Friday, March 30, 2012


Yeah, it happened.  We got another round of frealing snow last night.  Damn it Janet!
It's been summer weather here for the last two weeks and suddenly this morning we're covered in the fluffy. 
I wanted to get a shot of the snow but stuck on the sofa and unable to get the webcam in the right spot to see out the window.  So instead, here's me and my crutches sitting on mother's sofa. 
It's early here... well okay not as early as I would be up at home, but I am going batty here.  I don't know how people can live with their parents after a certain age? 
I have another week before they start me on therapy and I know that's going to be hell.  I don't even want to think about the fact I will then have to go back in for a second surgery to remove the wires. 
Honestly, that almost seems backassed to me.  Starting me on therapy then going to have the wires removed.  Shouldn't they open my knee up again first, let my flesh heal then start me in physio? 
Anyways, I still have no idea how long before I'm doing stairs enough to get home? 
Today marks 5 weeks since I broke my knee. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Night of the living sofa

That's catchy right. You love it, great title. 

Anyways my Spudguns!, {can I put a comma after that?} I read something.  Read something this afternoon and blogged about it.  Here. And there are about five-ish more where that came from.  I've lost count as to how many of the books I have with me.  I do know there are 8 books in the series that I am aware of. 

and of course, I posted on the movie challenge blog today.  Day 113 and a bonus post.

And you're thinking why did I title this post Night of the Living Sofa ? Because it's night and I'm still stranded on the sofa with a broken leg.  Makes sense don't it?

Am I getting my humour back?  Just the biting sarcasm that drips of evil laughter in moments of bad taste.  
You follow?

bloody blogs!!

So I decided I was going to go update one of my old blogs.  Give it a new polish and a new post.
Only, it's giving my heartburn and a headache.
At first I thought it was just a slow loading because it's an old full blog that I ran for over 3 years.  But now, I see there is something else going on that I have no idea how to fix.  It's been one of those months with blogging.  Just one issue after another.

Not happy today.

Monday, March 26, 2012

it's just a video

I just saw the new Madonna video for "Girl Gone Wild"  and I don't really see what the deal is.
It's Madonna. 

Everyone seems to be in a tiffy over the fact there are a few naked men, big deal.  What I thought was little less then needed were the close ups of the guns.  That was a bit much for me but is just a video. Little over 3minutes of air time. 

In six months some other musician will do something that is just as "shocking".

That's the view from the sofa tonight.

March 26th 2012


 So I'm working on the putter-putter-ness of the movie challenge. You know, doing the main thing for it, and trying to scrap together a few top 5 lists, and profiles of actors and stuff.  The cool active stuff having to be put off for a few months till my knee is healed.  And I got the idea in my head that I need to build my links. 
So this has had me doing the whole looking up stuff.  Research can be fun, just not at the moment. 
And today marks Day 111 on the challenge.  Not bored yet. 

Not with the movie part, just with the not being able to get around because of the broken leg part.  The broken leg is driving me nuts.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Health Care?

There was a time when you could say that Canada, specially the province of Ontario, had the best health care around.  Well, you can still say this, but it's not very true anymore.
There was a time, when OHIP {Ontario Health Insurance Plan}  covered everything {even a nice chunk of dental}  now, it doesn't even cover a cast.

The city of Thunder Bay, boasts one of the best medical programs around.   Yes, it's true we've got some state of the art equipment that only Toronto and Vancouver have in Canada, and we have a high amount of graduates from the medical program at our University.

But for what?
We're still understaffed.  What's the point of having the state of the art stuff if no one can afford the treatments?

The past few weeks have been a big eye opener for me.  I've dealt with nurses who shouldn't be nurses because they don't care; they're only in it for the $26 an hour.  I've had a game of phone tag with insurance because no one covers things like the leg brace I need to get.

And it's not just me who's complaining about certain things.  My sister worked for the home nursing companies in town as a receptionist, and on a daily basis had to deal with the home care workers slacking off.  One patient ended up dying because her care worker never bothered to show up.  I can not tell you how often my sister would come home from that job stressed and crying because of the attitudes some of the home care workers had.

Yes, I'm feeling like things in this place have gone to dren. Thunder Bay needs to get it's head out of it's ass.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 22nd 2012

As I just posted on my year long blog- which has already gone over by a few months-  I was at the doctor's this afternoon.  Had x-rays on my knee and the bandages changed.
Have another two weeks before I have to go back in for another round of x-rays. And I have to get a different brace. So not looking forward to that part.

Moving on... it's my birthday.  Yay me, I survived another year.  38 going on 18.
Dinner was lovely, did take-away. Boston Pizza.  Being Canadian rules.  Don't you find that odd, that one of the best restaurants in Canada is named after an American city. 

So was watching the news, cause I had no choice being stuck on mother's sofa... and there was some blah blah blah about opening up a second community auditorium.   Yeah whatever.  The real issue is the fact that none of our hotels in town have any kind of wheelchair access.   This is where the city should be thinking about putting their cash.  Put the money into upgrading the hotels to be more accessible for disabled people instead of wasting the frealing budget on those stupid sculptures of the fish and fisherman, that are on the side of the road on the way to the mall.  May street I believe.  Have you seen those hideous red things?  Stupid! Thunder Bay doesn't need pointless crap like that.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One cart fits all

Shopping online.  Easy as can be.  Ever actually pay attention to the lists of stuff they recommend for you after you've bought a thing or two?
I was just sifting through my amazon recommend list, and some of it was bang on and others were just not my style.
I've always wondered how one or two book choices or dvds could lead to them thinking your personality is a certain way? And usually the few things they suggest that I like I already have.
Oh, or if you're like me a collector of sorts; you spend so much time and energy and money even tracking down a couple of movies, only to find later after you've gotten it that it/them ended up getting released on a special double/triple/ or four pack.  This happens to me all the time. Specially with old vampire movies.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Night before a match

Today is St. Patrick's Day.    Tomorrow is the monthly ppv for TNA.

Just caught this week's episode of Impact (March 15th 2012 episode)  and saw the comments by Austin Aries, as well as the open challenge for the TV Title.

My money is on Aries keeping the belt for another month.  As far as the open challenge... logic tells me to think something like Shanon Moore or Doug Williams taking the challenge; but I hate logic.  I go with intuition and blind faith.  So going on intuition and blind faith, I say Alex Shelley will go for the challenge or... could it possibly be the return of Chris Sabin??? 
Don't tell me that it doesn't feel like it might be the set up for the big return... that's my bet.  I'm betting the open challenge will be taken by a MMG.

And, I know I say this every single month before a ppv, but I always feel the need to; specially after the ppv that happened last month.
For all the wrestlers who are going to be part of the pay-per-view tomorrow night, stay safe.

-Ardeth Blood

Friday, March 16, 2012


Well, isn't that special.  In a frealed up way.
Seems, if you live in Canada, now our blogs have a .ca at the end.  Bloody Hell!  is this going to screw us up more?
I was just in the blogger help forum and dude, this is just a mess.  So many issues are coming up from this redirect thing. 

Here's what I've learned in the last half hour... all blogs are now country specific.  Which means, a ton of frealing headaches for everyone.
Regional content boundaries could keep some people from reading each others blogs, and commenting and all that stuff.

And what I can tell, there wasn't much if any of a notice that this was happening.  I sure as hell didn't get any kind of heads up. 

So yeah I'm pissed off right now about this.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've run out of titles

You know you've been blogging for years when you go to post and realized you've used all your good lines for blog headings.
Damn it Janet!  A decade of blogging and now I've run out of original blog headings.  I actually have reused a few more then I want to even try counting between my too many to count blogs.

Today is day 100 in my movie challenge.  Did the movie and a top 5 list.  Nothing too special. Had originally hoped that when I made it to this point I would have a fabulous project to post on there, but my broken leg sort of took the chance of that from me.

I'm now currently hunting online for bumper stickers. Preferably ones that do not claim to drive like a Cullen or wonder if vampires are playing baseball when there is a thunderstorm. I punch in vampire in searches and all I get are Twilight stuff. Whatever happened to Dracula and Buffy and Lestat?  Even when I punch in Dracula or Buffy or Lestat, I still get all this stuff for Twilight.  GGGRRRR ARRGGGHH!

We've got a beautiful robin's egg blue sky over the city right now. Gorgeous! Currently sitting at -2c here, which for this time of year is above average.

I hate the local news. Just can't stand watching the local news teams, but mother loves our local crap. So given I'm stuck on her sofa with my busted up leg, I've been seeing alot of it.  We've got a major issue with the whole Oxycontin being taken off the market. More then a few deaths have been reported and a major issue with how to handle the addicts as they switch over to replacements.
What else I saw on the local eewws.... um I mean news last night was the need to clean up the needles in our city.  Yeah, we've got a bad city for needle users and the streets have been littered with them literally.  My mother was sitting here last night just in shock with what the local news was showing.  I was not shocked. Way too often I've been out to get a bus and in the corner of the bus stop there are numerous needles and used condoms. It's really sad that this city is so bad for that.

Okay, so that's the view from the sofa this morning.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ugghh!! Frealing Facebook

So my mother has been cloned, or at lest her Facebook was.
Good god man...I've been sitting here trying to get the stupid people at facebook to answer a report of abuse.  Never got the damned text they were suppose to send, but a few people have figured out it was a clone.
This is one of the reasons I am starting to really hate social networks.
It's an issue that no one seems to want to deal with.
We've complained, changed her profile photo cause they ripped that off, and put up a status message.
So yeah what was a nice afternoon has turned into internet hell.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11th

Times changed last night, I totally forgot.  I normally post something about switching the clocks.

We are also heading into another Mercury Retrograde tomorrow. That will last until April 4th.  So expect the usual traveling issues and communication issues.

Birds are singing madly outside the window.  Sun is rising, and one of mom's neighbours is making some pea soup, cause it's stinking up the building. And I am sitting here, feeling less then great wondering why the damned dye from the surgery wont' come off my foot?  I don't know how many times I've scrubbed at my foot and it still looks like an easter egg. 

The movie challenge is on Day 96.  It still bothers me that I lost a week because of being in hospital but... it's giving me something to do while I sit here and heal.  Bored out of my mind.

And it would seem the cure of the week is coconut oil.  My aunt has been swearing by it for the last while, even brought over a jar of the stuff for mom to try, and a book that explains what it's all about.  Mom read the book and seemed to come away a believer.  I on the other hand did not read it, but I did try the damned stuff on a badly torn muscle.  And yeah, the muscle has improved tons.

Okay, so while I wait for this week's episode of TNA Impact to be posted on the Spike site, I guess I'll wish everyone a happy Sunday.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back from the doc's

Had to go into the Fracture Clinic this morning for x-rays.  
My stitches were removed. Which is a good sign that things are coming along fine.

Bad points, besides the fact that I had to wear my pajama bottoms in public because none of my other pants fit over the leg brace, I nearly got dumped out of the wheelchair when we entered the building.  Ended up having to hobble the endless hallway which of course took an extra ten minutes because I have no muscles at all.  Total wimp.  Then of all the people in the planet to bump into, my dad. Waiting around for over an hour and a half with my leg down swelling like a ham, people climbing over me. Finally, see the doctor and was told to come back in two weeks.  Then, I got stuck in a toilet.  I wish I were making this up honest but it's just too rich not to tell.  It's my right knee that got smashed up, and the toilet was all designed so that it was in the far right corner and everything else on the left, I got in, and when I went to get back up I realized I had nothing to grab onto to pull myself up. That's a kicker isn't it.

Have to go back in on my birthday for the next round.  My life gets more tragic all the time. 

Stuck in a toilet. yeah it's been one of those days.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Morning of the 6th

Morning my Spudguns!

It's been a hard week for me, which I'm sure will only get harder as I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday morning for x-rays. 

The movie challenge is back on track after me having been in the hospital for a week. It's day 91 today, plus this is the 6th of the month.  I've been trying to keep up with the coming attractions for the forward month, on the 6th... so this being March I just posted the April coming attractions on the movie challenge blog

As I mentioned the other day elsewhere on the internet,  I saw that new show GCB  the other night, and it was funny in a stupid way, don't think it will make it past a few episodes.

Did everyone catch my last post? Not to the quality I used to do the wrestling reviews, but I sort of really really missed it and thought what the freal.

Food... we finally got those Philly cooking creams here.  After a year of bugging the grocery store we finally got them here and they really are a let down.  Just too much.  The flavours are too over powering, you can't use more then a half spoonful in anything and then you have this open container for weeks.

Back to movies for a moment... I've been waiting and waiting for years for a sequel to Hard Core Logo, and we finally will be getting it in April at the cinema.    Dude!  I swear the universe likes to kick my arse when I want to see something.  I've actually sat down and figured out that over the last 15 years, whenever I am waiting for a movie to come out, I've ended up with a broken leg.  Every single time.  Talk about just drenny luck eh?

come to think of it, every time I get involved with a guy I really shouldn't get involved with same thing happens. 

The sun is starting to rise over the city here, and I'm babbling because I can.  And I'm really really bored. I've still got another 5 weeks before I can even start to bend my knee or put any weight through it.  Believe me when I say not being mobile is not fun.  Very difficult to even get to the bathroom. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Feb 2012

I haven't done one of these in over a year, but I thought what the freal... I just caught up with the last two weeks episodes of TNA Impact.

What I have to say mostly has to do with the X-Division.  There's a shocker for ya eh?
And it's fabulous to see that it's getting the push it deserves.  Finally, some status is being placed back on the X-Division, the whole reason TNA is TNA.

Austin Aries as champ is a good touch.  He's a strong leader as far as holding that belt goes and he works extremely well as a top Heel champ.
Still feeling a burn about Alex Shelley not having gotten that belt last month on the Feb 12th ppv but I'm bias.   If he had to loose, Aries is the one man who can hold up the whole division with style and importance.

Zima Ion on the other hand... this kid just does not sit well with me.  Never has.  I don't give a dren how god damned talented he is, or how much of a push the company is giving him right now, he just makes me want to turn the show off.  And no it has nothing to do with the ppv last month either.  I just find this kid cringe worthy. Maybe it's his gimmick in general, the one legged pants with the fringes or the hair thing or I just can't put my finger on it, he makes me want to fast forward when I watch the show.

Still waiting for Eric Young to get rid of that beard.  I've complained about the scruff before and will continue to cause it's just bad. 

This new twist in the A.J. Styles/Kaz/Daniels feud is interesting but its time to drop some hints as to what the plot line is on this one. Its been like two months already.

The tag belts being on Samoa Joe and Magnus... I will slate it on record that we are waiting for the MotorCityMachine Guns! {damn I miss writing that} to come back for some real story in the tag division? 

Cowboy James Storm vs Robbert Roode... I want to see this come down to a best of five.  All I'm saying on it.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

March already

It's the 3rd of March it would seem.

All the days are blending together this week more then usual.  Mostly to do with the pain and the meds.
If you've ever broken a body part before you know that you start having spasms after the second day.  Those are pretty damn bad to begin with.  Then on top of that, the getting up and down with the crutches every time you need to pee.  Not fun.  My bruises have pulled muscles and bruises.

Getting on the internet has been difficult in itself.
But, I am still working on the movie challenge.  Today was day 88

So I'm a few episodes behind on my TNA Impact.  Hope to get around to seeing the last two episodes today.

Speaking of painful stuff,  I was sort of trapped watching the TBAY news the other night and I just remember I was getting pissed off by some of what some council member was talking about.  Only that was like two days ago and now I can't remember what I was wanting to rant about.  Had something to do with the city and some drenny looking dude with some frealing law that I thought was worse for the city not better.
And can we get rid of Barry Third.  Like seriously the dude is as old as Ric Flair. Have you Thunder Bay noticed that he never goes away but the side reporter gets younger every second year? 
What's up with that?  Bring back Nikki Burns!

Okay that's the view from my mother's sofa through a haze of perks today.