Monday, May 10, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for May 3rd 2010-Highlights

Yeah I know it's a full week late. I have been searching between iTunes Canada and the official Spike TV website since last Tuesday morning. Spike had it at noon today.

Remember my Spudguns, if you didn't hear it already, it's official IMPACT IS MOVING BACK TO THURSDAYS STARTING THIS WEEK! So from what I understand, there will be NO episode tonight (May 10th Monday) But there will be one on this Thursday May 13th
I hate watching the show this way, cause it's like watching stop animation there are so many digital mess ups and buffering and ..... ggrrr!
Jay Lethal... oh my! Did he finally drop the frealing gimmick? That would be nice... um Jay thinks he's the Nature Boy now.... loud groan. Well, at lest he looks hot in a suit. Finally he got rid of the sparkly moo-moo! I can get behind that I can totally. Dude! what the hell? It keeps skipping... serious. The first segment with Lethal kept jumping to the next segment.
Hey did I ever tell you that my ex Dargo looked just like Robert Roode..... Everytime someone else logs on to the website it causes a traffic jam and craps out the show for me. Who's the security hottie with the tattoos?

(Dude! when iTunes Canada gets this for download I will re-do this post. This is just a mess with the stopping and skipping and ggrrr)

Kendrick/Williams vs Jessie Neal/Shanon Moore (Ink Inc) .... Jessie Neal won with a spear on Kendrick

Knock Out tag team Beautiful People vs Tara/Sereta/Wilde... BP's win with a cheat of a double teamed DDT

A.J. Styles vs Abyss.... Styles won with a distraction from Flair and Chelsie

Wolfe vs RVD....RVD won and keeps his championship

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! They were in a 3 way tag match against Beer Money Inc and Team 3D.... Sabin was spring boarding off the top ropes in this amazing flips that must have gotten a height of at lest 6 feet (off the top rope which would have put it the rafters) Mr. Shelley blue and orange???? You know what with the bad colouring on this website and the stopping digital scrambledness of it... did I see right was Mr. Shelley bouncing on the second rope like it was a playground toy? Nash and Hall came down got the match thrown out, then Mr. Eric Young is with Nash's crew now... and dude, blue and orange tights really???