Monday, May 17, 2010

Bad Habits I Have You Might Hate

I was just reading an article (2 parts the he said part and the she said part -were on different blogs)  about the habits that drive relationships batty coata.

One top lister was when men turn the lights off on us, literally.  
Now, when I stayed in Edmonton two years ago with friends, I was staying in their basement in the guest room.  Love my friends, I really really do, but if I was Butterfly this is something I would not be able to deal with from her husband, and that is his over freakiness about turning the lights off all the time.
Like I just mentioned, I was staying in their guest room which was in the basement. Because of the kids, they would go to bed early, as in 9pm. I would head down stairs to watch tv, and her husband would turn the lights off from the main switch in the porch.  I would be in pitch black. 

Here's the thing.  When I sleep alone (which given the fact I have been single for over a year is way too often)  I sleep with one light on somewhere in the apartment. Doesn't matter if it's a hall light or a kitchen light or whatever. 
I have this "night light" habit when by myself, just since the car accident.  I still have horrible nightmares from the accident. 

I'm also one of those people who leave a light on when I go out, so that when I get back home, I'm not trying to stumble around in the dark as there is no switches near my front door. You would need to go through the apartment to find the lights.

So um yeah. 
Just a bit of a heads up to any X-Division guys  man out there reading this thinking how delightfully groovy I am and wondering what my sleeping habits are.