Monday, May 24, 2010

Jane Austen Book Club.... I think

W Network did a Jane Austen fest recently here in Canada.   Coupled with the movie release of SATC2 in 3 days plus Eat Pray Love this summer, and I see the core of the trend that is happening in this city.

This is both good and bad. 

One of the movies that was part of the Jane Austen fest  was The Jane Austen Book Club.  Both the movie and the book are favourites of mine, have been for the last few years.
For anyone who has not seen the film or read the book, at the core of it is a woman who in the process of rebuilding her life starts up a book club dedicated to All Jane Austen novels. 

The trend I am seeing, is that suddenly half the women in town want to copy this idea. This is the good part as I am now getting all kinds of replies to an ad I did OVER A YEAR AGO  at the library and bookstore for a book club.

The bad part is, all the women who are contacting me about the book club are in the mist of a divorce, or bad break up.  I've moved on from that (if you read my post about Shutting the Door on your Exfiles on my Ramen Noodle blog you know it took me 3 years to get over things)

The Universe has a sense of humour and likes to play with timing doesn't it.