Saturday, July 31, 2010

Books books books and yeah

I'm reading Emma and the Vampires right now.  And it's got me thinking. 
Some of you might remember me having done a list of all the men of Jane Austen novels if I were to cast my dream version of the novels as movies.  I had a split of half wrestlers half actors. (on my book blog last winter)

Reading this now,  I could see a few of the female characters being more inline with some of the wrestler's personalities. 

Yes, I just said that.  
Shall I say it again for the cheap seats in back.   I can see there are more then a few wrestlers who could be very well fitted for the female characters.    Like Mr. Shelley,  I think he's a total Emma.  I do indeed. 

And for anyone who's read Pride and Prejudice (with or without the zombies)  I totally see a connection between Ric Flair and Mrs. Bennett.  The mom who is all about marrying off her daughters to the richest men in the city.  Wonder how he would look in a empress waste skirt and bonnet?

Yes okay this bothered me

Which makes me selfish and immature to the max.

Ninja,  my younger sister (she's 8 years younger) is leveling up so to speak.   Her and her boyfriend moved two months ago into a wicked apartment/condo.  She just was offered a promotion after only being at this job for 5 months.  She has a great social group that is always doing something fabulous. Step mother to her boyfriend's kids.  And now, there is talk of marriage. 

Yes, you've all heard me at some point talk about the fact that her boyfriend is currently getting a divorce from his first wife, and it won't be long before she's going to be making it legal with him.

I'm happy for my sister.  I am.  Don't get me wrong. 

I'm upset my YOUNGER sister is going to be married before me.  I can not lie about that.  Which makes me a totally selfish asshole I know this.  I can not help it.

I'm the last one.  The last one of my social group not married and now the last one of our family not married.  I have a few younger cousins who are on their second marriages.  I have younger cousins who have been married for almost 15 years who are barely in their early 30's right now.   (big family huge. There was 17  of us grand-kids on my mom's side, and 8 great-grand kids.  14 of us  grand-kids on my dad's side, and 5 great-grand kids)

Does not seem to matter how much "self work and healing"  I do,  I'm not able to get past this.  It feels like a slap to the face.
I feel like one of the spinster ladies in a Jane Austen novel.  Not even useful enough to be a governess. Just, forgotten like leftovers.

I guess I sort of knew it was coming,  as my sister bought herself a ring last month that looks way too much like a wedding ring. 

Just when I thought I had dealt with all my issues, I find out I have another one.  I'm jealous that my younger sister will be married and I will not. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

So I'm singing Rocky Horror Picture Show

and I scared the neighbour's kid.   Yeah.   I did.  I was in the kitchen doing dishes and signing very loudly with the kitchen windows open, and suddenly the landlord's grandson began to freak out. 
Now, my singing is not the best, but it's nothing to cry over either, less of course I'm trying to sing something smooth and seductive to a guy in the middle of the night while he's trying to sleep, then it's a bit on the creepsola side.
But, let me also say, the kid is 11 and he still freaks out over the vacuum cleaner when the landlord is cleaning the apartment across the hall, so this kid is a bad judge of freaky stuff.

And why was I singing Time Warp at this time of night in the kitchen?   Why not.  Can you think of a better time to be Time Warping then after dark?   Didn't think so.

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 29th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it this afternoon for download.

Eric Young! Or as I like to say Mr. Yummy,   this is a guy I would gladly share a bottle of Screech with.  I love that he's come back to the humour!

A.J. Styles... dude, I thought we talked about those bad cuff links you had in your ears.  Get rid of them!

Kaz vs Rob Terry... boring.

Hardy/Anderson vs Morgan and two security guards.  It's well documented that I am not a fan at all of Jeff Hardy, but I am a fan of his tummy.
Morgan walked away letting Hardy get the win over his tag partners.

Dreamer vs Abyss in a weapons match... HATE IT!!!!!
Too much crap this week not enough matches.

 Then Raven! came out and beat on Dreamer licking him.  Truly the highlight of the evening.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! they went up against Beer Money Inc in the 3rd round of their best of 5 series.
BOYS! all four of you - A frealing cage match!  The four of you are doing this to drive me insane aren't you?  I hate these matches and I'll tell you once again why 1) they are dangerous! one wrong move/slip/bad landing  and god only knows what kind of surgeries are needed  2) they are impossible to call.
The MMG creeped in the back up over the cage to "surprise" BMI.  Both landing in sync, Chris Sabin with a cross body on James Storm and Alex Shelley with a cross body on Robert Roode.  They threw Storm face first into the cage then continued to do the same with Roode. 

 Shelley then with an inverted atomic drop on Storm just before Sabin taking the knee out of Storm setting him up for their double team basement drop kick. Sabin then used Shelley for their step ladder move landing another drop kick to Roode who was still up against the cage wall.  Shelley then with a series of forearms to the face of Storm, then a swift mule kick setting up for his trademark Sliced Bread, but Storm got out of the way landing Shelley in the corner. Roode then pushed Shelley who landed off kilter on the second turnbuckle letting Storm charge into his back.

Roode then tagged in with a kick to Shelley's chest. He then started with straight up punches to Shelley's skull keeping him down on the mat. Storm quickly tagged back in, and they doubled teamed Shelley for a few minutes. Storm then with Shelley in the corner again giving him a hard sounding slap to the jaw.  Another quick tag in by Roode who got Shelley down on the mat with a snapmare and a chin-lock submission move.  Shelley managed to fight out of it with a few punches and a large kick to Roode's skull.  Too bad Shelley was floundering and ended up in the wrong corner for a moment.  Roode then picked up Shelley and powered him back into the far corner once again, but Shelley got hold of that long hair of Roode's and slammed the back of his skull few times on the cage wall. Good reason to cut the hair. Shelley then with a wicked hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle.  Finally Sabin tagged in,  as did Storm.  Sabin with a bunch of rapid running forearms for both members of BMI, before delivering a double drop kick to them both from the top turnbuckle.  Told you, he's half monkey. Sabin then piled Storm up on Roode in a tree of woe, with a high kick to Roode and his trademark hesitation drop kick to Storm. He then used his trademark tornado DDT on Storm off of Roode in the corner, going for a pin but only got a two count.  Shelley ducked a clothesline from Roode and was heading once again for sliced bread but Roode countered, getting Shelley tangled in the ropes and cage. Roode then out of nowhere with a insideout clothesline on Sabin who landed on his teeth.  Yes, his teeth. Roode turned his attention back to Shelley who was at the top of the turnbuckles, and the two traded elbows before Shelley did a variation of his sudden stop face first into the cage wall, and Roode fell hard to the middle of the mat. Shelley then with that double stomp he's been doing as of late, right to the chest of Roode - from the top turnbuckle!  Storm in the far corner set up nicely for their running step ladder move, both men landed a few on Storm before Storm moved out of the way, causing Sabin to crash and burn. Storm then managed an eye of the storm on Shelley tossing him almost into the cage wall.  Roode then got Sabin up on his shoulders driving him back first into the cage wall, then turned around letting Storm get a back breaker on Sabin.  They went for a pin but only got a two count.  Both BMI decided to climb out of the cage then, Shelley spotted them and got between the two, delivering elbows to each as they all three tried to climb out of the cage at the same time. Shelley then with a jawbreaker on Storm off the top rope. Then Sabin climbed to the top of the cage for a crossbody on both BMI.  Shelley then off the top turnbuckle and they each pinned a member of BMI for a double count and got the win.

This means that the score in this best of is  MMG = 1  BMI = 2 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh my god! There's some dude's crotch in my window

Picture it, your favourite ghoul next door, the Queen of Your Evil Dreams and heroine of bookworming, was hobbling into the kitchen to get a cup of tea, when I'm struck stupid by the sight of some dude standing on a ladder at crotch point in front of my kitchen window.

What the hoovers!   They are painting the building it would seem.   Would have been nice to have gotten some notice so that you know I wasn't spooked.  And because it's +29 degrees Celsius here and I was wandering around in just my slip.  Nothing else, just my slip.  I had to quickly hobble back to the living room for my sweater to toss over it. 

I mean, seriously.  Even when I'm involved with a man,  being face to belt area needs some warning.

Return of Anne Rice to her fans

Anne Rice has released a statement this week saying that she's leaving the Christian faith again.

I've followed her career for the last 24 years (I discovered her works when I was 12 when she published Vampire Lestat and have been captivated ever since) and can understand why she would be unsatisfied with things.  I believe personally, that real spiritual focus and desire in faith, will lead you down many religious paths at different points in your life.  Sometimes you get more out of one path then you will out of another.  If it resonates with you then it's what you need to be learning from at that point.  Right now,  Mrs. Rice might not be getting what she needs spiritually from the Christian path.

If you've read my stuff over the last while, you know that I consider FAITH to be the one common element, and religion is just the vehicle to how you get there.  It does not matter if you are Pagan, Wiccan, Christian, Buddhist, or praying to the Holy Right-Eyed Bug-Eaters Of The Trees on Your Sidewalk.
Faith is the reason we have prayers and meditation and rituals and bible study.  The desire to reconnect with the Universe/Source/God/Goddess/Creator.  How we do it is personal. 

The press release was put up on Yahoo only about 2 hours ago, and already there are hundreds of comments mostly angry ones.   Everyone is focusing on the fact she's leaving the religion, and no one is asking why, they are just bashing her and each other in comments.  The rest of the comments are from fans of her Vampire Chronicles asking if this means she will start writing Lestat stories again?

I for one hope she does, only if she feels she can do Lestat justice.  Lestat is by far the most influential character I've ever come across in my 36 years on this planet.  To write another Lestat story just for the sake of doing so, would cheapen not only a beloved icon but Mrs. Rice herself.

At the end of the day,  Mrs. Rice is still human, and we the fans have put a lot of pressure on her.

I 'm having a blast with you

So what I've learned this week is by changing how I speak I can change my life, shifting my desires to reality.

So no more "wanting"  cause that's telling the universe that it doesn't need to give me anything right now, and makes things take years longer.

So with that in mind,  let me say to My Imaginary Husband (you know the one all those poems of Gratitude "Unopened Letters to an Imaginary Husband"  are for that I've been writing the last year.) once again that I am grateful you are in my life now and that I'm having a blast with you now. 

This also means no more nagging wrestlers.  I know I know,  I will have to find a positive way to talk about Mr. Sabin's hair and Mr. Shelley's... lack of a tummy.
It seems, what I have been doing with my "nagging" is telling the universe that I would not respect a man I was to be in a relationship with.  I never thought of it that way till just now.  Seriously,  I saw the movie "You Can Heal Your Life"  and it hit me like a ton of bricks. 

The way I have been communicating  with them, the way I have been trying to get their attention, so not helping with my love vibrations.  I've had a drenny attitude about men and relationships because of my past experiences.

We repeat what we've been given. When we've been given nothing but negative, that's how we give back to the world. When we've been given positive, that's what we have learned to give back to the world.

Wow, that's heavy man.

Okay, I really need to get to bed as the pain pills are wearing off rapidly and my back feels like it's in a vice grip.

To My Imaginary Husband; I love you with all my soul and treasure every moment we have.

To Mr. Sabin; I am very happy you finally won the TNA tag team belts.

To Mr. Shelley; you have been someone who has inspired me greatly, more then even you could know.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday -July 28th 2010

Once again, over on Jamie Ridler Studio it's Wishcasting Wednesday.   And this week the question is "How do you nourish yourself"?

I think my answer would have to be  simply finding time to meditate every day.  I make time to either write or draw every day as well.

Simple and to the point this week. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That's not the break I wanted

You've heard me say a million times I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type I
(the brittle bones disease)
Rare genetic and past down from mother to child.  One other massive reason I am not sure I should have a little Omen of my own.  If I ever did, the guy would have to be a  God with perfect genetics for the kid to not end up with the O.I.  or you know Demon.

What you might not know, as I can not remember if I ever talked about it,  is that when I was 10 years old, I had a horrible slip and fall.  I ended up with both a broken leg and 3 crushed vertebra in my lower back.  Oh joy oh bliss.  They told me I'd be in a wheelchair my whole life.   I spent one summer in it and proved them wrong.
When I was 22, I re-injured my back when I worked at the library.  Hint- books when in a large storage bin are heavier then you think never try to lift them on your own- and I ended up with two of the discs compounded between the crushed vertebra.  I ended up again with a bad fall because of the back injury breaking my leg again, needing surgery.   Once again they told me I would be in a wheelchair for life. 
I proved them wrong,  I did use a cane for the next 10 years.
Okay,  here we are now at age 36 and for the last 2 months I have no idea what the issue is this time, as I have not done anything.  But, I can not stand up proper, I can not even carry a purse, I can not carry a bag of groceries at the moment.  So I went to the doctor today and he says "Fractures" 

So it seems I'm going for x-rays and ultrasounds in the next little while to find out if indeed I have fractures in my lower back and thighs. 

What lesson does the universe want me to learn this time?   When I was 10, the lesson was independence.  At age 22 it was faith in myself.   Now at 36... I have no idea.   I just know right now sitting at this computer is torture.  In five minutes getting up from this chair will be torture and most likely have me crying from the pain.  I know that the painkillers are not working, and I am at the point where I am taking  four Tylenol 3's and two  muscle relaxers at a time and they are doing nothing. I know that it will more then likely take me an hour to do the 5 mugs and 3 bowls I have in my sink for dishes because I can not stand up for more then two minutes at a time. 
I know something else too,  I will not under any terms end up in a wheelchair.   I refuse to.

Break Through - I need to share this with you

You heard me talk about the movie  Break Through  last week in my post about the Wellness Center

Well, you are going to hear me talk about this film a lot more.     (I might even talk about it more then I do Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin.... maybe)  Seriously,  this film is something I have not been able to stop thinking about.  

Today,  I was given the chance to talk on the phone with both the creators and their crew.  
This is a movie that crosses many boundaries, from the practical to the spiritual and does it in such a real and respectful way.

When I was at the screening last week at the Superior Shores Wellness Center,   I not only walked away from the film with notes, and questions  I needed to ask myself (which I did out loud on the phone just now to the film's crew) and a new sense of "I get it now";  but the impact that it had left on some of the people around me. Which ranged from one couple holding hands as they left (they had walked in together but not acknowledging each other) to everyone saying "and the part where - really got me I thought I would need a cry".
As I said before,  if you are a documentary fan you will love this film,  if you are a fan of the Secret you will get a lot from this film, if you just have a few moments and want to see what I am getting at, take the time to watch it.  Break Through The movie

Monday, July 26, 2010

I have no idea how to do this

I used screen capture for this post

I need to do an ad for a product I have never seen.   I have no idea how to write ad copy for something I have not even looked at or used.

It's for frypans and casserole dishes.   Okay dishes right simple yes?   Um no.  I might have to back out of this assignment if I can not figure out what to say about it, as I am already almost a week over due on it.

I got a random email the other week asking me to take part in this giveaway over on my cooking blog.  I said sure why not it seemed simple.    Only  so totally not.   I have done book reviews, movie reviews, wrestling reviews,  but how do you review a product you are not even allowed to see?

In the mean time.... let's coo and awe over some wrestlers. 

 Mr. Storm, I do love the shape of his body.
 Mr. Sabin,  oh yeah you rock.

Mr. Styles,  what about those dreamy eyes Eh?

You know what I'm saying

Picture it your favourite ghoul next door, your heroine of zombie goo, the Book Dork herself and naughty librarian to a select few X-Division wrestlers just the other week who was complaining I had to create projects to do just to have something to do, now has so much work I have no idea where to start.
Just an hour ago I was trying to get organized and had about 10 different ideas for stuff buzzing around my moth stained brain, thinking I need to write this story line down before I forget and I want to make this item into an article for DivineCaroline and as I sit down at the Mac laptop, I can't think for the life of me what the hell I was wanting to talk about.

You know what I'm saying.

It's worse then writers block it's like all the brain power I had going on totally shut out on me. I ended up starting at my blog for about 10 minutes in drool mode thinking "AAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAA" like white noise or something was coming from my mouth.

So then I just started typing.


I have been asked to create a few newsletters for my aunt and her company.   Seems simple right?

Hahhahahahha!  Right.  So I decided today to play around with a few of the emailer thingies (oh very smart with my tech talk eh?)  and made one for this blog. 

Yes, there is now an email newsletter button near the bottom of this blog.  And if you my brave souls decide to try one from me, you will get a good gut wrenching laugh.   Specially if the First Issue is sent out to you.  It's a sample newsletter that I did to see if I knew what I was doing.  Total gibberish.  The catch,  I can not keep it from sending out to anyone if they decide to subscribe.  It's there until I create issue 2.

Oh yes my Spudguns, there will be an Issue 2.   Be afraid be very afraid

Sunday, July 25, 2010


There is an episode of Farscape (I can't remember the title or season and I do NOT have that series on dvd)   that is about Time.   One scene has the lead character standing in a limbo plane with a God like entity talking about how time is one.  There is no beginning and no ending just what we witness and what we do not.

What The Bleep Do We Know   talks about the same idea.   We are living more then one "right now"  but are only open and present to one version of these multi- right nows.  

I mentioned the other night, that I was upset with myself because I was running late for the meeting with my aunt Maggie.  She was not even batting an eye.   I am the kind of person that if you tell me to be somewhere at 9:50 am   I will be there at 9:30am just to be sure I am not late.  I had been late Friday morning getting to the appointment at 10:01am.  My aunt laughed and simply said "You are right on time, as this is the time that you were meant to show up cause this is when you arrived."

Learning patience is something I am in the process of doing.   You would think that someone with my type of disability would be a more patient person.  Total opposite. 
I've spent my whole life waiting.   Waiting in x-ray, waiting for the casting clinic guy to remove a cast and recast my broken parts, waiting for surgeries, waiting for specialists to see me, waiting for results, waiting for winter to end, waiting for friends to call when they have some free time, waiting for payday, waiting for painkillers to kick in, waiting for ... you get the idea. 
All that waiting makes you start to get frustrated with the world.  You get tired and angry and when you have the mobility, you do everything in your power to make things work then to YOUR SCHEDULE.

Here's the catch. And there is always a catch.   Life has no schedule.   The universe will put you where you need to be when you need to be there.   It took me a very very long time to understand this.  I think it happened between the last injury and just now that I learned this.   Okay, so I knew it all along, I was just being a pain in the ass and not wanting to believe it.  

And I know I know this, because two of my all time favourite things to say are "Everything happens for a reason when it happens to whom it happens to"    and most recently  "A watched pot never boils"

Arielle Ford, whom you've heard me talk about a few times,  has on her website The Soulmate Secret , an affirmation called "Letter from God"  that states "I'm working at this moment to have you both ready at the same time" 
Oh you know where I'm going with this my Spudguns,  yeah,  I've been banging my skull on the wall asking  "I've been dating since I was 15 where is he already?"   which of course is a stupid thing to be doing as not only is it not getting me anywhere, banging your skull on the wall just gives you headaches and a blood splatter to clean that even Tide can't handle.

I got the answer today.  Well, you know I've known the answer for awhile now just being stubborn and not letting it be spoken out loud.   HE'S NOT READY YET.    plan and simple.   Cause if my soulmate was ready for me to be in his life,  he'd have shown up on my doorstep by now.  Or you know, tripped over his shoes in front of me at the tofu section of the grocery, or in front of the cookbooks at the book store. 

So while I wait as patiently as I can,  I need something to fill the time while HE becomes ready for me and all I have to offer him.  Which, as we've established is a lot cause I am inspirational, cute, loyal (to those who've earned it) brutally honest, I 'm creative, I'm funny, and have exceptional taste in wrestlers.  Oh and of course I can cook too. 
I mean seriously, what else could an X-Division wrestler    a man ask for?    Well that's a loaded question now isn't it? 

Let's Facebook

I was having a chat with my buddy Patrick.  And I asked him to give me TWO things he feels that He brings to the universe. 
And why would I do something like this?  Well Spudgun, because it was something that was needed to be asked.   The planet is shifting, we are shifting.  

So I thought, why stop there,  I want to see what other people believe they bring to the table.  What gifts do you bring to the world at large?   
It may have something to do with all the time I've been spending with the Life Coaches as of late too. I'm feeling great about myself and want to see the people around me feeling spiffy too.

Go to  my facebook and leave me a wall message telling me your two things.  Or comment here. Either way, let's see if we can open up some love. 

Ardeth Blood

Create Your Badge

TNA: Why isn't Eric Young a contender?

I used screen capture for this post

Simple question which I think should get a simple answer.  Why is Eric Young not in the list of top 10 wrestlers for the title?

Why the hell are we seeing guys like Hardy and Anderson getting yet another title shot but Eric Young is not even on the damned list? 

I want to see Eric Young make the list for the title belt.

4 of Swords

The four of swords is a card of rest.  The card of exile, of self seclusion, of truce and of weariness. 

I've been getting this card in abundance as of late.  It's telling me I need to step back and rethink a few things, to let go of the defeat and breathe.

You could consider this card a card of meditation, as that's what it's trying to tell you that maybe you should be doing.  Stopping, accepting and reorganizing.
Sometimes this place of rest is a forced one and other times it is voluntary.  Maybe you have just lost a battle of some sort or maybe you just won that battle, either way, you are depleted. Either spiritually, emotionally or on the material level. 

I'm using the Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo right now.  Beautiful.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bad News: Warriors of Ghengis Khan

Found this on youtube.  Oh my god!  I remember the first time Erin and I saw this movie (Comic Strip Presents More Bad News A Heavy Metal Nightmare)  it was in 1988.  Dude! Still funny all these years later.    Vocals -Vim Fuego (Adrian Edmondson)  Drums- Spider Webb (Peter Richardson) Bass- Colin Grigson (Rik Mayall) Guitar- Den Dennis (Nigel Planer)

3D personalities

Hands down every woman on the planet pretty much loves the song "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks.  It encompasses a whole lot. 
I had someone comment on a group forum awhile ago about how varied I was when I talked about my hobbies and interests (vampires, wrestling, books, movies, cooking, the occult)   and I was sitting there kind of wondering what they were getting at.

It had nothing to do with the fact most the women on the forum were married with kids and I was single and child-free.   But when I went looking at their profiles and blogs I was greeted with the same thing almost every time.  Proud SAHM of These Many toddlers and Wife to a Man who loves to garden and has These many pets

No I am not mocking anyone,  just pointing out that everyone seemed to be in the same mind set.  Everyone. 

Trust me, if I had pets you would see photos of them but at the moment I live in a No-Pet apartment building,  and if I had space for a garden I would be doing that too, but I don't even have room for a plant box, and the one Bamboo stem I have has been on it's dying leaf for almost a year.

But um yeah, their profiles and blogs all seemed to be a bit on the ... 1 dimensional side.  Are they afraid to be who they really are or dream to be?  Have they just lost their innerself?  Or have they bought into the idea that to blog you must follow an outlined rulebook ?   Not sure could be all the above and things I haven't thought of even.

Where am I going with this you are asking?  Of course you my Spudguns should be following me down the mad highway already.
NO ONE  is that flat a personality.  Everyone has layers to themselves.  Like the song says "just when you think you've got me all figured out the season's already changing"

It makes me sad when I see people holding back because they are afraid to be something other then what everyone around them wants of them.  

I think the reason so many women connect with that song is the simple fact it celebrates the multi-sided parts of us.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 22 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it this morning but if you read my last post on my personal blog, you know I was out all day.
You know how much I really do not care for flashbacks,  well we opened with one this week and it was a good flashback for once. 

We opened with a Global title match between A.J. Styles and Rob Terry.   Kaz was ring side with Styles, and helped with a cheat giving Styles the win and the title belt.

Kurt Angle vs Hernandez.  This was part of Angle's contenders challenge, making his way up the ranks to the #1 spot.   Angle was #8 and Hernandez was #7.   Angle slapped on his trademark ankle lock forcing Hernandez to tap out.

Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy.  This became a time limit draw where neither won.  This might turn into a good feud over the next few months if TNA are smart enough to let them.

Matt Morgan the evil druid vs Mr. Anderson.  Anderson won with his mic-check but Morgan slammed him hard in the skull with the ceiling microphone after the match.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Beer Money Inc  in round 2 of the best of 5 series they have going on.  This was a street fight.  Yeah, you know my feelings on these types of matches.  I hate them!  Is it my imagination or is James Storm getting better looking each week?   The Guns! came running down the ramp, or I should say, Chris Sabin came running down the ramp suicide diving INTO the ring over the top rope to land on Storm, while Alex Shelley limped his way down the ramp and carefully got into the ring through the ropes to a waiting Robert Roode.  See you're hurt do not even make me yell at you for the ladder match that was on last week's episode.   Sabin and Storm jumped back out to the floor while Shelley and Roode battled a bit in the ring. Then Shelley tossed Roode onto the ramp, where upon Roode kicked Shelley in the face.  Kicked the bubble gum right out of his mouth. 

BMI tried to double team Shelley but Sabin stopped them tugging Storm off the ramp. Shelley then got Roode against the ropes of the ring. Both Guns! then used their trademark step ladder move in turn on Roode (four hits in all I believe)

then only after Sabin stopped to give everyone a strip tease with the removal of his shirt he performed one hell of a hesitation drop kick on Roode. (and the line mommy I'm stuck comes bashing into my brain right now) Then did his impression of Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys (oh come on you were thinking it and if you weren't you are now) 
Roode then fell to the floor and Shelley did that double foot stomp to the chest he's been doing as of late and made some noise as he did before trying a cover. 
 Roode kicked out.  Roode used a chair swinging for Shelley but missed getting the ring post.  Shelley then off the ring apron with a wild kick on Roode just before both Guns! got back into the ring, once again using their stepladder move to keep Storm out of the ring. Sabin suicide dove through the legs of Shelley only to be hit in the face by a steel chair from Roode. Then Shelley got slapped hard in the knee by the same chair. BMI then tossed Shelley back into the ring just laying in punches on him before Shelley managed to give Roode one of his dead stops into a steel chair on the second turnbuckle. He then turned around to get a jawbreaker from Storm who went for a cover but only got a two count. Sabin then with a drop kick on Roode into the chair. Roode with a hard spinebuster on Sabin, but it only got him a near fall.  Why is Storm always kicking Sabin in the ass? This is two weeks in a row where James Storm has just kicked Chris Sabin in the butt for no real reason?  Shelley then with a kindostick to the back of Storm and used it on Roode to help with a jawbreaker. Beauty. Ref down now and everyone outside the ring. Guns! then with a double moved slice bread on Roode in the ring but there was no ref. Storm knocked Shelley out with a beer bottle then used his trademark last call kick on Sabin letting Roode get the cover and the win.

Beer Money Inc are up 2 wins in this best out of 5 series. 

My day at the Wellness Center

My day started off chaotic.  Always fun when you need to be somewhere and you are running twenty minutes late. 

But  hey  I got out of the house!  Whoo-Hoo!  even better yes. 

Where to start.   I had a Reconnection Healing session done first.  Which is a type of Reiki session.  All I can say on that is  I can't wait to get another one done.   I have a lot of anger issues and this really pinpointed it.

Next up was a movie.  There were about 10 of us for the showing.  Considering this is all done in a room the size of a small bedroom, I thought it was cozy.   The movie was called  "Breakthrough" it was a documentary on how we fail to harness and understand our emotional pain.   I recommend this film highly!   The two men who hosted it were Life Coaches, and if you are a documentary junkie like I am you're going to love it,  if you are following any kind of self creating healing you are going to get alot out of it, if you are a fan of What the Bleep Do We Know or the Secret you will love this.  Rent it! Cause I told you to and you love me.

A very lively talk then was engaged about the film.  I just can not put into words the buzz I got from this day.  My aunt Maggie and her business partner Helen and I went for lunch afterward, where more talk about the film and life in general.  We went to the Thai Kitchen and I have no idea what I ordered other then it was vegetarian and a curry.  It was fabulous! I don't have to cook dinner as I ended up bringing half it home.  Love when I don't have to heat up the apartment during the summer.  I don't want to even guess at the heat in this city today, just let me say that my grey MotorCityMachine Guns! tee shirt was the wrong choice for today's heat. 

So I will be doing some more work for them soon.  Which means... I will be getting out of the apartment more YAY!!!  

There may even be tarot cards and meditation classes involved.

Asking wrestlers stupid questions

I'm sitting here waiting for the download of last night's TNA Impact to finish downloading on iTunes, (I'll do the review in a few hours when I get back from my appointments) and I have a few thoughts running through my moth soaked brain.  So why not just ask them the questions in my mind.... cause you know my Asking Men Stupid Questions posts have done oh so well. 

Asking Wrestlers Stupid Questions part 1  - Theme songs.  Do you get to choose your own bands for your theme songs or does the company just say "here we hired these dudes to play for you doesn't matter if  you dig the music or not.  Which is it do you choose or does the company ?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maybe I do want one of those?

You read my last post you know I had a bad night once again with insomnia.  Terrible gibberish waves of paranoia madness.  Well, somewhere between the staring at the ceiling at 3:13 am and actually waking up this morning, I had an A-HA! moment or maybe it was just period cramps  difficult to say. 

But I spent much of the day scuffing around the apartment with a cup of Earl Grey tea longing for something I swore a million times over I would never ever ever never ever never want. 

To have a kid.   I'm still kind of holding out for the end of the hemorrhaging  like a water buffalo to see if the emotional desire to have one goes away.  Keep your parts crossed that this is just a moment of total insanity and that it goes away. 

I feel sorry for my buddy Patrick as he got stuck with my crying and sobbing all morning over the idea of me as a mom.  Scary I know.  You'll know the end of the world is truly coming down upon your heads with dirty hellfire and brimstone when   Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman talk about a Freudian slip.  IF I were to ever end up pregnant.  Total Omen child it would be.  Sir Omen.  Damien of Death.   See even when I have something serious to say I can't be serious about it. Hence the Domestic and Damned title. 

But yeah, I woke up this morning and was like "Oh my god! I'm 36 and not married and I don't even have a little gremlin to call my own"   Then I got to thinking.  I know I said on the old blog once that I'd know I had truly fallen in love when I met a man who made me want to have a kid.   I can with all honesty say  "Na, that wont' be it"  So, I started thinking about what kind of man I would like to have a little Omen with.   And a few celebrities flashed before my eyes.  Settle down,  not who you think either.    But no average ordinary guy would do either. 

In my family, as is with most Newfoundlanders,  the average age to get knocked up is 17.  The average age to get married is 19.  The average age to have your first divorce is 25.   Given I am 36 and have done none of those, I'm a bit assbackwards for a Newfie.   A nice medium sized Newfie girl is expected to marry a nice Newfie boy and have a litter of puppies.   Here is another hole in that theory,  most Newfoundlanders are now related to each other with all the round and round, so it's impossible to walk in the muck.  There must be some fresh DNA if I were to ever have a little Omen of my own.
Newfoundlanders are descendant of British and Irish,  I think I need to find me one of those.  Yes, just for the idea of the Omen.  I know it would be funny to see me slid up to some dude and try to dazzle him with my vast knowledge of nothingness and vampire movies. 

Well, again though I am just scaring people out loud.  As I do hope this desire to have a kid does go away at the end of the week.  And stays away not to return next month.

3:13am can't sleep

Normally I have this rule about not coming near the computer after I decide to go to bed for the night, no matter how bad my insomnia gets but, tonight I'm on the computer.  Why?  I'm not sure. 
Not as if I'm getting any of my work done, just drifting around in circles checking emails and stuff.  Just one of those nights. 

3:13  A number that is popping up alot as of late.  In numerology that breaks down to 7.  The number 7 in Tarot is the Chariot card (war, triumph, vengeance, trouble, riot, dispute, defeat, travel, balance, combining) the 7 of Wands is about battle, the 7 of Cups is about dreams, the 7 of Swords is about planning/spying, the 7 of Pentacles about harvest.  See a bit of a pattern here? 
The 3 is the Empress, (motherhood, earth, loving and domestic) The 3 of Wands is the card of business, the 3 of Cups the card of joy/feasting, the 3 of Swords of heartbreak, the 3 of Pentacles of trade/skilled labour.
The 1 is the Magi card (skill and the force of your will) the Ace of Wands and Ace of Swords are both cards of male energy, (fertility cards) the Ace of Cups and Pentacles of female energy (creativity) all four of the Aces are cards of birth and of the seeds of creation.  Ace of Swords being about a champion and fighter, the Ace of Cups about true love and union, the Ace of Wands about birth/origin in general and the Ace of Pentacles about manifesting into the physical.    Again all connected to beginnings.

The ace of wands even looks like a phallus.   Yeah it's just one giant phallic symbol.

It seems everytime I look at the clock it's 3:13.  The last couple of addresses people have given me have been 313.   The bus I need to get to the cinema is the 313 bus. 
3am is said to be the true witching hour.  It is in combination with 3pm which is the Christ hour.  

I hate it when I can not sleep.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you envision?

Once again, on Jamie Ridler Studios, it's Wishcasting Wednesday.   And the question of the week is "what do you envision?" 

Wow! This one stumped me. Seriously, I wasn't sure I was going to take part in the ritual this week cause I have no clue how to answer that.   I'm still thinking about last week's question.

The best I can come up with is - finding a way to mix the two very different lives I've dreamed about having.  I've always dreamed of being an artist living in some hip artsy place like the Toronto area, in a chic loft/studio with a talented artist husband; as well as a total flip side being in some sweet coastal town with a husband who runs a cafe.    Two very different world views that I would love to somehow combine.

So I guess my answer to this week's question is  I would like to envision my balanced ideal.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday July 20th 2010

Voo-Voo.   I just finished doing my review for the Red Queen
If you want to check it out go here

It got under my skin in a few ways.  And that means one major thing, I was dreaming about the book the last few nights.  It took me a full week to read,  longer then I would have liked. But at almost 400 pages and tiny print, it was a heavy volume to digest. 
Historical fiction tends to be most times.

I made a comment the other day on one of my other posts (too lazy to go find it to link)  about the role of women in society today.  This book has my zombie eaten brain swirling with the whole "what if" factors surrounding family, love, lust, heirs, devotion, and honor.

Does it all still mean anything in this day and age? 

I actually at one point found myself thinking about my own family's coat of arms. 
I have no idea about anyone else,  but when I was in 10th grade, I had to do a history project about my family's background.  We needed to find out what our family name meant and the actual importance of a coat of arms if we had one.  
And in true fashion,  no one on my dad's side could agree on the actual design or back story.   Needless to say,  I failed that history project cause I could not give a straight answer during the presentations.

Then as I was walking through my dimly lit apartment -or I should say hobbled as my back is acting up again- I caught sight of my tattoo in the mirror.  I think I have mentioned before, that I am so used to seeing the tattoo I don't even think of it anymore. But last night it was all I could think of.  The idea that if I were to claim any kind of "coat of arms"  ( yes going for the the cheap joke-hush you were thinking it)  it would be my tattoo which I designed myself and which is not totally finished yet, may never be.

Okay so it's been a long week, and I have a million things that I still need to do, one being the author interview for the book thin and   that I did the review for last week.  I noticed that when you write the whole title of that book as one long word like the way it's printed on the cover it links directly to the author's website.  Sneaky very sneaky.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Asking men stupid questions part 8

Why does this always happen to me.... Male friend who flaunts his relationships makes it totally clear he's not interested in me if I was the last human then gets territorial when I so much as mention another guy.   What's up with that?

So the question this round is .... Why do men  if they are not even into you; act boyfriendish when another man pops into the picture?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Looks like me in the kitchen

Always been my favourite scene in the film.  

Well simply put this has been a disappointing day.  But watching this, has put in my mind  of the get togethers we used to have (me, Setla, Thiea and Jordan, my sister sometimes) on Sundays and of course on Hallowe'en.  I think I yammered on about this before, but the one thing I miss about being a vegetarian is the meatloaf factor.  I used to make the best meatloaf, but it's a recipe that is very hit or miss when you do the vegetarian version.  (Meatless Meatloaf recipe #1)

I know I know,  all I have done today is blog.   Which is really really really putting me behind on my reviews.   I am actually feeling a bit on the  lonely side today and blogging helps me not feel so much of that. 

Dear Beer Money Inc - I really hate ladder matches

I used screen capture for this post

Dear Mr. Storm and Mr. Roode.   Do not think that you are getting away without me nagging at you too.  There were four of you boys in that ring so you're getting a post.

Did I mention yet today that I hate ladder matches.

So I am watching this match and all I can think is why on earth would four men who are so intelligent and talented want to injure themselves like this?
James Storm and Robert Roode, you two are one of the best tag teams (besides MotorCityMachine Guns!) in the last 10 years.  You guys have the knowledge and the skill to preform X-Division or Submission matches without fault.  So why tell me, have you decided to reduce yourself to something like a ladder match?   I just do not understand.

This match was painful to watch so I can not even imagine what it was like for you guys to perform in.  Please, at lest tell me that you sent some warning to your families before hand as in letting them know you had this match, and them not just turning on the tv like the fans finding out.

I also hope that all four of you boys, when you went home to the people you share your life with (lovers/parents/children etc)  that they yelled at you all for doing a match like this.  And if they did not have the guts to yell at you then, well that's what I'm here for.

It's almost like you boys are trying to see who can end up in a wheelchair that fastest or something.  Please you guys, stop doing the more dangerous matches.

Love Ardeth Blood

So this dude asked me out part 2

I was standing in the cereal row of the store when my cell phone rang.   He canceled.  Not shocked to tell the truth. 

Sadly, though I am without my chocolate-batty goodness as they no longer sell Count Chocula here.  Dude my life now totally sucks. 

So this dude asked me out

But I don't want to go. Yeah I know I'm a total moron. It's the single dad I was talking about the other night.

I was talking to him for a bit last night and you know how you start off with a flirty type of call and someone says something that shifts gears from flirt to friend. Yeah it was one of those. It started out okay, but the whole time I was talking to him, I knew he's not my ONE so I think I caused the shift on purpose.
It was the more the dude talked the less interesting he was. Which of course made me more comfortable cause there was no pressure so I yammered my voice horse. Then somewhere near the end of the conversation he shifted gears again. Then it got uncomfortable. I ended up agreeing to meet him tonight for coffee. Sort of wish I hadn't.

He texted me this morning with a simple "hi sexy"
I never replied back. He's suppose to phone me at 7pm and I am just half hoping he does not. Is that wrong?

And you are thinking what was it that made me shift the gears ... he made a comment about how he goes nowhere but work, home and groceries then said "can't meet anyone for a relationship that way, you know I'm not going to find my next partner buying cereal."

Really now? That's funny, I think you can. It was the comment that really hit it for me as you have all heard me say that I think I'll meet my husband through food. I've even mentioned about knowing a man is flirting with me when he asks to share my Count Chocula. (Are we flirting?)

My buddy Patrick thinks I should just suck it up and go on this date, and then blog about it to see if King Dork does anything. That idea really upset me to be honest. I know as far as King Dork is concerned, I may or may not even exist, and I said myself I need to get over him. But I do not think this Single Dad is the guy to be trying to accomplish that with. And we all know I just Do Not Want To Get Over King Dork. Not yet.

Anyways, while I wait to see if this guy is going to call, I think I'll go to the grocery and pick up some Count Chocula.

Those belts are shinny

I used screen capture for this post

 That; as I said in this week's TNA review (July 15th 2010 episode)  is a thing of beauty, seeing the tag belts around the waists of the MotorCityMachine Guns!
I just do not understand why it took so damned long to get those pieces of jewelery around their bodies?  I mean in my viewpoint they should have had the belts a few years ago. 

Actually, these new tights are good, I will always prefer the red ones but that's just me.

Now, as I mentioned the other day,  I had a poll going for over two weeks asking the TNA fans and my Spudguns who they thought I should start nagging and pushing on this blog, since I said I would stop nagging the MMG   if they   when they won these belts. 
Here's the issue... the polls have been messed up for a few weeks and there are a hell of alot of angry Bloggers wanting to know what's going on with the polls. 
I know that it was a landslide with the votes that I did get saying that I should continue to talk about the MMG.  I also know, since the poll was not counting proper, I do not have a proper reading on the votes. 
This puts me right back in the starting line actually. 

So what do we do?

I said I would stop nagging Mr. Sabin and Mr. Shelley (which I am wishing now I had not said as I can see a whole new doorway of nagging opening up with their win)  as it's been  a few  years, and there are many other wrestlers who could use a bit of a push (Jay Lethal, Eric Young, Doug Williams for starters)
But... I like them too much to really stop. So I'm just not going to stop totally.  No that my Spudgun does not make me a liar, that just means as a woman I used the age old "I've changed my mind"  routine on you.
Yes I know  women= evil   yes yes yes.  Okay what do you want me to say other then  but what would the damned really have to say to the damned.   Oh come on you know you want me; you love me I'm the Queen of Your Evil Dreams.

And why did you two boys not post a blog post this week on Spike?  Now you're making me feel like a needy chick or something dogging around the damned Spike website every few hours.  I really hate having a man make me wait for anything.  It's very... nag worthy.  I know I know my jokes have gotten stale lately and I'm just not running up to par.  I think my mistake was trying to be serious on this blog. I'm just not ever going to fit in

So to round out this post
  2. The new tights with the holograms weaved in are spiffy but not as pretty as the red ones. 
  3. I'm not actually going to stop nagging the MotorCity boys because SIR I HAVE AN ADDICTION!    a difficult time being serious for more then five minutes and I don't want them to leave me stop reading my blog.
  4. I don't really have a number 4 just thought 3 points looked off. 

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 15th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it for download this morning and well here we go...
The new rankings for the #1 contender looks a bit better but I still don't think Hardy or Anderson need to be in it.
  • 10 is Rob Terry
  • 9 is The Pope
  • 8 is Kurt Angle
  • 7 Hernandez
  • 6 is A.J. Styles
  • 5 is Jay Lethal
  • 4 is Samoa Joe
  • 3 is Mr. Anderson
  • 2 is Jeff Hardy 
  • 1 is Abyss
Abyss came to the ring with a side of beef.... huhmm did someone read my vampire story I have up on my blog cause.... moving on
Oh god your favourite vegetarian ghoul is about to vomit that's so gross  Abyss! that's just.... he started biting into the damned thing right there in the middle of the ring... Dude that's just not healthy

Brian Kendrick vs Doug Williams in a non-title match.  It's actually nice to still see that belt on Williams, I like his style.
This was an I quit match, Kendrick started off strong with a series of kicks and forearms, but Williams used an Irish Whip sending Kendrick into the corner to get a slight advantage. He followed this with a short clothesline. Kendrick did try to battle out, but it didn't get him very far. Dude you really need some new tights cause those look like a diaper honestly just even change the colour to something other then white  Williams slapped on a few suplexes and a gut-wrench but kendrick held on for a bit with a few drop kicks of his own, then tried to get the cobra clutch on getting Williams to quit.

Nice to hear Taz actually call a few moves and do his job considering I seem to be calling half the stuff wrong.   You know what, if this prompts a few more actual moves to be called during a show then we're one step closer to bliss right? 

Desmond Wolfe vs Rob Terry vs Samoa Joe.  Wolfe was being dragged across the ring like a character in a horror movie... I thought it was cute.  Joe got the win with a rear naked choke on Wolfe.

Matt Morgan the evil druid vs Pope.  You know if anyone in the X-Division locker room ever wanted to show me their love, I'd still really dig that wicked trenchcoat of Pope's.   Pope made short work of Morgan getting the pin.

Jay Lethal vs Jeff Hardy.... Hardy won and I think Lethal was robbed on that one.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns!  that is a thing of beauty is it not. The MMG with the belts.  
They went up against Beer Money Inc in  round one of a best of five. This was a ladder match.  I hate ladder matches. 

 Roode and Storm attacked before the bell, Storm throwing Sabin out of the ring, while Roode stomped on Shelley. They then put Alex Shelley face first into the turnbuckle before double teaming him, sending him once again across the ring where he managed to get a boot up at Robert Roode and a forearm to the jaw for James Storm.  Shelley then just laid out a series of forearms on both BMI before getting a double boot to the gut from them.  They were setting him up for another double team move but Chris Sabin came back into the ring stopping them. This let the Guns! plant their trademark double drop kicks to BMI.  The Guns! with a double suicide dive then on BMI.  Sabin then introduced the ladder to the ring... I really hate ladder matches and we'll talk about the new tights later... Sabin climbed the ladder while Shelley distracted BMI...well more like Shelley was getting bombed with fists from BMI while Sabin climbed the ladder...Storm ripped Sabin down from the ladder just tossing him across the ring.  Roode then standing on the neck of Sabin while Storm moved the ladder to the corner of the ring. Storm then was about to charge Shelley in the far corner but Shelley moved out of the way, kicking him in the back. Double take down and a stereo kick on Roode from both Guns! Roode then tossed hard into the ladder with both Guns! charging just as hard at him before using their trademark step jump which wiped Sabin out.  This opened up a chance for Roode to give Shelley an inverted atomic drop as Storm used a russian leg sweep on him, before Roode dropped a knee on him. Damn those boys are taking a lot of abuse this week Eh?  They threw Sabin then across the ring before pigging him into the ladder open legged.  Shelley used a jawbreaker on Roode as Storm then began to climb the ladder, but Shelley who scampered under it pulling Storm off before Roode drop kicked the ladder into Shelley.  Shelley then pulled Roode off the ladder and delivered a series of forearms to him backing him into the corner. Only to turn around and get the end of the ladder in his chest from Storm.  Roode then grabbed the ladder pressing down on Shelley with it while Storm grabbed a second ladder bringing it into the ring. They used it as a cross slamming the two down on Shelley hard repeatedly.  At one point Storm was holding his ankle I think from the last landing when Shelley had pulled him off the ladder few minutes before, and Sabin still suffering outside the ring.  Both BMI tried to use the ladder for a running clothesline on Shelley, but he ducked and Sabin finally able to move used a drop kick on them sending them falling to the mat. This gave Shelley an opening to stomp on the ladder with them under it.  Sabin and Storm both grabbed an end of the same ladder having a slight tug a war with Storm going into the turn buckle. Sabin used the ladder as well a ladder and began to run up it but stumbled, and still some how managed to kick Storm in the face. That's our monkey boy. Sabin then turned around and was turned inside out by Roode.  Roode did not see Shelley behind him *cough production notes* as Shelley rammed him with the second ladder right in the back of the knee. Both Guns! then sent Roode face first into the ladders.  Storm out of nowhere grabbed Sabin by the foot and just cranked him onto the floor. Looks like Sabin hit his mouth or nose on the actual floor. Shelley had started to climb the ladder but was tossed off it by Storm who then used a backbreaker on him.  Storm then propped Sabin up on the top turnbuckle laying in slaps as Shelley who was outside of the ring brought in another ladder. Storm now in the tree of woe as Sabin with a ladder against Storm's face lands his trademark hesitation drop kick... dude what is the secret to that move I want to know.... then Sabin walked right into a tilt a world backbreaker from Roode.  Shelley gave Roode a shoulder block from outside the ring sending Roode flying across the ring.  There was a ladder set up on the outside of the ring, and Roode got kicked into it by Sabin.  Shelley then used a running stomp on Roode suicide diving onto Storm in one swift move, then Sabin followed it up with a massively high splash on Roode. This caused more damage to Sabin then it did Roode. Have I mentioned how much I hate just hate ladder matches.  Then Sabin and Storm both climbing the ladder punching each other but are about 5 feet away from the contract hanging above the ring. Roode runs up and shakes the ladder almost knocking them both down but only managing to get them caught up on the top rope, Storm then goes over the edge landing wrong on the floor. Shelley pushes Roode out of the way long enough to grab the ladder helping Sabin to hop it over to the contract.  Sabin is about four inches short of the contract as Roode shoves Shelley who smacks into the ref knocking him out.  Roode and Sabin now both at the top of the ladder trading blows.  Roode lands hard on the ramp as Sabin gets the contract but Storm comes up behind with a beer bottle smashing it over Sabin's back knocking the contract out of his hands. The ref comes in the ring just as Storm grabs the contract.    Beer Money Inc are up the first round. Shelley looks like he messed up his left arm at some point in the match. 
Now, I must get back to work ... reviewing The Red Queen by Philippa Gergory before doing an interview with Liane Shaw who wrote thinand

Friday, July 16, 2010

Return of the silliness

I used screen capture for this post

Just watching an old match from the Best of the X-Division volume 2 DVD and Damn it Janet!  I know I said I would stop nagging... and I will stop nagging to the best of my immaturity.  But Come on people, look at this man!

He's what dreams are made for.  He's the reason birds sing.  Reminds you of a shoreline at sunrise as the loons and the gulls are crooning, with the ripples in the lake as the mist rises... Okay Okay I'll shut up for a moment.  What?  I have a thing for birds okay.  Lake birds specially.  Water birds like ducks and geese and loons and all that.   Give me some credit for being original at lest.   I could have compared him to a spring flower or some typical poem type thing.

I liked him with this look.  It was a very frightfully-groovy look.  Very spiffy, very chic.  This week's TNA Impact is not available yet for download and I'm having withdrawls.  
And why did that boy stop his "Total Non-Stop Alex"   chants on the show?   I thought that was a very cute gimmick getting the entire crowd to chant along with him.  Am I gushing again?  Romanticizing too much again?  Well I can't help it. He's ... possibly better then chocolate. 

I think I just creeped myself out on that.  I really need to get a husband or at lest a very large container  of  mint chocolate ice cream. Maybe a large black forest cake or a package of peanut butter M&Ms.  Cause I do not think Mr. Shelley would let me nibble on his shoulder for a few hours do you?

What's with all the single dads?

And why do they keep hitting on me?

I'm sitting here taking a break from the book I'm reading for review, and checked my emails.  
I got another message out of the blue from some guy on the dating site.   Now,  I know I put my profile into hidden mode or deleted all together on every site I was part of,  or thought I had anyways.

So this dude,  he's a single dad.  Which seems to be a massive trend as of late.  Dad's with full custody. 
He was cute, didn't seem to have anything creepy about him, but I am just not the mommy type.  I do not date single dads.   Plan and simple. 

This was a guy who you could clearly see has his act together and did I mention not bad to look at?  The kind of guy that gets you wondering what on earth does he need to be on a dating site for?  And there was plenty of photos of this guy so you could tell he was not using a celebrity photo or anything.

And you are all thinking  "what's wrong with you? If he's available and hot and flirting with you what's keeping you from getting in with him????? "  
Even if he was not a single dad... he's not King Dork.   Cute just isn't enough,  I want to be totally helpless when he smiles. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday July 15th 2010

I do not know what I am feeling right now.

I sat down earlier today to rant about an issue that I find troublesome. I wrote half the post and left it in draft. Why? Because when I read it back I realized how angry I was and I didn't want that on the blog. Not right now, not when I am trying to bring a more positive aspect to my life.

I've spent the last few hours floating back and forth between making supper and reading the latest book I am doing for review.

There is a Kitchen Omen that says when the right side of your body itches it means your true love is thinking of you. Hmmm. The right side of my body; particularly my shoulder itches for hours on end most nights.
I hope he's thinking nice thoughts about me, ones that are snuggle inducing.

I have this Live Journal blog that I have had for a few years and always forget about. Just got a notice saying I needed to log in and do something, as it's been a year since I had. That's the thing with the internet, you join stuff that seems so important to you at one point and stuff happens and you move on and sometimes outgrow the thing or plain old forget it's there.

I said once that I am nothing more then a "empty box on a shelf for Memnoch's tortured souls to play with" really feeling like that right now. The book I am reading for review is not helping any either. It's about a girl who gets shipped from one bad marriage to another during the 1400's, being used for nothing other then giving her husband's children. Makes you wonder about your place in life.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Okay my TNA Spudguns

I used screen capture for this post

They got the polls working it seems, and there was a landslide in votes.   I said I would stop nagging the MotorCityMachine Guns! after they won the tag belts,  and I had a poll up for two weeks asking who you all thought I should turn my attention to.   Your choices were
  1. Eric Young-hes the next big thing
  2. Sheamus- you seem to like him
  3. Doug Williams- very talented, very talented indeed
  4. You know full well you can't stop talking about the MMG cause they love you too

Eric Young got 28% of the votes and the MMG got 71% of the votes.  0% to both Sheamus and Doug Williams.  

It seems you do not want me to stop talking about them.   So that puts me in a bit of a bind, as I promised them I would stop nagging them.


Wishcasting Wednesday : What do you wish to focus on?

I've only been taking part of this weekly ritual for a few weeks, but it seems Jamie Ridler knows what everyone needs when we need it.  If you're not reading the Jamie Ridler Studios,  you need to be.

So the question this week is "what do you wish to focus on?"   
I'm going to say Finding My Purpose.  Where I fit in the pattern of things. 

Cause I've been just lost in the muck of chaos now for the last few years.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Easy way isn't always the Right way

You have all heard me talk about my buddy Patrick before.  One of the few men I trust on this planet.
You have also heard me talk about the fact he's hung up on this chick and for many reasons has done nothing about it.  One of those reasons has been that she was in a relationship when he first met her.  Her relationship is ending, fast.  Everyone and their dog's grandmother has told her that her boyfriend is no good.  She's in denial. 
Everyone has been telling Patrick to just wait for her this last month or so. Did I mention she's in denial about her boyfriend.  My buddy Patrick is about to stop waiting.  

I'm getting to my point hold your crickets.

I know I have talked recently about King Dork on here, and been asked what the hold up is?  
A solid question with no answer from me other then I give up.  Or so that was the plan an hour ago.

My buddy Patrick has told me to just give King Dork a bit more time.   A bit more time.    Don't you just hate when your friends throw your own words back at you. 
Well here's the thing,  today about an hour ago, I made the comment to my buddy Patrick about having to find away to just let King Dork go.  No sooner had the words left my coffee cup, when I got an email for my daily horoscope.  The horoscope said this " Sometimes the easy thing is not the right thing and you have to work harder to realize your dreams"   and of course, at that moment Patrick once again said to give King Dork more time.

I believe greatly in signs.
But, I've also seen the women that King Dork hangs around and trust me,  I am far far far from looking anything like the women he spends his time with. If this was a Disney cartoon they would be the Little Mermaid and I would be the Sea Witch 
I think this time  the sign should have been Detour or Road Closed Ahead.  I do not know if taking the easy way this time will get me any farther then the hard way but either way, I've worked hard enough and my dreams just have not come true.