Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Before coffee on a Wed

and since my lovely Spudguns, I have cut my coffee intake down to half; that coffee will not be had until I drag my ass out of the house in order to get one.
Good way to make sure I stick with it.  Don't keep any in the house. 

Actually,  I'm not keeping anything in the house, and no for those keeping watch I still have not stepped foot in my kitchen.  That's like ... yeah I know. 

Something woke me at 3am.  The whole scratchy issue.  And if you're new to this here bloggy-blog,  there's an omen about your true love and the right side of your body itching.  But it was 45minutes man, so needless to say, haven't had much sleep.

Yesterday was an interesting and semi-full day.
ExpressCheckOut-Guy  was acting odd and had a new hairdo.  Thought he looked spiffy actually. 
Caught the movie  The Change Up.  I was the only woman in the cinema and the only straight person.  Seriously, it was me and two rows of gay men sitting in the screening room of the new Ryan Reynolds film.  Pretty much all you have to say "new Ryan Reynolds film"   and you understand why I found myself surrounded by 7 gay men. 
And can I just say,  I thought way back when that the screaming teenaged girls at Twilight was loud and giddy but they do not hold a candle to a bunch of gay twentysomething guys.

Switching gears here on you,   I did get to catch this past WWE's Raw on replay yesterday afternoon.  Thought the CM Punk -puking was a riot.

Monday, August 29, 2011

8/29/2011 7:22pm

Dear TNA Spudguns:

Okay, just caught last week's episode {Aug 25th 2011 episode}  and have this question...   Why was the A.J. Styles stuff reversed?  
Styles had his match, THEN the segment where he came out to talk to Daniels aired.   Which the announce team commented that the match was about to happen in a few minutes.   Dudes in the production crew, you've got to get on the ball a bit better.

These screw ups on the website,  I have to wonder since I do not have cable - still-  if the screw ups are only on the Spike site or if they aired on television too?
And they seem to be happening alot lately.   This is like a month straight where there has been something out of place or repeated or frozen.    Do we need to get new production staff or is because of the tapes themselves?

It would be nice to have one day per week that the show is uploaded too by the by.   Sometimes it's there the next day {Fridays}  sometimes it's a Monday or Tuesday. Sometimes it's the next week's Thursday.   Please, pick a day for the upload and maybe have a small banner or something on the Spike site that says when it will be available on the site to watch.  Specially on the weeks that there is a ppv.  On the rare off chance I'd be able to order a ppv, it would be nice to see the show before hand not after.

Love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Book Dork Is In Aug 2011

Previously on the book dork, your heroine and heroin was .... You know Spudguns, I don't even remember what was happening the last time around and I'm too lazy to sift through the blog to find the last Book Dork post.

Book club today went swimmingly well.   After months of people making empty promises that they would show and not doing so,  I thought this would be my last attempt and would close the doors on it.
But, someone showed up!   Bonus they read the novel too!

The newest member is a lovely lady who had been in book clubs before in her last city and understood the ups and downs of things.  I have new hope now.  
Yes, I know I've said that sort of in the past and have been brutally let down, but ... I'm in swell spirits on this one.

The book this time around had been Jane Austen's Persuasion.   And it was a lovely chat about the characters, their quirks, and it spread into a few other Jane Austen novels that we'd read/seen the films for and compared.
This then lead to the next selection which will indeed be another Jane Austen novel... Sense and Sensibility.  That will be October's selection. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

8/27/2011 8:20am

Dear Spudguns:

Looks like it will be a lovely morning.  Have reached chapter 12 of Persuasion,  the part where Louisa falls.  Very intense.  Or you know not so much.  Book club is tomorrow so I need to finish reading it tonight.
I did something the other night, on Thursday that I have done maybe once in my life, walked out in the middle of an episode of wrestling.  There what last year I walked away from an episode of TNA but I finished watching it a few hours later.   Thursday, I was watching WWE's NXT and I'd had enough.  Soon as the Tyson Kidd match was over I just turned off the tv and that was that. Enough already and why the hell have we not had any eliminations in the last two months?
NXT has become the biggest waste of time in the last few weeks. Biggest waste.
I actually really like Tyson Kidd matches, he's one of the few that are worthy of a show.  But it's the rest of the show that drives me to the remote.
In the immortal words of Blackadder's Bladrick, what we need is a cunning plan. 
It's early, no real news and since I've cut back on my coffee intake in a desperate attempt to start eating better again, I tend to be in zombie mode more. The withdrawls are a bitch I'll tell you that.
Well, suppose I should read another few chapters and get ready to face the day.

Love Ardeth Blood

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Doctor Doctor

Well, I did not learn much at my appointment. 
Nothing showed up on the x-rays, which is good.  But that doesn't explain the lump or the swelling or the pain now does it?
I go back in in two weeks for yet another follow up.  But my doctor did say it is going to be a chronic issue, as it seems to have something to do with the fact my knee does not line up with my foot.  Short story on that is that when I was born, I was born with my hips out of the joint and ended up in a body cast.  They set my one leg weird and my leg has always been frealed up.  Seems over the years the pressure from the way I walk has made things worse.   Yay me. 
I can injure myself without trying.  Do I get a gold star for that?  Maybe a shiny belt?  That TV title Eric Young is sporting would be a nice ....  anyways that's about it. 
No real reason for my current injury other then my having the O.I. Type One. 

Its 4:44am where are you?

Or more likely to ask, what you doing?
Well Spudguns,  Me- I am wide awake again this time because of a very spooky dream... of bears. Yes, bears.  Big black bears.
So I've been searching online to find out what they mean as I think I should. 

I  have to go today to the doctor's again about my foot.   Should be oodles of fun.  I see in my future... more waiting.   Waiting for the doctor.  Waiting for a bus.  But at lest I should know what the hell is wrong with it... should being the keyword.

Book Club is this weekend, on Sunday.  I suppose it would be a good idea to finish reading Persuasion just in case someone actually shows up this time around.   Got a few emails from people saying they are coming, but as we know that's happened before and on the day I've ended up sitting there like a dork waiting with my coffee getting stood up.   Can you call it being stood up if it's not date related?  

Okay, think I will try to get back to sleep now. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seagulls and movies

I went to see Conan the Barbarian remake yesterday.  It was in that dreaded 3D
Then I watched some seagulls while I was on the bus.  Wondering what their story was.  There was 3 of them, two white one speckled. The bus was at the city terminal and I had oodles of time to kill and for whatever reason these gulls got my attention.
Gull number one would walk a few feet pecking at the ground, with Gull #2 following.  This of course would make #1 run faster.  I think #1 was a scared male. Although he would run, he never ran completely or flew for that matter; just stayed a few feet away at all times.   That's when Gull #3 showed up, the speckled one.  Gull #3 was a few feet away from #1 at all times, but for some reason kept chasing away Gull #2.   A jealous rival maybe?  Then they sort of each went to one area on the parking lot and pecked the outline of the grass about ten feet away from the people waiting for the Crosstown.   Hope none of the gulls ate anything bad like the cigarette butts.  Then Gull #1 flew a few feet over the fence and just stood there, like he was daring the city to try to move him. That's a man for you eh?  This of course left both Gulls #2 and #3 freaking out trying to catch up to him, and when they did, Gull #3 turned and started to squak at #2 hurting her feelings; yes I think the second one was a girl; cause she ran in the other direction before #3 the speckled Gull flew back to the parking lot.  Then the bus took off and I didn't get to see what happened to them.  

Movie was okay. You already know how I fee about 3D so there is no point in rehashing that right now. 
Weird night as far as dreams went.  I've been having this nightmare over and over all week. Not sleeping well.

Sidenote on the seagulls... they mate for life. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let the music move you

I was woken up just after 5:30am {EST} by the urge to hear this song.    Anti-Hero Man   by the Kings. 
So here's me, running around the apartment like a piece of crazy trying to find my cassette - yes it's that old- of mixed stuff from the 70's and 80's with this song on it.  Then I find it, and realize it's 5:45am and way too early to be playing music in the apartment.  And of course I do not have earphones that fit the old stereo.

Why is it that certain songs jump into your brain and you can not stop thinking about it until you've played it a few times?

That is the thing today I just have to wonder...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Canada in the News-8/22/11

If you caught any of the Canadian news today you know that NDP leader Jack Layton died after a long battle with cancer (1950-2011). 
He was one of the few politicians who everyone truly liked both a politically and personally. 
You stood still and listened to everything he had to say.  And you felt he truly stood for all of Canada.

So many of us have heard on the news or read online the letter he wrote just a few days ago, urging Canadians to keep the faith if they too were battling cancer, as well as a general thank you to the Canadian public.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

8/21/11 8:33am

My alarm went off but what does that matter when I did not sleep much more then two hours. 
It could have been a variety of things, but none of that matters either.   We're down to the last few days of this seasons Mercury Retrograde, and it's being a bitch.

Mercury retro, not only likes to mess up communications, electronics, traffic, etc  it likes to have you rewind you're dren.  Make you deal with things you thought you had already dealt with.   Issues, people.

This past week seems to be the week of the living dead for me.  People I haven't heard from in the last few years, suddenly popping up acting like it's 1999 still.
There is a line in the movie Nick Knight, where the lead says "the past is the only dead thing that still smells sweet"   All I can say to that is, dude, not from where I'm standing.
But of course, here's me all in a puzzle on why the universe suddenly decided to drop these people on my doorstep and on my cell phone?  Ironically, this is a weekend of remakes at the cinema too with Fright Night and Conan the Barbarian.   Movies that when put into my perspective are indeed connected to the people who popped up into my life. 

Enter now the six of cups tarot.   The card of remembering, childhood, innocence, and also towards looking at the future, of joys and love coming to you still.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I got to see...

The replay of Summer Slam.

I liked the length of the matches, even mother seemed to be paying enough attention to mention how long the matches were. 
Do I want to jump on board the "who sent the text" thingie?   Na...

The Wade Barrett vs Daniel Bryan match I have to say was my favourite of the event.  And still, his hair did not move.  Just how many bottles of product does he put in it?  And I love the new tights he's sporting now too.

If someone asks me what I thought the downer of the show was, I have to say when the scary fat dude in the moo-moo came out with the women.   I couldn't think anything other then why is the scary fat dude in a moo-moo?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fright Night -Aug 19th

I was the first person in my city to see the film this afternoon besides the staff.  I hit the 1:40pm showing of the remake of Fright Night and found myself to be the only person in the screening room.  Yay me.

I loved this film.  Even though it was in 3D, it lived beyond my expectations.   

The comedy was there, full on with lines from the original film  "you're so cool brewster"   to a for sale sign through the heart.

The slight changes in characters from the 1985 film, were just balanced enough to make it work.  Giving the mother more depth, adding a few extra friends for the lead Charlie, making Peter Vincent a Vegas act instead of being a horror host, removing the renfield character all together.  All these little quirks added to the atmosphere of it. 

And this was a dark film.  You're hit with action right off the bat and it doesn't stop ... it's total non-stop action... {dude I had to }   With little touches that at times reminded me of Forsaken {there is a bit about tribes} and the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer  {a gag about loosing an arm}

The die hard FN fans such as myself, will find the iconic dress, fangs and club scenes tweaked just enough to be modern without insulting the originals.   Best of all is the cameo by Chris Sarandon who for those who don't know, played the vampire in the original 1985 version.

By far, the update of Fright Night is a winner.  Let's hope the crew are smart enough to remake the sequel as well.

Vampire crimes

Why is it, whenever a major vampire movie is being released there seems to be a rise in the media in vampire crimes?

Is it the idea that the image of the vampire is a hot topic again so therefore the media jumps on it and produces out of their ass another psycho killer who just happens to claim to be a vampire?  Do they have a drawer of these on the ready for when a new vamp film is being released to drum up fear again?

Or is it like the full moon effect?  Psycho killers just happen to decide that they need to do their dirt right then and there because suddenly interest in vampires has peaked again?

In case you're wondering my lovely Spudguns and you too Spuddy if you're awake,  what it is I'm going on about, it's the news article I saw this morning.   A teenager in Texas attacked a sleeping woman trying to drain her blood. 

The article goes on to quote Anne Rice from an interview she did about ten years ago, and to compare Twilight to Vampire the Masquerade. 
Seriously, as much as I hate to give any credit to Twilight, I don't see there being a threat of people killing in the name of it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Aug 18th

Don't you love it when the blog schedule gets messed up.  Makes things so much fun.
That last blog post was suppose to have been posted last night before midnight, I see the timer only went off an hour ago.
No, Blockbuster here where I live does not open that early in the day, and no I'm not out of my pajamas yet this morning

But, I did get my claws on a copy of Priest on dvd.   Much less vomit inducing in plan 2D, made it easier to watch.  I now look forward to a Priest sequel.

I'm in full on vampire movie mode this week. And loving every juicy second that I'm able to sink my teeth into.   I did see a few extra vampire dvds being promoted this week at Blockbuster and HMV because of both Priest getting is dvd release and of course Fright Night getting released in cinema tomorrow.   You know I was in bloody heaven.

Which brings me to this question... why is it when you stumble upon one of those double or triple or four favs films  on one dvd that it's always got one you want to see but the others are ones you've already bought before?    Ever notice that?

I spent a nice chunk of years trying to find some of the old Christopher Lee Hammer Dracula films, had to hunt them down under their many titles as Hammer used to release things back in the day under one name in England, another in Canada/US, another in Germany etc.  And now, I see a single dvd that has 4 of the long sought after titles together.  
After I spent something like 5 years tracking down, special ordering, cross referencing, etc certain titles, now ... NOW they are available in a single 4 favs films pack!  

And you know what, Spudguns and Spuddy;   I still have not found my original Fright Night tee shirt.  The one I got from Fright Rags back in 2007 with the logo of Evil Eddie saying "you're so cool Brewster".    It's been missing for over two years.   I'm starting to think an ex-boyfriend stole it.   

Yes that is me in 2007.... the hair, damn that was the last time I was able to get that blonde too....

Yes, I noticed

Actually, it was pointed out to me by a casual reader of my blog when I was at Blockbuster today.  The updated TNA-Impact logo on my sidebar for their tour request.   It's no longer the blue and white logo but a lovely photo. (right now the photo is of Chris Sabin getting a double kick to the head by the members of Generation Me.)

Thank you TNA-Impact for the tour slogan updated look.  It no longer clashes with my blog.

While I'm on the topic... I discovered the request tour almost two full years ago.  I was the first person to sign up for Thunder Bay.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Travel Mug

I needed a new one.   If there is anyone thing in my life that gets used on a daily basis it would be my coffee mugs.  The lid on my last one broke so I decided it was time to splurge and get a new one.  $5 and the coffee is free.  That's how they get you, reel you in with the promise of the coffee being free.

Anyone else not understand what they are doing on All My Children?  The show's been on for 40 years, and is on its last few weeks before retirement... saying it's cancelled after that long on air doesn't sound right to me, but retirement sounds much better... and they've got a wicked storyline happening, but how are they going to make it make sense in under a month?  Poor AMC, suddenly it's the IT show everyone is talking about again now that it's down to the wire.

Speaking of what the freal are they thinking... the Fright Night remake which comes out this week is only being offered in 3D.   Uhuhmmm.  

For anyone who read my rant about Priest few months ago
{Yes I know I posted that on this blog too but thought I would link you to the vampire blog cause it needs traffic} then you know how much I hate/detest/despise/abhor/am repelled by and plan old get vomit worthy headaches from 3D films. But you also must have the good sense to know I am going on Friday to the first showing our city has simply because I've been yammering on about the film for months.  I have to go. It's the principle of it, a sense of blogger's honor.

That and I can't remember the last time I was at the opening of a film. 

Wed 4:26am the 17th

Dear Spudgun:

Middle of the night, and I am wide awake. 
I really thought that the wave of creativity on the weekend was going to be one hell of a ride, but that new story has already hit some brick walls. 

I've had this weird sick feeling since the night before last (Monday night) not a physical sick feeling, just this ... something's up feeling.  A bit of bad mojo.   Trying not to let myself give in to it, cause giving in to something like that only leads to panic attacks and the like.  But at the same time I can no ignore it either.

There is an emotional tiredness that I can not explain. I had a surprise visit on Sunday from someone I never thought I would see or hear from again.  Someone I hadn't talked to in the last few years. They just stood there in the doorway not wanting to come in. Doesn't matter anyways.

The astrological elements happening right now, all having to do with planets shifting into signs they haven't been in in years, some decades.  I wish I could tell you just what everything means and what kind of affects it will all have, but I seem to have lost my notes.  That's been happening alot more lately then I want to admit.   Me loosing stuff. 

Finally got to see last week's Impact-TNA (Aug 11th 2011 episode)   was strangely fixated on Eric Young's beard.  It makes him look off.  I've never cared for beards.

There are other things I wanted to mention but seem pointless now that I am typing.  So I'll just say catch you on the B-side.

Love Ardeth Blood

Asking wrestlers more stupid questions

I used screen capture for this post

Eric Young.... why do you have a dead cat on your face?
Seriously, the beard so not a good. It's just a bad idea, just bad.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aug 16th

Update on my foot... got x-rays and have another doctor's appointment for next week. Won't find out anything until then.   It's a good thing it's not a life or death issue or I'd have been dead two weeks ago.  All this waiting around.

Saw the replay of last nights WWE Raw, and found it to be ... interesting. I happen to like the idea of Del Rio as a champ.

Another hot day here with a 32 c  humidex.  Too hot for much of anything.   The big excitement of the day was the fact no one in mom's building seemed to be able to get their keys to work in the front door. Had to call the super about it.  Yes, in case you didn't catch on before, my life is that dull.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Monday Evening

Went to the doctor's.  Sat around for over two hours waiting.   Finally got in, and he said a bunch of big sentences in doctor-ize that I did not understand and then told me to go in tomorrow to the hospital first thing for x-rays.
Yay me.   I get to spend my whole day tomorrow- only half if I'm lucky- waiting again. This time for x-rays.   He did mutter something about a tendon and calcium and I got confused. 

Still waiting for the Spike site to upload last Thursday's Impact-TNA episode. 

And now I am out of news for the night.  Not much to talk about sitting around all day.   Just waiting and waiting and waiting and watching the seconds tick away like drippings from an ice sculptor drip drip tick tick ...................

Another Monday Morning

Barely 930am and already I've gone hunting for a missing book, cleaned out a large selection of spam comments from my LiveJournal, spent twenty minutes re-figuring my password for LiveJournal because I forgot I had one until I got the spam comments come in on an old post, checked emails, wrote a blog post for one of the other blogs, discovered there are damaged areas on one of my Sex and the City dvds, and some other assorted paper work.

Thought this would be a good spot for a short break.

So we just came off a Full Moon on the weekend, and Mercury is still in retrograde for another week. For those doing any kind of tarot work remember this would be the time the Tower will pop up the most.

Be back later after my doctor's appointment.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

After Eight

For those who have not been keeping up with me, I shot out a two liner today over on the vampire blog, the recap being that the movie Priest is getting it's dvd release this week.  They love me at my blockbuster as they have already pulled one aside for me unofficially as they are not allowed to officially pull one before release day.  Nice to know someone on this planet loves me.
Tuesday is also the dvd release of the latest remake of Jane Eyre.  I'm getting my greedy claws on that too. 

I will update tomorrow after my doctor's appointment for my foot.  A strange lump seems to have formed near my pins. I'm not too worried just you know with the O.I.  always better to have it checked out.  But I'm really hoping that there is no more need for any more surgery.

Still have not seen this week's episode of Impact-TNA  the point being that Spike site still needs to upload it. 

Page 6 over on the story blog Love by Spice is up.  For anyone who's up for it, I've tried to keep the posts at a medium length. Just long enough to get the story started but not too long to overwhelm. And also, it's not totally fiction. Yes it's a story, but like all my writing, has a taste of the truth in it.

Love by Spice

Okay, I've started a new story. Love By Spice   On a fresh blog. The whole blog is designed to be one story so it will be a weird experience.
I've got a couple of "pages" written on it. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tell me everything

The song "Tell me everything"  by Adam Cohen is a major influence for my novel.  That and of course the X-Division.
Almost all the writers I've talked to over the years have said the same thing, that like me they have a list of music they listen to when they are writing certain things. 
Everytime I have sat down over the years an written anything, from a poem to a novel to a play/film, I've had a playlist for that thing.
My novel, the infamous novel, has had close to 25 playlists in the two plus years I've been working on it.   That Adam Cohen song has been the only constant on all of them.

Music.  It's something I keep denying but yet keep having to admit plays a huge role in my life. Not always in a good way.  I would point you to the stack of rotten boyfriends/lovers I've had over the decades that were musicians and leave that at that.

Friday, August 12, 2011

My face sparkles

Only it's not suppose to.   I decided to put on some make up and when I opened one of the packs I've never used before but bought like last year, thinking it was just a pinkish eyeshadow, it ended up under the top layer it was all sparkles.   I'm not impressed.  Damn! I don't do sparkles! 

Still waiting  for the Spike site to put up last night's episode of TNA-Impact.  Let's hope this week does not have any screw ups. 

Reading  "Life on the Line"  by Grant Achatz.   Another cooking memoir.  It's become my thing as of late for those not keeping score.  This one I stumbled on by accident, or I should say, it stumbled upon me.  I was reaching for a book on the shelf above it, when this one got knocked and fell on my toes.  I picked it up went to put it back and it fell off the shelf again.  I took that as a sign and bought it.  Hard to ignore something when it jumps out and bites you literally.

And I have a doctor's on Monday about my foot.  It's still swollen for no reason.

Okay, going to wash off this dreadfully sparkly dren from my face.  Dude, all I have to say is what I've said for the last 4 years... VAMPIRES DO NOT SPARKLE!!!!

Is it Friday yet?

Seems it is, according to the calendar and the sounds outside my window this morning.  There is also a ton of construction going on around here as of late. Ripping up the streets like they do every summer. Still not sure why they have to do them every summer? 
The city is trying to get some frealing baseball field or something put in the opposite end of town or some nonsense.  Seems you can vote on line if you want the damned thing to come here or somewhere near Calgary.  Then there's all the stuff they are building in the harbour. Why does the north end of the city get all the work and the south side not even get considered for anything?  Or right, because the north end of the city is considered the "hills" and the south side is closer to the rez.  The east end is the slums and we don't even have a west end.  The city itself is off balance. Did I point that out to you's me pointing out there is only 3 directions in this city when there should be 4.
This city was not even designed in any sensible form.  I know from the years I spent doing flower deliveries. It zig zags in this weird way that makes you scream "why'd that asshole put that there?"
It's a shit city.
I mean seriously, our slogans over the years have been "superior by nature"  and "we have a giant heart"
No we're not and no we don't.   But I suppose a slogan like "our water is polluted to the point you can't drink it safely"  and "come get hit by a moose in our streets"  wouldn't go over well on a travel package.
Yes, a city were the moose population could rival the dog population.  Oh then there are the bears too.  Yeah, not as many this year but still we have our little black bears. 
Thunder Bay, a place to come if you want to have all your notions of Canada you've seen in movies over the years of being a wilderness of moose and little else realized.
And what the hell are they doing outside with the damned construction?  You never see any results. Just a bunch of guys tearing up the street all summer long.  
Go vote for the Calgary getting the baseball field, as Thunder Bay still does not deserve to step out of the dark ages.  
Why am I still stuck here?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Too much work this early

Should be simple right, download the newest version of your browser.  
Only I lost all my bookmarks because Google has stopped making a toolbar for Firefox.   GGGGGRRRRR!
Reload the old one export my bookmarks, reload the new one and import all my links.   Only now they have no order or sense and I can't remember what they were saved for or anything.   
Then the stupid blog editor in this thing since they have done an upgrade on Blogger is acting up. Every time I come in here now it says "null"  when I try to edit. 
It's like that old kids' song  I am slowly going crazy 1 2 3 4 5 6 switch crazy slowly going am I  6 5  4  3 2 1 switch.
I got started on this when I woke up this morning at 730... here it is nearly 10am.  

Yes this is an old photo from last year.  I need to get some new dren done.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vampire Break-Aug 10 2011

It doesn't take much to figure out that I'm little excited like a lab rat on a cheese tray about the remake of Fright Night that comes out next week.
If you've been paying attention to my blogging in the last while, you know I started off with iffy feelings about this film.  The original being almost 30 years old is a classic in the genres of both vampire and horror.  The sequel which was released in 1988, has become a major cult classic in it's own right.

I'm drooling here you know that right...slobbering all over the computer keys thinking about my favourite sidekick Evil Ed getting a revamp -all puns intended- and my favourite scared slayer  Mr. Peter Vincent getting a make over as well. 

Also, if you've been paying attention you might realize that I've been doing a few vampire reviews over on my *new* vampire blog the last few weeks.  Some people get enchanted by the superbowl, I get enchanted by a new vampire movie.  Actually, there is usually one movie a year that gets me this excited, to the point of planning my schedule around it's opening night.   This is this year's movie. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Aug 9th 2011 Morning

Having a weird time getting the new blogger editing thingie to work.

Still have not had coffee yet today,  BUT  I did just sit through the movie BloodRayne 3 The Third Reich... and I want to wipe that experience from my memory now please.  I did a little few sentences on that here. 

Now I'm off to mother's to see the replay from last night's WWE Raw, and have a very very large pot of coffee. 

Big kisses blog with you later.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Push the damned button

My day was spent trying not to throw the remote at my mother.  She decided to get a VTR and we spent half the day waiting for the cable guy to show up, then the next 5 hours trying to figure it out without killing each other. 
Dude, seriously, she'd tell me to program it to tape one thing, then when she went over the settings, she cancelled the program saying she needed to learn to do it herself. 
Okay fine, then why the hell did she tell me to put the program in to begin with????????

But now it seems we can get ppvs.  So this could prove interesting. 

Read me psychic man

Every notice, when you sign up for something like a weekly horoscope, you end up getting a lot of crap with it.   Those notes of fear and end of the world coming in 3 days if you don't act now and call them and spend big bags of cash to hear what they will do for you at a low price with a money back guaranty if you are not totally satisfied by the curse removal/talisman etc they are doing for you.  But yet when you unsubscribe they still keep throwing the fear crap at you and you still don't have your horoscope.... no just me.

And I'm not dissing on psychics, I have seen with my own eyes there are the real deals out there.

Remember, we are in the height and heart of Mercury Retrograde, expect a mass amount of screw ups with electronics, traffic and communications, as well as you hands-arms. 
This little reminder is directed at Spudguns in TNA and WWE today who are working.

enjoy my weirdness, I love you all and SMILE damn it!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I can take her

Dear Spudguns:

Well, sitting here in mother's apartment once again, soaking up the air conditioning. The sounds of a TNA dvd over my shoulder... Best of the MMG.
Mom has a few of the ladies from her church group coming over later.  She had me pick up some goodies to serve for tea.  Spent over twenty bucks on cookies and cake when I could have bought the ingredients and made some myself.  No she didn't want to have the oven on today. Not bitter, not at all.

Mother is out with Ninja.  She took her out for a late birthday brunch.

I know it's time to start working on a new novel.  Even though the last one is still in the middle of everything, there's this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that it's just time to start working on new characters.  Only I'm feeling so uninspired as of late. Not too sure what's wrong with me.
Anyways, Mr. Shelley if you happen upon this before the ppv tonight good luck don't get killed.

Love Ardeth Blood

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Put it out there

My biggest fear.   Besides never getting married, is that I'll never get published.  That no one outside of a random few blog readers and the few publishers who've rejected me over the years will ever see my work.
I have this deep rooted fear, much like a oak tree's roots, thick and heavy and just searching for water; that it will not be until after I'm dead that my collection of stories will be seen by anyone other then myself.  Do not ask why, but I keep seeing my sister ripping through the many boxes of binders, notepads, loose leaf pages, computer files of my writings and drawings trying to create a best of to be published years after I'm cold in the grave.
It's a sad thought. 

This fear is also why I blog.  Why I try to type something every single day.  Spuddy, I envy you and the rest of the locker room, you're creations are out there right now for everyone to witness.  NO fear.

Now, back to the marriage issue....

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Aug 4th 2011

I used screen capture for this post

Well, sort of.   I say sort of because half the video on the Spike site did not work.   I ended up having to go hunting online for the bits and pieces that got frealed up.    This is the second time in a week by the by that the Spike site had screw ups in the episode.  From what I understand, the version that played on tv worked fine. 

Let's jump right into the Beer Money vs Mexican America match.  It was a street fight that was suppose to be between Hernandez and James Storm only Storm was injured and Robert Roode took over.  Nice one. But they got out numbered and the win went to Hernandez.

The A.J. Styles vs Devon match.  Went well but seemed a bit... dull.  Daniels came out to watch and caused a distraction giving the win to Devon.

The Samoa Joe vs Pope match.  This is one that I had to go hunting for and was irritated by the time I got to see it, so I did not really pay close attention.  I do know that Joe lost. 

Alex Shelley vs Austin Aries.   The only match that mattered to me.  And it was another one that the Spike player frealed up on.  The match started, I saw Shelley get hit from behind as he took off that new ring jacket -Spuddy, You know what I am going to say on that jacket before I even say it so... and then as he was tossing Aries into the ropes the damned player froze!  The counter was still counting and the video was just frozen.  I had to go hunting online for it.  It was a really good match once I got to view it, and should have been the match of the week, but the quality of the picture was fuzzy.  Felt like watching a 3D video without glasses.  Austin Aries got the win on this.   
I really like the feud they have going between the two of them.  I am going on record right now saying that Aries will cause a break down in their match on the ppv this weekend with no one winning officially. 
One more thing, did anyone else happen to notice the fact the camera person did an extreme close up of Chris Sabin on the video screen behind Alex Shelley when Shelley was coming down the ramp?  I just thought I'd mention it. Thought it was a sweet touch and a nice reminder of Sabin.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Is tech making us laz....

Dear Spudguns:

Crazy thoughts, more like nightmares again, kept me awake for most the night.  Today is mother's birthday.   I'll most likely stop off at the bakery and pick up a cake on my way over today.

The heat here is unbreaking still. +29c with a +42c humidex.  I swear just sneezing makes me sweat right now.
This has got to be the most uneventful summer in years!  The city is deader then usual.  Anyways, I was watching the movie Fame  the other night.  The original from 1980, and started to wonder about something. Aren't I always wondering about something though?   In the original movie, one of the main characters can not read.

We're talking 1980, and that was still a massive problem with people, specially teens.  Now because of the internet, everyone can read which is a blessing. 
But, it's the issue now of the computer speak that's got me wondering... have we gotten lazy because of it? I'm talking here about the shorthand twitter style talk and the like. 

Just something to toss out there this morning before coffee.

Love Ardeth Blood

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nothing fancy

Have you visited my *new* vampire blog in the last while?   No... well here's my thoughts on the movie Stake Land

Honestly, that new vampire movie was just the shot of fresh blood I needed.  Made for a nice relaxing night in last night. 

We're still hitting temps of +29c here with humidex of +39c and up.   It's hot, sticky, and just plain uncomfortable here all the time.  I've heard more sirens in the last few days because of people having breathing issues and heat exhaustion then I've heard in a long while.
Not fun.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1121pm Wed Aug 3rd

You see that.  That my Spudguns, is my novel and my new printer sitting in the background.  Dude, I think I am in love.  Yes very much so.  I did not realize how much I missed the smell of ink when it hits the air during a printing session, but it seems I do.  

Yes that is my novel for the second time.  I got a little too ahead of myself and forgot to adjust the spacing-font size before hitting the print button when I was trying out the new printer.  Printed the whole thing in x-large.  Oh well, dren happens. 
This is draft 7 by the by.   It's so cute! About 2pounds and a boy... the novel I mean.  The printer surprisingly is light as a feather.

And yes Spuddy, hidden within these pages is your infamously inspired cereal scene. 

Wed Aug 3rd

So last night, my sister and I went for a coffee trying to figure out what we are going to do for mother's birthday this weekend. 
We came up with nothing.   Neither of us have the energy or the cash to do a big blow out, plus Ninja and J. have the kids this weekend.
My sister did however, ask me why I never finished writing  Lights out in the Library ?   The short paranormal story I was writing on this here bloggy-blog.    Like everything else, I hit a major road block.  This ironically, is one of the few things I've written in years my sister seemed to really like.  The last time I wrote something she dug was back in 1998 and that too was a ghost-succubus story.

Now, today's adventure, is trying to buy a new printer.  With my mother and uncle.  I think my fashion accessories should consist of a ref's shirt when I hang around the two of them.  Ever hear a 59 year old man bring up a grudge from when he was 5? or a 61 year old woman retaliate with a grudge from when she was 10? ... yeah that's what my day is going to be like.

If I kill them, will you help clean the mess?   No... you're no fun.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mercury Retrograde yet again

The planet Mercury likes to go into a backwards motion something like three times a year.  It's doing that starting today until the end of the month. 

Mercury is the planet of communications, electronics, travel, it governs commerce, anything that you need to be skilled at, agility and speed, intellectual energy,  perception, reason, memory, speaking and writing.  Transportation screw ups are high on the list of things to expect will happen, as will computers crashing alot.
Your nerves, arms, hands and fingers are all ruled by Mercury.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Spike TV

So I'm watching this past week's episode of Impact-TNA  online right, right okay, and I see two segments that are ... um well from last week.  Not a recap but a full on screw up.  

I would be talking about the episode from July 28th 2011 with two parts from the July 21st 2011 episode.  So my questions are,  is that how it aired on tv or just the Spike official site?  and how did it happen?  Seriously, how did we loose big chunks of the episode?

Kiss Kiss Noise.
Love Ardeth Blood

Just a thought

We have food movies.   We have vampire movies.
Could they be one and the same?

Was watching a vampire movie last night The Insatiable about this guy who captures a vampire and the whole thing deals with how he gets her blood. 

It at it's core would be a foodie movie, would it not?

So all these years we've been watching vampire films, have we been actually watching movies on our own ethics on meat vs vegetarianism?