Monday, January 15, 2018


Situation: Every time I try to bake something, things go wrong. What do I do?

Ghoul Asked for Advice: Prue, Piper, Phoebe Halliwell

Movie Used: Charmed ("Is There a Woogy in the House?"  season 1 episode 15)

plot: After an earthquake, the sisters discover a strange smell coming from the basement. Because of Phoebe's fear from childhood about the basement, Prue and Piper tease her. But, when she becomes possessed by something in the house, they have no other choice but to turn to Prue's boss, who is a historian and knows more about their house than they do.

Quotes: "Just because I protect the innocent, doesn't mean I have to be innocent all the time." -Phoebe

"It was scary and it was real." - Phoebe

"I'm making Coq au Vin and I need that bottle more than you." -Piper to a rival in the store

"Don't worry, I can handle it all myself. It's me the culinary pachyderm." - Piper talking to herself after everyone abandons her

"Try cooking a feast when your own kitchen is attacking you." -Piper to Prue after the blender doesn't work.

"Sabotage. I'm being sabotaged." -Piper

"I don't know what it is but it's like the house is possessed." -Piper after yet another kitchen accident.

"I don't know, but I can't cook this mean in this kitchen." -Piper to Prue as the dinner guests arrive.

"Dinner has been changed. We're having it somewhere else." -Prue to the guests

"Our house has turned against us." -Prue to Piper after spending the night on the lawn.

Favourite Scene: When Piper is freaking out in the kitchen after everything has broken down.

Using the Quotes: "Try cooking a feast when your own kitchen is attacking you."   and "Our house has turned against us."

My Interpretation: Things are suddenly going horribly wrong, and it feels like a really bad supernatural joke. There most likely is a logical reason for the sudden craziness, but anything is possible.

This is the first time in the series where we're introduced to the idea of the Hollow/Nexus. Which becomes a major sub-plot in the rest of the series. This is also the first time we see them write in the book of shadows.
There isn't really a lesson here unfortunately. This was one of those episodes created just to get a lot of  "a character's back history" into play for future episodes. In this case, the history of the house itself. 

I have to admit, I rarely sit down to watch the earlier episodes, as I find season one extremely cheesy. I think the show really didn't become interesting until the fifth season.

I picked this episode today, because I actually have been having some crazy kitchen issues. After asking everyone I know for their advice; I decided to break down and use my own situation for the gimmick. Sad to say, not even the cheesy comedy of Charmed made me feel any better. Or help in any real way.

Come back next Monday, see what kind of situation I've gotten myself into and whom I turned to for advice.

289 Days till Hallowe'en

Monday, January 8, 2018


Situation: I've been told I'm too old to believe in things like the Easter Bunny, fairies and nice people. What should I do about it?

Ghouls Asked for Advice: Morticia and Wednesday Addams

Movie Used: Addams Family  "Hallowe'en Addams Style" (season 2 episode 7; series episode 41 original air date 10/29/65)

plot: While the Addams are spending Hallowe'en playing games, Wednesday is upset because the neighbour's told her there is no such thing as witches. To help easy her mind, Morticia decides to hold a seance to prove there are, by contacting their dead aunt. Only, when Ma-Ma finds out, she gets Lurch to pretend to be their dead aunt in order to help. This only makes things worse, as now everyone is waiting up for Aunt Singe's late night visit. When another neighbour comes knocking on their door in costume, they mistake her for their dead aunt.

Quotes: "First one to get an apple in his mouth wins the Hallowe'en prize."  -Morticia to both Gomez and Uncle Fester

"No no dear. They want little goodies." -Morticia explaining to Gomez how trick or treating works.

"Ma-Ma. How's the porcupine taffy coming?" -Morticia

"I didn't scare anyone." -Wednesday in tears referring to her costume of a princess.

"What a terrible thing to tell a child." -Morticia after hearing what the neighbour said about witches not being real.

"I better go up to bed. If you can't believe in witches, what can you believe in?"  -Wednesday

"Uncle Fester, you do not make friends by whipping people." -Morticia

"Of course there are darling. Remember our great great great aunt Singe. She was burned at Salem." -Morticia to Gomez when he needs to be reassured witches are real.

"If we could only get one witch to sit down and explain thing to her."-Morticia

"Maybe their telephone numbers are unlisted?" -Morticia to Gomez and Fester when looking in the phone book under W.

"What right thinking witch would turn down a child on Hallowe'en?" - Morticia

"She maybe cinders but she's a lady." - Morticia not realizing it's actually Lurch answering her during the seance.

"But I'd rather have a spider." -Wednesday after Gomez gives her a pet horse.

"Whatever she told you about the holiday rush is quite true. She flew right out the window." -Morticia after mistaking the neighbour for their aunt.

Favourite Scene: When Lurch replies to Morticia after she rings the bell, and he's still talking in a high pitched voice, only Morticia doesn't seem to notice.

Using the Quotes: "No no they want little goodies."  and "Whatever she told you about the holiday rush is quite true. She flew right out the window."

My Interpretation: Everyone is entitled to their own belief.  There is a reason holidays are considered magickal. Centuries of people's excitement for them has added to the weight of the magick. And, there is nothing wrong with believing in the mystical.

This episode is a bit of a downer actually. What is suppose to be macabre and outrageous, doesn't feel like that now. It's one story that didn't really hold up over time.
The only real thing you can pull away from this episode, is that the neighbour had no business telling a little kid what they hold dear is not real. That was actually cruel.

Alrighty then. That's what I'm talking about (I feel better)

Come back next Monday and see what kind of situation I've gotten myself into and whom I turned to for advice.

296 Days till Hallowe'en

Monday, January 1, 2018


Spudguns! It's a new year, and even though I managed to miss last week's segment, I'm back with another round of What Would The Ghouls Do?

Situation: There's this guy I've got a crush on but I'm shy. What do I do to let him know I like him?

Ghouls Asked for Advice: Paige, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell

Movie Used: Charmed season 5 ("Sense and Sense-ability" episode 20 of season, ep 108 of series)

plot: When the Crone decides she needs to get closer to Wyatt in order to gain information, she curses the sisters causing them to lose their senses. Paige can not speak, Piper can not see and Phoebe can not hear. They end up having to work together as one, and face their personal insecurities in order to get overcome it.

Quotes: "How do you like that, kinda like magick"  -Piper to Paige's boyfriend.

"Yeah, now he smiles."- Piper

"Better than okay, I'm going to have a love life." -Paige

"So that lovers will be stunned by you?" -Piper

"You're in love with a Kazi demon?" -Phoebe

"I'm making a stun potion so that I can maybe have a date that doesn't end in Nate you've got to leave I have to clean some demon guts off the ceiling." -Paige

"Nate, much cuter than a Kazi demon." -Phoebe

"Kinda sad when a mime is making fun of your phone usage." -Paige to Phoebe

"I blame your very handsome but very pushy boyfriend." -Piper to Phoebe

"I look forward to hearing your thoughts"- Phoebe

"Now I'm blushing and my lipstick won't match my cheeks." -Paige

"Excuse me, this is either someone's sick sick joke, or someone's working on a massive evil plan." -Phoebe

"It's strange, when it mattered most we could almost read each other's minds." -Piper to Leo

Favourite Scene: When Paige is creating the potion and the others are trying to figure out what it's got to do with her dating.

Using the Quotes: "Now I'm blushing and my lipstick won't match my cheeks."  and  "I look forward to hearing your thoughts."

My Interpretation: When in doubt, body language. Granted some people are way better at it than others, but it's true that 90% of communication is done by how we act or don't act as the case maybe. Your gut reaction to the way someone looks at you, or looks away from you, or even shuffles in their steps is always your best indication of how they feel about you.

This episode is all about communication. The beginning of the episode we see Phoebe constantly on the telephone, ignoring those around her, while Paige is trying to connect to her new boyfriend by letting him in on a big fear she has. Meanwhile, Piper is feeling insecure because everyone  else in the family has managed to decode Wyatt's cries when she herself can't. Plus, the whole reason the Crone puts her curse into motion is because she's had a vision about Wyatt's future. Instead of just reaching out to Piper and telling her what she needs, she sneaks around behind Piper's back. This episode takes a comical approach to the fact so many of us only deal with the surface of the issue because we are afraid to trust our own instincts.
There is actually a scene where Phoebe and Paige are trying to get information out of the Kazi demon, and Paige keeps pointing to a note. It's only after a few painful attacks on the demon that Phoebe realizes the demon can not read. They then change their communication style, getting the information they need.
While Phoebe's and Paige's situation centers around listening, Piper's and the Crone's centers around seeing.
There's also a little nod in this episode towards Phoebe's future power of becoming an empath and not being able to control the fact she can hear/feel other's thoughts/desires.

Alrighty, that's what I'm talking about (I feel better)

Come back next Monday and see what kind of situation I've gotten myself into and whom I've turned to for advice.

303 Days till Hallowe'en

Monday, December 18, 2017


Situation: Things have been going pretty crappy for me lately, and I'm having some trust issues because of it.

Ghoul Asked for Advice: Buffy, Willow, Anya

Movie Used: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 4 episode 4, series episode 60  "Fear Itself")

plot: It's the gang's first Hallowe'en in college, and they decide to go to a party on campus. But instead of a nice relaxing night, they find themselves having to face a real haunted house and the demon of fear.

Quotes: "She didn't even touch her pumpkin. It's a freak with no face." -Willow to Oz and Xander

"This is an encouragement talk? I thought it was a share my pain." - Buffy to Willow

"I forgot to be hungry." -Buffy to Willow when seeing her recent ex-boyfriend

"Does stretching count?" - Buffy in reply to why she hasn't been joining in class.

"12 years old and I couldn't go trick or treating by myself. No, he wanted the candy, I was just the beard." -Buffy to her mom while remembering past Hallowe'ens with her dad.

"I dont' know, starting to see a pattern here. Open your heart to someone and he bails on you. Starting to think it's better to not let anyone in." - Buffy expressing her fear of being alone

"Certainly didn't help that my last boyfriend turned out to be a homicidal robot." -Buffy's mom on her own heartbreak.

"If Parker shows up, we'll just axe murder him. That's Halloweeny." -Willow on phone to Buffy

"Terrifying. If I were Abbott and Costello, this would be fairly traumatic." -Buffy on seeing the decorations at the haunted house party.

"That was not sanitary." -Willow after seeing a live spider

"Let's get to the party part of the party." -Buffy after arriving at the haunted house party.

"We need help, we need the only person who can make sense of this." -Buffy to Oz, Xander and Willow after they realize the party is hexed.

"I can handle the dark forces as good as anyone else." -Willow complaining to Oz

"There is no problem that can't be solved by chocolate." -Buffy to the whole group while eating candy.

"I was just thinking about the life of a pumpkin. Grow up in the sun, happily entwined with others then someone comes along cuts you open and rips your guts out."- Buffy pouting over her jack-o-lantern.

Favourite Scene: Near the end of the episode where Giles kicks down the door saving everyone with a chainsaw.

Quotes Using: "There is no problem that can't be solved by chocolate."   and  "I can handle the dark forces as good as anyone else."

My Interpretation: Things may seem bigger than they really are. When we find ourselves faced with something that at that moment, feels like the floor is caving in on us, panic can set in. We have to remind ourselves that if we just take a breath and relax a bit, we'll be able to work through it. Even when the answer isn't the one we were hoping for, we can face our worst insecurities.

In this episode, everyone is starting to feel the pull of their lives shifting around them. Xander being the only one not in college, is feeling left out and forgotten. Oz's fear is not being able to control his werewolf nature, and begins pulling away isolating himself on purpose in order to keep everyone safe. Willow, is feeling mocked and semi-powerless as she dives into her magick; unsure her friends will ever be fully willing to support her choices. Buffy has just come out of a bad relationship/one night stand, with her heart broken and romantic reality shattered. Anya is also finding herself feeling things she has ignored for too long, now that she's dating Xander.
Everyone's insecurity is manifested and magnified once they enter the haunted house party, after learning the demon of fear has been summons. Each under the illusion that they are separate and alone unable to connect with the rest of the group. When in reality, they are trapped in their own minds until they find themselves; literally back in the same room facing each other. It's only as a group that they have the courage to face their fears, and defeat the demon.
The inside joke being, the demon of fear is only a few centimeters high; giving notion to the term "nothing to fear but fear itself."

This episode also lays the ground work for much of the season, as each character has to find their own footing in what becomes a transitional stage in their lives.  Relationships for all the characters start, stop, sputter, break, begin again, and challenge them.
There is a scene midway in the episode where the group are walking to the party in their costumes, when they come across a group of military guys with masks. They just at that point, assume they are students in costume; when later in the season they learn something bigger is going on. It opens a floodgate of trust issues for everyone involved.

Alrighty, that's what I'm talking about (I feel better)

Come back next Monday, and see what kind of situation I've gotten myself into and whom I've asked for advice.

Monday, December 11, 2017


Situation:  When shopping for someone you just met, what's the best gift idea?

Ghoul Asked for Advice: Morticia, Wednesday and Gramma Ma Addams and Debbie Jilinsky

Movie Used:  Addams Family Values (1993)

plot: Gomez and Morticia just had a baby, and decide to hire a nanny, Debbie. When she arrives, she sets her sights on Fester, tricking him into marrying her. Because Wednesday doesn't trust her, Debbie manages to convince Morticia and Gomez to send both Wednesday and Pugsley to camp. While there, Wednesday begins a romance with one of the follow campers. All the while, Debbie is back home plotting ways to kill Fester and steal his fortune.

Quotes:  "Father what is it?" - Wednesday in hospital waiting room

"Oh Gomez, it's dark, it's depressing, its desolate" -Morticia  to Gomez when he shows her the nursery.

"Very good, but which one will bounce?"  -Wednesday to Pugsley,about to throw the baby

"One house, three children, so many windows." -Morticia to Gomez when they hear the kids playing

"Oh I'll be fine. I'm just like any modern woman trying to have it all. Loving husband, a family. Just I wish I had more time to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade."  -Morticia to Gomez

"It has to be damp." - Morticia to Debbie when she asks about the men in the family

"All important numbers, police, fire department, morgue." -Morticia to Debbie as she leaves the house with Gomez

"Wednesday's at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind." -Morticia

"These are beautiful things. They're from catalogs."- Debbie

"Oh no, he lives." -Morticia reading to the baby from Cat in the Hat

"Well, you have a black dress." -Gramma Ma Addams to Morticia

"Sometimes people don't listen. I have to use persuasion. And slides." -Debbie

"An axe. That takes me back." -Gramma Ma Addams

"Don't I yearn and ache and shop?" -Debbie

Favourite Scene: Near the end when the character of Debbie is holding everyone captive and starts telling them her back story.

Using the Quotes: "These are beautiful things. They're from catalogs."   and  "Don't I yearn and ache and shop?"

My Interpretation: Go with the gift cards. Yep. When in doubt, just slap a little bow on a gift card and hand it over.

How well do we really know anyone anymore?  This movie takes it to the comic extreme, having Fester completely blind to the fact the women he's known for 48 hours is a serial killer called the "Black Widow".  The person he trusts most, Wednesday; tries to warn him something is not on the up and up with Debbie, but he refuses to listen. Instead, Fester allows the kids to be sent away, while he ends up in what becomes; for all tents and purposes, a really abusive relationship. Again, done to the comic extreme, but a serious undertone none the less. Debbie manipulates Fester into isolation from his family, while physically and emotionally hurting him every step of the way. Leaving Fester nothing of his former self. She even has him change his physical appearance to match her own.
This also gives to the idea that what we think we want, might not always be the right thing for us.

Alrighty, that's what I'm talking about. (I feel better)

Come back next Monday to see what kind of a situation I've gotten myself into and whom I turned to for advice.

Monday, December 4, 2017

What Would The Ghouls Do?

Divination. There are countless ways to go about using it to answer the questions we find ourselves facing. From tarots, to runes, to astrology etc. Bibliomancy is one of my favourites. That's where you take a book and randomly flip to a page, and interpret the first line/sentence you see.  Whether you've done this or not, I'm sure you've had moments when you have found yourself with a question/situation and suddenly a song will play that seems to fit, or you turn the television on, and there is a show that seems to. Sometimes you find the answer as if by magick, other times, you end up looking at the problem from a different point of view, finding the solution.

Let's call that Moviemancy. And that's what this is. WWTGD? is all about looking at a situation from a new point of view, using movies/tv shows.

Obviously, I'm taking a slightly more of a "nice light snack" approach to this new segment. Most of the questions will be more on the silly side.
That's one of the reasons I wanted to do this; I feel I've let myself become too serious in the last few years. You do absorb the personalities of those around you, and everyone in my life currently, are very serious people.

Situation: I'm at a crossroads, feeling lost and confused. What should I do?

Ghoul Asked for Advice: Lily and Marilyn Munster

Movie Used: The Munsters (season 2 episode 68)  "Herman the Tire Kicker" (aired March 31st 1966)

plot: Lily and Herman decide to buy Marilyn a car. Herman goes to a used car lot, and gets conned into buying a bad car. When they try to take it back, the salesman is gone, and they learn the car was stolen. Herman gets lost driving home, and then arrested for having the stolen vehicle. Lily has to bail him out of jail, while there, they see the car salesman who confesses that he stole it.

Episode quotes: "You have a knack for going to a place just when there is a lull in business" -Lily to Herman

"I don't think even you would buy a car without a motor in it." -Lily to Herman

"It's this waiting around that's so terrible"- Lily to Grandpa and Marilyn

"Grandpa, you know Herman is a kind trusting soul, with a great faith in his fellow human being" -Lily to Grandpa

"Stuck you! Herman, you've been shish-kabobbed!" -Lily to Herman

"Well, it runs"  -Marilyn to Herman

"Don't feel bad, you tried" -Marilyn to Herman

Favourite Scene: When they are sitting around the kitchen table and Lily comments about making the family pancakes and having saved money while buying towels and sheets at the January Black Sales.

Using the quote: "It's this waiting around that's so terrible"     and   "Don't feel bad, you tried"

My interpretation: A crossroads happens for a reason. Either you've come to the end of a cycle, and need to choose to continue, or move on to the next phase. Crossroads are all about decisions, choices and being ready to take that next step. That feeling of being lost, usually comes attached to knowing what the right choice is but not wanting to commit to it out of fear. But you've got to take that leap of faith. Worst that can happen is you make a mistake and try again.
If you find yourself literally lost, stop and take stock of the few things that led you to that position. Guarantee; you will find it happened for a reason. Usually, to get you to notice something in a new way as we all get a little tunnel vision sometimes. Tunnel vision, or not seeing the forest for the trees, is what keeps us moving in circles feeling frustrated and well; lost.

In this episode, Herman literally gets himself lost driving home, and when the police arrest him, not only does he learn about the car being stolen, he's no longer physically lost as they guide him where he's suppose to be. In this case, jail. While there, he meets up with the con man and has an effect on the guy, which changes the life of the conman.  Herman getting lost puts him on the right path to being where he's suppose to be at the right time.

Alrighty, that's what I'm talking about. (I feel better)

Come back next Monday, and see what kind of a situation I've gotten myself into, and whom I turned to for advice.  As this is part of my 365 Days of Hallowe'en, I'll be doing (attempting) this every week till Hallowe'en 2018. You can follow the rest of the Hallowe'en fun on my facebook page (uh here-ish)

Monday, November 27, 2017

Nov 27th 2017

Spudguns! How's it happening? Spiffy, spiffy.   I just thought I'd come in for a moment and yammer. Been so long since I just did a random yammer at you type post.

Righty-ho, righty-ho.  If you haven't swung by my spiffy facebook page yet; you might not know that I've started doing a quiz and a quote each week on there. (here)  That will be once a week for each on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

I've got a new segment for this bloggy-blog coming up next week, so stay tuned for that. I'm doing my best to schedule things so that every week I have something between here, my movie blog and facebook page.  Well, let's face puns intended...the facebook page will be ground zero for this project. 
It should be fun. I mean, man really, who wants to miss the photographric adventures of an inanimate object?  Have I mentioned, I could really use a sidekick on this one...just saying.

While I'm here, should mention that there is the final Mercury retrograde for this year coming up from Dec 3rd 2017-Dec 22nd 2017; and we're still under the influence of the Uranus retrograde until Jan 2nd 2018.

Honestly dude, I'm already feeling the push and pull of that Mercury retrograde, and it's still a few days away.

And on that note....338 days till Hallowe'en 2018

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