Sunday, September 27, 2015

The balance of it

The world is constantly reminding us to balance our lives. How many articles over the last 3 decades have been devoted to living our lives more balanced? Hell, whole books on the topic have been written.
But when was the last time you saw something that just talked about why we more often then not end up out of balance and embraced it?

There are parts of our personalities that many of us lean into more then others, creating this unbalanced nature. Times in our lives when we either do things because we become obsessed for short periods of time, or because we're looking for some sort of missing link in our lives.

That spinning out of control world-wind feeling. And yes, for many it will end up showing itself in physical or emotional ways when we get too far one direction or the other, causing us to actually realize that we're out of balance. And then there are a few who never seem to realize the connection. Why they're sick or depressed etc.

Why am I talking about this now?  Because I'm currently out of whack. Yep, I said it. My life is so far off kilter right now that I don't know what way is up.
And I ended up throwing myself into a series of crafting/blogging projects because of it. And of course as always when I do this, they were a complete and utter mess. Just ended up being total dren. I ended up having to redo them anyways.  I got stressed out, which for me always ends up in migraine headaches and body aches, paired with nightmares.

I admit, I get really really competitive this time of year. Other people it's x-mas that throws them into psycho mode, but me it's October season. (yes here October is a season all it's own not a month) I end up feeling like I have to prove myself on a bunch of different levels with the horror stuff and the domestic baking and the happy family Thanksgiving...(remember Canadian Thanksgiving is before Hallowe'en) and here's me falling apart at the end of September. Two weeks sooner then normal too I might add.

For the past month, I've barely blogged. Took such a step back from writing in general in anticipation of October's projects that I actually have started to feel guilty. Blogger's guilt. I don't feel guilt about anything, so why is it this time around something like not posting for a few weeks has me in a near panic?
That would be the out of balance part. So here's me, writing something to start the shift back to a more centered self. And in hopes at lest part of this horrible pounding migraine relaxes an inch.