Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 1st 2015

Spudguns!  Morning!  Happy Canada Day!!!

If you follow my movie blog, then you know that this morning I kicked off the theme week for July which is Clearly Canadian...and really no surprise there, as it's Canada Day and I announced it yesterday.

I also did a shout out to the July host for the food blogger group I'm part of. And let me take a moment to just say something.  It's not as easy as it looks.
You would think, watching a movie would be the stupidly easiest thing ever.  No people it's not.  You have to first find a copy, and not all of us can afford to buy the dvd if we don't have a copy already, and some of the older movies that get picked are no longer available new, so unless you want to spend a fortune buying from some hoarder who is charging $90 or more for a "rare out of print copy", your out of luck.  Me, I've resorted to watching pretty much all the movies so far online...sshh don't tell cause none have been on Netflix Canada at all...
THEN once you have located a copy, you have to watch it.  I mean watch it, pick it apart. That means pausing, rewinding, pausing etc.  Write down ever little scrap of food either shown or mentioned even background signs of restaurants.  Lucky for me, that's how I used to do my wrestling reviews back when I did them still. So got the method down.
Then comes the hard part, deciding what to make. You can take the obvious route and pick something in the movie or the hard route and come up with something that the movie sparked in your imagination.
Yeah, I love hard!
THEN you have to actually cook/bake it, take the photos, write up the recipe, talk about the movie, and be social about it.
What started off as a 90minute film has now turned into a two day event. Then what do you do when you've picked a movie either everyone choose to skip or just plan hated? Feelings get crushed like a skunk under a semi. Only the smell doesn't linger as long with the skunk.

That's how I'm spending my Canada you spending yours?

There is a Full Moon tonight, the first of two for July. This marks the point in the year where the "order" of  full moon/new moon changes.  I have no clue how that really works either?  I guess it's got to do somehow with how you pay attention to the moon phase for the next few months until Yule or something? 

And I still want to give a progress report on my weight...but can't figure out how to do so without sounding like an infomercial douchebag?   I can tell you this much, I was able to fit into a pair of jeans I haven't fit into in two years. So very happy about that.

This post took way longer then I had planned, really need coffee!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Weight, Tarot, and other stuff

Spudguns!   It's not yet 7am here this morning where I am, I'm up, not awake but up. I have been seeing the topic of tarot journaling everywhere lately.  To me that is a sign that maybe it's something I should be thinking about.

Only, I have a difficult time wrapping my head around the whole thing. That and to be honest, I find it a bit of a snore. Taking a deck and working with it for a few months or a full year, examining how each card makes me feel on a daily basis, then writing about it.
I write enough about my emotions as it is, and nothing seems to keep my attention for more then a few days straight at a time anymore so...
Plus, it's another form of art journaling and that's just another branch of scrabooking.

Haven't had a coffee yet this morning, so my blunt side is showing.

What I have noticed myself in the past few weeks of general tarot use, is that the 9 of Pentacles and the 3 of Pentacles have been popping up together a lot.   Both of these represent the end of a cycle and rewards. The 9 of Pentacles, also can mean weight loss/gain.

Here's where this ties in this morning.   If you've been reading me for long, you know I've had an issue with my weight over the course of things. I've admitted it more often then maybe I should have.

I had a massive five paragraph bit here about the whole weight thing over the last few years, but decided to delete it because it was sounding like some sort of infomercial so...

I'm not sure anymore what it was I was trying to say...need that coffee...but I am trying to figure out more ways to bring the tarot into play here on this blog. That, and it's been a week since I posted on this blog so hence the ramble.

I do want to talk about the weight thing too, only maybe today isn't the day for it.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday June 14th 2015

Saturn. The planet is shifting from one zodiac to another, and is bumping into other planets at the moment. Which is something it doesn't do too often. This means, that a lot of the dren you've been going through over the last few years, will smooth out.  Either you will find that you no longer have massive obstacles or you will just no longer care about the situation at all.

I already see where a lot of the things that have been sitting on my last nerve for the last few years, melting away. I do believe that I'm falling more into the no longer giving a crap, side of things.

Saturn is the planet of tests and rewards. So, a lot of people who get tarot readings, runes done, reiki work done etc, will be told blockages are lifting.  The Wheel of Fortune and Death cards will start to appear more often in tarot readings, because new paths are opening up.

Which is you know, all about timing, as Mercury went direct few days ago. So the past month of bad communication, missed flights, broken computers/cell phones will start to ease up.  Things will start to gel a bit better.

I have to admit, if it wasn't for the fact there is so much math involved in astrology, I'd be doing this as more then just a hobby. As math was always the anvil on my cartoon character if you know what I mean. Kills me every time.
That's all I've got up my sleeve this morning.  Coffee's getting cold.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

When did zombies become the new black?

So if witches are the new zombies, when did zombies become the new vampires?

I don't get zombie culture, sorry but I don't.  With that said, I love the tv show iZombie.  Maybe because it's more like a vampire show then a typical zombie movie? That's my answer and I'm sticking to it.
As a non zombie fan, but a vampirologist, I find myself face first sometimes in zombie culture. They do cris-cross, and some can argue are off shoots of the same thing.   Yeah, had that argument many many times before. Believe it or not, I am on the side that they are indeed the same thing only really more like cousins then the same species.

Anyways, just when did the popular mindset jump off the coffin and onto the brains bandwagon?  Must have happened in the last couple of years while my back was turned.

Speaking of witches and vampires and all that sort of stuff, I did a post on my movie blog this morning about my thoughts on the remake of the Craft. Just a few lines really.  And this is vampire theme week on there as well.

That's about all for now...kiss kiss noise.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Well hostel 17 owes me kittens

Spudguns!  We are in the middle of another Mercury retrograde. Which means technology meltdowns, bad traffic accidents, storms of all kinds, and massive communication mix ups.  Remember, this happens three times a year for about 3 weeks each.
It's also a time for reviewing. Reviewing contracts, reviewing your goals, reviewing yourself.

And that's what I've been doing lately. Reevaluating everything. Every so often it needs to be done anyways right? Right.

When I started this blog, I had joined a bunch of online groups, all with the intention of just getting out there more. Online of course. They were suppose to be support/friendship communities but they ended up mostly being ratings pushes. I stopped partaking after a few months.
It just didn't feel right to me.  They kept talking about finding your tribe.  Which, is about the only thing I actually agreed with. Sort of. Finding your identity and going with it. 

Five years or so later and I'm still not in any "tribe" that I'm really aware of.  I'm just too weird. Too me.  And that's what I wanted Domestic and Damned to be.  Me on a plate. A large onyx plate covered in bats and coffins...Only it ends up the older I get, the less weird I really am.

I'm part of the Twin Peaks generation, and my younger sister is part of the Nightmare Before Christmas generation.  We both fall squarely into that whole Addams Family generation that seemed to sprout up in the last twenty years. And we just keep on trucking.

At one point, I had an idea, vision almost, of this blog being a Martha Stewart style how to blog with a vampiric twist.  yeah that didn't really happen. Ends up, I'm terrible at the do it yourself stuff.  And the older I get, the more I see it's not unique at all. In fact, it's a large genre all its own.

So, not as weird as I have always been led to believe I am. So sad when you think about it, rip my soul's rug out from under me letting me smash my skull on the edge of the crypt on that one...anyways, just waiting for the coffee to be ready, which given the fact I drink instant means me admitting that I haven't gotten off my arse yet to boil the water is a sad sad thing too, and thinking out loud that this blog needed a little something other than just the tarot videos I've been doing as of late; which I still have a few to post down the line.

The remake of the Craft...seems to be a big topic last few days with the broomstick crowd. I might have to really think about it before I chime in...or you know just open my mouth like I always do and let whatever drip out. But I think I will make that a whole post on it's own later.

So why might you be asking, the two separate Buffy the Vampire Slayer quotes for the title...why not?

kiss kiss noise.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tarot Talk Episode 4

Here's the next installment in my tarot series. Again, from February 2015, this one has to do with the 3 of Cups and the Page of Cups.

I am working on some new themes for videos, I know I need to be more relaxed with the way I present the tarot. Somewhere along the last few years I lost myself. So, yeah...I'm also trying to figure out a way to bring some of my other blog topics into video form, without it being too...well too.

Till later...kiss kiss noise

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Coffee and Tarot...tarot episode 3

Spudguns! This is the next video I did back in February in my tarot series. It's a bit more comedic, with many coffee breaks and me stumbling over the words I was trying to express. The cards were the 10 of swords and the 6 of wands.
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