Thursday, March 21, 2019

It must be a Thursday

Spudguns!, how's you? Good to hear.

So this angry guy freaked out on me. You know how I used to call myself  "the queen of your evil dreams". Well, ends up some dude found that offensive because I'm a girl. Yeah, I know right. 

I had this guy following me on twitter for a bit, and he started to follow me on instagram. That's when he got upset and messaged me telling me I can't use the term "queen" because I'm not a drag queen. And I'm thinking to myself, I haven't actually used that catchphrase in a few years. I know I still have it attached to my twitter, but I've been "the ghoul next door" for years now.

Odd, what will set people off though eh? So yeah that made for an interesting morning.

And then the construction started. They are building an elevator in my building after a billion years of not having one. The building is going to be hell for the next few months. I thought they were going to drill right through my living room wall at one point this morning.

We are 224 Days till Hallowe'en

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Mercury rears it's head once more

Spudguns!, we are 226 days till Hallowe'en. And good old Mercury is in retrograde this month. It turned on us on the 5th of March and will stay there until the 28th.

You know what that means. For those that don't  electronic/computer issues, accidents, travel delays, communication screw ups and general frustrations because of these.

Anyone doing tarot readings, the Tower is probably turning up like mad this month too. Most likely you're seeing the same sort of theme in all your readings no matter who you're doing readings for. Yeah, I feel your pain man.

I'm actually finding the Hermit card has been plaguing me the last week. Every reading no matter what deck I use, there he is.  The Hermit is a card about doorways, thresholds and finding that unknown truth. It's like that old saying, there are three sides to every story; yours mine and the truth.  The Hermit is that guy.

Okay dude, I am trying to get back into a more normal flow of blogging, and sometimes a babble is just what is needed.

kiss kiss noise.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Dorkdom never ends

Spudguns!, it's a Monday, or as I've been calling them on facebook Moan-Day, we are 227 days till Hallowe'en, and I feel fine.

Total lie, feel lost. I have a major birthday this week and I feel like there is this giant pressure to complete things I just haven't done yet. Mid-life crisis at it's best eh?  And for the first time in my life, I can honestly say I don't have any friends.

Nope, not a one. Can't even say at the moment that I have any casual acquaintances. I mean man, there are over a hundred people living in my building, and I haven't gotten to know anyone in the almost five years I've been living here. Dude, even I know that's messed up.

I just find myself the older I get, the less I can connect to people. Actually, the less I want to connect to people.

I watched the movie Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society the other day, and all I could think was that was a cool idea. The whole thing from the get together bits to the letter to the well...I got longing for when things were sort of like that. Total nostalgia for just twenty-five years ago even.  I actually had pen pals growing up. This one guy used to send me mixed tapes all the time. I miss that.

Well, that is where my mind is today.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Can I scream now?

Stats: it's a Saturday Dec 15th 2018 a few days from the Winter Solstice/Yule.
        : we are 320 Days away from next Hallowe'en.
        : the weather around the planet is very unpredictably unusual.
        :being sober has given me massive writers block.

Okay, now with that out of the way, my lovely Spudguns!, how are you all?  I don't even find me funny anymore. The kind of blog post that used to take me twenty minutes to write, now takes me two days. The kind of blog post that used to take me five hours to write, now takes me two weeks. The endless sea of gimmicks no longer jive. Never mind the fact I haven't written anything uncensored offline in over five years. I do think that might be part of it...having to censor myself for the blogs. Anyways.

Too much quiet reflection can make you sick of things. I know I sort of bitched and complained while back about not being able to really promote myself the way I see others doing it. And that still pretty much stands. I can't keep that smile plastered to my words in that can do attitude, because I am not hotwired that way...or is it wetwired...maybe its just that as a member of Generation X, we are all slackers. Yeah, let's go with that idea.

What an idea eh? A generation that spent it's whole time defining what made it -it. From movies like Singles, Reality Bites, and Slacker, to that whole grunge vs metal vs hip hop thing. And now, this current generation are semi-living it all live on the internet. Dude, just between you and me, I have no idea what they are calling this generation now?  Millennials or Echo Boomers, or Gen Z or whathaveyou?    Gen Z. Just makes me think of zombies. Gen-Zoms. Well, it fits doesn't it? My generation was all about Dracula, this generation is all about Walking Dead. Totally fits.

As I work through my lack of self respecting silent aggression; I hope everything is shinny where you are today.

kiss kiss noise.

Monday, September 10, 2018

And then there was the Monday

The Swords keep popping up in the tarots the last week and a half. Like the whole suit all the time, no matter how much I shuffle.  The Swords are about rational thought, logical directions, separation, overthinking. The cards of the mind. I've talked before about how when the universe wants me to understand something, or even pass a message on to someone else, the cards will repeat like this until I do.  It's one of those situations.  So on with it...the Ace of Swords and the Queen of Swords have been plaguing me. I'm not in the mood to get into complete detail about them, so the highlights are...Queen equals separation, widow, divorce and independence. Ace equals conquest, force, champion, arguments.   All in all, cold and sometimes angry cards.

We are 51 Days till Hallowe'en.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

August 25th 2018 knuckles

Knuckles. As in, I just spent the day in the emergency because I dislocated two fingers. Trust me, typing is difficult as I can't use my one hand. Picking at the keys is not fun.  Yes, my lovely Spudguns!, I've done it again. Injured myself. The doctor told me that nothing was broken, but then proceeded to slap a half cast on my arm that went all the way to my elbow.

For two knuckles that according to him were not broken...doesn't make sense to me either.

We are 67 Days till Hallowe'en.

Okay, that's about all I can handle right now...get it I'm going to end this little note right here, just wanted to run in for a moment and type something.


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Aug 1st 2018

Hello my lovely Spudguns!  Somehow, a month has past. I didn't mean for it to but somehow, it did.

Okay, so where were we last time...yes; the writer's block. Still struggling with that. Today marks 91 Days till Hallowe'en, and I am hoping to start Hallowe'en shopping this week. The stores here normally have stuff out by now, but for some reason, they haven't yet. I have some crafting projects I'm hoping to get completed once they do.

Last movie I saw was actually at the cinema. I went on Friday the 13th of July, opening day actually even more a rare treat for me, to see Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation. I have my review for it up on the movie blog.

Tonight's the final episode of  The Originals. I'm not ready for that. I'm just not ready to loose yet another one of my favourite tv shows. I'm really hoping for some big twist with at lest one or two of the characters. I know there is going to be a spin off in the fall, but it's looking to be geared for younger audiences, where as The Originals was hitting for an older crowd.

The weather here the last few weeks has been in the +30'C with near +40'C humidex. I can't handle that kind of heat. I suffer from migraines and it's left me hiding in a darkened room.

Well, that Spudguns!, covers the updates.

Crossroads. I talked a bit about this lately. About how this is a big year of change for so many astrologically speaking. I am sure, I'm not the only one who has done some soul searching and digging into their future desires as of late. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's made a decision about where they want to be in their life over the next few years...but just not too sure how to make that change happen?
When you're not even sure how to put into words what it is you are hoping for?

That's about where I am right now. And I keep turning to my tarot cards looking for away to voice what I can't seem to. Dude, it's almost as bad as the writer's block itself.
The card that keeps popping up more often than anything else is the Fool card.  A card about crossroads and following your dreams.

So, basically, my answer is my question?  See how that can be a bit confusing.

I'll let that be my ramble for today. And say that my facebook page (here) is still the best way to keep up with me, to get in touch and to just hang out. I've been counting down all year long for Hallowe'en. Yes, I've actually managed to countdown every day without a miss. More than amazing on my end. I've been doing my best to keep the weekly quiz and quotes on schedule.

I will be back very soon. Hopefully sooner than this last time.

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