Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happiness or a True Connection Part 1

In 2004 I was in this relationship. I was with two of my closest friends at the time (they were a couple) and we were out for the evening at a wrestling event.
I knew I was going to see my then boyfriend after the event and was feeling alittle lonely watching the couple interact while we stood in line outside the building, waiting for the doors to open. The guy I was seeing at that time worked in a bar and we were set to go there after the wrestling.

The show was set to start at 7pm, with doors opening at 630.

A few minutes after we got inside and sat down, I had this feeling of dizziness. I put it off as being the energy from the crowd and thought nothing else of it. There was a single camera across the ring from our seats. It had my attention for a few minutes as I wondered who was taping the show.
My friends were not wrestling fans, and were only there with me because I did not want to go alone.

I started to feel like someone was watching me, which I put off to the fact we were front row and there was a video camera less then twenty feet across from us. The dizzy feeling heightened to a feeling of extreme hyperness then became a fog. I could not shake the idea I was being watched.

Midway through the evening the tag teams came out. Everything became a mass of confusion. I remember only one thing, there was one wrestler who I felt was staring at me.
My eyes were locked on him. The hyperness and fog became a feeling of total bliss.
The match ended and everything came back to normal for me. I have no idea who he was. The speakers in the building were too loud and the announcer's voice had been muffled.
We went on to the bar that night after the show and I was jarred stupid. I had forgotten all about the man I was dating. It was as if he did not exist for the two hours we were at the show.
I had not yet bought a digital camera and was still using one with rolled film. None of the photos we took at the wrestling event turned out. That was 9 photos on a roll of 24 that mysteriously were damaged when the roll was developed.
I do not remember what the wrestler looked like. Only the feeling that he was staring at me.
This was the night of May 9 2004 in Thunder Bay.

Looking back on that night I have to wonder if that was a sign from the universe telling me that the man I was with was not the man I had believed him to be? I had believed he was my soulmate, and that the relationship would turn into marriage. How stupid I was, as he was cheating on me the entire year we were together.

I have since wondered if the feeling I had that night was pointing me to the right guy, and I just not smart enough to realize it, or if it was something else?

I may never know.
One thing is for sure, whatever the universe's plan for me is; they woke me up from my self imposed dream that night by showing me the relationship I was in at that time was a bad one. That that boyfriend was not the one I am meant to be with.

That was an old post that I originally posted back on Sept 29th 2009  on my pagan blog and my old blog.  The reason I'm posting it again now is because I don't think it's just a coincidence that we are now 6 years later, on May 15th 2010 (only 6 days off the original date), with another wrestling company coming through town. 
I don't believe in coincidences, I believe everything happens for a reason when it happens to whom it happens.  
And I've been having a lite weird feeling all day very similar to that night 6 years ago.