Monday, January 31, 2011

Knight of Cups

A card of messages and love.  Also can represent a shy person. Truthful expression of feelings, and even creativity.

It also means the arrival or approach of someone, a lover. Cups are connected to water, and emotions and art.
This is a card that lets you know everything is about to go perfectly.

So, it's been turning up in my readings constantly the last few weeks. Almost teasing me with the promise of better things ahead.

Here's the thing with tarot for those of you new to them,  they don't have a timeline.  They could be telling you about something that is happening to you now (with in the month) or they could be telling you something that's happening to you down the road (five years from now)
But no matter what, this Knight of Cups is all good baby.

Supper time

End of day. Sort of.  

It's been one of those days where I have a killer sinus headache and can't seem to focus on anything for more then five seconds.  You know the kind, nose is dripping but it's not a cold, eyes burning, face feels like you were punched.  One of those.

If you notice, I've been blogging today.  Silly stuff.  Stuff to make you laugh and cringe and to just relax. Like I said, silly stuff.

The weather can't seem to make up it's mind around here.  It's been melting out again today.  Hence the sinus headache.

And on another note, that Bride of Frankenstein dress I was all hyped about last summer that I never did get around to.... I got as far as sitting here in the living room with the material in front of me today.  But that was about it.  I still haven't bought a dress pattern for it. 
Just in case anyone was wondering what happened to that, thought I'd give the update.  Or lack of update.

Wonder who won the Royal Rumble last night?

Why Jeff Hardy Does Not Exist

an a wrestling moment essay by Ardeth Blood

Jeff Hardy does not exist because he calls himself the Anti-Christ.
Anyone who has bothered to study the Occult or Paganism, will tell you there is no such thing as the Anti-Christ.  The so called anti-christ is a mythical element based on Bacchus.
Bacchus is a horned fertility god, and is also the shadow self of Dionysus. 
Dionysus, is the god of wine, music, poetry, art, dance and fertility.  The only twice birthed Greek god, who was born on Dec 25th.
 Therefore, if they are one in the same, there is no way to have an anti-christ.
And if there is no way to have an anti-christ,  then the wrestler Jeff Hardy can not possibly claim to be the wrestling anti-christ because there is no such thing.  And therefore if wrestler Jeff Hardy wants to call himself such an non-existing creature, then he himself must not exist.

This is why Jeff Hardy does not exist.

P.S.  the TNA belt is still frealing ugly.

Wrap your minds around that one my little rat bastards.

But How?

How does she do it?
I'm talking about Martha Stewart.   I remember seeing a bio-pic about her like ten years ago, on how she got started with the whole Domestic Goddess thing.   I was amazed.
Still am.

I get the daily newsletters from her website, have been transfixed at times by some of the recipes, mostly the cookie recipes, and the crafts and stuff.  Yet, just can not figure out how to even get the energy to do some of these. 
And trust me, the results of some of my attempts to do the baking never work.

Where does one get the energy to even want to continue on doing this all the time? After the first three or four failures I just totally gave up.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

So I read your blog

I used screen capture for this post 

I caught this week's issue of the MotorCityMachine Guns!   Spike blog. (Losing the Belts and Traveling)   Mr. Shelley, it's a good thing you do not work in  a hospital. You'd go insane with the germs.

It was slightly random, but I'm just happy they blogged again. Just happy. 
I do feel sorry for their top commenter this week, poor dude got yelled at by some craphead - not me, I've only ever left a comment once on there few months ago when Mr. Shelley said he has an eating disorder.

Mr. Sabin's half was... well to the point. I'm not sure if he was angry or just... in character to be honest.

And why do I feel the need to blog this you're asking?  
Um cause hello, that's what I do.  I make weird notes on here in regards to the MMG.  It's what I'm known for.  I am the Queen of my own Dorkdom and love it.

Besides, I've got a very odd blogging goal of 666 posts by Feb 14th.  And since I haven't been blogging as often I needed something to yammer on about.  That and I just wanted my boys to know I did read their blog.  I check it every week. Let them know someone notices and cares, even if I'm not leaving a physical comment on their actual page.
Which of course they already know, as they read this when they have nothing else to do or when they can't sleep and are unable to take a sleep aid, or when they are sitting killing time in an airport or something. 

At lest they don't do what my cousin does and read my blog when they're in the toilet.... god man at lest I hope they don't cause that would be weird.

Anyways where was I?  Oh yes... Mr. Shelley, Mr. Sabin good to have you back.   And we'll talk about those missing belts later, over coffee. 

Sunday Day- end of Jan

So I'm trying to watch the episode of TNA Impact from two weeks ago (Jan 20th 2011 episode)  online on the Spike site, cause I never did get that episode for download on iTunes Canada.   Totally sucks cause as I said before, I prepaid for the Season's Pass.

And of course same old same old, freezing up, crashing, and I'm not even 10 minutes into the show, but yet I've been trying to watch for a half hour already. 

I'm having a day where my mood is not the best to begin with, and I've already lost count on how many cups of coffee I've had since I got up this morning at 9am.

It's the end of the month, with a few holidays this week.   Feb 2nd is Imbolic and Feb 3rd is Chinese New Year.  We will be heading into the year of the Rabbit.

Meanwhile, Saturn is in retrograde until the summer.
That sucks.   Yes,  "that sucks"  is the catch phrase of the day.  

Really long books suck

They do and you can't say that they don't.

I just finished reading the latest for review,  will do the review later - not in the mood right now.   And, all I will say is that the last 50 pages were unneeded.  The book was fine without out the last part.

It's cold here today and my plan is to stay inside, do the review at some point,  drink lots of tea, get around to watching the last two weeks worth of TNA Impact, and never get out of my pajamas.   Sounds like a lovely plan doesn't it.  Yes indeedy it does. Righty-ho Righty-ho.

Then tonight around - well after supper I suppose- I will have to begin the next book for review.  It thank god is only 300 pages. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is it Saturday Yet?

It seems it is.

You've heard me say before, that mom is a very picky movie person. Very picky.
She wanted to see a movie this week. Okay, righty-ho righty-ho. 
So there's me, in blockbuster on the phone with mom, reading off the titles of some of the new releases.  No she didn't want that one, no she hates that actor, no she can't stand that style of talking, no she hates that actor etc.

What did she settle on... SALT.

Yes, an action film. And she loved it. Actually moved away from her computer for the two hours and watched the movie. Seriously, nothing gets mom away from her Facebook for more then five minutes.  Honestly, it's a really good thing mom does not  have a cell phone cause if she did she'd never leave the Facebook at all.

And the last time I brought over a movie that mom actually paid full attention to was...  The Pink Panther 2.   Yeah, she's a mixed bag.  The movies you think she'll love she won't even pay attention to,  things you think she'll hate she is glued to.

What did I think of the movie SALT...  I just could not get past how much of a skeleton Jolie looked.  That's too thin.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Food Fight

This is just ridiculous really it is.

You have heard me complain about how I was hoping for cookbooks for review because the never ending stack of novels results in eyestrain, headaches, and neck pain from being hunched over.  Yes, I'm one of those people who can not read laying down or standing. 
You might have heard me say I finally got cookbooks from one of the publishers I review for. 

Cookbooks, yes baby!  

You know as well, that I am a vegetarian.  Well, you know the term careful what you wish for cause you just might get it.   Yeah, I got what I wished for -two cookbooks.  One of which is the latest Jamie Oliver book.  
I need to try 3 of the recipes from each book. 
The second book has a nice chapter on meatless mains, and an impressive chapter on side dishes.  Which would seem to be a walk in the park for me.  But it's not.
The second book, has ingredients that are not common around here, and the ones that are, are overly costly.  Which means, many of the recipes are not all that user friendly. 

The Jamie Oliver book,  is even less user friendly.  It's region specific in it's recipes.  The majority of the recipes will need more switch outs then anything else.  Mother has agreed to try a couple of dishes, but I still have to buy all the ingredients and such.  And if you think I'm a fussy person, mon dieu you have not met my mother.

Who knew something as seemingly simple as Stuffed Peppers and Chili would end up in a temper tantrum.

Friday Morning

Many of you might remember I mentioned last summer about the spiritual group I got to be part of.   The Intenders. 
At that gathering, I was lucky enough to meet a few different spiritual leaders, one of which was an Ojibewe Medicine Man. 

He was splitting his time between here and Mexico, between a local group here and one there. 
Those of us here in Thunder Bay got word yesterday of his passing while in Mexico. 

It's always sad when a friend and leader passes.  For many in the group he was more then just a community leader, more then just a friend. He will be missed greatly by our community.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Small rant

I have a prepaid Season's Pass for TNA Impact on iTunes Canada.

I see iTunes Canada still does not have last week's show ready for download.  Little pissed off on that one. Spike just posted it.
I prefer to watch it on iTunes for a few reasons,  one being that it's easier to watch as it doesn't crash or freeze up that way. and the other being I've prepaid for it.

Which means that I know it's online to watch and will be tempted to catch it on Spike... but I will refuse to do so until much much later in the week.

My prepaid Season's Pass still has four or five episodes on it before renewal time.  I had better get my missing episode soon. And I'm not too sure I want to renew my pass when the time comes, as I have almost lost faith in TNA.  

Monday, January 24, 2011

Randomness on a Monday night

#1- It's Monday night and last Thursday's TNA Impact still is not available for download on iTunes Canada or on the Spike site for that matter.

#2- It's been a full month since the last Spike blog post by the MotorCityMachine Guns!   what's going on there? Have our heroes abandoned us fans? I hope not... I need them still.

#3- We've had some crazy weather here. Unusual warm winter that dropped to the bottom of the minuses over the weekend, that went right back up to the top of the minuses again today.  It was - 8c today.  Beautiful weather here.  Everything melted out so I took advantage and went for a short walk to mom's.

#4- Book for review right now is "Darcy and Fitzwilliam A tale of a Gentleman and Officer"  and it's much more interesting then the last couple of Pride and Prejudice sequels I've had to review. Much more interesting.

#5- Still very addicted to Top Chef.  I just finished watching Season 3 and have started to watch Season 4.

#6- Wondering if I should give up on my own novel all together and start a completely different story? I'm torn on this actually as I've put in two years on this one.  Well, it will be two years in March.  I'm just falling out of love with my characters.  They've drained me to the point of exhaustion. I just don't want to even think about having to re-read my own manuscript to see what else could make it better.

#7- Still have not managed to get my hands on a copy of the Bobby Heenan dvd yet.  I'm hoping to have some extra cash this coming month.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Country Strong.... review sort of

I've been hanging onto a free movie pass that was about to expire.  So I braved the psycho cold to see the movie Country Strong 
All I have to say is, this is the chick-flick movie we should have gotten last year (Sex and the City 2 and Eat Pray Love promised big things but let fans downs.)
This was hands down, one of the best dramas I've seen in over a year.  Now, you know I'm not one for musicals, it's not my thing, but Country Strong was handled in such a way that you forget your watching a musical.  It's that good.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact people were surprised to see Gwyneth Paltrow singing... She sang all her own character's stuff in Duets back 2000. (the movie about the karaoke contest)

Plot: Kelly Canter is the biggest country singer around, and fresh out of rehab. Her husband/manager is doing everything he can to repair both her career and their marriage, including taking her on tour with two fresh hot opening acts-Beau Hutton and Chiles Stanton- In just under a month, we see the return of the star she was, the rise of Beau and Chiles as well as the love triangle that forms. Can Kelly once again rise to the top, or will she fall under her own stardom leaving her new tour mates to pick up the pieces?

The twist ending was one even I didn't see coming.  This is one film, that I know I'm going to be buying in a few months when it comes out on DVD, and I am thinking I need to track down the two part soundtrack soon too. 

One thing I have to say about having gone today to see it,  and that was simply put the woman who showed up with her 2 kids both under the age of ten.   This is NOT a family film. Though it is light on language and mild on sex scenes,  it still is a darker film with it's overall topics of addiction, cheating, and emotional abuse. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Did you read this?

The Top Chef blog on  with Marcel

Okay, so I'm reading it, and thinking, this dude is good drama give him his own show.  Then, half way through I see it says he's got his own show coming out soon.  NICE!
Too bad it's on a channel we don't have in Canada.  That's going to suck having to hunt for it online at some point.

At this point, there are like 4 pages of comments.  I read maybe the first ten comments then just closed the page. 
Love him or Hate him, he's been able to prove on both his seasons of Top Chef that he's got what it takes to make decent food. And, it is REALITY TV.  To quote Corey Feldman in Lost Boys 3 the Thirst... "It's reality tv, everything is scripted"

Nice guy or not, everyone on the show I'm sure has been edited to look a certain way in each episode to help drive the drama.  Even the Judges.

I'm late to the game with Top Chef, only finding it about two months ago, and have admitted I'm a total junkie for it.  I've watched -in this order- Season 7, Top Chef Masters, TCMasters 2, Just Desserts, Season 6, Season 1 and Season 2.   Season 8 All-Stars is the current season so I'm actually watching it as it goes.

Ask yourself this question,  at the end of the whole thing, who do you actually remember the most; the seasons winners or Marcel?

Is it drugs?

It was an amazing -40c this morning. Like just a half hour ago.  It's crept up to -31c right now.

How do I know this, besides looking at the weather network's website,  I was told by the poor delivery lady as she stood defrosting in our building's lobby this morning.  I got two packages today.  After bringing me packages for the last year she finally asked me what was in them.

So I opened both lots in front of her.   It was the missing books that I mentioned last week.
You should have seen the sigh of relief on the delivery lady's face. Then a raised eyebrow.  I had to explain about the book reviews and blah blah blah. Which of course my Spudguns, you already know about.

So while she stood there trying to get the feeling back into her arms before getting back into her truck, she shook her head laughing "I know you get like three of these a week, was starting to wonder if it was drugs or something. I know they felt like books, at one point I thought you were a teacher getting supplies or something like that. "

Sidenote,  I had to drag my frozen self out to the post office yesterday for the cookbooks. As they were too heavy for the mailperson.  So the stack that I had just managed to get down to two has now grown up to 12 again. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!... 2011

The new Batman is going into production, and it seems to be all anyone wants to talk about in the last 24hours.

Groovy! Let's talk about it.

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.... hmmm.  Loved her in Devil Wear's Prada, Becoming Jane, and Bride Wars.  She proved that she's got what it takes to hang with the big kids.  Just her role as Jane Austen is enough said.  But as Catwoman? 
When Michelle Pfeiffer took over the role in the 1992 Batman Returns, she was able to capture both sides of the character with perrrrrrr-fectttion (oh you knew it was coming so hush) giving strength to the bad girl side of Catwoman, and believable innocence to the Selina Kyle side of the character. Basically, playing two roles almost.
When Halle Berry took up the role in 2004,  she did a better job on the sweet innocent side then she did the bad girl angle.
So, what am I getting at you might be thinking?   Anne Hathaway is perfect for the softer side of Catwoman but does she really have the chops to play the grit of it?

Tom Hardy as Bane.   What can I say other then .... swwoooooonnnnn!  My favourite Star Trek movie has always been the Star Trek Nemesis. Tom Hardy's role as Shinzon in the 2002 film was beyond perfect.  (I haven't seen him in anything else) All I can say is if he can pull off being a younger Captain Picard then he can do anything.

P.S.  Yes I know I've used this posting title before on my old blog, it's one of my catch phrases.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get up Randy Get Up!!!

I went to mom's today, to watch the replay of Monday's Raw, and it was funny. 

Not the show, my mom's reactions.  She needs to admit that she's becoming a fan.  Why do I say this, because during Randy Orton's match, well actually during the five minute beat down he got from Miz and Riley, mom put down her newspaper and was just transfixed. 
I was making a coffee in the kitchen and suddenly I hear "Randy Get UP! Get Up! Grab him by his tie... stupid." 

Yes, mother was screaming at the tv.   Mind you I sometimes  always do the same thing when watching episodes of wrestling too. Come to think of it, Grandma used to scream at her favourite soap opera characters as well when there was a storyline she didn't care for.  
It's a woman-soap thing.  We tend to get pissed off when a character on our "stories" does something foolish... clears throat .... but yeah. 

Wait, hang on, it gets better...mother then went on to say how the "blue guy" meaning; the blue dress shirt that Bore-Spore Alex Riley was wearing, was cheating.  I found that funny as he was not even in the match.  Then made the off handed comment about how cute he is.

It's official... my little Bore-Spore Alex Riley,  you have gotten yourself a new fan... my mother. Be afraid, be very afraid. 

Oh and Sheamus... I did not catch any of his speech this week as mom was talking over it, saying how much like us Newfie's, you Irish sound.  Yes, I know, I had to remind mother that it's actually the other way around, which she refuses to acknowledge.

See this is what happens when I leave the house...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't you just hate that

It's a book list group thingie.   I've had an account now on there for about 4 years.  I haven't been able to use it properly in the last few months. 
It keeps telling me my password is wrong, no matter how often I change it. I think I had to change it close to six times.

Today, I decided to just create a new account.  yeah, you know what that means... re-listing ALL the nearly 200 books I had been cataloging for the last 4 years.
I'm nowhere near anything.  And now I'm tired.

Why would something like this matter you, my lovely molasses covered Spudguns (TNA Spudguns) might be asking... once again it all comes back to the book reviews.

It's the same thing over on Chapters Community.  About once a month, I log into my Chapters/Indigo account and update all my latest books and add a few of the reviews.

All about the reviews man. 

Angry Fans... part 5000

Three weeks into the new year, and still we the TNA fans are not being made happy.
Is anyone other then myself reading the comments on the TNA page on the Spike official site?  I'm starting to think we need a spokesperson .... since I'm rude and loud and have the love of the X-Division {they hate to love to hate to love me... or something like that. Oh hush you know you want me...}
I suppose it's the new unofficial job of this here bloggy-blog to ask....
Dude, what's the what? 

Seriously, the comments are stacking up on there wondering once again where the last few episodes are, and wondering why in the hell TNA is bringing in some of the old guys that they are bringing in?

I would like to know this myself actually.   Why are certain old goats being brought in? 
From a "family" idea, I understand.  These are guys you've worked with for decades and they are former big draws and they need the money and you would be totally heartless if you didn't offer them some sort of job cause they are your "family" in the sense of brothers in arms.
Totally understanding that.

But, not understanding why they have to be in the ring?  Can't they just be behind the scenes? Their time is up.  Seriously, if you listen to us the fans, those of us who are still kicking around holding out for an improvement in things, you'll see we don't care for the way things are going.

So the first issue is... getting someone in production to do a better job with the updates on the TNA page on Spike's website.

Then we can talk about the rest of it.

Love Ardeth Blood

Monday, January 17, 2011

Under the name Joe

I went to blockbuster today, to rent something.  I ended up getting Legion 
When I got to the checkout, the girl scanned my card... sort of as it would not scan, it's so old they have to punch in the numbers.... and she asked me what name it was under?
"Is it under the name Joe?" 

She checked it again. and asked how many people I've added to my card.  None.
She found the one movie I returned and scanned it, my account coming up. Then punched in my card again, saying she had 5 names on the account none of which were mine. 

What?  I've had this card for 20 years, I'm the only one who's name is attached to it.  So here's me wondering if I've been hacked or something, trying to make sure there are no charges on my blockbuster account.  
Nope, none so that's okay.  But the girl working there, who's been there now for 4 years and knows me fairly well had as a puzzled look on her face as I did.  Never did figure out what the hell was going on, but I ended up having to get a new membership.
She gave it to me for free which I suppose is a plus, and then made a comment about maybe it was the computers since the new year.  I told her that I rented Bride and Prejudice last week and everything was fine then. 

So, what the hell happened since last Wednesday to my account? 
Might be just a computer glitch or; as we thought about it a few minutes,  might have been the new guy screwed up by not clearing my account before checking out the costumer after me.  Might never know. 

But hey, I got my membership renewed for free with an extra booklet of coupons for the coming year.  Oh and P.S.   Legion sucked actually so did Bride and Prejudice

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Return of the Silliness... Part deux

I used screen capture for this post

Mr. Shelley, Mr. Sabin, I am starting to think that you are making it your life's work to make it my life's work to talk about the pants.
I keep asking where the red and black ones are that I think are groovy, but yet I haven't seen you wearing them since.... July. 
I think I figured it out. Why you're digging out all the other sets of pants you've had made in the last few years... it's because Fortune have commandeered the colours of red and black haven't they?  I think they have.  They all seem to be sporting the red and black like its going out of style.

(The screen capture is of the blue/silver trippy hologram pants.)

Now, next item ... What the hell is going on?  Is there a wedg(i)e being driven between my tag team? Two nights in a row that one of you MotorCityMachine Guns! greeted a superkick with your chin. Dude, I mean man that's two separate trips to the dentist that is.
I mean, righty-ho, to singles belts we go.  Yes, I did say on my wrestling blog few weeks ago, I would like to see Mr. Sabin go for the TV Title as the Heel, but I did NOT mean to rip my tag team to shredded wheat.

 Lesson of this silliness is, it's not about your wrestling style or ability, it's all about the pants. Yes, I'm fixated on the pants. Wouldn't you be????? Lest  Mr. Sabin isn't wearing the same old brown pants to the ring as his "on set street clothes"  that he wore for all of 2009.

WHILE I HAVE YOU HERE... Oh my!  Is Mr. Shelley okay?  I was just watching the episode of Impact from Jan 13th 2011, and he looked like he dislodged something in his neck or dislocated his shoulder at the end of that match. 

Probably a good thing I do not have kids, as I react like this towards seeing a professional wrestler get hurt If I had kids I'd be needing tranquilizers if they got injured; or a hanged nail. 

Ask-Ardeth : Jan 15th 2011

This was a comment on one of my posts, and I thought I would answer it by turning it into an Ask-Ardeth because, well when I started to answer as a comment, it was turning too long to be just a reply.  And I haven't gotten any Ask-Ardeth questions in months. The column was very thin.

Time to dig into the fang mail for another batch of emails from beyond the grave.
Welcome to an overdue issue of "Ask Ardeth" Where anything that can be thought of to ask will be answered by my horror film Heavy Metal Goddess alter ego Ardeth Blood.

Dear Ardeth:

Are you going to be doing any more TNA reviews because now the Hardy Boyz are back together.

From: RocktheSock 

Dear RocktheSock:

 At some point yes, I will be.  But at the moment, I do not have the kind of energy and time to put into doing the reviews/commentaries the way I was.
I have been focusing on the book reviews for the last few months.
I have been doing free-form oners on my wrestling blog as well as WWE's NXT simply because they are short.  I found spending the time covering four episodes or more of wrestling per week; was coming to close to 20 hours per week.  Just too much energy to put into something that was no longer fun for me.
At some point I do want to take my reviews/commentaries to the next level, but that time is just not now. I have stated my distaste for how TNA has moved in the last 8 months and until the storylines go in a direction I can say are better, I'm just going to keep it simple. 
As far as the Hardy Boyz getting back together,  I'm not a fan of theirs, never have been.
I know 90% of my Spudguns are wrestling fans, and I also know that since I have cut back on my wrestling posts, I've lost nearly 60% of my readers.  A year ago that would have sent me in a tailspin panic, now I'm just cruising. 
When you put that kind of time into something, even if it is just a hobby, you become emotionally attached.  I want to love what I'm doing 100% of the time, not just 40%.
So for now, I'm keeping it simple, maybe the odd "my favourites match" and the free-form oners I'm doing on my other blog, but until I can truly say I am in love with wrestling again... I'm just watching the parts with Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.

 That's all the time we have for this one, come back around and see what other gobs of wisdom Ardeth Blood will dish out and serve to her fiends.

You can email Ask Ardeth at   

4am can't sleep


I heard a doorbell in my sleep, but I know that there is no one there.  To hear noises in dreams is an omen. Doorbells, an omen unto itself and not a good one.  To be honest, I can't remember if it means an illness or that your lover is leaving you. 
I'm hoping it was just a squirrel or a woodpecker hitting the doorbell, as that happens alot around here.

It's been snowing here overnight. Went to bed freezing as usual, and woke up just now sweating. Why you ask, well Spudguns, when it snows it gets warmer.

My elbow has been bothering me since around 9:30pm last night (Friday night EST)  One of those weird things out of nowhere. Was sitting watching a movie and out of nowhere I started to get this crazy ache in my left elbow.  Wasn't doing a thing, just sitting there. Now, you know me enough that my first reaction is "what did the guy do?"  cause if you've been reading me for awhile you know that I believe in soulmates and the notion that you can feel each other's pains/emotions. This is my good arm the one I have not broken before so... yeah.

Welcome to my mind at 4am.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Name Blame

This is just retarded.  I just read a news article that has banned names.  In one part of the world you can not name your son "TOM"   are you frealing kidding me?

So you mean to tell me, that if I were to have a baby and give him the name I have picked out I would need to have that kid within in a year or two before the laws change here? Or even possibly have to fight for the right to call my kid what I want?

I know that the province of Quebec, here in Canada already has a crazy law for names, first and last, which is why so many families in Quebec are choosing to come into the provinces of Ontario, Newfoundland and even go into the U.S. in order to legally give their kids the names they want and not what the government wants. 

Dude, I understand not naming your baby after a fruit, but not being allowed to call your son Tom - because of the whole celebrity angle.  That's just frealed. 

And yes, I have names picked out for if I ever do end up having kids.  Two boy's names and one girl's name.  I know I know, me not having kids the idea of picking names should be not an issue but every little girl picks out baby names...

Well someone in the mail room isn't doing their job

I just got sent the wrong book.
I'd been wondering why my latest batch of review books hadn't arrived, that should have been here two weeks ago. 
Today, the delivery person showed up and I open it, to find a book I had not agreed to.   I sent off an email to the press agent letting them know this... lets see what happens now.

But since I believe everything happens for a reason to whom it does when it does... I can at this point only think that the book that arrived today is one I'm suppose to get something knowledgefulingly out of.

As for the other 3 that never arrived... have to wait and see if they show up or not.
And you're maybe wondering what does it matter if I got the wrong books... because everyone is scheduled with reviews and genres and for author interviews.  If you've got interviews and giveaways scheduled by the publishers, there are only so many books for reviews to have.
I wonder if the screw up was just with me and the person who was meant to get this book or if it goes across the board with a bunch of us.... 

Wow, a bit of mystery for my extremely dull non-existent life.  You know you're a hoser when the most exciting thing is a wrong delivery.   dude, I need a husband lest then I would have something normal to bitch about.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

So I'm bored and...

I used screen capture for this post

Seriously have a million things that I should be doing but just do not feel like it. 
I went back to watch last week's (Jan 6 2011) episode of TNA Impact, and have to ask...

Is it the pants, or is it just my personal wishful thinking, cause Alex Shelley looks like he might have FINALLY gained a few pounds. 

Now, as much as I tried, I could not get a good clean screen capture of him without his ring jacket so the shot I did get will have to do.

The last few years, I have honestly been wondering if the man is okay, as he seemed to have gotten too skinny and at too quick of a rate.

So much information is out there for  women who have eating disorders, but too little is talked about men who have it.
It is a lot harder to diagnose in men then it is in women, specially athletes.

Ever since the tragic death of Corey Haim last year, I think more and more fans are realizing how delicate the lives of their heroes really are.  We put so much pressure on them, specially athletes like wrestlers who do not have off seasons, to be over the top superhuman.

So I guess I'm asking Mr. Shelley... am I right on this one or is it just the damned pants?

Damn it! It's starting already

Today's date is Jan 13th .... 32 days before evil hell day... um Valentines.
And it's starting already.  The heart stickers in people's windows, the fluffy and floofy stuffed animals in shops next to little candies shaped like hearts and... aaaaahhhhhhggggeerrrrrr!!!!!

Yes, I know I said I was going to face this year's evil hell day without any angry or tears, but damn it, couldn't the dren wait at lest till the end of this month?  Seriously dude, you're really trying to kill me and all the other Singletons aren't you?   Have us all pull a CM Punk and jump from the top of the video tron in mid show.... okay so he did not actually jump and he was on a safety harness but going for the dramatic example here....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wed Jan 12th 2011-Night

I just finished the review for "The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy".

It got me thinking.  Other then just the flirting which I posted about the other night, but about my own novel.

It was actually nice enough today ( -8c with a windchill of -13c) that I was able to go for a short walk to the grocery as things were melting.  Mind you it made walking nearly as difficult with all the slush as it would have been with all the ice, but anyways,  when I was out, I started thinking about the book I had just read and heroes vs villains and what makes one or the other.

I think that is one major plot issue I am having with my own novel.  Both my hero and villain are heroes so to speak. Neither is truly a bad guy and therefore, I want both to win.  Which is not a conflict in the novel itself just in my ability to write it.

Something has to change.  Either my hero needs to  man up or my villain needs to be crueler. Not sure which?
But that is the problem when you spend this much time -it will be two full years in March- creating characters, they become your pets or children and you want to see them doing good stuff. You end up having a difficult time keeping to the original script so to speak.

I was hoping to have one month where I did not have any books for review to devote that amount of time to my novel, but I am afraid that is just not going to be the case as the "spring/summer collection" is now rolling in for review.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let's Flirt!

I'm not a sweet flirt, I'm a bitter one.

Flirting.  A topic I keep coming back to.  Mostly because I'm so bad at it, and I'm trying to figure out how to be better.

If you've been reading me for a while, you know I have a tongue on me that gets me into trouble whenever I open my mouth, or for that matter, whenever I type.  It's just part of that whole "I'm an Aries deal with it"  texture that I am made from.

And that shows the best in my style of communication with men.   Granted, I have admitted too; to the fact I have no idea how to communicate with a certain man.  In one blog post I even asked out loud if I am a vexation on his nerves or if he finds me very amiable. I am still on the fence when it comes to this guy.  I just can not figure him out...  Anyways...

I've watched other women flirt sweetly. Cooing at everything a man does, filling his ego with nonsense that makes him seem nothing more then bubble wrap, and the woman dripping of sugar coated dren.
I can not stomach that. At all. 
My attack, is the opposite.  I much prefer to tease a man.  Personally, I find a man with just a sharp a tongue and quick witted mind sexier then just ... well bubble wrap. 

As I'm reading the latest book for review "A Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy"  I am faced head on with the topic of flirting and trying to figure out what subtle notes and sentences are underlined with positive affection and what ones are laced with meanness. The subplot seems to be all the characters questioning their ability to entice the object of their affection.  The most heated being the witty banter between Darcy and Elizabeth. Which of course, reminds me of my own poor attempts at catching a man's attention.

So I suppose, if your natural flirting style is to challenge, then how do you know you're in a duel or a duet?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's for dinner?

Mac and Cheese.

Sort of.   I am one of those crazy people who will not eat macaroni or spaghetti.   Those were two things we ate more then I care to count growing up and the very thought of them turns my stomach.  Yes, it's a visual thing.

Mom, never made macaroni and cheese in the oven in any way shape or form.  When we had mac and cheese it was always the boxed stuff you make in five minutes on the stove.

Do not ask me why, because I can not tell you; but I've become slightly obsessed with the idea of oven baked pasta and cheese as of late.   Which, I suppose is fine given I just had a month long craving for grilled mozzarella and sauerkraut sandwiches. You know,  sort of like a Reuben without the corned beef.

Okay I admit it, I'm a cheese junkie.

Anyways, I was watching Top Chef 6, and got wanting the whole comfort food thing today.  So, pasta and cheese was the main thing.  Only, given no one on the planet makes it exactly the same way, and our mom never made it, I had way too many versions on the internet of recipes to try and figure from. 

My version you can find here.... what you didn't think I was going to make your life easy by giving the recipe here when I have a cooking blog I can send you to...
Wishing I had gotten a photo of it before I served it up but was too hungry to think of something as smart as that.  So no photo.  

Friday, January 7, 2011

Interview time

As promised the other week,  I did an interview with Canadian author Catherine McKenzie. 
I just posted it on my book blog which you can read here

I have to admit, that doing interviews is one of my favourite parts of being a reviewer.  Now, if only I could sweet talk a few wrestlers into sharing with me...

The Book Dork Is In... part 9

The first Book Dork post of 2011.

I know, I haven't been myself the last oh ... 6 months or so, and I hope to find a balance between my serious side and the side you have all come to love-to-hate. 

With that said, No, I'm not starting this post off with the book dork catch phrases.  I'm just straight up telling you that I've posted to my Reflections Book Club blog about the Feb 2011 book selection.
AND what that will include.  It will include a new car... Kidding kidding I don't drive.  But, I am opening things up a bit to online book clubbers.

So head HERE for the info.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Um... Did we loose a show?

I used screen capture for this post

Okay went to watch the Dec 30th episode of TNA Reaction.  Which was really not much of a show, as it was only Eric Bishoff talking in snips.

And what do I see... the background images have been updated which caused a big "gggrrrrr arrrr" from me because the photo of the MotorCityMachine Guns! is no longer on the Spike TNA page.  That blows goat balls.

Then, I see there is no listing for Reaction tonight.  I check the listings on Yahoo for the next two weeks, and there is no listing at all for Reaction.  Umm.... go back to the Spike TNA page and see, they've got it listed as just Impact at 9pm on Thursdays now.

Does this mean we lost Reaction?  Or is it just mid season down time?
Seriously,  I'm not too shocked if we lost Reaction all together, it was marginal at best. Too many tech issues trying to watch it on the Spike website always gave me a headache. And given the fact that the main event from Impact was always carried over to Reaction, which never got posted at a decent time, (sometimes a full two weeks late) which caused major issues with keeping up the storylines fans were pissed as many of us could only see Reaction on the Spike site.

I'm more upset about the fact the photo of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley was removed from background photo of  the Spike TNA page. 

Seriously, that page should reflect the current champs only.  It would make more sense.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The 50 book challenge

There is a buzz happening around the internet.  Alot of book bloggers are doing the 2011 Challenge of 50 books in the year.

I thought about it.
I counted up the amount of books I read in 2010 = 32 books.  Most  of which were for review and only 7 of which were for fun.

If I end up reading 50 books this year it won't be on purpose.

Anyways... good luck to those who have decided to take part in the 50 books challenge.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TNA Reaction for Dec 23rd 2010

Yes, they finally posted the show on the Spike site... over two weeks late.

We pick up in the middle of a match between MotorCityMachine Guns!/RVD/Matt Morgan  vs Jeff Hardy/Abyss/Beer Money Inc.   This is for the tag belts, and if anyone pins anyone, the MMG loose.  Chris Sabin pinned Robert Roode keeping the tag belts.

Cut to camera 1  Matt Morgan talking about getting a title shot.

Cut to camera 2 Mr. Anderson talking about how he may not be a "good champ"  ... um okay

Cut to camera 3 A.J. Styles talking about how he's got to win his match for the tv title or he will be out of Fortune.

Cut to camera 4, Jeff Jarrett talking about his MMA challenge.

Cut to camera 5, the Knock Outs talking about the twist in the their tag teams.

Cut back to camera 1, Morgan talking about his recent match with Hardy and having been screwed over.

Cut back to camera 2, Anderson talking about how things have gone for him recently.   Then it went back and forth between Anderson and Morgan for the next few minutes.

Cut to camera 6, Jeff Hardy saying how he's running things.

Cut back to camera 1, Morgan talking about how he's involved with charities on his time off and how he'd be a better face for the company.

Cut back to camera 2, Anderson saying how he's sick and tired of seeing the people in charge who are.

Cut back to camera 3, A.J. Styles talking about his iron man  match with Douglas Williams.

Cut to camera 7, Douglas Williams giving his side of the match. It went back and forth between Williams and Styles then for the next part of the segment.  Both wrestlers saying they wish they had a few minutes extra in that match.   Could we be seeing the return of the  A.J. Styles we all remember?  Here's hoping

Can we get rid of whatshishandle that does the interviews on this show?  I think bringing in J.B. for Reaction would be a better bet. 

Cut back to camera 4, Jeff Jarrett saying how he hopes everyone is finally taking him serious about his MMA.

Cut back to camera 5, Velvet Sky talking about having gotten sent to the hospital. And the rest of the Knock Outs talking about how the tournament got a face lift.

Cut back to camera 3, Styles putting a cap on his feud with Williams.

Cut to camera 8, Kazarian... Kaz... The KazzyKatman (oh yeah you got an internet nic name from me be scared) talking about how Styles should be on top of the company.

Cut to camera 9, MMG, Alex Shelley talking about how they are the best and that; that is because they work their asses off day in and day out.

The last two minutes was just a peek at the next episode which will be a recap of 2010

This was a weak episode.  Reaction gets a D- this week from me

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's all about the flavour

or in this case the header.   I was looking at the header on my cooking blog, thinking it's time for a new one.
Most cooking blogs out there use food photos or professional cartoons for there's.  Something that fits in with their personal theme.

I don't really have one, other then I'm from Newfoundland.  I suppose my title My Newfie Kitchen is theme enough.  But my header just doesn't scream that. 

While I've got your attention on the food ... dudes... I have to send a very big and jealous shout out to Suzie the Foodie who got to interview a few celebrity chefs recently.   Suzie, if you ever want a tag team partner... er um back up interviewer next time  you have to face Anthony Sedlak call me.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Angry Fans... The next chapter

Yep Yep Yep Yep!  I see we have 131 comments on the Spike site for TNA's page... the last 5 (as of 10pm EST) all yelling for the last two week's worth of shows. 

Yes, you read me right my lovely Spudguns, TWO WEEKS behind on posting the shows. 

I do understand this time of year with it being the Xmas holidays - but if the shows are pre-taped then why can't they put them on timer?  There has to be some sort of worker monkey who is in the offices during the holidays... cause I see other stuff has been posted in the last week.   Yes, that is my answer for everything, in this age of mini computers that fit in our pockets there should be a timer button at the offices for posting the shows.  I mean man, we can Tivo everything so why not ....

Now, for me, since I'm waiting to see the Dec 23rd episode of Reaction so that I can watch it first before watching the Dec 30th episode of Impact -which is sitting waiting in my iTunes - I hate watching stuff out of order it bothers me. I like to watch the soaps in order damn it!

First of the Year

The first book review of the year is up.  "Yours For The Taking" 

Not what I was expecting in a romance which is very good.  Actually, the author Robin Kaye writes much like the way I do as far as "romantic stories" go.  Always a plus to read something in the same style as your own.

If that is the direction of romance novels then I might have to start reading that genre again.  I used to read romance novels all the time when I was younger, but found as I got older they stayed in the same vein.  The other option only seemed to be softcore porn (erotica)  which is too much the other direction for my taste.  

Oh hush!

Asking Wrestlers Stupid Questions - part 4

I used screen capture for this post

What is really in the beer bottles that James Storm drinks every week on TNA Impact and how much does he really drink on air?

I thought this was a nice light fluffy way to start off the new year, given everyone has been most likely celebrating the New Year changing into 2011, and most likely can not focus on the computer screen too much because of too much celebrating.
Not me of course cause I'm a total hoser and did nothing last night other another book review.

Happy New Year......