Saturday, May 8, 2010

Smackdown for May 7th 2010-Highlights

Have I mentioned lately how I really hate long hair on men... Drew McIntrye yeah I'm talking to you right now.

He did a beat down on Matt Hardy to drive home the feud they've had gone now for months. Hardy was left complaining about his shoulder. Okay, you know, the wrestling business is chalked fill of injuries real and fake. There was a time when I could tell a story injury from the real thing, I admit I can't anymore. There is just too many times an injury is used as a plot thickener and too many times a real injury happens and the camera operators are not told to cut. Either the wrestlers have gotten acting lessons in the last year or I have been watching too much wrestling as everything is blending into one.

vs Luke Gallows. Gallows started with a hard right hand to the jaw of MVP. MVP retaliated with a series of punches of his own, then was whipped into the corner, but managed a float over. Gallows ran then into a clothesline from MVP. Only got a two count. Another series of fists from MVP before sending Gallows into the corner hard. MVP went for a running boot but Gallows side stepped causing MVP to go out of the ring hitting the rails. Gallows followed with some more punches to the guts before tossing MVP back into the ring. He softened up MVP with some high knees before using a double underhook over head toss. Gallows followed this up with a reversed bear hug. MVP fought out but was whipped into the corner. Gallows went back to the reversed bear hug, once again whipping MVP into the corner. This time MVP battled out, catching him with a few flying clotheslines, then set up for his ballin elbow. There was a fuss outside the ring then as Mysterio came down to beat on CM Punk who'd been at ringside. This was the distraction MVP needed to use his trademark Play of the Day for the win.

Divas match... Kelly Kelly/Tiffany vs McCool/Layla... well you know I just don't care.

Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler. First Round of the Intercontinental championship tournament. They started with a collar tie up, Ziggler turning it into a side head lock. Kofi was starting to battle out but Ziggler bounced off the ropes with a hard shoulder block knocking Kofi down. Kofi then had a few leap frogs over Ziggler as he went back to the ropes a few times, Kofi ending it with flying back elbow. Only got a two count. Ziggler threw Kofi at the ropes thinking he'd gone out of the ring, but Kofi clung on to them bouncing back landing a flying clothesline on Ziggler. Ziggler out of ring, Kofi suicide dived on him. Back in the ring, and Ziggler caught Kofi with a leg drop on the back of the neck as he was climbing back in. It sent Kofi right back out to land hard on the floor. Back in the ring, and Ziggler had a choke hold on Kofi, then used a pumphandle slam but only got a two count. Ziggler then had Kofi tangled in the ropes as he slapped on another choke hold using the second rope as extra weight. Kofi used a series of back elbows to get out of it. Drop kick from Ziggler but only got a near fall. Ziggler applied the camel clutch, but Kofi powered out for a moment. Ziggler with a large high elbow but only a near fall. Ziggler took the knee out from under Kofi, then went back to a modified sleeper working on the neck of Kofi. Kofi then somehow managed to get a rolling -almost sideways grapevine but only got a two count Ziggler then planted Kofi face first with a front slam but still only a two count. Ziggler went back to his rear chin lock-sleeper. Kofi used a jawbreaker to get out of the move, Ziggler hitting the top turnbuckle, Kofi then going for aerial moves, before landing his boom drop. Ziggler went back to his sleeper hold, but Kofi stumbled to the ropes breaking the hold. Kofi nailed his trouble in paradise for the win.

Christian vs Cody Rhodes. First Round in the Intercontinental championship tournament. Rhodes started with a go behind pounding hard on the upper back of Christian before turning it into a side head lock. Christian was going off the ropes but Rhodes caught him with a hard shoulder block he only got a near fall. Rhodes then used a kick and a punch combo getting Christian down to the mat. Christian got back to his feet, leap frogging over Rhodes and delivering a flying cross body from a standing position but it only got him a two count. Christian then had Rhodes hung up on the second rope, standing on him before tossing Rhodes out of the ring, baseball slide then sending Rhodes into the rails. Christian chased Rhodes outside of the ring only to get thrown down hard into the stairs. Back in the ring, and Rhodes had Christian in the corner working now on the back. Christian managed to get out and used a second rope spring board for a roll up but only got a near fall. Hard slap to Rhodes face but Christian was sent hard into the corner, then got a drop kick in the back from Rhodes sending Christian bouncing chest first on the bottom rope. Rhodes had Christian up in what looked like a suplex, but became a slam. Rhodes then slapped on a submission move in the middle of the ring. Christian battled back to his feet but was stumbling around because of Rhodes with hard punches. Both men on top of the ropes, superplex by Rhodes on Christian. Christian got in a roll up but only a two count. Both men out of the ring, Rhodes using the stairs for a power kick on Christian, back in the ring but Rhodes only got a near fall. Rhodes was going for a top rope move but Christian caught him mid air. Christian turned it around in his favour with a series of kicks and forearms, then used the second rope as a swing to slid out of the way of Rhodes, catching him flush in the mouth with a double boot. Only got a near fall for Christian. Rhodes once again was hung out to dry on the second rope with Christian standing on him before jumping down for his power slap. Christian to the top rope for a cross body, but Rhodes rolled out of the way. Both men went for their finishing moves but both blocked them. Rhodes went to the top turnbuckle with a moonsault but still only got a two count. Rhodes was tossed into the ring post, Christian then slapped on his killswitch for the win.

Jack Swagger vs Kane. Swagger started with a go behind trying to slap a bear hug on him, but Kane used a back elbow to break the hold easily. Swagger then went at Kane in what looked like a spear but Kane caught him as they tumbled to the mat each trying to get the advantage over the other. Kane shocked Swagger with his knowledge of amateur wrestling holds. Then the Big Show came out to the ring, causing a distraction. Swagger then proceeded to pound on Kane backing him into the corner. Kane came back with an upper cut, and got Swagger into the corner with a series of right hands before using a low drop kick on him. Only got him a near fall. Swagger tried to take out the knee of Kane, but to no effect. He then applied a front face lock getting Kane down on the mat. Back up to his feet, and Kane hung Swagger on the top rope delivering an upper cut. Swagger fought back then went for a top rope move, Kane catching him in mid air. Both men stumbling. Kane with a series of clotheslines then smashing Swagger in the corner before adding a sidewalk slam. Kane off the top rope, setting up for his choke slam, but Swagger managed to get Kane into the corner repeatingly sending him ribs first to an exposed turnbuckle. The ref called the match because of the cheated turnbuckle. Kane won because of a dq.