Saturday, May 8, 2010

But they're not my Spudguns

I was just on my old blog, checking to see if anyone had voted in the Sex and the City poll on there (I have it open till the day of the movie release) and looked at my hits tracker.  
I spotted a local hit.  Normally I don't get local hits.  But since the wrestling is coming to town next week, I have started to get local hits from people in Thunder Bay googling wrestling stuff.  Which is fine, they normally don't come around my blog too often so whatever.
It's no secret I hate living here.  If I could move I would in a heartbeat.  Given I'm on disability, I'm stuck ... for now.
I really have nothing nice to say about this city.  Anyone googling stuff in regards to this city and land on my old blog will not find anything uplifting or sweet.   Did I mention I hate being stuck living here.