Sunday, May 29, 2016

The art of nothingness and cheese

Right off, there is no cheese.

There is however, art. Or more rightly, what I created in my art class today. Which is I think a Puffin. Or maybe a Seagull.  Something winged that flies anyways.You know how I said I needed an adventure few posts back...well today was one of my big starts. I joined a one day painting class, where we painted our spirit animals.  I was fully expecting to have some vision of a moose, or dog, or spider or bat, but instead during the meditation part of the class, I saw a ...rabbit. Yeah, a grey and pink cotton tailed cartoon style rabbit. 

Well Holy Jay Lethal's Boots I painted a bird.

So why than did I paint a bird you're thinking?  Cause the class used certain techniques and there was no rabbit showing up in my lack of techniques. There was a strange "s" shape and some wavy lines popping up, and before I knew it, there was a bird.

At the end of the class, we did a show and tell. There were some beautiful paintings done by some of the other women in the class. Stuff you would expect to spend hundreds of dollars on. And the ages of  the ladies went from 11 years old up to 65 years old. I felt really good about what I had created, till I saw everyone else's.

All I can say is maybe there is some cheese in this post after all?