Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Raw for May 10th 2010

Putting Vickie as the general manager on a weekly basis was a good idea. Finally, getting rid of the guest host is long over due.

Jericho vs David Hart Smith. Jericho slapped Smith who answered back with a series of hard punches and a kick. Smith used his trademark vertical suplex next, before going for a leg drop but missed. Jericho then had a running boot for him. Jericho then started to work on the shoulder, adding a low drop kick. Jericho had him in a choke hold in the middle of the ring. Smith battled out, and had a large clothesline and shoulder block combo before a belly to belly toss. Smith followed with a scoop slam but only got a two count. Jericho used a back elbow to get Smith off his feet. Smith locked on a sharpshooter but Jericho broke on the ropes. Jericho used his codebreaker for the win.

R-Truth vs Regal. Regal started off with a few punches and a kick backing Truth into the corner. He whipped Truth into the far corner, but Truth did a float over catching Regal with a scissors kick. Then the Colons ran into the ring and the match was thrown out.

Zack Ryder vs Evan Bourne. Ryder started with a high knee to the chest of Bourne. He kept beating down on Bourne for the first minute but Bourne bounced off the ropes with a standing hurricanrana on Ryder. Bourne got a two count, before heading towards the ropes again. Ryder used his rough ryder but only got a near fall. He had Bourne on the bottom rope again choking him out with his knee. Bourne managed to get out and side step a running splash, then landed Bourne used a running jaw breaker on Ryder in the corner. This was the set up for airbourne which he used for the win.

Then John Cena was in the ring yammering on like a boring boring .... ohhhh Sheamus came out and spiced it up. Looking hotter then hell in a bathtub.

Kidd vs Miz. Miz started it with a go behind and a hard forearm to the back of Kidd. He followed it with a claw to the face pushing Kidd down to the mat, then kicking him. Kidd was tossed out of the ring. Kidd used a shoulder block on Miz from the ring apron, then jumped over the top rope in a sunset flip style move for the win.

Chaos then happened as all the NXT rookies went against a four man tag team. I've said before trying to call a match like this is just impossible. The rookies won.

Batista vs Mark Henry... well not really. Batista used a chair and the match was thrown.

Orton vs Edge/DiBiase in a handicap match. DiBiase started it off with a collar tie up that Orton turned into a side head lock. Orton went off the ropes with a shoulder block on DiBiase. Edge tagged himself in, using a hangman. He continued then to stomp on Orton before getting him on the second rope for a brief choke out. Edge pulled Orton into the corner where they doubled teamed him for a moment before DiBiase tagged in. DiBiase from outside the ring was working on the neck and upper half of Orton. Edge tagged back in. Edge was going for a suplex but Orton blocked it, Edge then turned around and delivered a hard boot to the jaw. Quick tag. Orton fighting back with a few forearms but was caught with a clothesline from DiBiase. DiBiase then had him in the middle of the ring with a chin lock. Orton to his feet, and a bounce off the ropes but it was stopped by DiBiase. Orton did manage to deliver a few clotheslines to DiBiase, and a back elbow to Edge before going back to DiBiase for a scoop slam. Orton sent Edge flying off the ring apron then turned his attention back to DiBiase with a backbreaker. Orton used his RKO for the win.