Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday morning after the wrestling...or Hey I got out of the house this week

All Photos copyright KIMBERLY HULST '2010

I'm up! It's 8:30 am, I didn't get to bed till 2am but dude, I'm up. Why am I up? Cause, I'm a goof or something.

To explain the title of this post, last summer on the old blog I wrote a post where I talked about my health and not getting out much anymore and well what I do best, rant about everything. So this is the part two of that post.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was at the Great North Wrestling event last night here in town. I stood in line for over an hour and half back on March 22nd (my birthday, so it was my present to myself I'm such a clever girl) because of Vampiro.

Dude! I had met him back in 1999 at an autograph signing -yeah that was me in 1999 I'm much cuter now- but had never seen him live. (seen him wrestle on WCW a million times but this was the first time live)

So, there was me, hanging out with my buddy Danny being a total frealnik.

I had been so hyper over the fact I had waited in line forever for my front row floor seat, only to be pissed off and confused when I got there to find that my ticket - Seat 1 Row A- was on of many Seat 1 Row A spots. Instead of having it 1-100, they had each ring side 1-9. Dude! that blows. And the staff at the Gardens weren't very helpful. Ends up I was in the south section which put me just between the press pit (ring staff) and the wheel chair area. Which is totally cool only everyone from behind my row came running up into the empty 5 feet of space between me and the ring when Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash came out, so I didn't see much of them. Totally sucks on that part cause I was grooving in my MotorCityMachine Guns! shirt which by the by I was the only one in town in thank you!
I did sit beside a very hot man all night. Yes indeed, my former hairstylist. He kept picking at my hair telling me to come in to see him. Okay, yeah I get it, I had bad hair last night (how bad was it? I had Chris Sabin hair at one point)

I was seated beside Vampiro's mom all night which was also very cool. I have to say though the poor lady didn't get to enjoy the show, as everyone and their dog's grandmother kept bugging her.

The Sex Symbol made his return to the city, which is always nice as he's a wickedly great wrestler.

And the highlight of the night.... the photo of Chaz Lovely. Oh yeah... sorry didn't mean to stare.