Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sex and the City 2 -review

I got up, got ready and flew out of this apartment to catch a bus to get to the cinema for when the doors opened, thinking what if I'm wrong about the crowds and the place is jammed.... only to get to the ticket counter and have the lady ask me if I wanted my ticket for the 2 pm showing.
What?  Why would I be standing here at 11:15am with an 11:45am showing of the film if I wanted a later ticket. Where they sold out too?    
No, she was just not aware there was an 11:45am showing.  
Hang on! You work here and you didn't even realize there was an early showing?  

 Now, how to do this without spoilers....

Plot:  Samantha is offered a job in Abu Dhabi doing press for a new hotel.  Which is just in time, as Charlotte is having a minor breakdown over being a mom, Miranda just quit her job and Carrie is having issues with Big.  While there, the ladies fall pray to the cultural differences and even end up getting arrested. 

I wish they had used more of the flashback scene.  It was more of a tease then a full scene.  I'm hoping the directors cut of the dvd will put that to better use.
All our familiar men are back with little roles this time, and we start off with a massive plot point that almost feels like it was edited down to nothing. The Wedding.  For anyone who is avoiding spoilers,  I'll tell you this much on the wedding,  it had one of my favourite scenes  Liza Minnelli singing and dancing to the song "Single Ladies".  (Which by the way at her age she still made Beyonce's little video look like kindergarden paste)  I was not a fan of this song, but her performance is wicked.
The plot in this one was thin at best.  It just seemed to lack something.

I walked out of the cinema just disappointed.  The jokes didn't get any response from the rest of the audience around me (yes I was laughing alone out loud)  the subplot was lost somewhere in translation, and it just felt unfinished.   I think the underlining tone was "when you choose one life, are you sure?"   but to be honest, I can't tell you if that was it or not.   The film flashed past me in a blur.

Will I buy the dvd?  Of course I will because have the whole series and the last movie and the books.

Here's hoping #3 is better planned out and does something to give us the feel that we're watching SATC.