestling fans,  so I thought why not post it again here and see if I get any thing now.

*deep sigh*

I have not been able to get out of my mind all week, kissing. Yeah, just good old fashioned standing in the hall by the door saying good bye for the day make out sessions.

Making me feel like the one episode of SATC where Carrie says that she's at the point of walking up to total strangers and asking them to kiss her and just lay on top of her to feel the weight of a man again. (season 5 episode ? too lazy to check the dvd)

And top it all off, I read an article online this morning about the benefits of the good morning kiss.

Great, thanks, make me that much more out of my mind.

Strange thing to miss I know, but if you haven't figured out by now that I'm a hopeless romantic and totally single then you have been I am guessing only reading my TNA (Total Non-Stop Action) stuff?

And of course, what makes a good kiss. I've had guys who don't close their eyes when they kiss, and it's a bit on the creepy side, or guys who don't tilt their head when they kiss you, that always leaves me wanting to ask if they need a neck brace or something. Very uncomfortable. When a guy doesn't use his hands. That's so giving the vibe of him not being into you as much as you are into him.
Or the worst yet, a guy who is all mouth. You walk away from that one thinking "he just raped my face. Was he trying to lick the remaining make up off or something?" Makes you wonder if he learned to kiss from his dog?

A good kiss is paced just right, with just enough hand movement to make you want to lean in closer, and a guy who allows himself to just melt into the moment. A soft half giggle/moan from the guy always a plus, let's us know you are enjoying it. And the end result should always be the look of half dreaminess on the guy's face when you do end the kiss. A look that clearly says "why did you stop? I can still breath"

So yeah, I miss that. Kissing.