Monday, May 24, 2010

Smackdown May 21 2010 -Highlights

Isn't time to give up on the Jesus Christ pose that CM Punk has been doing?

Divas match... don't care

JTG vs Caylen Croft. They started with a collar tie up, JTG turning it into a chickenwing. Croft used a back elbow to break out of the hold. JTG went off the ropes, Croft to the mat thinking he was going to jump over, but instead JTG stomped on his skull. Croft got up and walked right into a short clothesline. JTG then with a snapmare and into the cover only got a two count. Croft then with a series of punches, and a knee to the jaw. He followed up with a neckbreaker going for a cover, but only got a near fall. Croft then applied a front headlock, keeping JTG on the mat. Croft let his guard down, and JTG used an uppercut staggering him. JTG came back at him with a flying clothesline and a drop kick, before what is being called a mugshot (short bulldog/monkeyflip) JTG followed this with what he's calling the shout out for the win (a twisting neckbreaker)

Curt Hawkins/Vance Archer vs Brent Roberts/Jeremy Barner.... okay that's just wrong! I'm talking about the hair on those two wrestlers Archer and .... you know that totally turned me off for this match. Hawkins and Archer won... yeah not liking them at all.

Swagger vs Kofi Kingston. They started with a collar tie up, Kofi backed into the corner. He fought out with a series of kicks and then followed with a drop kick sending Swagger out of the ring. Back in the ring, and Swagger attacked with punches, but Kofi off the second turnbuckle with a flying elbow, then sent him out of the ring again. Once more back in the ring, and Kofi had Swagger in the middle of the ring working on his shoulder. Swagger managed to get to his feet and turn it around by sending Kofi into the ropes. he charged but Kofi pulled the ropes sending him again outside, then sprang at him with a crossbody outside of the ring. Swagger caught him mid air then tossed him into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Swagger went for a cover but only a two count. He had Kofi in the corner pounding him into the top turnbuckle. Kofi fought out with a series of punches to the gut of Swagger. Swagger then started to stomp on Kofi, tossing him into the far corner giving him a clothesline. Kofi up on the second rope with what was looking like another cross body only to be stopped midair by a large boot. Swagger again for a cover, only a near fall. Swagger then on the mat with a submission move on Kofi. To their feet and Kofi with a sunset flip, but Swagger turned it around with a belly to belly. He then was using the ropes to choke him out. He then sent Kofi into the ropes, and started to paintbrush him. Kofi managed to use the top rope for a DDT. Kofi used a series of spin chops for an upper hand, then had Swagger in the corner with closed fists then slapped on his SOS, but only a near fall. Kofi then with a side Russian leg sweep, but Swagger to his feet with a punt kick going for the cover. Only a near fall. Big Show then came to the ring letting Kofi get a cross body for the win.

Rey Mysterio/MVP vs CM Punk/Luke Gallows. MVP and Gallows started with a collar tie up, which MVP turned into a side headlock. Gallows then with a clothesline on MVP sent him crashing to the mat. Gallows then with a few upper cuts, before MVP ducked bouncing off the ropes delivering a flying forearm. Rey tagged in and they used a double team move, Rey then with a leg drop. Gallows then to his feet tossing Rey off the ropes, but he was served a kick for his troubles. MVP tagged back in, and used a hard boot to the face of Gallows. Gallows threw him into the corner, but MVP countered with a back elbow before trying a second rope move. Gallows grabbed his leg then stomped on him before slamming him face first in the top turnbuckle. Punk tagged in, and had MVP in the middle of the mat in a submission move, working on the knee. Gallows back in, with a series of punches to MVP's stomach, then he stretched the boot to MVP's throat. MVP fought out, but was shoved back into the corner. Punk tagged back in, with a running knee in the corner. Punk then had hold of the ankle of MVP, tagging back in Gallows. He went for a cover but only a near fall, then a hard slam on MVP followed with a splash and another two count. Punk back in with a spinning mule kick on MVP. Gallows in again with his reversed bear hug on MVP in the center of the ring. MVP fought out, Rey tagged in, with his spring board pup then a flying cross body. Only got a two count. Rey with his flying bulldog. He took the knee out of Gallows setting him up for 619 but Punk tagged himself in with a spring board on Rey getting a cover but only a near fall. Everyone in the ring now. Rey managed to get a roll up for the win.

Big Show vs Drew McIntyre. BS had him in the corner with a hard chop. Drew got out of the ring and started to walk away, but BS tossed him back in. Drew got a couple of punches but it had no affect. BS with a slam on Drew. He then held him on the second rope for a choke out, then another chop hard on the chest of Drew. He then stood on Drew's throat. Drew started to fight back with a thumb to the eye and a series of forearms. BS used a clothesline to just send Drew flying. He followed this with a headbutt. Drew went out of the ring, and used the top rope to get the upper hand on BS. He then started to work on the legs and knees of BS with a few kicks. He went for a full nelson, but BS was too well large. BS then with another chop and clothesline. He splashed Drew in the corner then another shoulder block sending Drew to the mat. Large choke slam on Drew just as Swagger came into the ring. the match was thrown out on a dq.