Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for May 20th 2010

iTunes Canada is once again late,  I had to go looking on the Spike  Tv official website
And we open with Bishoff and Miss-Tes-Mocker.... um wasn't that the same name you guys gave Stacey Kibler when she first started back in WCW as part of censor board group thingie you had her in? Standards and Practices? 

So we were given the top ten contenders for the belt.
10- Samoa Joe
9- Rob Terry
8- Desmond Wolfe
7- Pope
6- Abyss
5-Mr. Anderson
3-A.J. Styles
2-Kurt Angle
Wow, what a very crappy and predictable line up.  I would have had Samoa Joe, Desmond Wolfe, A.J. Styles  and who I have been cheering for on this for months that was overlooked Eric Young.  as the list.  Yes, I feel this list is total bulldren.  Then Angle removed himself, opening up the number 10 spot as everyone moved up one.  Kaz would later in the night win a 8 man X-Division battle royal for the spot. Now Kaz I can get behind.

Knock Outs match... Roxxi vs Madison Rayne.   Roxxi won with her trademark Voodoo Drop.

Orlando Jordan vs Rob Terry.   this is a sugarcoated waste of time.  Jordan went right for the injured leg of Terry, but was tossed across the ring.  Terry then started in with a hiptoss and a series of clotheslines. He pushed Jordan into the corner, before Terry used a massive backdrop on him, then followed it up with a short clothesline. Jordan then went after the knee again. He slapped on a leg lock submission move, and the ref called the bell. 

Beer Money Inc vs  Jay Lethal/RVD.   damn this was shaping up to be a wicked match till you put RVD in there now ... But it's Jay Lethal as Jay Lethal... I'm doing a happy dance.  Roode jumped Leathal as the bell was ringing.  Pushed him into the corner with a series of punches. Lethal fought back with a few chops, but was put into a headlock. Lethal did get out of it, using a hip toss with his cartwheel drop kick on Roode. Beauty! I'm still giddy about him being just Jay Lethal. Lethal charged at Roode, but ended up on the outside of the ring apron, and used a shoulder block on Roode sending him back a few feet.  Lethal went up to the ropes, but was tossed off by Storm, giving Roode the chance to stomp on him. Storm tagged in, and they used a double team move on him in the corner. Storm then followed this up with a couple of stomps to the thighs of Lethal and a clothesline that turned him inside out. Roode then tagged in, and they used a double team on Lethal sending him flying to the rafters with a hard back body drop. Storm tagged back in, and again they double teamed him. Storm laying in some hard looking punches. Lethal off the ropes with his handspring back elbow. Both Roode and RVD have now tagged in. RVD with clotheslines on both members of BMI, then a spinning kick to Storm in the corner. He then went for his trademark roundhouse, but Roode blocked it. RVD then to the top turn buckle with his flying single leg drop kick and into a cover but only a two count. Storm back into the ring and they used another double team move on him, then Lethal blindtagged himself in, going for a missile drop kick on Roode and followed it with his lethal combination backbreaker  Then RVD used his rolling thunder on Roode, before Lethal slapped on a figure four leg lock on Roode for the win.

I understand the idea of having Eric Young team up with Nash and Hall, I do really,  just promise me one thing  You will keep the bald look going, cause damn you look good bald Mr. Young.
He went up against Shanon Moore. Young jumped Moore attacking his shoulders. He sent Moore into the corner, but Moore used a float over then a arm drag on Young. He followed this with a drop kick and an inverted atomic drop. Moore then used a double leg drop going for a cover but only got a near fall. Moore back to the corner, this time with a flying cross body on Young, another cover but only a near fall. Moore was going off the ropes but Young cut him short with a running clothesline. Young then with a drop elbow and cover but only got him a two count. Young followed this up with a scoop slam and a flying elbow off the top rope. He then had Moore on the second rope, choking him out before using a snap take over into a submission move. ...then the website crashed and the segment skipped.  Dude!  Moore battled out, and went off the ropes again, Young catching him in mid move, but Moore pulled a bulldog on him then backed it up with a series of drop kicks. Moore then off the top rope with a corkscrew move, but only got a near fall. Young used a piledriver on him for the win.

Hardy vs Sting... I don't care.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns!  this is one of those matches I hate to even try to call cause it's total chaos.  MMG, vs Kaz vs Generation Me vs Amazing Red vs Homicide.  In a battle royal.  Dude, I can't even keep up with who's in this there is no way I can call it proper.  Totally sucks.   Amazing Red was eliminated.  Max Buck was eliminated Alex Shelley was eliminated  what! Mr. Shelley how could you (I suddenly want to say the line from Lost Boys when Sam finds out Micheal is a vampire and says "you just wait till mom finds out"  but that would be so wrong to be saying right now. Well, you know I just needed to find away to get a vampire reference in) Jeremy Buck was eliminated Chris Sabin was eliminated is he okay? He fell funny on the apron. Homicide was eliminated by Kendrick who by the by was hiding under the ring the whole time, I didn't even know he was in this match. Kendrick was eliminated      Kaz wins he now moves into the number 10 spot