Saturday, April 30, 2011

Okay asswipe

Someone has decided to clone my blog.
I am so not fucking happy!  

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday night once again

It's late Friday about to turn into early Saturday, and here I am typing some randomness.  I had a few topics cooking around in my brain this afternoon, while I was at mom's and unable to get to blogging.

One banana nut loaf, one hashbrown casserole and four chapters of the book for review; later and I can not for the life of me remember what it was I was going to talk about.  It could have been the fact Beltane is this weekend, it might have been the fact that the only two decent clothing stores in town closed this week after being open for the last seven years, or it might have been the fact on this week's WWE Wade Barrett's hair sort of moved when he got slammed to the mat.... I can't rightly remember.

Such is life, such is rock n roll.  - Skid Row

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ask a crazy question get a crazy dream

When I sit down with a coffee in hand and just start chatting with people, sometimes the conversations go places even I would not have thought. 
There are a few ladies in my mother's building that are supporters of the make it legal party.  Which is how I'll be voting on May 2nd... or maybe NDP if they are not on the ballot this year... or maybe I'll swing back to Liberal... or maybe I'm not telling.
Anyways, talking about book club with them yesterday.  Actually, it started because I had borrowed a book off my sister.   I know you're thinking, with everything I've got to read for work what time do I have to borrow a book?
I borrowed Debt Free Forever  cause well... yeah.  Anyways,  here's me collecting up the book yesterday when Ninja came over to mom's and we were standing there in the hallway of the place chatting when the one lady who lives in the apartment next door to mom came out to say high. hi hey. We started talking about books. 
Which lead to the topic of book club.  Which lead to me expressing my fear of what if no one shows up again?  This lead to talking about the Oprah book club by the .... Green Lady... and somehow the question was asked "If I could have any celebrity be part of the book club who would it be?" 

I have to admit, even for me, that question came out of left field.  My answer "The Hour's George Strombolopolous"  Ninja rolled her eyes and left and the Green Lady started on about something she had read online about the Oprah book club.

Okay, so that is all tucked in the back of my subconscious and last night, I had a few emails about book club, just finalizing Sunday's meeting.  Then I went to bed and had the dream.  In my dream, everything was moving swell then we had a surprise person show up.... wrestler Eric Young....  Then I was rudely woken up by Matt texting me about birds.  Yeah, my life is that frealed up.  Birds?
So there's me, trying to understand why on earth I would dream about having book club with Mr. Young?  I haven't figured it out yet myself.  

Monday, April 25, 2011

Smoke break?

Lemon Zest Stock Boy.
I've talked about him before. I've mentioned how he gets my nerves raw. I've mentioned how I can not figure out if he's straight or gay or what have you.

I had no idea he smoked.  Which means nothing actually.  But, I was walking out of the pharmacy and past by LZSB and one of the women who works the checkout. 
We started chatting, myself and the checkout lady.  The second LZSB spotted me, he stopped everything he was doing.  Literally.  He was in mid smoke and just dropped his hand with the cigarette dangling and started to stare at the ground.  Wouldn't look at me, wouldn't say hi. 
I was standing there for about 2minutes talking to the checkout lady too.  Less then a foot from LZSB.  Then, when I left I saw him look up and continue smoking again.

Would someone explain this situation to me?  Cause it was weird.  Even for situations I seem to find myself in, it was weird.
Seriously.  Dude!  I ran this issue by my buddy Matt, and all he could say was "talk to the guy" 
Talk to the guy.  Na, that would make sense and why would I want to make sense?  When I can just turn it into a blog post. 

Seriously, this time it's not just me,  this was a weird thing right? Spudgun?

Just something to chew on this morning

One of my all time favourite movies is Ninth Gate. It has three topics that I love,  #1- books, #2- occult, #3- Johnny Depp.   I've talked about it many times over the years on the internet. 
We keep hearing about how we've suppose to have entered the age that will be the death of books.  Sorry if I refuse to believe that given I review books for a living and am a writer. 

This brings me to an article I just spotted on Yahoo, about a guy in the middle of the U.S.  who found a 500 year old book that was still readable.  500 years old

No, there wasn't really a point to this this morning Spudgun, just saying books. They stand the test of time.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Giving me the buzz

That's a quote from a Haywire song   Buzz.  One of my all time favourite songs.  Anyways,  I was sitting here and got the urge to go over some of my short stories I have on the blog. 
I made myself cry.  How messed up is that?  My own work made me cry.   Mad as Hell   was the one that did it.  I know I'm such a girl.  But to cry over my own writing? 

Anyways, I think it's romantic.  My story that is, not the crying over my own writing part. 
I was asked the other day what my genre is.  There was a time I would have said horror.  But that's long since not been the case.  Few years ago I would have said chic-lit, but even that isn't really quite right.  Cause I do not write many female characters.  And now, by many standards, it's not even considered romance.  Again because I don't write  .... and I quote.... "female heroines that the reader can identify with".   So that leaves me wondering what genre I would be tucked into?  

Bar closed drunks knocking

I was just woken up by some drunk who rang all the doorbells and nearly beat down our front door.  As in the door to our building.  I live in a small building with four units. Both the landlord's daughter and I found ourselves standing in our apartment doors as a drunk woman tried to get us to let her in because she was looking for someone she swore up and down lived here.
I've lived here longer then the landlord's owned this place. 
The chick was standing outside having a fit like a two year old because no one would let her in the building.  Landlord's daughter would not even open the door.  I got pissed off, opened the door like a centimeter and told the drunk to go home.  She just stood there like she was daring me to start shit.  Dude! it's frealing 2am go home.  Then I slammed the door in her face. 
What does the Landlord's daughter do... grabbed her coat and cell phone and went to see if she was still there a moment later. 
I can hear the drunk chick screaming at the people in the next building. 
Now I'm awake and slightly pissed off.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Misadventures over coffee

I was at mom's watching the replay of last night's WWE Smackdown.  I got a text from my buddy Matt about coffee. 
We went to Starbucks which is located in the back of the grocery. 
This was a bad idea.  My idea I admit, but I did not take into account it being the long weekend and the grocery being closed tomorrow.  Well you can see where this is heading. 

We get our coffees and take a seat near the express check out.  Hehehehe.  Yes, Express Checkout Guy was working.  Only, he wasn't working his normal station, today he was manning the self serve check out.
Right, okay.  So buddy is sitting there talking and I see over his shoulder ECG. There were two stray carts a few feet away from us, he goes and collects up one the whole time smiling that little blushy smile of his then stops cold when he sees my buddy Matt.  UMMMMmmmmm interesting. ECG did not come back to get the second cart. Few minutes later, he's cleaning up stray baskets, and walks around towards us with one single basket in hand, bends to put it away, the whole time staring at us. Then a few minutes later, with about ten baskets in hand, goes the long way around with his back to us to put them away.  Odd?  
Am I missing something here?
Remember, this is the checkout guy who's always got a line up of women at his checkout. Should I be standing in his line more often? 

The Book Dork Is In... Season 2 Episode 2

Previously on the book dork... Our heroine was battling more mind numbing forces sent out at her from somewhere near Mexico by bad travel writers. While still trying to uncover the plot in her hometown by the evil Necropussy and the Whipping Boy.  Did she survive the zombies that raged around town in the soggy weather leaving muddy footprints everywhere or did she get her brains handed back to her for salad.  Let's find out....

If you ever saw one of my early film productions back  in 2001 then you would understand the whole Necropussy/Whipping Boy  storyline.  Otherwise, just flow with it.

Anyways, my little bookworms Spudguns, book selection is up on the book club blog.  It's going to be Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice.  And ironically, I did not pick it this time, the new girl in book club did. 
I did however, have to dig through four large storage bins until I found my very worn copy.  The book was printed in 1988. Dude! I remember reading it when it first came out.  Damn! That's like 23 years ago. I'm old. The book is old.  But, it will be nice to refresh myself on the characters.   Which the movie only gives a taste of.

Tune in next time for more adventures in Geekiness.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

You know who you should take

I do not do family events.  Part because I don't like them part because everyone is married with kids and I just do not want to be around all that still single. It's depressing.

My aunt has been phoning me the last few days because my uncle is retiring next week and they are throwing this massive thingie at one of the community centers for him. 
I do not want to go.  Not alone anyways. 

The topic came up while I was chatting with Starbucks Dude for a few minutes.

StarBucks Dude- " You should ask R."

Me- " R.? He's like not even 19 years old. Are you on crack?"

SBD -"You wouldn't have to go alone."

Me- "I noticed in the credits of the movie the Wrestler  that Austin Aries is listed, but I don't remember seeing him in the film.  Wonder if I just missed his scene or if he had behind the scenes stuff?"

SBD -" But you know who you should ask to be your date (he did the air quotes on the word date)...."

Me -"Austin Aries."

SBD -" Don't change the topic. Lemon Zest Stock Boy."

Me- " Topic got changed five minutes ago, you're not very swift on the uptake are you?  And um why would I want to ask Lemon Zest Stock Boy?"

SBD-" Cause I think you should. And I'm smarter then you."

Me- " How bout no. And um no, and another no."

Thursday mid morning

You know how I've had the worst writer's block in the history of writer's block for the last few months.
Last night, I had a spark of how to fix my novel.  I sat down, typed out 5 new pages with the new plot twist and then....  phone. 
Of course should have known something like that would happen and then I had lost my train of thought and was unable to get back into the writing groove. 
It's like the universe is saying  yes have some but not the ones on the left or the ones on the right or even the ones on the front of the tray. 

So if you've been checking out my cooking blog at all this week, which I'm not sure I posted about on here for anyone to know to be checking it out this week,  you know that I did not get around to the vending machine/gas station challenge but that I pondered over the Quiche issue.  After my realization that one of the major store bought pie crusts has lard as it's main ingredient and gotten a bad reaction from it,  I decided to make another round of Quiche.   This time replacing the crust.  I used bread. So the texture was more like a baked bread pudding (as you might remember Newfoundlanders boil ours) Which then leads to the question, if you make a Quiche without the crust is it still a Quiche? Or is it something else?

Speaking of Dolph Ziggler... watched this week's WWE Raw the other day, and mother was silent when Dolph Ziggler came to the ring with the new hair cut.  All I have to say is WOW! Stop the press! He was hot before, now he's beyond hot.  I so wish I had a photo. The short dark hair, totally rocks.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Guys, I totally devoured this last book.  Just could not put it down. Here's my review of Wickedly Charming  which comes out in the next week/two weeks (I believe)

Take a break

Nearly 10am.
I've already managed to get 5 chapters read this morning on the latest book I'm doing for review.  "Wickedly Charming" 
And a short blog post over on the year long project blog. When I say short, I mean two lines and a photo short.
Getting ready to head over to mom's so that I can watch the reply of last night's WWE Raw.  I still can not get over how rusty I've gotten with the wrestling reviews.

While I was typing... the delivery lady showed up with the next book for review. 

I hear the squeaking of rustiness again as I think of my lonely wrestling blog. 

This is also the anniversary of my Grandmother's death. (mom's mother) She passed away on April 19th 1999.
The sad thing this year is, my brother in law's Grandfather died two nights ago.  Ninja and J. have the funeral tomorrow. 

Oh and P.S.  the thing sticking out of the book, is the press release.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh projects

...and challenges.

Right, I've been yammering on for a while now about wanting to do a challenge much like Julie Powell did with the year long cooking-blogging challenge she did back in 2002, where she worked her way through the book Mastering the Art of French Cooking vol 1  by Julia Child  AND that I want to get around to trying some of the challenges they have been doing over the years on Top Chef.

You also know that I'm searching for .... something.  Something that will ... I don't even know.  And to break out of my writer's block so I can finish my novel.  I'm at the point where I'm wondering if this novel which I've spent two full years on already will ever be published.  Okay, no crying or freaking out about the novel right now, cause crying and freaking out about the novel right now will not help at all.

This week marks a few things for me.   April 18th (Monday) is the 1year mark for this blog.  And April 19th (Tuesday) marks the 12th year mark of my Grandmother's death.
I've got nothing special planned for the blog at all as it's just a blog. 

I'm going to try to swing doing the Vending machine/gas station challenge from Top Chef this week.  I think.  Mom has a few doctor's appointments this week which will put me firmly in a few places that will have vending machines. 
As far as the cookbook-blogging challenge goes... I might have found the perfect cookbook... in my apartment!  I have two different versions of the Betty Crocker International Cookbook.  The first one from 1980 and the 1989 version.  At first I thought they were the exact same but the 2nd version (is it the second edition or later?) has a few more recipes in it and is a bit easier to follow.  This ironically has been one of my favourite cookbooks for years.  I've made recipes in the past from it. 
I won't be able to get into gear yet on that project simply because of the money issue, but it's on the TO-DO LIST. 

Okay Spudguns, I've been blogging all day (did a book review and a wrestling review and the dishes)  I really need a coffee. 

My Thoughts for TNA Impact for April 14th 2011

I used screen capture for this post

It's been a long time since I did one of these Eh?  Yes indeedy it has.  I had some time this afternoon, and thought with the ppv tonight, what the hell, I'd throw in a few comments.

As you know my Spudguns, I've not been happy with TNA for the last year, which accumulated with my total meltdown last summer.  Mr. Shelley, I actually have to thank you for sparking that, it was a health blessing in disguise.

I rarely watch the whole show anymore. the show at normal speed, as I fast forward through it most times.
So with that said....

We opened with a flashback from the week before.  It was nicely edited that's about all I have to say on it.
The ring the was filled with crap... er Immortal. They blah blah blahed for over 6minutes before Mr. Anderson came out for his five minute beat down.  This brought us to the 10minute mark of the show.
We then went to some of the Knock Outs.  Seriously, this storyline sucks goatballs between Sky and Winter.  Just end it all ready.  PPPPSSSTTT  Velvet,  Salt is to Zombies what Garlic is to Vampires.
Then we find ourselves peeking in on more crap with Immortal.  Seems the "Network" is not happy.  Okay laying bets here, the Network will end up being....oh hell I have no frealing clue. Throwing a name out there for the hell of it... Raven.

Match#1- Crimson vs Orlando Jordan vs Jesse Neil vs Williams  Of course, Stiener, Young, Moore and Magnus were at ringside.  Now, if you caught my comments the other week, you know I am dubbing Young/Jordan the Trans-Can-Connection  wither they like it or not. Embrace it, it's good for you.
I know this was suppose to showcase the teams before heading into the ppv tonight, and it should have been the highlight of the night but it was just handled like dog dren.  I was sort of pissed off by the lack of anything surrounding this match up.  The only good thing was that Orlando Jordan got the win and we got to see Eric Young do the funny. 

We then saw Brother Ray Bully Ray threaten RVD.

Match #2- Matt Hardy vs Kazarian.  Their crews both came to the ring but rightly so were banned from ringside. This was the first of a series of matches to see who would have the upperhand at tonight's ppv.  Hardy got this win. 

We then had to sit through the Knock Outs again... Tara and Rayne threatening Mickie.

Match #3- Jeff Jarrett/Pope/Hernandez vs Samoa Joe/evil druid Matt Morgan/Kurt Angle.   Pope cheated to get a win over Joe.
Jarrett and Karen then ran for the streets.  This brought us back to the ring, with more crap between RVD and Immortal.  Then Sting, the bedazzled champ came to the ring with a live mic.  Bored now.

Match #4-Abyss vs James Storm.  This is the second match in the best of series for the ppv upperhand. Again, this had a slight chance of being the highlight but was just too casual.  Abyss got this round for his team.

Little more of the office scenes with Bishoff trying to weasel out who is in the network.
Then there was some more with the Knock Outs.  Sky, I'm telling you toss the salt.

Match #5- Mr. Anderson in a gauntlet match  He faced A) Murphy, and got the mic-check  then B) Rob Terry came in, another mic-check for the round, C) Gunner then up, and you guessed it another mic-check by Mr. Anderson then D) Bully Ray ran in for a few minutes. Then this match sort of broke down.  Bully Ray tossed him to the floor, dragged him to the stage, and was about to finish him off when Sting came out.

The wrap up of the show was a mini-Reaction with Beer Money Inc, Daniels, Kazarian discussing their matches and the up coming ppv. 
Cut to Camera 2  RVD talking about the ppv... I think.
Cut to Camera 3 Mr. Anderson was questioned about the match he just had and the ppv.  He tore up a poor water bottle and a wall. And was screaming about the title.
Cut to Camera 4 Sting ranting about his focus being to clean the crap out.
Cut to Camera 5 Hogan wandering around the building ranting about Sting.

Honestly, bit of a disappointment this week.  The tag match involving half the X-Division had promise of being the highlight, as did the James Storm match but both were handled wrong. 

Coffee, shoes and a review

I just finished the review for Stilettos and Scoundrels by Laina Turner Molaski.

I thought the story was brilliant! And you know me, not afraid to tell you if I think you suck. 
I was smitten by this novel from the first couple of pages, with the talk of Jimmy Choos and Starbucks how could you not love it.

It is a mystery, which I have to admit, besides being just a refreshing kick in the butt from the stuff I've been reviewing lately, was one of the better mysteries I've read in general.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another morning of snow

Yes snow.  We got hit from both ends.  The storm that moved across from Alberta and the one that moved up from the States.  And this is suppose to be the mild of April and there's all this wet white sticky stuff everywhere.   (insert dirt joke there)

While out yesterday,  I bumped into Setla.  My former business partner and my sister's former best friend. We were both on our way to the grocery, which I practically live at,  and started talking.  Correction, she started talking I listened and wondered why Lemon Zest Stock Boy was following us around the store the whole time.
Setla told me about a play she's getting ready to do at the end of the summer.  One based on a movie from about 15 years ago.  Interesting.  All I have to say on that.
So here's me getting my few groceries to take to mom's to make dinner.  Not paying attention because I was distracted by the conversation I was having with Setla, and picked up the wrong pie crust.  Which of course I did not realize until too late.  As in much too late. As in, after the Quiche was cooked. 

And what was wrong with the pie crust you are thinking....Well Spudgun, I grabbed the one made with lard and not the one made with vegetable oil. 
Wanna talk about bad stomach issues dude.  Stop it Spudgun stop laughing shhhssh  In other news... oh wait I don't really have other news do I... no I don't think I do.

Okay to recap, SNOW.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Can we get in?

P.M. Steven Harper is suppose to be arriving in town on Monday. 
Should be interesting.  I'm not too sure if this is open to the general public or not, or if you need to have "tickets" to get in. 
It is however, happening just a few blocks away from where I live.  I'm tossing around the idea of trying to get in one way or another. 
Damn, what I wouldn't give for a press pass right now.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's a Danzig morning

How the gods kill  on cassette.  Danzig III.  Yeah, you feel my mood this morning.
I was up way too late, it was around 2am when I got to bed. Not because of work, or anything of proper issue, but because the internet last night was being a dog.  I got home from mother's and saw that the Food Network Canada site had posted the first episode of Top Chef Canada. I wanted to watch it.  For whatever reason, we were having heavy internet crap outs last night here in the area.  We've been having power outages and surges on our block all week so you know. I was just set to watch the episode last night and the more it crap out, the more set I was that I was GOING to watch the full episode last night before bed. Must have reloaded the damned page close to 20 times, restarted my browser and everything.  But damn the internet, I saw the episode.
Then doing the weekly Wishcasting on my year long project blog, and as I went to leave a comment on the blog of the lady hosting it, Jamie Ridler, it kept giving me an error page.  So that's stopped everyone in their blogging tracks this morning.
Top everything off, I have the worst sinus headache today which means a storm coming. 
Righty-ho, Righty-ho, have a busy day ahead of me, have to do laundry and stuff. I'm falling apart at the seams right now, and since I like to ramble about nonsense stuff, I'll keep the serious stuff to myself for awhile.  Oh and I already did a short paragraph letting out some of my morning anger on the wrestling blog

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two hot topics today

#1- Last night's WWE Raw

#2- Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Season 2

Okay, so my day went like this, got up, got coffee, got dressed, went to mom's to watch Bold and the Beautiful  (yes  in the last month I've become re-addicted to that soap opera after not having watched it in 12 years) watched the replay for last night's WWE Raw,  read 5 chapters of the next book for work Stilettos and Scoundrels  (yeah I just moved on to the next book in the stack cause the other one was ....) made supper, then stuck around to watch the first episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution S2.    Just got home.

So, my thoughts on the shows.  
I would have made a massive case for the highlight of Raw having been the 15 second promo for Awesome Kong, but then the whole Edge thing happened.   This type of injury is why I made myself a total arse last year by airing my hatred for certain matches.  He's like my age and is retired.  As a fan of wrestling, it's always sad to see someone have to step down for any reason.  As someone who's life has been plagued by injuries; I will never understand fully why certain athletes do certain things.
But this now opens up the question, of what will us fans expect for the belt?  Will there be a proper line of contenders or will they hand pick someone who maybe shouldn't be in line for it?   I did like the idea of the gauntlet match today, was not happy with the out come of it.  Honestly, I had my money on Dolph Ziggler once Randy Orton was eliminated.  I was sitting there wondering why WWE went with a R-Truth/Cena mix.   And the whole JR/Lawler/Cole crap... ugh!

Now, about Jamie Oliver. 
Did you see the amount of plastic related food stuff that the parents were bringing into his office? Freal me, that was just shocking.  And the diner owner who did not want to cut back on anything because of the money issue.  Dude! And the school bus overflowing with sugar! Good God Man! Makes me never want to have chocolate milk again. And I'm a chocolate freak.   I can't wait to see how this season manages to unfold. 
I signed the petition the other week; as I subscribe to his website.  I know I'm not in the States, but this is something that every part of the planet falls victim to.  Our city here is really horrible for it.  I gave up fast food 10 years ago when I became vegetarian.  I still have my food addictions, but I can say I know whats in 80% of what I eat.  This is because I love being in the kitchen.  The more I get to cook, the calmer I am.  
I was watching it with mom and her catch phrase during the show was "But that's not here in Canada. They don't do that here in Canada"   I could not seem to get mother to understand that some of them do (referring to the "pink slime" meat filler) Which started the whole debate about product labels with her for like ten minutes.  I think this was one of the few times her and I actually had a conversation/argument that was about something important.
I have to say, I think the Food Revolution is a smart thing. A needed thing everywhere.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Something something

Did everyone happen to catch Oprah today?  It was an interview with Shirley MacLaine. 
I had to go to mom's to watch it.  I know I know, I need to find away to afford cable yes yes.   Anyways, was a fairly silent afternoon, mom spent most of it on the phone with my sister while I made way too many of the soya protein meat-replacement chicken finger thingies.   They were good.  Too good, I ate nearly three plates of the damned things.  Going to be looking like a giant plate of tofu soon.

Then watched the episode.  Not that I got to hear any of it, as once the second segment started and they stopped talking about her career and started talking about the paranormal/spiritual stuff  aka the good stuff, mother started to make comments and disapproving noises till the end of the show.  
I think I will have to buy her new book. 

Then went to return a movie I rented few days ago for mom and had a coupon for another.  Blockbuster wasn't working.  Computers were down. As were the computers and power for the whole parking lot. I had been wondering why the entire staff for Burger King were sitting outside having a smoke when I went into Blockbuster.   They share a very slim parking lot with Tim Hortons and a pet food place. 

So, did the unthinkable. Indulged in a Starbucks.  Pricey very pricey.  As I was leaving the building, which by the by is in the back of the grocery for anyone keeping score,  I walked right past Express Checkout Guy.  He's looking mighty tasty. Don't normally see him away from his checkout, so I've never really gotten a total look at him since he's been back from university (he used to be a stock boy few years ago)  And all I have to say is  WOW! He's not the skinny little kid anymore. He's got a nice frame to him.  He blushed when he saw me.  Wish I could say the same on my end, but I can't. I looked as I was walking out the store. That guy should be more then used to being stared at by now, with the fact his checkout line is always ram full with women drooling over him.
There is actually a small part of me that feels sorry for him. So not sure why?  He's like 23 years old if that.

Right so the Starbucks -Tall Mocha Frap NO whipcream-   will totally defeat the purpose of having gone out for a walk.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Connect the dots


Sunday night.  I'm sitting here just going out of my ever bleeding mind.    Spent the day at mother's yet again.  Because I do not have cable.  Made baked mac and cheese  pasta and cheese.  Well, started the day off with a large cup of coffee and the movie Stigmata.  Then had gone to mom's because all the stuff I bought food wise was still in her deep freeze from where I had been there yesterday making a vegetable and rice soup.  Mom was babysitting yet again as that is all she seems to do as of late.  So yeah full on afternoon of Treehouse Channel.  Very much distraught with myself over the fact I can not seem to get into the large-ish stack of books for work.  I'm suppose to be reading "Alice in Zombieland" right now. And just can not get into it.  Not that I think Alice in Wonderland needed to be given the up-graded monster mashup treatment, as I always found it to be creepy enough as it was. Have the movie Nosferatu in the DVD player right now, the Klaus Kinski version and is it just me or does that film have like a billion scenes of just walking?  Am I right?  Just walking. No point to it other then to waste film. Get to the damned vampires already!!!  I was wanting to talk about Stigmata but I know that that film breeds controversy and anger from people.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Who's under there?

I used screen capture for this post

A masked character that I've made comments about in the past.
Spudguns, do we have a head count on how many wrestlers actually have worn the Suicide costume?  I stopped counting after two. 

So, I was watching the show for this week (April 7th 2011 episode) and got my attention up for the X-Division match.  Then I heard the theme for the MotorCityMachine Guns!  and my pulse quickened.  Then realized that it was only Chris Sabin.  sorry Mr. Sabin no offence meant.  Who did however wear one of the classic red/black designs. Spiffy, very spiffy.
The announce team made a slight off handed comment about Alex Shelley not being there, with no reference to his injury just that they were focusing on the X-Division right now and not the tag team division.  THEN  we see Suicide come into the ring. 

Okay could be anyone under that thing.  But, something made me think  Alex Shelley.
I honestly have zero clue if he's back from his injuries or not.  As I've said few times in the past,   A) I am in an area that can not get Xplosion the other TNA show and   B) I do not read up on them outside of the Spike site.

But, there was a gesture.   Suicide was down on the mat on one elbow and raised his other fist shaking it.   Nothing original about that, as a few of the guys do that to get their barrings/signal to the other wrestlers.  But, I've never seen Suicide do that before.

I have however seen Mr. Shelley do that in every single match he's had when he hits the mat after say a clothesline or an enziguri.
There was also a grunt when Suicide had Robbie in the corner. And Mr. Shelley is one of the more vocal wrestlers... hhmmmm 

I just have to ask...Was that you Mr. Shelley?

Friday, April 8, 2011

I know you!

You know those days when you sluggishly walk into Blockbuster and bump into someone you haven't seen in nearly 15 years and they are like "OH MY GOD! HUG!!!"

No just me then.

Seriously, I was going to get mom the next Tyler Perry movie, and I bumped into an old friend of mine from high school/college.  I hadn't seen him since like a year after we graduated from college.  It was just so weird.  He hadn't changed much at all.
I'm always shocked when people recognize me from years ago.  I have changed, lots.  

It was nice to see him again.  We started talking about his band from high school for a brief moment. Even weirder that just few days ago I was cleaning ... yes a rare thing round here.... and had stumbled on an old cassette of his band's demo.
No, I have not been joking when I've said over the last couple of years that all my friends and boyfriends have been musicians/djs/actors.  
Not only was this buddy a musician when I first knew him in high school, he was an actor when I knew him in college.  We both were in Television together. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday 2011 7th April

Just finished reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert.  That was for book club. Here is the post for anyone who wants to jump in and talk about the book or topic

As I've said over the course of the last week,  this book had me emotional and thinking.

One massive question I have now is what would I bring to a marriage?    I mean that completely. 
Most couples bring two lives with them, His -family, friends, coworkers, hobbies, job  and Her- family, friends, coworkers, hobbies, job.
Um,  as you know by now from the last few years of me talking wide open on the blogs,  that I don't have that.  

God, that is so painfully sad to think.  That when I find the future Mr. Blood it will be a very uneven arrangement.  Unless something drastic changes really soon that is.  
I'd be bringing my hobbies, my "job", and that's really about it.  As given my "job" is doing book reviews, I do not have "coworkers"  and at this point in time, I do not have "friends"  as much as I do acquaintances.  And my family... well let's not even get into that.

Damn it, I'm just going to go cry myself to sleep now, and maybe hang myself in the oven.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I can't figure him out

The Lemon Zest stock boy.   He's become a puzzle of a pain in the arse.
I went to mom's to watch the replay of last night's WWE Raw, and no sooner was I in the door when she decided to sent me back out to the grocery. 
Alrighty then. I had like 20mintues to get the groceries and get back before the show started.  While I was there, getting the lettuce, green onions and the tomato paste,  I was looking for wonton wrappers.   Of which they had none.  This is the third time in under a week I went looking for those damned things and they had none. 
The Lemon Zest stock boy was working and asked what I was looking for.  I said the blah blah blah where upon he started to head over to the area that should have had them.   They did not.  Me smug him looking like he was about to be sent to the guillotine; cause it was his job to order these things.  Then he started to tell me you could use some of the egg roll wrappers  blah blah blah.   Yes you can for wontons, but not for making crackers/nachos from scratch.  
I tried last summer following a recipe I saw on Iron Chef and it does not work with egg roll wrappers.

What I don't understand, besides his ego, is him.  When I see him interacting with other staff and customers he's very .... I want to say butch. Very masculine but when he interacts with me he's like extremely feminine.   So which is the put on?  I'm intrigued.
And if the put on is when he's interacting with others, then why would he be real around me?  And if he's real around others, then why would he be doing a put on around me?

Either way, this stock boy makes me want to slap him upside the skull with a large organic leek.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday 6:39pm April 4th

Floors are swept and mopped.
The bread pudding is on to cook.
Practical Magic is in the DVD player.
The crying fits have stopped.
My back is killing me from having done the floors.

The snow that we got over night has melted down to two inch puddles that I am thinking won't drain off anytime soon.
This means that supper won't be ready till after 8pm.  Will be a late night tonight, and I still have to get the dishes done. 

I'm going to have to start alternating things.  One day for housework, one day for book reviews, next day for housework etc. 
I have to say, at lest when I was doing the wrestling reviews, I had a schedule.  I know I know, I keep coming back to that topic, but I'm not totally over it all yet.  I liked doing it on the most part, liked the structure it gave me, the way it grounded me.   It just made me totally psycho and physically sick.  Total win-lose situation.

And now... just trying to find a balance.   Trying not to loose my mind with my so-called routine. 
Reading-blogging-cooking-cleaning.  Reading-blogging-cooking-cleaning.  Repeat.

I'll try to get a few wrestling reviews done this week.  Not that it will matter much to anyone but me. Alright my TNA Spudguns, this is the last post for tonight; I promise. 

Life love and the rest

It's one of those days for me that's all waterworks.  I can not seem to do a damned thing today without crying my eyes out.

Case in point,  I just found out that Nikki Sixx has a new book out.  I cried.  Over a press release! 

Why?  I could chalk it up to the whole early menopause part of things and leave it at that.  But, Nikki Sixx has always had a bizarre effect/hold on me.  There is just something about him that is very vampire Lestat-ish.  
Also, reading the book Committed  by Elizabeth Gilbert  today for book club.  It's left me in a whirl-wind for sure.  I actually sat down about an hour and a half ago on here, blogging about something that book sparked in me but decided not to post it.   It was a crazy post.  It was a crazy set of emotions and thoughts that that book sparked in me. It was a crazy moment that even I thought I sounded crazy talking about so I just left it unposted.

Then found myself cleaning up a broken trash bag in the bathroom, thinking about a few broken business partnerships which once again left me in tears.  This time, tears of anger. 
Oh yeah, covered the bases today with the bad emotions. 

But back to the Nikki Sixx element for a moment.  I've had his first book now for a few years.  Half way through reading Heroin Diaries .  It's just such a heavy book.  I mean both physically and emotionally.  That's why I'm about mid way through it and it hasn't been touched at all in about two years sitting on my end table in my living room.   It's got a very thick layer of dust to prove that too.  But I'll have to find some time in the next while to finish it, as I want to get his new one.

Lights out in the Library part 7

The next piece of my paranormal story.    Part 6 can be found here

Lyell heard a noise.  He opened his eyes to see the bedside clock read 5:30am.  Rubbing both hands over his face he yawned as he continued to listen.
The noise was coming from his brother's room twenty feet away, sounding almost like furniture being moved.  Sitting up, he thought maybe he shouldn't go in there. Then he remembered that Galvin had gone to bed before he had.  He heard the noise again.  This time he did get up to find out what was going on.
Lyell swore as he stepped on something in the hallway.  Limping towards his brother's room he listened. He could hear his brother talking to someone. Shaking his head, he yawned again as he headed this time to the kitchen for a glass of water.
That's when he noticed Galvin's cell phone still sitting on the kitchen table. The glass made a thunk as he slammed it down on the table and moved once more back to the bedroom door, this time peeking into his brother's room.
The sandy haired male squinted as he found his brother sitting up in bed, staring at the wall, talking in a hushed whisper.  When they were kids, more then once he'd caught Galvin sleep walking, and even having full on conversations with people while asleep.  He moved slowly farther into his brother's room, always mindful not to freak him out before waking him up.  Snapping his fingers just in front of Galvin's face he spoke.
"Dude, wake up. You're having a nightmare. I think." he snapped his fingers twice more before giving in and grabbing his brother by the shoulders and shaking him lightly.

Galvin blinked as he turned to look at Lyell, the bags under his eyes making him look like he hadn't slept in days not just mere hours.  He fell back against the bed, rubbing his face in the pillow. "What?" he asked sleepily before sitting back up, this time removing the covers.

"Dude"  Lyell reached over to turn on the bedside lamp; letting a dim orange spill over the room. Galvin's back and left shoulder were covered in scratches, his left wrist had bruise marks and there was a small cut near the inner part of his elbow. "Did you decide to go back out after I went to bed? Hook up with someone or get into a bar fight?"  he asked pointing to the marks on his arm. Galvin shook his head as he looked at his arm, then got up crossing to check his shoulder in the mirror. "Something or I should say someone happened to you cause, you're covered in bruises. "

"I don't feel so good." he mumbled as a wave of dizziness over took him.  Leaning against his dresser Galvin closed his eyes against the feeling of wanting to vomit. That's when Lyell spotted the bruises on his brother's thigh just at the edge of his underwear.

"Okay if you want me to believe you didn't leave the apartment, then I need to know what the hell you were doing to yourself? And maybe I should take you to the emergency. "  Lyell let out a deep sigh closing his eyes for a second. "Is it drugs?" he had never known the younger man to take anything stronger then sinus pills but after the night they had, he thought anything was possible.

"I'm not on anything. I didn't... I didn't do this." panic was starting to rise in the younger male. Leaning forward, Galvin put his hands on his knees as a cold sweat broke out on his body. "Lest I don't think I did."

"You were talking in your sleep again. Big time like as if someone was in here with you." he took two steps towards him, pushing Galvin into the hallway towards the kitchen, as he himself dug through the bathroom cupboard for cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol to clean up some of the scratches. Some of them looked really deep, such as the one on the inside of his elbow. "We're out of bandages." Lyell said crossing back to the kitchen where Galvin was now sitting.  "You must have been sleep walking before hand or something, cause I stepped on something crunchy in the hall. Dirt or something."

"It was her."

"Her who?" Lyell yawned as he handed his brother the stuff to clean up the wounds.

"Her from tonight her.  Hermina. I... I think I was... dreaming with her or about her or whatever. It's as if she was here in the room with me. But it was a dream. Cause I know I didn't let anyone in the window."

"Okay that's it. Get dressed I'm taking you to the hospital. You must have fallen down and hit your head sleep walking or something before I heard you."

"I'm serious!"

"So am I. Galvin, we live on the third floor. There is no way anyone could get in your window. No fire escape remember. Get dressed. I'll call a cab."

"Succubus?"  the teen with the greasy dyed purple hair said leaning over the little yellow plastic chair.

"What?" Galvin moved closer to the wall as the kid invaded his personal space.

"I heard you talking just now to the nurse. How'd you do it? How'd you manage to call a succubus? I mean it's great isn't it? I've been trying to become an Incubus for years but..." he turned his eyes up to look at Galvin now under the mess of hair.  "My blood's too thin. Tainted from when I was a kid. But I can't tell you about that cause of the wires. "  Galvin just nodded with obvious fear in his eyes as he squared his jaw willing the crazy goth to leave him alone.  "You're boyfriend has wings." he said pointing to Lyell as he crossed the waiting room with his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. "oohhh big green wings. Hey he's an Archangel. Cool. Hey I gotta go, my girlfriend just came out of x-ray."  he stood up and crossed to where another teen with long dyed purple hair was standing dressed in skinny jeans and a black shirt.
Galvin couldn't tell if that was a woman or a man standing there.

"Did that piece of crazy just call me your boyfriend?"  Lyell said sitting down beside his brother.

"I think he did."  He scratched at his arm where the bruises were. "Are bruises suppose to be itchy?"

"That's a broken bone that itches when it heals."  Lyell let out another yawn, turning sideways in the little plastic chair dangling his right arm over his knee. "I called work. Told them you were in a fight. And that I brought you in here. "

"You couldn't have just said I was sick? Flu? Food poisoning?"  Lyell simply tapped his brother's wrist where the bruises were. "Yeah I guess I will need to explain the marks."

"When we figure it out. What else was the crazy guy saying to you?  You looked like you were about to try crawling up the wall."

"Something about a succubus. Vampires and all that."
Part 8 soon 
Spudguns, if any of you are reading, feedback on the shorts would be nice. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Damn this Insomnia

It's almost 3am and I am up.  Yawning my head off but unable to get to back to sleep. 
Can't do any housework because it's 3am and you hear everything in this building.  Can't watch a movie either. 
So here I am, not even able to make any use of this uber wakefulness and unable to sleep.

Had and interesting day actually.  New book club member.  We met for coffee and found out we both have a hatred for Twilight.  That's instant bonding.

Oh, then there was the whole thing at the grocery today which I blogged about on the year project blog 

I must get to the grocery in the daylight and get iced tea.  I've had an evil craving for iced tea for the last few hours. 

Insomnia.  I'm starting to think it's a new breed of vampire.  Sucks the sleepy from you in waves of uselessness then leaves you zombiefied for days.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Persians, Thunder Bay's crack

You can always tell a Thunderbayer by the way our eyes glaze over in pure contentment at the sight of the pink icing, as we are all born addicted to the Persian donut.  It's like Thunder Bay's own version of crack.
Look for yourself, check any Canadian's Facebook/Twitter/Myspace  and if they say they had just visited their home city and were happy to see the family and got their Persians, then you know.  You've just met a Thunderbayer.

I'm actually shocked that the yummy items made waves enough to be listed on Wikipedia. 

Here's the 411 on the recipe as told to me by one of the ladies at the Arthur street location of Safeways,  no one in town is allowed to make them the exact same.  None.
Every store, every donut shop in Thunder Bay has to make them just the tiniest bit different from the original recipe that you get at Persian Man locations in town. 
She shrugged and said "I suppose it's so the recipe stays a TB thing." 

Makes sense.  We TBers gave up our Robins Donuts to you all years ago, and look where that got us. Robins Donuts is nearly extinct.

Long live the Persian Man.