Sunday, July 31, 2011

The look alikes?

Picture it, me walking out of a Blockbuster, at noon, standing in the way too hot sun waiting for the lights to turn when I see these two men in a vehicle right beside me at the lights who are looking at me as if they might recognize me, two guys who looked a hell of alot like two major WWE stars.

This is impossible right?   I mean, really now, even if this was the real Morrison and Gabriel, what the hell would they be doing here? 

Even if by chance it was the real deal and they were using the main street as a shortcut to another city, which is the only thing that this city is good for, why would they be looking towards where I was?  Okay, I was standing at the corner right in front of the Burger King-Tim Hortons parking lot. And yes, I know I'm the wrestling blogger everyone loves to hate and hates to love, but guys that far up the food chain would not know who I am... would they?

Must have been a couple of look alikes.  That's my theory.  That or the heat and sun made me hallucinate two guys who looked like them.
Yes, lets go with the look alike idea, because if I were going to hallucinate two WWE superstars, I'd have hallucinated Sheamus and Wade Barrett whom I have a crush on.

Another sleepless night

Dear Spudguns:

Been having alot of these lately.  Total insomnia.  
Something else that has been bothering me, my right foot.    It swelled up two days ago for no reason and no matter what I do, I can not seem to get the swelling to go down.  Having issues just wearing a runner never mind trying to wear nice shoes/boots. 
No, I did not do anything to my foot just woke up the other day with it swollen and it's been like it ever since.  Odd don't you think?

I've been needing to get a new printer and so far I've had little luck with the chore.  The heat here has been unbearable again.  Sitting at what seems like a constant +29c with a humidex of +34c. Totally sucks as you know I'm useless in this heat.

We had a New Moon last night.  Getting ready for the next Mercury Retrograde in a few days.  So expect alot of issues with communication, electronics, traffic etc. The usual stuff that hampers life with merc-retro.   I'll have to do a repost later about that planet situation.
I've gotten too far away from my studies when it comes to this sort of stuff.  Like everything else, after over twenty years of being into it all, I've lost the taste for much of it.

Okay, going to try sleeping on the sofa to see if that helps with the insomnia.  Check in later.

Love, Ardeth Blood.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crazy people love me

I was walking to the bank, when this chick this morning (yesterday now as it is after midnight)  crossed the street and started to talk to me.   Seemed harmless enough at first, as she was talking about my tattoo.  Many people come up to me and start asking about my ink which is to be expected.   Then she made a comment about my tee shirt then asked me if I was 24?  
Awww, that I said was the nicest thing anyone's said to me in years.  Then I told her I was 37 and she raised an eyebrow at me telling me there was no way I could be that old. 

Then the crazy started.
She started to ask me how I would feel about being forced to marry a man who was 67 years old.   My reply was why?   I don't think she heard me, because she continued on with telling me about being locked in a closet with the dogs scared for her life because of some 67 year old man then just stopped mid sentence, mid step and said "I don't know why I bother when no one will ever get my point"   then told me to have a great day as she went into Starbucks.

All I could think as I continued to the bank was  what the hell is it that crazy people keep being attracted to me like moths to flames?   What the freal am I putting out there in the universe that dren like this happens to me?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vampire Break- July 2011

I was reading the latest issue of Cineplex Magazine, and they decided to do a small article on vampires with the coming remake of Fright Night just around the corner.
The magazine counted down their 9 top vamp things, which they listed as their Vampire Film Awards. 

9 yes 9. Not 10 but 9.   Seems an odd number but whatever right. 
They gave Best Vampire Hair  to Lost Boys (1987)
Best Vampire Fangs  to  Grace Jones in Vamp (1986)
Best Vampire Couple to The Hunger's David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve (1983)
Best Vampire Seduction to Interview with the Vampire for the Cruise/Pitt bite (1994)
Most Unbelievable Vampire Hobby   to Twilight for the vampire baseball. (2007)
Most Gruesome Vampires   30 Days of Night  (2007)
Best Dressed Female Vampire  to Underworld for Kate Beckinsale  (whole series of films)
Best Dressed Male Vampire to Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
Hall of Fame Golden Cape Award to Christopher Lee for all the Hammer films

I'm with them for about 75% of these choices.  I agree that Lost Boys gets the best vamp hair hands down.  Gary Oldman getting best male dressed- agree.  I do agree that Twilight deserves the worst most unbelievable vamp hobby cause that's just... Best couple to the Hunger - yes, Best seduction to Interview with the Vampire, and I do not care for either of those actors Crusie or Pitt, watching their films is like torture for me. The hall of fame golden cape award hands down belongs to Sir Christopher Lee.  
But best dressed female, best fangs, and most gruesome... those I have to disagree on.

With the hundreds of vampire movies I've seen over the years, those three categories are tough ones actually.  I think I would have given best fangs to the original Fright Night. 

All this is making me little hyper waiting for the re-make of Fright Night that comes out next month.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So everyone has had their little freak outs tonight.  My brother in law, my sister, etc.
The sun is setting, it's cooling off outside, I'm trying to watch a movie that I really have no idea why I rented it.
Life is filled with disappointments.  We all know this.  We deal with them on a daily. 

You get to a point where you just have to say enough or else you can find yourself at the bottom of a bottle. 
Blogging has been my touchstone the last few years.  My way of trying to deal with dren.   Sometimes I've done a good enough job handling it all, sometimes I haven't.

Spudguns, any idea how often I've sat here typed out something and then deleted it because by the time I got to the end of the post it just seemed pointless?  Too many to count specially in the last 6 months or so. Give or take a day.

Maybe I'm too honest.  I have told too much of myself.  Maybe I haven't even scratched the surface yet?  Who knows.  I just know there are a rare few hours in the day, at dusk and at dawn, when I feel like me.  Like the person I think I should be.  That rare what three hours combine, when I feel connected to the world.   Have no idea why it's that way, but it is.  It's also when I'm the most energized.

So here I am right now, listening to the city outside my bedroom window shift gears from the office day to the drunkenness that passes for nightlife around here.  Wishing I was on a bus headed out of the city limits.

I'm setting a goal for myself.  Goal is to be anywhere but this city by spring. Even if it's only for a week. Seems simple enough to any of you reading, but for someone with money issues and health problems, little tougher.   I wonder where the WWE will be in their Canadian tour by March?

I want to scream

You remember few days ago I talked about wanting to be the white knight for my sister?   Well, it so does not look like it's going in that direction now.

We looked at the house, twice.  Sister loved it. Little old lady was set on a price.  Ninja and brother in law got the money and were about to sign with a lawyer.  
Then today the little old lady freaked out.  Saying she wasn't going to sell and that they never agreed on a price.
This all on the phone.  Ninja called me freaking out, now my brother in law is pissed and it's all in my lap.

It sucks on so many levels.  After years of not getting along, my sister and I were finally getting along and now I'm the villain in her eyes because I told her about the house. 
Dude!  I'm not the one who changed my mind because she thought the price was not high enough. 

Now Ninja is not even taking my calls.   What a frealing week.

What's the score here

Just finished posting over on the year long blog.  Something I haven't done in awhile.  Been bad, lazy and just angry and have let that blog slide big time. 
Had to just admit a major flaw in myself.  I'm scattered.  The whole point  of this blog here Spudguns, was to have 1 blog.  1 personal blog to publish on every day.  But I still branched off with too many to count for every single topic I care about.

Need to admit something else.  You know how not too long ago I bitched about how I'm getting break outs again at my age.  All this time I've been connecting it to the early menopause, but seems that is not the case.  It's straight up stress.  The two weeks my mother was out of town, my face cleared up completely.  Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!   Now, it's been a week since mom has been back and my skin is looking like a game of connect the dots again.  So not good. 
So, my mother is killing me with stress.  What do I do? Other then cut all ties to her which I can not do no matter how hard I try.

On the review front... I'm reading what is suppose to be my very last book for review.  I say suppose to be, because I am still being sent stuff.  But I am reading right now  Tout Sweet by Karen Wheeler. A memoir about moving to France.   So far so good. 

I was looking at my current list of books to read, some for fun some for review and have noticed a pattern.  Just finished reading "As Always Julia"  the letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto, and "Medium Raw" by Anthony Bourdain.  Now reading Tout Sweet, and what is sitting teasing me at my mother's because I left it on her coffee table the other day, is Under the Tuscan Sun.  Books that have to do with food and moving and trying to write a book.   You seeing the patterns here? 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

That was a crap ending

I was watching the afternoon replay of WWE's Raw, and the ending was just a big old crap out.
CM Punk showed up in full gear to new ... er twenty year old music... and held up the old belt to a crowd of screaming fans.

Which would have been fine, if he were holding it up in front of Rey Mysterio, but no, he was holding it up to Cena.   That blew dog balls man.  Beginning of the show, Mysterio won the newly designed belt, then end of the show, Cena won it back in a rematch.  Oh god could creative get any more lazy?!

Worse part of the show was Jim Ross making his return.  Gag me with a microphone really now.  Remind me again why I watch the show still?
Right, so I have something to bitch about for a few paragraphs online.

The return of CM Punk was a good thing, bit sooner then expected but a good thing.  Too bad they handled it the way they did. 
Had they been smart and not lazy, they could have done a good shockwave with him either in a week's time or in the middle of the money in the bank cash in, or you know without music and graphics and have him in "street clothes"  for a real run in.    I think I'm as pissed about the way "run ins"  are done then anything else right now.   We know run ins are going to happen about once a show by someone, so why can't some of them seem more of the moment and not so staged?  Even though we know they are, can't you make like it's not?  Specially for such a large storyline as the return of CM Punk?

Okay, bitching for the night over.  Having coffee and watching a vampire movie now.

6:21 am on a Tuesday

The birds are making noise.  There was a slight toss of rain.  The sun has not broke through the overcast clouds just yet.  The first rumbles of the buses and the transport trucks.  The smell of fresh baked bread and muffins from the grocery and donut shop mixed almost perfectly with the early morning laundry someone is doing a few buildings away.  Then there are the few college students who take summer courses as they trek past the open window singing with their iPods.  The little Italian men who greet each other first thing on their way to work. The pool staff for the community who work the Native school in summer for the swim team. The few secretaries for the chiropractor's office at the other end of the street.  Laughter. Laughter in about four languages before 6:30am.   This is the moment of the day I love best. Love hearing from my bedroom window just before my alarm goes off.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ask Ardeth

I used screen capture for this post.

Time to dig into the fang mail for another batch of emails from beyond the grave. Welcome to an overdue issue of "Ask-Ardeth" Where anything that can be thought of to ask will be answered by my horror film Heavy Metal Goddess alter ego Ardeth Blood.

Seems I need to get out of my coffin and onto my soap box and do some more screaming.  I can feel the rumblings starting, it's been at lest 6 months since I did any wrestling reviews, and a year since I did them with any effort and let's face it, closer to 15 months since I gave a dren.

But it was pointed out to me about my comment on the new colours of Impact-TNA wrestling.  I made a comment about not caring for the colours and that's why I won't use the new logo. 

Right.  Well, I got a bit of a lashing for the fact my blog has the same shade of blue when I hightlight things, and my print is white. {which I was doing before them by the by} When put together I have the same two colours that Impact-TNA are currently changed to.  It was also dumped on me about how I have a widget on my blog's sidebar with the logo. The widget, was originally black and red when I signed up for it, and fit perfect with my blog.
This was lovingly with molasses pointed out to me by a 15 year old kid.  One of my brother in law's kids.(and I hate it when a kid is smarter then I am)  So here I am addressing the issue (yes I already had the conversation with the teen but he won't be happy with me till I put it in print)

Well, yes, at the current moment I do have white type and blue hightlights.  Only because after many hit and misses, those were the best for the shade of crimson I want for my blog.  My last blog was a grey and worked better with certain colours, and my wrestling blog is a black which works better with a red hightlight.  Who knows what my next blog will look like?  Just depends on my gimmick.

BUT, whenever I see the blue and white that TNA is currently sporting,  I can't help but think of WWE's Smackdown.

And with these two shows airing two nights in a row to each other, it makes it a bit of a confusion as to whom you're settling into watch.

I think TNA-Impact choosing to go the solid blue and white logo route was just a bad move.   There were so many other colour combos out there.  Personally, I think they should have either kept the red or the black and mixed it with something else. But that's just me.

That's all the time we have for this one, come back around and see what other gobs of wisdom Ardeth Blood will dish out and serve to her fiends.  
You can email Ask Ardeth at

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another can't sleep

Another night I am awake at an hour I shouldn't be.  But I did just get to watch this week's Impact-TNA episode (July 21 2011 episode) 
This is the part where I say  Mr. Shelley, are you okay?  and then say I knew he would not get the belt that soon. Which I believe I posted on here few days ago... here
We all know that he'll get a rematch soon.  The question is, will it be next week or in a few weeks time at the ppv?  I think, Austin Aries will screw up that one for him too.  Just saying.
Oh and I suppose this is where I would make a comment about the pants if I were playing by my own blogging rules... Mr. Shelley I just did not care for those new pants. They were too busy, just too much going on with them. It's like you could not make up your mind as to what you wanted them to look like and added everything but the kitchen sink. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

I want to be the white knight

I want to be the one to find my sister and brother in law their house.   Do not ask me why I need to do this, I just do.
The 97 year old lady who lives two doors away from me, is selling her house. My sister wants the house. She asked me to talk to the lady about the price.  I got the answer just now after a 45minute tour of the tiny 3 bedroom brick house.  Now, if only my sister would answer her damned cell phone!

Here is the thing.  My sister has never needed me or as it seems really wanted to be part of my life.  So why the hell am I driving myself insane doing this grunt work for her? 
I made a pack with her two best friends a very long time ago, that we would step aside in order for Ninja to get an item in life.  Those two friends of hers promptly turned around and did everything to block my sister from the thing they promised to help on.

Yes, it was years and years ago. Yes it was a promise made by a couple of teenaged addicts.  But I believed completely in what I said.   My word, my honour is all I have. I'm a writer.  So, yeah, as crazied as this might sound to anyone reading this,  even crazier then some of the other things I've said/typed over the last decade;  I have to live up to my end of the bargain.

This is what happens when you have no husband. You start to feel... I can't even put it into words. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

9:19pm Thursday

We had a poweroutage while I was sitting in the waiting room of the doctor's. 

Last night, massive storm that destroyed the roof off our airport. News reported that there was thousands of dollars of damage done to the cars parked in the airport lot and the roof itself.  No they did not close the airport, it did cause many delays though. Well the storm did in general.

The heat today was still up there with 29c and humidex of 34c.  Not half as horrible as on the weekend.

Anyways, after my doctor's appointment, I ducked into the book store and got myself that Anthony Bourdain book I was talking about the other day  Medium Raw 
I can't put it down. At this rate I'll have it finished by tomorrow night.

Thursday just before 8am

The heat finally broke here.  We had a massive storm last night, with a hail warning and even a tornado warning.
Currently sitting at a lovely 19c right now.  From what I could tell this weather system is moving East.
So last night, was having supper with mom, she got a call to babysit and then the storm hit.  I was thinking I would have to stay at her place.  Which given the fact I just spent two weeks there feeling pretty sweet, you would have thought that would be a fine idea.  But the storm simmered down a little around 9:30pm and all I could think was getting home.
Crazy right. Right. I'm sitting here right now watching my bedroom curtains dance in the wind. They are calling for the heat and humidex to be up in the 40 celsius again today.  Which I think is something like 104F ?  or something.  I was never good with converting stuff.
Now, I'm off to yet another doctor's appointment. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wed 8:39am

Oh my god. My company website needs a complete overhaul.
I was about to check morning emails as usual, when one of my links didn't work.  Went in to find the web hosting company I have been using since 2006, changed everything in their systems.  I managed to log in without too much trouble, but when I did, what was facing me was a very messy website.

I realized I hadn't done anything on in 4 years!  Wow.  What seemed so uber chic just a few years ago, in the smoke filled dim light of the morning, I see for it's true self.  A big chaotic blob of purple.

I was looking at it not even sure where to start.  Have to set aside a day or two to clean it all up, maybe even start from scratch. Give me time to think about how I want it all looking.

In the mean time, it's finally started to rain here and the heat has dropped to about 20c

Why is your city on my tv?

Lalalalala. Oh it's time for Bold and the Beautiful, which comes on CBS which we get from Minneapolis...  this was me this afternoon, right after mom got back to town. Coffee in hand tv remote in the other, switching to the proper channel when  screeching halt... What the freal???? That's not the right channel call letters... WWJ TV ????????? What the freal????? 

We now have all our American channels from ... Detroit!  There is a conspiracy to drive me mad, I know there is.  Why do I say this, because  A) one of my favourite bands -Twiztid- is from Detroit.  B) my two favourite wrestlers- Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin- are from Detroit. C) my sister before she was a Pittsburgh Penguins fans she was a Detroit Red Wings fan and now... the tv stations we get from the US are all from Detroit.
Why the switch if not to drive me over the edge?  I find this disturbing and ironic after my post earlier about how Mr. Shelley made the Detroit heroes comment on the promo. 

The tortures of the damned!
Yes I am babbling now because it's too hot here to sleep.  Was a bit of a puzzle though as the local Thunder Bay station never said anything about the switch.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Returning to hell

I know I should not have the attitude that I do about my apartment, but I do. I know that what we put out into the universe we get back and hating my apartment building and the people in it will only keep me in a state of disgust and hate.

So I shall look on the bright side.  I have an apartment to come home to.  I have heat, lights, water, my own computer, a few hundred piles of stuff and the feeling that something is terribly off here.  I just have no idea what. 
It seems too big suddenly, too bright.  I got used to my mother's shoeboxed size apartment with the near nothing lights and the massive computer screen and now... I feel so small here.  I've forgotten how tiny my laptop screen really is.

Oddly enough, for the first time in the 11 years I've lived here, tonight I feel really alone for the first time ever.  If ever I wish I had a husband this is that night.  Something tells me I'm not going to be able to sleep any tonight so don't be overly shocked if I end up blogging a few times in the course of the night.

I did get a couple of photos done when I was at mom's.

That would be the two weeks worth of newspapers I had to collect every morning.
The train case I talked about the other week and the infamous cookies that I baked all week.

Snack time

Cinnamon cookies.
That is what I decided I was going to do this morning instead of the cake. 
I wish I had a camera to get a photo of them.  But sadly, still at mom's and don't even have my own computer to use the webcam.

But, the second I added the cinnamon, I thought, oh god I frealed it all.  Cause it was too dry.  I added more butter. Still too dry.  Added more butter.  Still too dry. Added yet more butter thinking maybe I need another egg?  But it mixed finally. 

Then looking in the bowl, it did not look like cookie dough, but more like meatball mix.  Tasted like cookie dough, but looked like meatballs because of the colour from the three spoons of cinnamon.

Tasted fine though.

So why am I on a massive cookie binge right now?  I think I just need something to do, so that I don't have nothing to do.  Cooking helps.

Morning babble

I got asked by my brother in law, why do I still watch wrestling if I'm not ... happy with it?

I had no answer.
Me, no answer.

So I puttered around mom's apartment letting this question fester in my mind, till I literally made myself sick.
Why do I still watch wrestling?
I mean, it's more then just the hot men in tights cause if that was all it was I'd just watch ballet... me sitting through five hours of ballet, that's a coma inducing nightmare if ever there was one. Not into your typical chick entertainment, hate the opera hate the ballet.
But even I have said more then once that there is an element of dance to wrestling, so I suppose that the ballet idea is not completely off...

Hang with me, haven't had coffee yet and I just had to run to the Spike site to watch the Austin Aries vs Shannon Moore match again from last week's show (July 14th 2011 episode)  This is why I liked to get the show before on iTunes Canada, to be able to watch the matches over again.  Damn the Canadian iTunes for not carrying it anymore. Bastards.
You know, on anyone else, those tiny shorts of Aries would look wrong, but on him they work. I kinda mean that from an attitude point of view as much as a style one.
And according to Alex Shelley in his little promo for next week for his X-Division match against Brian Kendrick,  according to him he's going to win because not only does his city need heroes, they need championships.  Really, your city can't be doing any worse in the winning department then mine is. I can't remember the last time this floating toilet of a city I am currently chained to ever won anything. Okay, so we have those hockey brothers but who cares that was two years ago.
I say it's too soon for him to win. Kendrick just got his hands on the title for the first time didn't he (?) and I believe he's going to hang on to it for a few months before having Shelley take it from him. Here's what I think the X-Division will spring on us... Spuddy you listening close here got your fruity-O's and tea... I think that Shelley and Aries will have a nice feud leading into Bound for Glory where upon Shelley will get the X belt, have a nice run leading into December and Chris Sabin will make his recovery-return and demand a title shot. Which of course, would be like one of the longest rematch wait periods in the division, as I am referring to when Shelley won the X belt back in 2009 ... that was the Against All Odds ppv wasn't it? This is what I get for having left my best of the MMG dvd at home, can't look it up... So to answer my brother in laws' question, why  do I still watch wrestling if I'm not happy with it? Well according to the company logo, wrestling matters again. According to the X-Division guys Detroit needs heroes and the people need someone to believe in. But I think both Mr. Sabin and Mr. Shelley will tell you that SIR I HAVE AN ADDICTION. One that seems to want a bit of an outlet.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I'm starting this at 1030am.  Most likely won't actually post it till later in the day.
I just can not get over the heat already.   We've hit a +24c with a 32humidex already.
I've got the air conditioning on, have had it on since I got up at 730.
This is nuts. Just totally sickening. And I mean that literally.  Went to get mom's paper this morning, and all I could smell was vomit in the hallways. Few of the pets in this building are feeling it worse then us humans and got sick all over the hallways.
I'm going to say, I totally fear getting that bad myself.
You've all heard me say a million times already over the course of blogging, but I just am not designed for this heat. 

Seems they got some bad weather and mom is stuck in Gander for another night. So I am still hanging around her place for an extra day, soaking up the air conditioner.
Trying to watch Impact from last Thursday. Not sure what I think of the episode so far. Only about mid way through it, but will say this much.... Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman! He frealing won the Ultimate X.  And when I say He, in this post today, I am meaning of course, Alex Shelley.  Wow. Very cool. Can't lie, I am surprized on it, happily surprised, but surprised none the less.  Not surprised at all to see that Austin Aries won his contract match.
You know, something tells me that Mr. Shelley won that Ultimate X match just to prove me wrong.

The winner?

Normally the first thing I do in the morning is grab a coffee.  Haven't made it that far today. But I did turn on mom's computer and head straight for the WWE website.  

So CM Punk did it.

If you remember I gave my pridictions the other day on who I thought would win the ppv last night.  No I did not get to see the ppv, never get to see ppvs. 
But the official website had the whats what.   And I it would seem, was off by one. I gave my bets of Punk/Del Rio/Christian/Barrett.    I seemed to have bet on three right.
Oh well, you can't win them all... less youre CM Punk it would seem. 

Will be interesting to see how the media plays out today and how the storylines change... or what have you. All we know is that the ugly belt is gone which was way beyond needing to be upgraded.   Now, can we do something about the style of the Tag belts and the Diva's belt? Really, really, really, really, the Divas belt looks like something you would get in a my little princess barbie collection or some dren.

off to have coffee and clean mom's kitchen before I have to trek home to hell.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mid meal time update

Dear Spudguns:

So, Ninja and J. showed up to fix the air conditioner, and look at the computer. We all came to the same idea, mom spends too much time in Facebook.
J. says the computer is working fine. I second that today.

Yesterday, I mentioned making raspberry jam.  Well, I got the energy for it once the air conditioner was put in. Dude, we hit 44c humidex by noon.  It's one of those days where everything is damp from the heat, and I mean everything even the curtains. Anyways, I made the jam, only there really wasn't much in the container to really be called jam. It's more the amount of a light sauce.
Not to say it didn't turn out, it just really wasn't much more then about five large tablespoons of it. So considering it a sauce today and not a jam.   Will have to pick up a few more containers of raspberries tomorrow and make more.  Didn't use anything over the top, raspberries, sugar, water and a few spoons of apple juice.

Finally finished reading As Always Julia.   It was one of those things where I was beyond hyper to get my hands on, then it sort of dragged me down.   Part of that had to do with the politics, and part had to do with the fact that I did not get to just sit for two or three days straight to read it.  As this was one for the hell of it and not a review, I just picked it up and read a few pages at a time over the course of the last two months. Just dipping in when I had a few minutes.

So the next thing to finish reading is Persuasion for book club. Been reading it on computer, and will have to sort out where in the physical book I actually am when I get home on Tuesday. The email version having it's pages shorter then physical book pages.
Sort of thinking of getting my hands on another cooking memoir. Maybe something from Bourdain?  Just in such a biography mood last few months not too mention the whole food thing.

Wishing I could see the ppv tonight. Bad enough I will have to settle for just the updates tomorrow. My bet for the one money in the bank match is Del Rio, and the other is Wade Barrett.  I think they are going to go for heavy hitters on that and I am betting on Christian getting the main title from Orton and Punk getting the other.  Just because of what Barrett said on Smackdown this week when he was doing commentary.

Well, long post. Need to go make supper. Have no idea what I'm making, but have butter softening for cookies.

Ardeth Blood

What day is it?

It is a Sunday isn't it? Dude, I don't even know anymore.
Just went to get mom's paper. They only deliver it to the lobby and even though they have them all wrapped in plastic and with the apartment number printed on them... they still leave them in the lobby.  Someone had been stealing the paper while back, because mom usually waits till noon to go and get it.
But, since I've been here, well yeah.  What else is there to do? So as I come back in, I notice what I thought was a dead splattered moth on the door. So I sort of batted at it with the rolled up paper. It fell and shimmed off into the corner of the hallway rug.  I almost screamed. I think it was a centipede.All black and streaked with grey. I just kept thinking  A) I stupidly walked out bare foot B)  That is the second time this week I've seen one of those in the area of the Green Lady's door  C) It made me think of the movie Naked Lunch

Brother in law J. is finally coming to put in the air conditioner this morning. Great with one day to go before mom gets back. 
We hit a high yesterday of +39c with a humidex of +44c  after I had blogged. Now we're under another torando and thunderstorm watch because of the heat.

J. is talking about taking the computer to fix it. If he does, I will be lost and crazy by the time I get home tomorrow night for not having a computer.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Supper time

It's one of those days where the heat is so bad nothing is working right.
+28c with a humidex of +39c
Melting is not strong enough of a word.  

Been trying to make a simple Newfie bread pudding, and thinking about a raspberry sauce if I get the energy for that.
Trying to work on one of the blogs, but having issues with the saving and sending options.
Just a night of wanting to crawl back into bed.

Saw the movie Rango last night.  It was okay. Not as good as I was hoping but funny for what it was. Some of the promos for it made it seem like there was more of the Hunter S Thompson -Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas- jokes, as that being a Depp movie too; but there really was only one.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday 15th July

30 pages to go in the book "As Always Julia"  I wasn't aware just how political their letters were to each other. Oh My God!
You get a lovely view of their desire for food in the beginning stages of Julia Child creating Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and their devotion to their husbands -both Julia and Avis DeVoto- but the politics!
I've never been into politics on this kind of level, and to be nose deep in American politics in the 1950's... I've been finding those parts of the book just too much.
And I keep trying to figure out how to translate your american parties to Canadian and well, as I said, I've never been interested in politics so it's just gibberish to me.

I went to college with a guy who did nothing but talk politics all day long.  He's our city's NDP rep now. I understood it about as well back then as I do now, which is to say... I just do not have a taste for politics.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

3 coffees and 1 tea later

Dear Spudguns:

I was unceremoniously woken this morning by the fire alarm. Seems they did not get the whole job finished yesterday when they remodeled the alarm system here at mom's building.
Ninja, is having a hell of a week at work. She called me yesterday wanting to know if I had heard from mom, as she is having some sort of crazied need for our mother to make her soup. Of which it seems I am not needed for because she's got it in her head she wants homemade chicken soup. She doesn't trust me to make it for her given I am a vegetarian. Well la-tee-da whatever.
Two goals for today, the first being to finally finish reading "As Always Julia" which I have been dipping into here and there for the last few months. The other to make a Newfie bread pudding. If I can find where mother hid the pudding bag.
I made a lemon cheesecake last night. Taking full advantage of the use of the kitchen gadgets, which let's face it, is the main reason I like cooking at mother's.  And of course, the grocery store is closer too.
Well, time to get back to the book.  To any of my Spudguns who might be traveling today, stay safe.

Ardeth Blood

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And now it's morning

They are reworking the fire alarms in my mother's building this morning. It's like time to make our ears bleed.

Did I ever mention in the last week that the planet Uranus is now going in a retrograde motion? Sorry, dude, Spudguns, Spuddy, the planet Uranus is now going in a retrograde motion until December.
I wish I could tell you off hand what that means, but I don't have all my snazzy books with me here at mom's. Just the calandar which, given it's not even my spiffy Witche's one, I can't tell you much other then that.

I know, you're all thinking "what do you mean you can't fill in the gaps on this information? What kind of vampire of all knowlegableness are you?"
Well my lovely Spudguns, one that is basically a gorlified naughty librarian. and I'm still hating my mother's computer. Makes the sarcasm harder to write. And even worse that there's no kind of spellcheck thingie on here and I don't have a dictionary with me.

Must need more to get coffee. Carry on.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now I'm grossed out

It's one of those things that creeps up on you and slaps you in the face with a vomit worthy force.
I was minding my own business, sitting down with a cereal bar, and decided to watch Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares US, online, and just the preview totally made my stomach flip in a bad way.  The cereal bar, I had to toss it out because it suddenly looked wrong.
Now I'm scared.  Scared of what my own kitchen will look like when I get back home next week. As I've admitted the other week on here, I have not been in my own kitchen in like a month because of all the time I have been spending here at mom's, and I know I left stuff in the fridge.
I'll be having kitchen nightmares of my own. I'm sure of it. Maybe I should just hire someone with a hazmat suit to clean it out for me before I head back home next week?

Too honest????????

The hallway smells

For anyone who has noticed, I've tried to post every day at lest once this week while I'm apartment sitting. Even when I have zero to say.

Cue the fact that there is a heavy smell of ham coming from the lady next door. The Green Lady.  Which, trust me beats the smell of raw earth and smoke and wet dog that is always coming from her place. But not by much.
Dude, not even joking, I think if I were to stand outside her door for a few minutes and breathe deeply I could get high off the fumes. We do not call her The Green Lady for nothing.  I helpped her with a box of something the other day and she would not let the door open long enough to see inside, but damn the smoke haze was as thick as fog on an October morning.

I'm actually dreading having to go back to my own hell of an apartment next week. Yes, I'll have use of my computer which runs faster and doesn't crap out all the time etc. But, the idea of having to go back to that building with the crazy landlord, his crazy daughter and her demonseeded son who I swear to you is posessed, and the broken windows he never fixes no matter how many times I ask, and the fact they run a daycare out of the daughter's apartment, and the fact it's like an oven no matter how many fans I buy... you get the picture.
Things are in motion for me to move. Actually, if you want to call it that. Since you all by now are aware I'm on disability because of the O.I. type 1 and the past car accident, since you know about that, which of course, always bundles of fun. I've been on a wait list to move since August 2009.  Yes, two years. Waiting. in hell. And why am I waiting? Disability needs to move me and our city sucks.
Just when I thought I couldn't feel any lower about myself I read that as I type it.

Oh, and did you see the big CMPunk episode of WWE Raw last night?  I got to see a small bit of the beginning on the midnight replay. Will be sitting with baited breath and homemade cookies this afternoon for the main replay.
Shortbread.  They turned out excellent for once. So it must be the stove at my place that is messed up. All these years, I have been thinking I just can not bake something simple like cookies. But I've made them three days in a row here at mom's in her kitchen and they turned out perfect.
Another reason to hate my own apartment.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday evening july 11

Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!

I just saw finally, last Thursday's Impact. And all I can say, is I'm digging the Joker act that Sting's rocking right now. And that's got more to do with the Joker part and not much at all to do with Sting, as I've never really been a fan of his.

And now I see what everyone was talking about with that new guy, Jack Evans. All I could think was Spiderman theme song.

Evening has come to a close, and I'm sitting here with a bad neck.  Not too sure why either. Just one of those odd things I suppose. Or I can say my thoughts about ghost pains and soulmates, but no one seems to dig that so...

If you can't take the heat

Get out of the kitchen.  Or in this case, the city.
Dude, I wish I had somewhere other then this city to be right now.  It's not even noon yet, and it's already a frealing +29c feeling like +34c with humidex.
I'm not designed for this weather.  I'm just not.

So here's me this morning, having to go to the bank and the grocery, which by the by are next door cause I'm crashing at mother's while she's away, and by the time I got to the bank, which was what a two minute walk, I was looking like a wilted leaf.

Get to grocery, and Lemon-Zest Stock Boy was working, he seemed like he wanted to talk too.  But, seriously, I was just in such a ...melting mood... I just snarled and now I feel bad. Yeah nice way to make friends.
Worst part is, I'm really starting to like this guy.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Well it's a Sunday of a ppv

I used a screen capture for this post

Damn! I miss that logo. And no, I do not have a screen capture of the new one. Don't like the new colours.
Anyways, here I am, your favourite ghoul next door, the girl who made you scream ... oh hell it's too early for any kind of gimmicks.

I have NOT seen last Thursday night's Impact yet.  I am still waiting for Spike site to add it.  Waiting is something I hate.  But my cousin forwareded me some other blog newsletter thingie and you know I need to weigh in on this. 

This of course being tonight's big X-Division ppv.  Who/What I think will happen.

A.J. Styles vs Daniels.    = I think this will go to Styles.  just because. No seriously, I don't have a real reason other then Styles being the idenitfying icon of the division.  HOWEVER, I do think Samoa Joe will some how get invloved in this one.  Really, few weeks ago when they announced this match, I thought it was going to be a three way to rekindle the old feud the lot of them had.

Abyss vs Kendrick for the X Division belt = I am seeing others going for the hardcore element and voting for Abyss.   I'm going for Kendrick on this one.  The storyline has been building for the last few months, and I just can not see Kendrick failing to "rescue" the belt and save the division. Specially given his character as of late and the line up for the Ulitmate X match.

Shelley vs Robbie vs Moore vs Red = I'm putting my money on Red for this one.  I know everyone and their dog's grandmother thought I would vote for Mr. Shelley, but I don't think I've ever seen him win an Ultimate X? Besides, I think with the 4 way contract match line up, there are other plans for Shelley.

Aries vs Evans vs Ion vs Loki{LowKi/Senshi/Kaval or whatever his name is this week}  = Since I repeat I still haven't seen this past week's show, I'm going on the three guys I have seen in the last few weeks.  My money is on Aries.   Not only is he worthy of it, he's a fan favourite, and he's got history with Shelley.  I am betting Austin Aries gets the contract and then is either put in a tag team with Shelley reforming their Paparazzi  OR which might be even more interesting,  they have a really great feud. Which I do believe they had over in ROH did they not?

Joe vs Kaz = Kaz will tie this one up. Which I think will fuel Joe to made a statement by getting into the Styles/Daniel match

RVD vs Lynn=  Neither.  Someone from their ECW days are going to pop up.  Just a gut thought.

The open challenge that I am reading about from Williams.  Again, since I haven't seen this week's show, I have no idea what kind of challenge he's made. Is it a submissions match? A general match? A hang your flag on the ultimate x and see who reaches it first match? I have no idea. So depending on what kind of match it is... Eric Young.  Just throwing a name out there. Or you know his own tag partner Magnus. Because, let's face it, Douglas Williams is the heat in that tag team.

Okay, that's what I have to say on this one my Spudguns. Remember, I am flying blind on this from not having seen this week's episode yet. It seems Spike posts the shows on Tuesdays now. But you would think the week of a ppv they would up their schedules.  Anyways, this is all based on what I have been reading online. Not sure if I should thank my cousin for sending me the other blog's newsletter thingie or slap him?

To the men in the Ultimate X match, be safe.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rainy Day Randomness

I used screen capture for this post

Anyone else miss the pointless randomeness of seeing screen captures of Chris Sabin on my blog for the hell of it ?????
Yeah, I thought you might. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

What's up with the human race and Bacon?

I was craving pancakes this morning, and pulled out a cookbook -no I have not memorized one of the most basic recipes of all time, so deal- and as I was mixing my batter, I noticed the next recipe was for bacon pancakes. 
As in bacon was to be cut up and put into it, and bacon grease was to be used instead of butter for the batter and also in the pan. 
So I'm like icky on that idea. Which given before I became a vegetarian, I used to love bacon is odd.  Then I started to think about all the products that I've been seeing in the grocery store the last while, like bacon butter, and bacon mayo, and bacon spread.   Which to me, all seems the same thing but whatever Eh?
So seriously, there are so many forms of bacon depending on where in the world you live, from Pancetta, to Back Bacon, to hell there is even Turkey Bacon now.
So what is it about bacon that makes all of society melt?  And you know, I have tried the vegetarian fake bacon and have to say icky on that too.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday July 7th

Okay, right off, I hate hate hate hate hate the new layout for blogger.  Who do I bitch to about getting it switched back?????

Right, now, on to the blog post. Supper was pasta and homemade sauce.  Had the garlic in oil, and realized no onion.  Damn.  put the rest of the ingredients in the sauce pan, and it still came out little oily. Cause I had it figured for onion -the oil I mean.

Watching Eat Pray Love.  Wanting to know why on the Spike site, almost everyone but AJStyles and AlexShelley have yet to do one of the wrestling matters videos. What EPL has to do with wrestling ... I don't know either Spuddy.

Okay, now I have to spend an hour cleaning the kitchen that I spent an hour this afternoon cleaning.  And all I had was pasta-sauce-garlic bread...

So here's me sitting around mom's place, still waiting for the repair guy for the window that never showed that was suppose to have been here three days ago, and I hear this weird noise.  This little high pitched sound, and realize my cell phone is dead.  I smarty that I am, left my charger at home.  So I toss on my hoodie, hood up because I didn't wash my hair today, and boot it to my place grab the charger just as I step out the door to come back to mom's, down pour like hard pennies.  I get back turn on the tv and see we are in a tornado warning. Lovely.
I still hate using my mother's computer too.  Okay, enough of me for tonight. Waiting now for this week's episode of WWE NXT.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Little things part two

A curse I swear is upon me.

Remember two days ago, I mentioned that my brand new cammy strap broke on the first wearing... well, today, my mother's dvd player ate my dvd.
Yes, yes it did.   How, I have no idea. It was playing proper then suddenly little green digital squares then it froze up then crashed.  It looked like someone had spilled something on it, like water damage. 
Which, by the by, was not there before I put it into the machine.  Pigs, swine, fiend! Damn you dvd player.
{shake your fist with me now}
So in my semi-angry-semi-panicked state, I called Blockbuster and asked their thoughts on the matter.  Their advice, bring it in for a spin in the thingie that buffs the insides of dvds.  Only cost you $3.
It was my Twin Peaks Gold Collector's Disk 1  that I got while in Niagara Falls back few years ago. Boxset.  So you know, its a large box set. Here's me, searching my mother's apartment for something, anything I can carry the single dvd down the street in without damaging it more.  I grabbed a cd cover, that I'm guessing the cd for is in her cd player as it was not in the cd case.
I get to the blockbuster, and the manager whom is now my hero for she did fix it, and show her my poor damaged Twin Peaks Gold Collecters Disk 1, and she screwed up her nose looking at it.  Neither of us could figure out what the hell happened. But somehow, she got it fixed, ran it through the store machine and it worked perfect.
So, now I'm scared of my mother's dvd player. I'm still clueless on how or why it ate my dvd to begin with and not sure I should feed it anymore movies.

But it's the tiny things that disrrupt your day to day life that cause chaos and disappointments.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday July 5th am

In high school, I had one English teacher who thought my work was one of the best things she'd ever come across.  If it hadn't been for her faith in me, I would never have entered the contests back when she prompted me to enter nor would I have bothered sending in my poems over the following years to the newspapers and magazines I did.

Another bit of advice she gave me, was what's in the bag?  She told me that when I am stuck on a character or plot line to create the character's life in real life by creating their stuff.  Which, has worked more times then I really want to admit.  Getting a purse and filling it with items that I feel that character would use, or buying a tee shirt I think the character would wear.

I'm sitting here this morning, at my mother's, using her computer, and thinking about this simply because of my train case. 
I have no clue why I packed my stuff yesterday in my little silver train case instead of just a tote? And as I sit here right now, waiting for the repair guy to fix mom's window that never showed up yesterday, thinking I need to get home at some point today to at lest get a change of clothes for tomorrow and The Story of Dorien Gray to blockbuster that I forgot sitting there on my sofa. {the Colin Firth version} I keep thinking that the train case is something so G.C.M. and not Ardeth Blood.
A character I created few years ago when I wrote a one woman play.  No, I never did get it produced. I chickened out.  But, I kept the adding the character to other things I've written over the last few years.

So I'm looking at this mini suitecase thingie, this oversized make-up kit, over the edge of my coffee mug, thinking why was I needing to connect again with this character?
It's not helping me on writing my current novel.

Every writer knows that every single little character, is a small part of them. Good or bad or otherwise.

So that is this morning's coffee chat.
Hope all my lovely Spudguns have a great day back to work today after the long weekend.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Are we living in a soap opera?

So mother has gone on her trip for the next two weeks.  Lovely.
This means, that I am semi-apartment sitting.  Nothing completely different then the normal schedule as of the last few months, other then,  I am here alone.
Oh and of course, I have one job to do.  It's what I do best.   Watch tv and write up a full on report of what I watched for mom so that she does not miss anything on Bold and the Beautiful.  
Yes, you read right.  Now I'm doing soap opera reviews for the family. 

Anyways, so I get here this morning, help her out with her suitcase, and snap!  Right in front of the cab driver and the two gardners working five feet away on the building's lawn. My brand new cammy strap broke. There's me, trying to cover up, mother laughing her arse off, the suitcase half in the cab's trunk, and two really cute guys giggling at me.  Thanks.  Didn't seem to fase the cabbie any.
And the cammy now being held together with pins.  Right, nice high fashion and all. I really hope that's not an indication of what the rest of the two weeks are going to be like.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Did you see his hair?

If you've been following my wrestling blog at all or any of the random Wade Barrett ramblings I've been posting, then you know I've been watching his hair.
Yes, his hair.   Dude!  It doesn't move!  {laughing like a lunatic right now}  Seriously, he weighs it down with like five pounds of product and it never even hits a breeze.  I've dubbed him Jughead Jones,  from the old Archie comics because of the style he's sporting with that do.
Anyways,  on this week's episode of WWE Smackdown,  he had a match with Kane, and you know what?   The hair got messed up.  I love it.
I know, totally silly to be talking about the guy's hair, but it's one of those little things that just makes you giggle.  Sorry, I know he's this massive wrestling superstar and I just wanna talk about his hair. 
I wish I had a photo of it.  It was cute, come on admit it.  You Spudguns who watch the show know what I mean. 
He takes a major beating every week, but yet his hair never even so much as a single strain falls out of place. Even when he lands on his skull. It just does not move.  And then this week, it was sticking up in all directions when Kane grabbed him by it. 
Okay, just love the fact that yes, even superstars have moments of being human on tv. 

And me, well I've never really had a good hair day yet.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday night July 2nd

Just me and my Venti coffee.   MMMMMM!
House blend, no idea what it is.  Mild roast.  Yeah, it's been one of those days.

Here's the thing, it's summer.  I have spent more time in the last few months at my mother's, then I have in my own apartment, that I do not even keep coffee in the place anymore. 
All cooking has been at my mother's for months.  Which means,  I get up, get dressed and trek over to mom's in the morning before I even have a coffee.  And if you know me, then you know by now that I am a caffeine junkie to the max.
That means, I start my day with 3 coffees right off before anything else, and continue to drink coffee/tea all day long.  And no, it does not keep me awake. 
So this, this was my take-away for the night.   It's about the size of two mugs worth.  Thought I would share my coffee time with you, my lovely Spudguns,  while I continue to wait for the Spike site to put up the episode of Thursday's Impact.  

Oh and you see my tattoo yes, well I had not one, not two but three ladies who were mentally handicapped {not kidding they all had little day passes around their necks, the kind that reminded me of VIP passes} who started talking about my tattoo.  They were standing around at the bus earlier a few feet from me, discussing the size of my tattoo.  And when I turned they started telling me that I had done a bad thing getting inked because tattoos are a thing only bad people like Ozzy Osbourne does.    It was all I could do not to break out laughing.  Specially when the one lady started to say she wanted to get one but knew if she did she'd go to hell for it. 
Well, I guess that means hell will be one damned great party if anyone who has ever had a tattoo done is going to be there and I will look forward to hanging out with many rockstars, celebrity chefs, and Wade Barrett, Mr. Anderson, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Ink Inc; among other wrestlers.

A word from our sponsor

If my blog had a sponsor, which it does not.

New month, new season, new round of issues to deal with.

Reading - Models Incorporated    by Carole Alt.    for the hell of it.

In my normal series of weekly rants and what the hells,  I logged on to the net yesterday and there was an email from iTunes Canada saying that there was an episode of TNA-Impact for download.  Could it be, could they have re-added the show? 
No it seems not.   What they gave me was a random episode from over a month ago because I had one episode left on my season pass.  When I tried to look it up on iTunes Canada, there is no listing at all.  What they did, was kick over an episode from the American iTunes.  Which by the by, still carries the show.  Bastards. 
So back to waiting for Spike site to put up the episode for this past Thursday. 

Massive storms here last night.  Which put a damper - all puns intended-  on the Canada Day stuff that was going on last night.  Also knocked out the internet and some cell service for hours last night.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day

 Happy Canada Day.

Not only is it the long weekend, today is the Solar Eclipse and a New Moon.