The topics and Their old blogs

  1. Vampires   my old vampire themed review blog is Alucard's Rose.   One of the first blogs I ever started.              My new vampire themed blog is The Talamasca Files  I've chosen a different approach to the theme, with an idea of not just reviews, but a way to mix essays and folklore into the mix. 
  2. Witches       my pagan blog.  It was my journey into Paganism  Confessions of a Former HamburgerJunkie
  3. Cooking        My Newfie Kitchen.  my cooking blog that I still keep semi-updated. 
  4. Wrestling which I had been doing with a blog partner.   And my new wrestling blog  The Hurricanrana Report where I have started to do the wrestling reviews alone.
  5. Books I have two book review blogs, both under my real name, where you can find book reviews and author interviews   Pencil-Pushers and Ink-Splotches  and  Rushworth's Garden (which is my Jane Austen blog)   I also have a Gonzo Journalism styled blog but haven't updated in a while  Another Freak in the Freakdom  
  6. Main Blogs  For the last while, I have tried to redo my main blog but was not feeling the connection to that retry.  Coffins and Cookies  you will find much the same as on here, the blog was only one I used for a few months before starting this one. Andrew and the Aluminumsidings is my OLD BLOG  which I like to old posts most the time. It's my heart really. 
  7. My Anonymous Blog  or so it started off that way.   The Year I Lived Off Of Ramen Noodles.  One year in the life of me.