Sunday, May 2, 2010

Monday Night Raw for April 26th 2010-3 Hour Draft: Highlights

I used a screen capture for this post

I know this is a full week late but I was not sure I was going to cover it.

We open with Miz/Big Show vs the Hart Dynasty. Miz and Kidd started it off with a collar tie up, which Kidd turned into a side headlock on Miz. Miz broke out of the hold, but Kidd quickly reversed things in his favour with a chickenwing. Miz used a couple of back elbows to once again break out of it, working on the arm of Kidd. Kidd then went to the ropes using them as a set of swings to toss Miz across the ring to break the hold. Kidd backed it up with a mule kick then a drop kick before getting a near fall. Smith tagged in, slapping his vertical suplex on Miz but only got a two count. Miz rolled out of the ring, Smith followed and delivered a running shoulder block knocking Miz down outside on the floor. Back in the ring, Miz had a choke hold on Smith, but Smith battled out. Miz turned it into a side headlock, but Smith used a side slam on him. Both Big Show and Kidd tagged in. Kidd going for a spring board off the top rope landing a beautiful drop kick to BS. The match then went in BS's favour as he tossed Kidd across the ring, then gave him a boot to the face. BS then picked up Kidd by the ears, giving him a hard headbutt. Kidd then in the corner received a large chop from BS sending him down to the mat. BS then stepped on him. Kidd sent across the ring again, Miz tagged in. Kidd blocked a punch then gave a few of his own to Miz before catching Miz in a roll over. Only got a two count. Miz answered with a combo backbreaker/neckbreaker. Miz slapped another rear chinlock on Kidd. Smith tagged in, with a shoulder block to Miz and a series of short clotheslines. He whipped Miz into the corner and was going for a smash but Miz moved out of the way, getting Smith in another roll up. Smith reversed it. Smith then used a power slam but only got a near fall. Miz delivered a boot to the face of Smith, and went for his skullcrusher but it was countered by Smith with a hiptoss. Kidd tagged in, they double teamed him with the heartattack before Kidd slapped in the sharpshooter for the win. The Hart Dynasty are now the new tag team champs.

Divas tag match. Layla/McCool vs Eve/Maryse.... I don't care. McCool used a boot to the face for the win.

Evan Bourne vs CM Punk. They started with a collar tie up, Punk getting the advantage with a spinning mule kick to Bourne. Bourne then bounced off the ropes with a headscissors tossing Punk across the ring. He followed it up with a series of kicks to Punk before Punk got him in a side slam/backbreaker. Punk then continued to work on the back of Bourne. Somehow Bourned used his quickness to get the match in his favour with a sweep of the legs and a roll up. But it only got him a two count. Punk answered back with a flying forearm to the face of Bourne getting a near fall of his own. Punk was going for a suplex but Bourne blocked it, with a flying knee, and a few drop kicks. Punk rolled out of the ring, Bourne though used a suicide dive taking out Punk and his crew. Back in the ring, and Bourne lands a spinning kick to the jaw of Punk before using a running baseball slide. He was pulled off the ropes by a hooded figure giving Punk the chance to use his GTS for the win.

Sheamus then came to the ring, looking like the fabulous white knight he is in his new shirt. His promo was disrupted by Randy Orton. This is a feud I have been asking for since November. I am loving the Face turn of Orton, and I just love Sheamus! They had a match later in the night. .... The number one contenders match then became a 3 way match with Sheamus vs Orton vs Batista. Batista rolled out of the ring letting Sheamus and Orton start. Which Sheamus did by attacking Orton with a series of forearms and punches to the neck. He got Orton in the corner kicking him, then choking him. Orton turned it around with a kick of his own then got Sheamus in the corner for a series of right hands. Sheamus with a scoop slam on Orton going for the cover but Batista back in to break it up. Batista then threw Sheamus shoulder first into the ring post. Orton then came up behind Batista with a series of hard rights to the jaw of Batista, getting him into the corner. Orton just stomping on him. Orton with a few upper cuts to Batista, then started his stomps and a flying knee, he got a two count. Batista rolled back out to the floor. Orton following, tossing Batista into the rails, Batista used a rake to the eyes then tossed Orton back into the ring. Batista charged at Orton in the corner, before sending Sheamus into the announce desk who was still outside the ring. Batista back in the ring, with Orton firing off punches then choking Batista in the corner. Orton used a large boot to the face of Batista sending him down, but only got a two count. Sheamus then up on the ring apron with an attack of fists for Orton before Orton put him hard shoulder first into the ring post. Batista then put Orton face first into the top turnbuckle. He followed it with a kick to the face. Only a two count. Batista slapped a choke hold on Orton, turning it into a rear chin lock, but Sheamus came into break up the hold. Sheamus then with a knee to the face of Batista, and Orton from behind with rapid fire punches for Sheamus. Orton then tossed Sheamus back out of the ring before going back to Batista. Spinebuster on Orton from Batista. Orton turned his attention back to Sheamus who is now back in the ring, and tried for a flying knee only to have Sheamus roll out of the way. Sheamus went for the cover but only got a near fall. Sheamus got Orton in a camel clutch. Orton battled out, but Sheamus turned it around again with a modified punt kick on Orton. Batista on the outside of the ring. Sheamus went out to put Batista face first into the stairs before once again turning his attention back to Orton. Orton now back outside the ring himself, kicked Sheamus then slammed him face first into the announce table, causing Sheamus to stumble back into the rails. Orton put Sheamus again into the announce booth, just as Batista recovered, picking up Orton and ramming him backwards into the ring. Batista tossed Sheamus into the ring with a clothesline going for a cover but only getting a near fall. Batista driving a shoulder into Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus then off the ropes with a short kick and a double axe handle knocking Batista out of the ring. Orton back in and got a backbreaker from Sheamus. Sheamus then had Orton in a submission move, looking good. Orton turned it around with a large boot to the face of Sheamus and a few short clotheslines. Batista back in the ring, Orton with a back elbow and clothesline for Batista, then a clothesline for Sheamus. Orton followed this with a scoop slam on Batista before going back at Sheamus with his trademark second rope DDT, but Sheamus blocked it. Batista with a slam on Sheamus, Orton broke the cover. Orton then went for a cover on Sheamus but only a near fall. Orton got his second rope DDT on Batista. Orton was starting his shapeshifting getting set for a RKO on Batista, but Sheamus came at Orton with a knee to the skull. Sheamus got Orton up getting ready for his border toss, but Batista speared him. Orton used a backbreaker on Batista who then stumbled into the punt kick from Sheamus. Orton with a scoop powerslam on Sheamus, getting ready to shapeshift again, giving Sheamus an RKO. Orton turned around only to get a spear from Edge who ran into the match. This gave Batista the chance to roll over for a lazy cover and the win.

A battle royal Smackdown vs Raw. These are one of the worst to try to cover. Team Smackdown was Rey Mysterio/Kane/Drew McIntyre/R-Truth/Shad the Team Raw was MVP/Mark Henry/Santino/Ted DiBiasi/Yushi Katshu (sorry I've never seen this guy's name printed before forgive me not knowing it) this was chaos. Raw won the elimination battle royal getting 3 draft picks.

Jericho vs Christian. Christian started it with a kick to the guts of Jericho, then a series of slaps. Jericho tried to turn it around with a hard fist to the back of Christian, but Christian took the legs out from under Jericho working on the knee. Jericho rolled out of the ring, but Christian took it to him with a running hesitation drop kick sending Jericho halfway across the floor. Back in the ring, Jericho had a modified choke hold on Christian, but Christian battled out and got Jericho in a roll up. Only a two count. Jericho came back with a short clothesline, and a two count. christian was hung up on the bottom rope, Jericho stepping on him, then using it for a short monkey flip. Scoop slam on Christian then Jericho going for his lionsault but missed. Christian fought out with a double clothesline before heading to the top rope. Flying elbow on Jericho, using a drop toe hold Christian stood on Jericho who was across the second rope. Christian then slipped outside the ring for an upper cut rocking Jericho. Christian went for a top rope move but Jericho grabbed him trying to slap on the walls of Jericho but failed. Jericho with a kick to the skull, but only got a near fall. Christian then used a neckbreaker on Jericho but only got a two count. Christian when for the killswitch, but Jericho countered trying to once again put on the walls of Jericho, no good. Christian with a mule kick from the corner, then went for a cross body. Jericho did manage this time to get his walls of Jericho on him, but Christian got to the bottom rope breaking the hold. A right hand from the ring apron by Christian, who once again went to the top rope. Jericho landed the codebreaker in midair for the win.

Swagger vs John Morrison. They started off with a collar tie up, Swagger then taking out the legs of Morrison. Morrison pushing him off sending Swagger across the ring. Swagger picked up Morrison pushing him into the corner. Morrison answered this with a series of high knees to Swagger, pushing him across the ring into the far corner, but Swagger turned it around, slamming his fist repeatingly into Morrison's back. He then had Morrison on the mat with a modified rear bear hug before slapping Morrison on the back of the skull. Morrison answered with a hard punch. Then a scissors kick only getting a two count. Morrison then started to work on the shoulder of Swagger in the middle of the ring. Swagger managed to get the match back in his favour with a deep body slam on Morrison then a drop elbow. Swagger used a snap side mare choking out Morrison. Morrison tried to counter with a headscissors but it was no good, Swagger never let go of the hold. Morrison finally got to his feet, but Swagger knocked him down again with a shoulder block. Morrison back up with a surprise drop kick, then a corkscrew dive. Morrison got a two count. They were both in the corner, and Swagger speared Morrison causing him to dangle from the middle ropes outside of the ring. In the middle of the ring, Swagger stared to work on the shoulders getting Morrison in a submission move. Morrison used his power kicks to get out of the move, and on the shoulders of Swagger bringing him down for a roll through. It only gave Morrison a near fall. Morrison ended up tangled up in the ropes again, Swagger using a choke hold from the apron, then kicked Morrison in the skull. Morrison back in the corner with Swagger stomping on him. Morrison went for a top rope DDT, but it was countered by Swagger. Morrison then ducked a clothesline and got his standing shooting star press but it only gave him a two count. Swagger answered with a headbutt. Morrison monkey flipped Swagger into the turnbuckle. Morrison used a springboard kick but only a near fall, as Swagger got a leg on the rope to break the hold. Swagger rolled out of the ring, Morrison followed throwing Swagger into the rails. Back in the ring, Swagger went for his gutwrench powerbomb, but Morrison used the ropes to stall it. Morrison used a side russian leg sweep. Swagger then used his gutwrench powerbomb for the win.

Dolph Ziggler vs Hornswaggle. That's just wrong. Ziggler got knocked out of the ring, and Hornswaggle started to toss his shoes at him and his hat keeping Ziggler out of the ring during the ten count. Hornswaggle won because of a count out.

This was one of the best WWE shows I've seen in months. The fact they did not use any guest host and just stuck to matches was a good move. The matches were in the most part solid with cleaver "match ups" in almost all regards (the Hornswaggle match sucked) As I have been saying for the last few months, I am really hoping that a nice long feud (6 months tops) comes about between Orton and Sheamus. That would be a pairing that would make me happy. Both wrestlers are technically sound, both have decent promo skills, both have a solid footing in their roles.

Screen captures were done with my webcam up to the television