Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Would Carrie Do... part 2

In season 3 of SATC, in the final episode for that season called Cock-A-Doddle-Doo (which I think I mistakenly listed on my old blog as season 4) Carrie and Miranda are faced with fears.   Miranda's fear is the Chinese take-out lady and Carrie's is Aidan. 

In a post I did on June 17th 2009 on my old blog,  I talked about what I think would be the ideal way to meet the perfect man.   I mentioned it would be ideal too, to be wearing an outfit like the one Carrie is wearing in the episode.

I think this outfit is one of the best they ever put her in.  The top is feminine and dressy, but still has a casual feel, while the jeans are just fancy enough to have a feel of not being plan old jeans.  The design itself is at first made to make you look twice, as if she had just thrown the top on after a lazy day of painting or in her case writing. 

I have yet to find an outfit that even comes close to that.  That is in my mind sexy -chic.  

The question she poses for that episode is  "Is It Us?" 

This can be considered a transition episode, as it deals with everything from the trans-gendered hookers in Samantha's neighbourhood, to what becomes the restart of Charlotte's marriage to Trey, the re-start of the friendship between Miranda and Steve and the idea that Carrie is somewhere between being able to be around Mr. Big and Aidan.