Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Night before Sex and the City

Everyone else has bought new clothes, new shoes, new purses, all getting ready for their SATC girls' night this weekend.  Some went last night - I can't tell you how many women in heels and pink outfits I saw yesterday when I went to the mall-  some went tonight. 

I'm going to the movie tomorrow morning,  alone.  
But, I thought I'd treat myself to a hair cut at lest.  Dude, I needed it as my hair had gotten so long (to my neck in a bad way)  and because of it being so thin (cause of the O.I.)  I was looking like the Crypt Keeper.  Something had to be done, and trust me, looking like a hedgehog much better a choice.

So I had a bleach kit, cause I just could not afford to go in and have the stylist bleach me out.  Only, I'm still red.  Yeah.  The universe does not want me to ever be blonde again it would seem.  I have not been able to get my hair blonde in over a year.  Even the last time I went in to the stylist and got a bleach out, it still came out red.

And the worst part.... I'm still tasting bleach.  Seems I breathed some of it in.  Lovely, great wonderful.  Well, there are wost things to be tasting.