Sunday, May 16, 2010

What Would Carrie Do... part 6.5

This is actually part 7, cause I did a two line Sex and the City reference in the post Out of my League

I'm actually struggling the last few days to make sense of anything. My mind has been on nothing much other then the way to improve myself.

There is an episode in season 6, (episode #75) called To Market To Market where Carrie is nervous about her first date with Berger.  She gets a call from someone whom she only slightly knows for another date, and decides to go on a "semi-date" with him.  Her reasoning, "the only thing a girl needs to get a date is another date"

Her question of the week is "Why do we keep investing?"

 I find myself wondering that too. 
I've never found myself in that kind of situation, having to have an extra date just to take the edge off the nervousness.

I have however found myself double crushing.  Liking guy A, an intense amount getting my hopes up wildly, and deciding it's okay to like guy B, with the idea that if anything should happen it would be alright even though that's not where my heart was.
Like last night for example.  I was flirting wildly with someone I've casually known for the last 7 years, the whole time trying to figure out how to get the man I was crushing on to notice me.
In the end did he notice me?  For about 30 seconds. Nothing came of it.

I went home alone, sad but true.  When I woke up this morning and looked around my apartment in the predawn glow of the rising sun, I realized there is only one man whom I would have been happy with. And he wasn't at the event last night.

Why do we keep trying sometimes when we are dead in the water?  What is it about that rush of a crush that makes us keep at it?